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I love photography. I like trying to capture that special shot because it is never going to be the same again or never ever seen again in the same way.
I love doing digital imagery and have been doing photo restorations since 1992.
I started shooting as a kid, and used a Brownie. I now Shoot with a Canon 7D
If anyone has questions as to the "how too's" of my work, feel free to message me and I will be happy to help
The joy of my life is my Rat Terrier Spanky, my favorite subject to shoot.
I now have added to my family a Flame Dalmation Crested Gecko, 3 Bearded dragons, Chuckles and Blizzard, Sissy T and a Veiled Chameleon named Snickers, A Tegu named Homer, a Iguana name Dino, 4 Leopard Geckos, 2 toads, last but not least, 3 snakes
I love shooting pictures of my pets and wildlife, pretty much anything that catches my eye.
I have started to travel a little bit more and do enjoy meeting my new photo friends.
My goal is to get better each day.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
Thanks to everyone who has commented I really do appreciate it.

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