Winters Calm

© Darren K. Fisher

Winters Calm

Tammy Scott 1/26/2005 5:27:23 AM

This is an absolutely gorgeous shot!!!! Great composition!!! Nice eye! #209105

Marcie A. Fowler 1/26/2005 5:33:09 AM

You already know I LOVE this image and the other versions I've seen as well. It is so perfectly done. Love the dark road behind the image that leads the viewer through the image and out to what lies beyond. I don't think we'll have a hard time baring with you at all as you share the magnificent versions of this. You work well under pressure apparently!! FANTASTIC!! #1064012

Paul Michko 1/26/2005 5:37:44 AM

Magnificent, Darren. Excellent composition. Great title too, I love how you can hear everything so crisp and clear after a snow, but it also seems so muted. #1064025

Claudia Kuhn 1/26/2005 5:39:31 AM

Beautiful Darren, the roadway curving to the lake, the snow covered trees, great composition and lighting came out great too! #1064032

Carolyn M. Fletcher 1/26/2005 5:43:00 AM

This is just amazing, Darren!!! I love this! #1064042

Bonnie C. Lackey 1/26/2005 5:51:01 AM

Lovely, Darren. What a beautiful shade of blue... #1064069

Wally Orlowsky 1/26/2005 5:51:11 AM

Wonderfully serene, Darren. I have to agree with that bully, Marcie ;) #1064070

Jill Battaglia 1/26/2005 5:54:40 AM

Beautiful work, Darren!! #1064084

Colette M. Metcalf 1/26/2005 6:00:42 AM

Gorgeous!! #1064109

Donald K. Cherry 1/26/2005 6:04:28 AM

Fantastic, Darren! #1064122

Roger Bernabo 1/26/2005 6:12:34 AM

Such a mesmerizing scene Darren, wonderful #1064146

S J 1/26/2005 6:29:01 AM

Fantastic winter image, Darren!! Best of this kind I've seen so far!!! A winner in my eyes!!! #1064192

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 1/26/2005 6:29:59 AM

Terrific image Darren!!! Wonderful composition!!! #1064194

Cathy Gregor 1/26/2005 7:11:51 AM

This is stunning, Darren! I like everything about it! Can't wait to see more!
-cathy #1064278

Marie Fields 1/26/2005 7:15:27 AM

So BEAUTIFUL, Darren! Just perfect! #1064288

Stacey M 1/26/2005 7:24:27 AM

You work well under pressure Darren!! This is magnificent!!!!! #1064305

Tammy Scott 1/26/2005 7:32:26 AM

Absolutely breathtaking shot, Darren!!! #1064328

Deborah Sandidge 1/26/2005 8:19:21 AM

Just gorgeous, Darren, the delicate blues and icy whites are so well captured! #1064448

Jane Summa 1/26/2005 8:21:31 AM

Love this shot, Darren!! #1064453

Mellanie 1/26/2005 8:30:52 AM

WOW!!!! A new favorite of mine! I LOVE everything about this image, Darren! The winding road, the gazebo, the snow, the water....I could go on! Fantastic! #1064480

Lori Ditlefsen 1/26/2005 8:46:24 AM

Beautiful image with nice effects, Darren! #1064540

Jessica McCollam 1/26/2005 9:00:08 AM

OHHH! This is soooooo BEAUTIFUL, Darren! Excellent composition too!:) #1064582

Donna J. Taff 1/26/2005 10:14:21 AM

This is so beautiful, Darren!!! #1064694

Sharon Day 1/26/2005 10:23:48 AM

Absolutely gorgeous, Darren!!! I for one will be looking forward to the various versions! Simply beautiful! #1064715

Patricia Marroquin 1/26/2005 10:31:34 AM

Amazing is the word! Stunningly beautiful, Darren! :-) #1064733

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 1/26/2005 11:08:56 AM

fantastic winter image Darren! I love the road curving off to the right - and the trees are great! - I look forward to more from this area/day ! :) #1064775

Murry Grigsby 1/26/2005 11:47:48 AM

Has anyone told you this is amazing Darren? :0) Beautiful work and image!! #1064833

Karen Bacon 1/26/2005 11:53:03 AM

This is a fantastic image Darren!Can't wait to see more! #1064839

Kathleen F. Greer 1/26/2005 12:47:02 PM

Beautiful winter image Darren!!! #1064940

Dan Holm 1/26/2005 1:41:24 PM

Truly outstanding, Darren!! GORGEOUS image expretly captured! Love it! #1065000

William C. Raco 1/26/2005 2:16:48 PM

I agree, this is outstanding and perfectly presented.
Just amazing work, Darren!

bill #1065064

Patty Razonable 1/26/2005 2:46:45 PM

Agree with everyone....truly an outstanding winter scene and composition!!! #1065108

Marsha S. Smith 1/26/2005 3:15:25 PM

I tried to think of something that someone hasn't already said about this image and couldn't. So - me too! #1065161

Judy S. Fung 1/26/2005 3:25:40 PM

Very beautiful image, Darren! #1065192

Nobu Nagase 1/26/2005 3:48:04 PM

Unbelievable shot!!!
...the best I've seen, Darren...
...absolutely a winning shot... #1065228

Gloria B. Wood 1/26/2005 3:52:35 PM

Very lovely winter shot...very well done! #1065234

Monika Sapek 1/26/2005 4:29:12 PM

Darren, I really like the geometric shapes and the opposite contrasting colors in this image - the dark color of the path in the snow and the white reflection of the gazebo roof in the water. Nice place and a very cool image of it. Best of luck in the contest with this image, Darren!

Paula Showen 1/26/2005 4:31:02 PM

Oh, this is gorgeous, Darren! Outstanding winter scene! #1065299

Elisabeth A. Gay 1/26/2005 5:21:12 PM

Beautiful Dan, lovely mirrored calm, gorgeous snow scene
Ann #1065387

Susan T. Parady 1/26/2005 5:39:01 PM

Beautiful!!! #1065402

Debra Booth 1/26/2005 6:16:06 PM

Gorgeous shot, Darren! I love being able to experience the snowing wonderland this way instead of first-hand! #1065488

Deborah C. Lewinson 1/26/2005 6:34:50 PM

WOW Darren, this is a masterpiece, it gets my vote for photo of the year, magnificent and inspiring!!!

-Debby #1065534

Shirley L. Carpenter 1/26/2005 6:50:08 PM

Very Beautiful Darren!! Love this!! #1065572

Janet Detota 1/26/2005 7:43:17 PM

Pure magic! #1065641

Ellen Peach 1/26/2005 7:52:55 PM

Awesome work, the reflection! #1065652

Kathleen R. Struckle 1/26/2005 9:40:23 PM

Gorgeous imag Darren!! #1065821

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 1/26/2005 11:21:13 PM

This is so excellent Darren!!! I love the scenery you capture and share with us. Very well done!! #1065860

Cathy Barrows 1/28/2005 2:51:05 PM

simply stunning...looks like a winner ot me #1069721

Evy Johansen 1/29/2005 10:25:58 PM

Awesome image, Darren! Simply beautiful! #1072133

Casey A. Hanson 1/30/2005 8:05:05 AM

Wow! This is soooo beautiful! I hope we see this again! Very nice Darren :0) #1072933

Mary K. Robison 2/10/2005 12:11:19 AM


Stanley J. Contrades 2/10/2005 12:14:04 AM

BRAVO! BRAVO! CONGRATULATIONS, Darren, on a very well-deserved POTD!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1094828

Dan Holm 2/10/2005 12:19:27 AM

CONGRATULATIONS, Darren!! A beautiful and very well deserved POTD!! #1094831

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 2/10/2005 12:35:02 AM

Very beautiful Darren! Love the clarity on this, well done!

Best wishes #1094843

Bill Houghton 2/10/2005 12:42:46 AM

Simply beautiful. Congratulations on your win. #1094856

Evy Johansen 2/10/2005 12:48:21 AM

Congratulations on your well deserved POTD win, Darren! #1094860

Leanne M.E. Boyd 2/10/2005 12:55:34 AM

Wow, gorgeous shot Darren! I love the colour, composition and effects.

Congratulations on your POTD! #1094866

EVELYN T. COFER 2/10/2005 1:51:31 AM

Thanks for sharing it. #1094887

Susie Peek-Swint 2/10/2005 1:52:50 AM

Wonderful winter landscape.. congrats on potd! #1094889

Arya Bandyopadhyay 2/10/2005 2:07:50 AM

Velvia is a gem of a film for landscape photography...though some find it a bit too contrasty!!! You've managed it very well by pulling it tp ASA40. Did you pull processed it?

Congratulations on your POTD!!!! You deserve it, Darren!! #1094895

Marcie A. Fowler 2/10/2005 2:20:19 AM


Diane Dupuis 2/10/2005 2:50:40 AM

Congrats Darren on a gorgeous shot and well deserved POTD! #1094921

Cindy K. Bracken 2/10/2005 2:51:51 AM

What an amazing shot! Simply beautiful. Congratulations on you POTD!
Cindy Bracken
shuttermom profitable photography #1094924

Allan L. Whitehead 2/10/2005 3:17:53 AM

Darren. congratulations on the absolutely terrific 'POTD' selection. It is very well deserved and I'm very proud of this for you. Well done, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan

I'm sorry I missed this earlier, however, I'm sure that we'll all be seeing this again some time next week - 'A', #1094943

Donna L. Cuic 2/10/2005 3:20:35 AM

Darren, this is truly spectacular!!! Congrats on making POTD I can see why they picked it, it is just downright GORGEOUS........
~~Donna #1094945

Ed Heaton 2/10/2005 3:23:52 AM

Well done Darren! Very nicely composed and dead on exposure! #1094949

Wally Orlowsky 2/10/2005 3:24:10 AM

Congratulations on this tranquil and beautiful POTD, Darren. #1094951

Paul Michko 2/10/2005 3:28:40 AM

Congratulations on a well deserved POTD, Darren. #1094955

Patricia A. Kuniega 2/10/2005 3:30:49 AM

Darren, a big ongratulations for this serenely beautiful POTD!


William C. Raco 2/10/2005 3:31:26 AM

Wonderful choice for POTD
Congratulations, Darren!



Dolores Neilson 2/10/2005 3:42:42 AM

Wonderful Darren! Woo hoooo!! Congrats on your outstanding potd!! #1094967

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 2/10/2005 3:47:05 AM

Congrats on your Potd Darren!!! Wonderful shot!!! #1094984

Joline Frazier 2/10/2005 3:52:50 AM

Very lovely composition. It reminds me of a yin/yang symbol somehow. Congratulations. It was a joy to see this morning. #1094996

Tammy L. Lucas 2/10/2005 3:56:20 AM

Congratulations Darren. Your photograph is breathtaking. It makes me wonder what that area would look like in all four seasons. I'm new to this site, and just want to say a quick hello to all. #1094999

Claudia Kuhn 2/10/2005 4:04:50 AM

Just a beautiful scene Darren, congrats on your POTD!!! #1095006

Scott Pedersen 2/10/2005 4:04:57 AM

Great. Like the reflection on the fozen pond. Excellent photo. #1095007

Joy Brown 2/10/2005 4:07:05 AM

Congratulations Darren - what an absolutely outstanding shot!!! #1095009

Deborah C. Lewinson 2/10/2005 4:11:16 AM

Hearty congrats on your POTD, Darren! So glad to see this again and am looking forward to its future success!
Debby #1095012

Charlene Bayerle 2/10/2005 4:14:40 AM

WOW!! This is outstanding Darren....Congratulations!!!! #1095016

Kathleen Clemons 2/10/2005 4:16:33 AM

Yea! Congrats, Darren!! #1095021

James Wiley 2/10/2005 4:18:47 AM

Great work. You have captured the feeling of winter in a fantastic shot. #1095029

Debra Booth 2/10/2005 4:29:08 AM

Congrats on the POTD, Darren!! #1095058

Donna W. Neal 2/10/2005 4:29:55 AM

Congratulations on POTD Darren. This is beautiful!! #1095062

Diane Addonizio 2/10/2005 4:31:49 AM

Georgeous scene, Darren !! Congratulations on POTD!! #1095072

Kathleen N. Nelson 2/10/2005 4:36:22 AM

Beautiful, Darren. Congratulations on your POTD! #1095094

Janet Detota 2/10/2005 4:38:03 AM

Perfect choice for today! Congratulations, Darren! #1095100

kathy wolfe 2/10/2005 4:45:41 AM

I just saw this outside my window! LOL! What a great shot and congratulations Darren!!! #1095140

Terry R. Hatfield 2/10/2005 4:48:40 AM

Congratulations On Your POTD Darren!! #1095149

Roseann E. Dreasher 2/10/2005 4:52:23 AM

Congrats on your POTD!! This one is gorgeous!! Looks almost duotone.. #1095153

Susi Lawson 2/10/2005 5:02:56 AM

This is really beautiful Darren! Congrats! #1095169

Josselyne Klecanda 2/10/2005 5:09:08 AM

Beautiful scene. Great place to visit. #1095178

Lisa Clark 2/10/2005 5:11:10 AM

Impressive work! The photo has a dreamy feel. Congratulations on POTD! #1095180

Susan Bailey 2/10/2005 5:12:48 AM

This is outstanding and has a very mystical quality. I'm enthralled by it.

Susan #1095181

Jill Flynn 2/10/2005 5:36:15 AM

Outstanding image Darren. Congratulations on your POTD win! #1095218

Cathy Barrows 2/10/2005 5:37:24 AM

Congrats Darren on the POTD...this definitely means we will be seeing it as a winner #1095219

Jane Summa 2/10/2005 5:53:42 AM


Casey A. Hanson 2/10/2005 5:59:34 AM

Congrats on your POTD, Darren! This is such a beautiful image! :0) #1095245

Peggy Wolff 2/10/2005 5:59:35 AM

Absolutly breath taking! Congrats on your POTD! #1095246

Lorraine T. Lynch 2/10/2005 6:01:43 AM

Everything has been said above Darren! Congratulations on your beautiful image! I hope you frame this one! #1095250

Dale Ann Cubbage 2/10/2005 6:04:03 AM

Darren, this is a stunning image! Truly beautiful, congratulations on POTD!

da #1095258

Marsha S. Smith 2/10/2005 6:05:05 AM

Darren, Congratulations on your POTD. Beautiful. #1095261

Karen Engelbreth 2/10/2005 6:06:40 AM

Congrats on your POTD, Darren!!! #1095265

Murry Grigsby 2/10/2005 6:06:56 AM

Congrats on your wonderful POTD image Darren!! #1095266

Donald K. Cherry 2/10/2005 6:14:38 AM

Congrats on the beautiful and well deserved POTD, Darren!!! #1095292

Sharon Day 2/10/2005 6:15:27 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Darren!!! WTG! Beautiful image! #1095294

Kara L. Hendricks 2/10/2005 6:34:06 AM

Congratulations on a fantastic image and the POTD!! #1095350

Ben M. Trapnell 2/10/2005 6:40:02 AM

Fantastic image Darren. One wonders if Robert Frost might have had this in mind when he wrote his famous poem..... #1095364

Brenda W. LaFleur 2/10/2005 6:41:24 AM

Congrats, buddy! #1095370

Christyna Englehardt 2/10/2005 6:45:46 AM

Breath taking! Nice composition and angle...brings the shot together perfectly! #1095386

Jessica McCollam 2/10/2005 6:52:36 AM

Congrats on POTD!!! EXCELLENT image, Darren!:) #1095410

Eric Highfield 2/10/2005 7:01:17 AM

A magical image Darren! Love the road in the corner. Congratualtions on this amazing POTD! #1095438

Tiffany L. Cochran 2/10/2005 7:08:00 AM

I love the balance you created in this phot by having the gazebo to the left and the black road in contrast to the right. This image draws you in, in an almost haunting way. The fact that the day was overcast is probably what makes this image such a winner. Thank you for sharing this with us! #1095456

Jennifer Rennison 2/10/2005 7:10:12 AM

Outstanding winter image, Darren! Congratulations on this stunning POTD!!

Kathleen K. Parker 2/10/2005 7:15:53 AM

Way to go, Darren!!!! Potd!!!
Kathleen #1095481

Judy A. Lawhon 2/10/2005 7:36:09 AM

Darren....this is an awesome image that just lingers in my mind....makes me want to be there...just beautiful!! #1095558

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 2/10/2005 7:47:33 AM

A very well deserved potd win!! A big congratulations Darren!!! Just gorgeous!! #1095596

Laura Clay-Ballard 2/10/2005 7:47:44 AM

I can "feel" the impact of this photo. The road in the image will either lead you to the lake or away from the lake. Absolutely breath-taking. #1095598

Deborah Sandidge 2/10/2005 7:52:40 AM

Beautiful,Darren, congratulations on your POTD, well deserved! #1095614

Kelly Abernathy 2/10/2005 7:57:32 AM

What a well deserved winner! So beautiful Darren! -K #1095628

Stan Kwasniowski 2/10/2005 8:07:13 AM

Darren "first class photo"

Stan Kwasniowski #1095654

Robert N. Valine 2/10/2005 8:32:18 AM

Nice shot Darren ! I took a look through you're gallery also. You do very nice work. I like the winter scenes a lot. #1095703

Robert L. Andersen 2/10/2005 8:33:26 AM

This is an absolutely gorgeous image Darren !! I know you must have been excited trying to capture this before the light was gone. Awesome job ! Congratulations !! #1095705

Grayce Pedulla Dillon 2/10/2005 8:53:10 AM

Picture perfect Darren. Wonderland! #1095728

Audrea Telkamp 2/10/2005 9:06:13 AM

Congratulations Darren!!!! This is so beautiful!! #1095752

Wendy Stevenson 2/10/2005 9:15:07 AM

Darren this is a magnificent winter scene - so beautiful in composition and colour. Congrats on this wonderful POTD!! #1095764

Tammy Crockett 2/10/2005 9:16:53 AM

I love photos that bring up emotions, and this on does, such calm, such peace.
I believe our eyes cause just as much emotion as our hearts, that is why photography like this is important. Simply beautiful photography Darren! You have the gift. #1095765

Kathleen R. Struckle 2/10/2005 9:51:59 AM

This is just gorgeous Darren. Congrats. on POTD!! #1095823

Sharon Sharon 2/10/2005 10:06:08 AM

Love this Buffalo Ridge shot! I am from the BUFFALO NY area and we have similar photos with our winter weather; so we can truly appreciate this beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing...Love the colors and combinations! Sharon #1095842

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 2/10/2005 11:14:12 AM

Congratulations on POTD Darren!

this is such a fantastic image - I can see why it has been singled out! #1095897

Diane M. Schuster 2/10/2005 11:28:38 AM

I absolutely loved this photo. Great depth, beautiful reflections and the colors really made me cold. Great job! #1095912

Heather L. Jacks 2/10/2005 12:05:04 PM

Congratulations Darren! Well done. #1095958

Pu Chen 2/10/2005 1:28:56 PM

This is so beautiful. You defenitely capture the winter charm there. Cognratulations, Darren! #1095995

Kathleen F. Greer 2/10/2005 2:06:47 PM

Big congrats on this BEAUTY Darren!!! #1096043

Karen Seargeant 2/10/2005 4:22:19 PM

Congrats, Darren, on the POTD! Great shot. #1096191

Marie Fields 2/10/2005 4:50:16 PM

Wow, Darren! Looks like I'm a little late on responding....and not sure if there is anything else to add! :) Congratulations on a gorgeous potd!!!! #1096260

Cora Miller 2/10/2005 7:21:44 PM

Darren, you've managed to make this cold dreary scene very inviting!!! Congratulations on winning POTD!!! #1096443

Carol Brill 2/10/2005 11:07:16 PM

Congratulations on this spectacular POTD, Darren, I love the smooth, clean feel of this image and those cool icy tones! #1096669

Judy S. Fung 2/11/2005 12:27:46 AM

Congrats on POTD, Darren!! #1096705

Sherri Conley 2/11/2005 6:25:15 AM

WOW! Absolutely beautiful, Darren! #1097214

Leonard Pierce 2/12/2005 8:37:18 AM

CONGRATULATIONS DARREN!!! Very beautiful and perfectly done!!!...WOW!!! #1099305

Nobu Nagase 2/15/2005 8:44:00 AM

Congratulations on your Picture Of the Day!!!
I repeat my comment above:
"Unbelievable shot!!!
...the best I've seen, Darren...
...absolutely a winning shot..."

Now I believe POTD has become complete with your name finally added... #1105183

Patty Razonable 2/17/2005 6:00:08 PM

Congratulations on your POTD!!! #1110239

Nobu Nagase 2/18/2005 5:07:45 PM

Many many congratulations to you, Darren, on your finalist for this best ever image!!!
...very happy to see this here... and will see it again... :) #1112317

Deborah C. Lewinson 2/18/2005 5:08:56 PM

Congrats on your finalist, Darren, and best of luck with this for the next round!
-debby #1112324

Elisabeth A. Gay 2/18/2005 5:11:22 PM

Congratulations Darren - well deserved, hope to see this in the winners selection!!
Ann #1112347

Marcie A. Fowler 2/18/2005 5:12:46 PM

Not the list bit surprised to see this here. CONGRATS to you on this awesome finalist.

Michelle R. Kovach 2/18/2005 5:24:55 PM

Picturesque! Congrats Darren! Good Luck! #1112483

Wally Orlowsky 2/18/2005 5:26:42 PM

Congratulations on another honor for this terrific shot, Darren! #1112501

Lucia De Giovanni 2/18/2005 5:32:16 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist Darren, very well deserved! #1112555

William C. Raco 2/18/2005 5:38:16 PM

Wow, this line is long and getting longer FAST!!
Congratulations, Darren!!



Bonnie C. Lackey 2/18/2005 5:45:38 PM

LOL, took me an HOUR to scroll way down here! Congrats, Darren! #1112702

Patricia A. Kuniega 2/18/2005 5:48:05 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Darren! #1112733

Mellanie 2/18/2005 6:10:47 PM

congrats on this finalist, darren! #1113003

Kara L. Hendricks 2/18/2005 6:11:58 PM

Congrats on your finalist Darren!! #1113011

Cathy Gregor 2/18/2005 6:19:34 PM

Congrats on your finalist, Darren!
I knew we'd be seeing this one again.
It is my favorite of the three.

Ellen Peach 2/18/2005 6:34:24 PM

Congrats, Darren & good luck with this beauty in the finals! #1113246

Susan T. Parady 2/18/2005 6:34:40 PM

Congratulations on the POTD and the finalist selection! It's beautiful! #1113250

Judy S. Fung 2/18/2005 6:38:45 PM

Congrats, Darren!! #1113291

Terry R. Hatfield 2/18/2005 6:39:01 PM

Congratulations To You Darren On Your Finalist!!! #1113296

Larry Lawhead 2/18/2005 6:51:41 PM

Congratulations on the great finalist, Darren!!



Cindy Paquette 2/18/2005 7:08:06 PM

Double recognition for an utterly outstanding image Darren! Congratulations on this beauty! #1113600

Deborah Sandidge 2/18/2005 7:11:37 PM

Congratulations, Darren - lovely image!! #1113635

Mary K. Robison 2/18/2005 7:15:22 PM

A huge CONGRATULATIONS, Darren!!! Anyone who sees this knows how well-deserved any award you get for it is! #1113681

Mary K. Robison 2/18/2005 7:15:35 PM

A huge CONGRATULATIONS, Darren!!! Anyone who sees this knows how well-deserved any award you get for it is! #1113683

Kelly Abernathy 2/18/2005 7:44:38 PM

I knew I'd see this here! Still love it! Congratulations on a wonderful finalist! -K #1113888

Stacey M 2/18/2005 7:49:36 PM

This is so awesome Darren - Congrats and good luck in the next round (but I don't think you will need luck)!!! #1113945

Donna W. Neal 2/18/2005 8:14:42 PM

Congratulations on this well deserved finalist Darren #1114211

Marsha S. Smith 2/18/2005 8:19:03 PM

Darren, Congratulations on this finalist. Sure to be in the next round also. #1114248

Stan Kwasniowski 2/18/2005 9:51:00 PM

Darren, Congratulations, wish you well on the next round, you have a winner here

Stan Kwasniowski #1114829

Jill Flynn 2/18/2005 10:07:14 PM

A big congratulations Darren! OUTSTANDING shot! #1114909

Casey A. Hanson 2/18/2005 11:33:13 PM

Congratulations Darren! Good luck in the next round :0) #1115238

Leanne M.E. Boyd 2/18/2005 11:39:22 PM

Congratulations Darren! Gorgeous shot! #1115259

Evy Johansen 2/19/2005 12:32:30 AM

I think you hold the record in comments, Darren :-) Big congratulations and good luck with this beauty!! #1115406

Dan Holm 2/19/2005 1:29:53 AM

CONGRATULATIONS, Darren!!! #1115471

Gene Spears 2/19/2005 2:00:33 AM

WOW, simply beautiful!! congrats and good luck, Darren! #1115495

Donna J. Taff 2/19/2005 8:23:00 AM

Congrat's, Darren!!! #1116769

Jennifer Rennison 2/19/2005 8:53:39 AM

Congratulations, Darren, on this stunning finalist!! #1116846

Stephen Zacker 2/19/2005 9:37:34 AM

Beautiful scenic. Congratulations #1117052

Debra Booth 2/19/2005 10:25:20 AM

Congratulations on this great finalist, Darren! #1117264

Kathleen Clemons 2/19/2005 11:59:52 AM

Congrats to you, Darren! #1117494

Susie Peek-Swint 2/19/2005 12:26:39 PM

Many congrats Darren ~ well deserved! #1117562

Stanley J. Contrades 2/19/2005 12:54:02 PM

CONGRATULATIONS once again, Darren, and good luck in the next round!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1117663

Cora Miller 2/19/2005 2:00:37 PM

Whew! Didn't think I'd ever get to the end to congratulate you on making the finals with this one!!! Way to go, Darren! #1117884

Jessica McCollam 2/19/2005 2:32:11 PM

Congrats, Darren!!!!:) #1117968

Cindy Cone 2/19/2005 3:16:24 PM

Congrats on this super finalist, Darren! #1118088

Robin L. Wehrman 2/19/2005 3:24:34 PM

Congratulations on your outstanding finalist, Darren!!!! #1118109

Karen Bacon 2/19/2005 4:00:15 PM

My favorite!Congratulations Darren,if this does'nt win I'll eat a memory card!(a cheap memory card)lol! #1118235

Gary H. Minish 2/19/2005 8:10:24 PM

A very tranquil and pleasing scene. I love the texture in the branches and snow. Very nice and definitely deserving of a win. Congratulations so far, Darren! #1118909

Jack Nevitt 2/19/2005 8:35:01 PM

Good job on getting to be a finalist again. Hope you have a winner here.


Donna La Mattino Pagakis 2/19/2005 11:32:18 PM

This is absoulutely magical, congratulations again!! #1119133

Rick Riddle 2/20/2005 5:46:27 AM

Congrats Darren Beautiful Image. #1119619

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 2/20/2005 5:49:04 AM

Congratulations Darren!!! #1119630

Gail Vitikacs 2/20/2005 9:37:18 AM

Awesome image Darren.....Congratulations!!! #1120333

Monika Sapek 2/20/2005 7:07:47 PM

Many congratulations on your great finalist and good luck in the next round, Darren!

Tammy McAllister 2/22/2005 5:54:02 AM

Congratulations Darren! #1125406

S J 2/23/2005 8:59:04 PM

Many congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Darren!! #1129584

Shelly A. Van Camp 3/9/2005 12:51:40 PM

Very Beautiful! I live in Va. as well and I have been to the Blue Ridge Mts. I love that area...Great job!!
Shelly #1159739

Bill Houghton 3/22/2005 4:22:31 PM

Darren-This is such a beautiful photo. It is truly outstanding.
Bill #1198990

Lisa R. Buffington 3/22/2007 9:30:03 AM

Beautiful winter scene and great job. You have an amazing gallery. Lisa #4081147

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Taken along my way to the Blue Ridge Parkway in a community called Buffalo Ridge. It was very overcast and getting dark so I had to work fast. I have several different versions of this so you all bare with me. Used Velvia here ISO 50 at 40 tripod cable release, and settings of f/22 and 3 seconds.

Uploaded on 1/26/2005 5:23:35 AM Photo Contest Finalist Photo of the Day

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