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My background is in fine arts. I majored in printmaking and sculpture in both college and graduate school. I painted with oils, carved marble and wood and did lithographs with stones. I became interested in computer graphics in 1985 when the Amiga computer came out. After doing computer graphics I never picked up a paint brush again.

I got my first digital camera in 2000 and took thousands of photos. Looking back, some of them are not too bad. I predominately integrated photography with various graphic software packages until now. I purchased a Canon Powershot 3 in 2003 and have had other cameras as well. I graduated from the Canon Rebel XT to the Canon D30.

I am presently shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II and use a 100mm macro lens, a 70-300mm telephoto lens and a Canon EF24-105mm IS lens

I joined Better Photo in December of 2005 and am overwhelmed and inspired by the great photos I have examined on this web site. I feel as though my real learning has just begun.

I do not limit myself to any particular genre or technique. I use my camera to explore the world around me and enjoy showing images straight from the camera and others that have been edited for effect in PSCS4.