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I've always wanted to get serious about photography. I am an artist (hobby) and enjoy looking at life in a creative way. I started with a Canon AE1 about "20 some" years ago, then ended up selling the amazing camera to someone who could definately use it to it's fullest. (I thought it was "too much camera" for me.)
Point and shoots became an easy solution for many years as my two sons grew up. Over the years I found "advanced" cameras with multiple lenses and filters that did take wonderful wedding photos for friends and family. I was satisfied with that for a while.
Recently, after a few life-changing events, I set a photography goal for myself: I will learn how to take excellent photos that express who I am, and will leave a "soul print" here on earth, revealing glimpses of the beauty of life that reminds all of us of who we are and why we are here. My little contribution to "better the world" in some small way, I guess.
I am enjoying seeing the world through a 'new lens' with my Canon XSi. I welcome any and all suggestions, critiques and comments on my photos to help me get where I am going. Thanks for your interest and support. E-mail me anytime! Happy clicking.....

Emily Dickenson:
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