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Stuart Dahne ( ) was born in Baltimore and now lives in Owings Mills, Md. Having been raised in an extremely artistic and creative family, it's no surprise that Stuart has found a creative outlet in photography. At a very young age photography interested Stuart. At camp every summer, you would constantly find him in the darkroom of the photography lab. From early in his childhood, wildlife and nature have always been a calling, and much of that shows in his love of shooting those things now. While growing up Stuart always seemed to see things that others didn't; the snake in the grass, the turtle in the leaves, the frogs in the stream, the hawk in the trees...! He began to capture those animals as a young child & bring them home. Now he has found a way to share that vision with others, and also, leave the wildlife where it belongs.
His hopes today are to find all of the beauty that there is to see and be able to share it with others through his art!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and view my gallery, and most of all ENJOY!

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