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I'm back into photography after several years of just using an cheaper digital camera .. I have shot hundreds of photos many many years ago when you could develope your own black and white photos ... and it was worth doing .. Over the last 6 months I have purchased a Canon Rebel XT , a canon 28-105mm portrait lense and recently a Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L series lense .. Which I love .. its one very nice lense ... The only lense I have left to purchase is a macro .. I tend to stick to "real" photos .. not photos that have been so doctored up that they no longer are a "real" image of what the picture was taken of ... I dont mind special effects and such .. its just that in my mind.. it takes a photograph and moves it more towards the world of "artwork". Yes I know photography is an art .. But I think
you get my meaning ... I do not mean to take away from the role of special effects or play it down ... Its just not my preference for the reasons I mentioned .. I dont mind doctoring up a photo if it needs it.. exposure, vibrance, etc ..