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Grayce Pedulla Dillon always had an interest in photography and started with a Brownie, then onto an Instamatic, then followed the progression of most photographers. The photographic journey eventually led her to go digital, and she's never looked back! Having more control over the entire "painting with light" process was convincing enough for her.

Once armed with her first digital camera, she began entering contests, and winning. She's won numerous local, regional, and international awards.

Contacted directly by National Wildlife Federation, one of her prized photos of a Bald Eagle was bought for publication in their 70th anniversary issue, used on their website. Her award-winning images have also been featured in several wildlife organization's publications, including, The Manatee Observation Center, in Fort Pierce, FL, and others. Ms. Dillon cares deeply for all wildlife, as reflected in her images. One fan is quoted as saying "Wildlife seems to pose for Grayce!" featured Grayce and her photos on their international site. "That was truly an honor" she declares, "and one I appreciate for the exposure it gave me."

Currently Grayce Pedulla Dillon resides in Fort Pierce, FL with her supportive husband of many years, Drew. "The Treasure Coast is a wonderful place to photograph wildlife" says Grayce. She continues "I've been blessed by God to live in wonderfully photographic locations, and have been inspired to capture the beauty that the lord has created. To me it's merely documenting the handiwork of a wise and loving creator."

Contact Grayce for information about purchasing photos in print or digital format.

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