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I live in Smyrna, TN an area outside of Nashville. I am married and have two beautiful children.

I have a true passion for photography, and I am eager to learn ways of improving my photos. My photography passion has really grown the last couple of years. I also enjoy flower gardening, so I combine my two hobbies. My flowers fade so quickly, but my photographs can last a lifetime. I enjoy photographing many subjects, from beautiful cityscapes, to capturing candid expressions of children, but my true passion is Nature Photography. It amazes me to try to capture the beauty of God's creation in a photo. From macros to mountainsides, from sunsets to sunrises, from flowers to wildlife, I find beauty in them all. Photography is a true form of art, and inward expression of ones creativity brought to the surface. To see something in my minds eye and have the ability to capture that in a photo is a talent. I feel God has given me a talent and I want to develop and use that talent. I've always admired the work of other nature photographers, but it's a true blessing to share my work with others. If my photos can touch someone's heart or inspire them, I feel I have truly accomplished my goal. When I was a child I caught butterflies with a net, but always hated to let them go. Now, I capture them with my camera and I can keep them forever.