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Good Morning!

My love of photography began when I was a child and my dad received a camera as a Christmas present from my mom. My dad turned his gift into a hobby and then into a job with our local newspaper and taking pictures at weddings. I especially liked him working for the newspaper, because I got to tag along to carry his camera bag and sometimes take a picture or two. Even better was when he would take me on Sunday afternoons to help him develop the film at the newspaper darkroom.

The artistic side of my photography and the subject of my photography is influenced by my mom. Mom is very artistic when it comes to painting and crafts. From her, I learned to see colors and how things can be arranged for the best composition. I also got my love of nature from my Mom. Mom was always pointing out beautiful cloud formations, sunsets and sunrises, or other piece of beauty. Even living in barren North Texas, my Mom could find glimpses of beauty all around her and she took the time to share it with us children.

Another important person to have an impact on my photography is my husband. He is always there cheering me on and devising ways for me to get more photography equipment and experience. He is a wonderful man and husband. I do not think they come any better than him.

All that to say, I am not just a nature photographer. I am a blessed nature photographer.