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I have dedicated this Gallery to what is my great passion. Photography. You can find more and of higher resolution print copies in my Photoshelter account. Contact me here with your email and/or daytime phone number and best hours to call.

All the images displayed in my gallery are my favorites in one way or the other.

I consider my self an artist and as such I tend to create images that I have seen in my minds eye.

I am also a jack of all trades in photography that is. I find my self creating images that look exactly as the eye see it. This my friends, its a lot harder than you may think it is. It requires a true Craftsmanship to create such an image and once done it may not be as appealing to others as it is to it's creator.

That's where the artistic eye comes in. To find that color, moment or angle that will make this ...other wise mundane photo come to life! On occasions I have gone back capture the same photograph and made multiple attemps to get it just right or just the way I wanted it. Sometimes, everything comes together and it just happens on the first try. I consider my self to have an above average knowledge in photography and yet I continously find young green minds that have out done me, hands down. With that said, I tell you that in photography you are as good as you want to be. Its an exciting process where you always learn new ways to show what we see everyday. Photography is like a box of chocolates!

Photography for me is a Journey. I invite you throught my images to travel with me an enjoy what my eyes and mind combined were able to see.

I do have many of my images in PhotoShelter if you just have to have an original copy from me.

Contact me by way of betterphoto. I may even let you in on the details of how the image was captured and processed.

Marvin A. Rivera