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"Photography isn't just a hobby, it's a window to the soul" -me

I just got a job with our local newspaper as a freelance photographer and LOVE IT! I am able to use this as a huge learning experience and they allow me to really be creative in my work. I also have my own business for past 5 years, since my first daughter was born, and did alot of portrait work with that. I am finding that being out in the open amoungst so many people, besides being in a studio, is so refreshing! This is my passion, and I hope that reflects in my work. I still, even though I've done this as a business for 5 years, am learning new things everyday, researching this artform, and am constantly trying to learn from others around me. I am a mom of 2 little girls who are always opening my eyes beyond what the camera sees. I love meeting new people and everyone on this forum have been so sweet and incredibly helpful to me!

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