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Wes is a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina; he was raised by a father who was a “Lifer,” a retired Sergeant in the US Army, and a mother who is a fourth generation preacher. He is a student of nature and people, and has a love for both that is evident in his work.
He is a self-taught artist; his earliest influence came while living in Germany. Around the age of ten, while on a school field-trip, he visited the Nuremburg Castle, and was immediately captivated by the life and works of Albrecht Durer, a German artist of the 15th century, and set about drawing one of Albrecht Durer’s most famous pieces, “The Praying Hands.”
Wes was always drawing; he started drawing for local print shops in the mid-eighties, and, eventually, was able to scratch out a living as a full-time commercial artist. Though short lived, he survived this episode, as did his family, and he went back into industry where he learned many of the skills that are applied to some of his work to date, specifically the metal and wood pieces.
His life also turned to the spiritual in the mid-eighties; Wes became a licensed minister. His study of the written Word stirred within him a desire to become more proficient in the Language Arts, which prompted him to earn a degree in Liberal Studies.
Wes’s love for the written word, his skills in the electrical and mechanical fields, his ability to work with wood and metal, his paintings, and his revealing photography of people and nature, certainly qualify him as a true renaissance man.
Through the vigor evoked by his art, Wes desires his viewer to experience an awakening of wonder… whether through his work in pen and paper, paint, his sculptures, or what is captured in the lens.