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"The pursuit of happiness is noble. It benefits everyone around the individual pursuing it, and it benefits humanity. And that is why happiness is a moral obligation." (Dennis Prager)
You see why I feel I must pursue photography- it makes me very happy.

I live on the beautiful Central Coast of California.
I am retired and spend most of my time either behind the camera or in front of my computer. My wonderful husband is my judge and is always supportive of my passion.
Before the digital age, the only photos I took were snaphots. The film would usually be in the camera so long it would be a surprise when it was developed. I picked up my first digital camera about 5 years ago and you rarely see me without it. I am mostly self taught, though I have taken some classes. I live within an hour of the Lepp Institute and have taken two courses there. I'm loving every minute of the process of creating my work. I use Photoshop and Corel Painter to enhance. I belong to local Art Guilds and hang at galleries and in business establishments.
Every day is a wonderful new adventure.
I welcome any comments or questions about my images. They are for sale!
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