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Steve Sieren was born 1978 in Sun Valley, a small piece of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area or a place of the never ending sidewalks. His interest for the sanctuary of the wilderness began at an early age and soon developed into a diehard passion for landscape photography. Exploring some of the lesser known or more remote area lead to work with advertising, publishing, conservation and environmental efforts. His photography has been used in the fight to keep the 8,000 acres of Montana De Oro State Park off the giant State Park closure list in 2008. You can find his work displayed in National Park visitor centers, California State Park Foundation Headquarters, local art gallery shows and scenic calendars. Steve services clients such as Tamron Co., Outdoor Photographer, Space Magazine Los Angeles, Vision Magazine and many others.

Steve is currently working on his first book project and hopes to have it finished in early 2010. Steve enjoys leading photography workshops in California’s wild mountain, deserts, rugged coastlines and rolling oak hillsides. His workshop participants have mentioned that his patience, an open mind and heart opens the door for a simple learning process and a memorable experience. Spending time in the landscape and letting it capture him is where the emotional connection comes from. Working a camera has become second nature so his creative vision guides him through the image creation process.

Steve believes “everyone has their bad moments, but the good moments always out number the bad; with a good attitude, you can always make something out of nothing!”

I offer photography tours and workshops pretty much anywhere in Southern and Central California. Some areas included are Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks, the Big Sur Scenic Coastline, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and in addition the unfamillar areas of California. Specializing in one on one and small group . We also offer half day workshops at compettive prices. Please contact by email in the contact info
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