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I love photography. I even cut out magazine pictures and
pasted them to a trash can when I was a kid. Believe it or
not my Mother kept it for years! I do love taking photos
especially "action shots" . The more serious I became the more I realized how strong my love for the photography ; and I think more than anything
besides enjoying doing it I want to leave something behind
of myself that others might enjoy and remember me by. My husband, Rick and I have a black, curly and spoiled cockapoo named
Sherman who lives with us and our new little "girl" poodle who "found us" ...while we were not looking ...LOL .We live in N.C. near our
immediate family of children and grandchildren and have five grandchildren !

I've found my passion late in life but not too late ! I'm also encouraging Rick to
get involved..he now has a gallery under Rick L. Heinz. I now use a Canon EOS 300D SLR and loving it ...
and I have a Minolta 160C zoom lens...I really enjoyed learning how to use theCanon Rebe
G QD 35mm and have enjoyed upgrading to a Canon that's all digital !

Thanks for visiting ...and I hope you find some inspiration as I have here at BP !

My goal is to focus on photographing children and pets...and doing special effects editing as well...... I'm looking forward to working as a volunteer for special needs kids
photography. Now I continue to learn to use the Canon EOS 300D
and lovin' it ! I am
beginning the adventure of starting a photography class. I'm networking too with different outlets, such as events, animal shelters for fundraisers...etc. I love this more every day ....
just wish I had more time to invest....and as fate would have it / I am no longer nursing due to some problems with my hands ...but I'm still able to work with my photography .so I'm now running this small business full time with positive beliefs for the future ..... My website is FamilyTies Photography at and also a blog is there you can join in the
fun ....I absolutely love the presentation of my web site ..and
hope you can stop by and ENJOY ! There is also a link to the CafePress Store where you can purchase a Humane Society Calendar I was privileged to create from photos I took of the dogs. The link is and look for vintage dog calendar or send me an email or call to order . ..I am so pleased with how
it turned out ...This was an exciting adventure and I hope to continue to work more with this group and others.