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I want to let all the friends I have met know how much my wife and I enjoy looking at your beautiful galleries. I honestly did not realize I would find so many awesome photos in one place. I look forward to adding more favorites as I get a chance to know more of you and your incredible works of art.


My photography passion is nature and wildlife. On my honeymoon at the Grand Canyon, I was mesmerized by a red-tailed hawk and a raven doing an "airshow" battling each other as I gazed out over the beauty of the canyon. That drew me to an interest in birds of prey observations which then was followed by my desire to photograph raptors, wildlife and the nature in general that I was now viewing.

When not out viewing raptors or at Audubon birding events, I play tennis, bike and like to exercise by listening to Classic Rock music and having fun with my wonderful wife.

Nature, landscape and wildlife photography is what I love to do since I enjoy being out in nature. I do admire serious portraits, architecture and other classes of photography with exceptional creativity in the composition. My goal is to continually add and upgrade my gallery as my greatest enjoyment is the challenge to always do better.

As the human race advances, the human race also regresses—habitat loss is happening at an accelerating rate. If “advancement” means the destruction of nature and the extinction of species, then I wish the human race would stop “advancing”.

If you love the beautiful world we once had, please consider becoming active for a cause working for the preservation of habitat. Otherwise, our descendants will not be able to have the joy of being out in the wild and observing the beauty that we see from many photographers at this website.

Warmest regards,
Bob Stalnaker

A few orgainzations dedicated to the protection of nature: National Audubon Society The Nature Conservancy National Parks Conservation Association