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As an art student in college, I developed an interest in photography. Originally, inspired by the works of Ansel Adams, I focused entirely on black and white images. I learned a lot in those days working with my Nikon FG, and doing my own film processing and developing. Due to the demands of starting a family business (my husband is a small animal veterinarian), however, I put serious photography aside for several years.

In December of 2006, I was in a position to return to serious photography. I became forever inspired when I purchased my first digital SLR. My passion for the Photographic Arts has been very steadfast and serious since that time. I have worked very hard to develop both my technical skills and artistic abilities by participating in photographic workshops and BetterPhoto on-line classes. By always remaining open to new perspectives, and incorporating new technology into my photography, I forever strive to produce my best work. To me, photography is an exciting journey, and one I know I will be seriously involved in forever. (Go to to view images.)