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At the age of thirteen I had started taking black and white photographs and developing them but, It wasn't until 7 years later that photography had transformed into an extension of my being. Two very dear friends of mine had past away and I was in a very dark place. No one could understand my pain and I needed an outlet. As I looked out my bedroom window into the back yard, I saw a beautiful butterfly. After about two hours of photographing the butterfly I felt completely transformed into an almost zen like state. I had found my outlet.

Two years later I look back on that day as the start of it all. When I shoot my mind is limitless. I am in the moment where the past and the future converge into self-awareness. It is here I find the essence of the creative force. When I press the shutter, I make a personal connection to my subject. I use my camera like a painter uses a brush or a dancer uses their feet.

My photographs are a playground for the eyes to explore and wonder, plus places to relax and contemplate. Carl Jung said " the unborn work in the psyche of the artist is a force of nature that achieves its end either with tyrannical might or with the subtle cunning of nature herself, quite regardless of the personal fate of the man who is its vehicle".