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I hope the pics you see move you - whether to awe, anger, joy, sorrow or surprise - and leave you feeling a little richer for being here. I prayerfully endeavor to capture and share the wonders of God's Imaginative Mind, Tender Heart and Creative Hands. To God be the glory for the things He has done. "YOU are worthy, our LORD and GOD, to receive glory and honor and power, for YOU created all things, and by YOUR will they were created and have their being." Revelation 4:11 NIV


was born in dr , but, at present I live new york . I am an auto-didact photographer
without any formal education and training up to now. My father was a photographer and

introduced me to the world of photography for the first time.
My previous job as a STILLPHOTOGRAPHER in new york , allowed me to travel and see many

places and people, and this gave birth to my passion for photography.
I'm sure that like many of you, photography is so much about what we see and how it makes us

feel. Am I able to capture that moment, that mood, that feeling and share it with another?

That's the essence of what snapping the shutter is all about to me. Does it move me, how

does it make me feel? Will I be successful in recreating something that is more than a mere

recording of time. That is where my passion is directed. The images themselves can be just

about anything. There's so much to "see" in this world. I'm so thankful there's a way to

participate in that. I hope you enjoy some of these images that are meaningful to me. Thanks

for stopping by! JOSE may email