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Uploaded: August 02, 2008


We were playing Scrabble last night & decided to take a few pix. I wanted to experiment with my new macro lens. The word was too long to get it all on the board, but now I am singing the tune from "Mary Poppins" in my head! :)

Aperture: f/2.8
Shutter: 8 sec.
ISO: 200
Used 60mm macro lens


Jeana Clark August 02, 2008

So THAT'S how it's spelled!!!
Terrific POV and excellent SF!!
Yep!! I'll be singing that as well!!
Fun Capture!!!

~J~ #972313

Karen Kessler August 02, 2008

Yeah, I had to look it up on the Internet b/c I wasn't sure how to spell it! I figured the tune would be "catchy" for anyone who read it! :) Thanks for the compliments. ~Karen #6263149

Vicki Zoller August 02, 2008

How many points do you get for that word???

Great shot! #6263446

Karen Kessler August 03, 2008

I can't count that high! Ha!

Thanks! Karen #6264354

Laura E. Swan level-classic August 03, 2008

...Even though the ~sound~ of it is something -QUITE- precocious! Ha! Now I am singing it! Fun shot!

I will tell my ("worthy opponent") diabetic kitty (FANG) that I have a new friend that likes to play. He's available on Thursday nights.

He plays chess and checkers on the other nights. Ha! -Laura #6265757

Karen Kessler August 03, 2008

Thanks a lot, Laura - now I'M singing it all over again! :) My dogs, Prancer & Bear, could play with Fang on weekends, but not on a school night!

One smart cat, too! I want to see shots of him playing the other games now! ~Karen #6266124

Laura E. Swan level-classic August 03, 2008

Okay. Will do. We are camping with FANG this week so I'll ask him to join in. He love to mountain climb so he might turn us down but we can ask him!

In the mean time, lets keep sending this thread back and fourth to each other so we will sing this song for the rest of our lives. What do you say? Ha! -Laura #6267029

M.Christine Duncan August 04, 2008

Ah but can you say it backwards which is "Dociousaliexpi-isticfragilcalirupes"
HA! LOL.... great shot Karen, like your POV and DOF makes it seem as if those letters really do go on forever! #6269178

Karen Kessler August 04, 2008

Ok, Laura! :) Payday Someday! Ha!

Christine, Say What?! Thanks for the encouraging comments!

~Karen #6269890

John Connolly August 04, 2008

Very creative work here Karen, love the natural color and clever use of DOF! #6270344

Karen Kessler August 04, 2008

Thank you, John! I had fun playing with the settings (with the help of my Dad)! ~Karen #6270886

Vicki L. Filippin August 07, 2008

What a super fun image, Karen. I LOVE playing scrabble! Your perspective does, indeed, make the word appear as if it's going on forEVer!
If I can't sleep tonight cuz that song is still in my head, it will be ALL YOUR FAULT!....hehe
How fun would that be, though, to try and do an image for each or most of the songs from the movie? Hmm...."Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down......"

Laura E. Swan level-classic August 07, 2008

...."In the most delightful way!!!"...Oh. Sorry. I didn't see anyone there listening to me. #6286539

Karen Kessler August 08, 2008

Vicki, you may be onto something...hmmm, let me think! :) I enjoy Scrabble, too - especially when I win! Hope you were able to sleep!

Laura, you crack me up! :)

Enjoy, everyone. This song is HIGHLY contagious! ~Karen #6289419

Jacqualyn A. Volker level-deluxe August 13, 2008

Excellent photo Karen! Fantastic DoF! Before seeing this photo, I ordered "Mary Poppins" from Netflix. *LOL* It should be here tomorrow and thank goodness for that, cuz now I can't get the song out of my head!!! *BS* #6310483

Karen Kessler August 14, 2008

Thank you, Jacqualyn! Yes, I keep getting the song restarted in my head! Hope your DVD arrived today so you can have even more catchy songs to sing! ~Karen #6314367

Laura E. Swan level-classic August 14, 2008

OM GOSH. It's back. The song. #6314591

Lois Adomite August 25, 2008

Great shot, very creative. Lois #6363880

Karen Kessler August 25, 2008

Thank you, Lois! I was in one of my "silly" moods & decided to go with it. Glad I did b/c I've enjoyed reading all the comments (& was pleasantly surprised to get my first EP)! ~Karen #6367204

Kenny Metro level-classic August 29, 2008

My favorite game...very cool shot,Karen! #6386919

Karen Kessler August 30, 2008

Thank you, Ken! It really is a fun game - especially when I win! ~Karen #6387838

Sherry McClead September 05, 2008

congrats on the EP Karen.
Sherrybear :} #6415968

Karen Kessler September 05, 2008

Thank you, Sherrybear! I certainly wasn't expecting it - I just wanted people to enjoy the photo & caption! Nice surprise! Karen #6417174

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 05, 2008

YeeeeeeWhoooooooo! Big congrats! I better not tell FANG BABY about it however. You know how competitive he is. Ha! -Laura #6417188

Karen Kessler September 05, 2008

Thanks, Laura! I still like your photo of Fang Baby watching the timer when it's your turn! I told my Dad about that one because we always threaten to use one of those for my Mom when we play! :) #6417221

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 05, 2008

Well, mine came with a funny cat but -yours- came with a very catchy song. (That keeps coming back like a boomerang by the way! Ha!)

Both of our images are lots of fun. Life is good and so is an EP! Congrats again and hope your Daddy got a kick out of hearing about Fangy. #6417288

Karen Kessler September 05, 2008

Yeah, I need to come up with some other photo capture with yet ANOTHER catchy tune - just for you my good buddy! :) #6417328

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 05, 2008

OM GOSH! I HAVE IT. Why not do another scrabble with words across and down that actually say a sentanceÉ And we have to guess what the sentence is. Confuse us!

(My question mark isnèt working tonight! Sorry!) Neither is my apostrophe apparently. Eek!


Karen Kessler September 05, 2008

Now THAT sounds like fun! I need to get that nice Scrabble game from my parents. I only have the old-fashioned board game! Then again, mine might be a nice touch. Yes, WE must do this! You get Fang Baby to help you & I'll get P&B to help me. It will be a test of wits! HA! #6417421

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 05, 2008

Youère on. If Fang is agreeable of course. I am not allowed to answer for him. He has made this clear.

But you are ON as far as the scrabble itself. Ha! FUN! #6417480

Sherry McClead September 05, 2008

Should I be getting worried about you two?
Sherrybear :} #6417524

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 05, 2008

Not unless you want to play too. Got a scrabble game laying around? Camera battery charged up? Let us know! #6417891

Karen Kessler September 06, 2008 1

That's a great idea, Laura! We'll get Sherrybear (& anyone else who wants to) in the ULTIMATE SCRABBLE CHALLENGE! :) Come on, Sherrybear - join us! (Good thing I'm taking off Monday because I'm going to need it!)

Laura, have you figured out what's up with your keyboard yet & the apostrophes?! Did you set it to some other language - ha! #6418502

Sherry McClead September 06, 2008

Ok... I do have a scrabble board. Song titles or lines from songs maybe?
Sherrybear :} #6418651

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 06, 2008

Look. I am back. ??? '''' Yippeee! Dont know what I pushed last night but today is another day! Ha!

YES SHERRY. Scrabble of your choice but there has to be more than one word involved. Maybe we can make a message to each other. Karen - I gotta go now. Can you guys invite the rest to the challenge? No time. WORDS TO MAKE UP! HA! Just jokin! I need to get back to work. -Laura #6419711

Sherry McClead September 06, 2008

You guys come up with some rules or something so we have some kind of chance to guess them and let me know ok...
Sherrybear :} #6420400

Irene Colling level-classic September 06, 2008

Congratulations on the EFP Karen, this is a great photo.

However I have to take all of your points away. In Scrabble you're not allowed to make words like that. The tiles have to be horizontal or vertical, you can't do diagonal.

Nice try but I say that Fang wins the game. #6420968

Karen Kessler September 06, 2008

Oh, no, please don't tell Fang! He's already got an attitude since he keeps beating Laura at it! Do we also have to play by the rules in our challenge? #6421024

Sherry McClead September 06, 2008

Playing my the rules will make it much more challenging... we don't want to make it toooooo easy now do we...
Sherrybear :} #6421035

Karen Kessler September 06, 2008

But, what's the point in being an adult if we still have to play by the rules? ha! Ooookkkk, I guess I'll do it then! #6421152

Sherry McClead September 06, 2008

How about something like this?
Glen and Sherrybear :} #6421187

September 06, 2008

Figure this one out... #6421255

September 06, 2008

I believe we're shooting for lines in the song and the least the song... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAH
"Don't Do Me Like That" because we don't have to live like a "Refugee." Maybe we'll just have to "Tie Your Mother Down" and dream of the "Green, Green Grass of Home" but then again I wasn't "Born on the Bayou" like "Everyday People."
Whatev...happy game playing ya'll...that's a little southern lingo for ya.
DJ GlenMC #6421331

Kenny Metro level-classic September 06, 2008

Moody Blues...Nights in White Satin
Very cool! #6421346

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 06, 2008

Sherry - Some all me the gangster of love. :) Ha! VERY COOL! You guys are on this challenge like bees on orange sticky pollen! I am going to do mine while camping. Dang there will be tons of them posted here by then.

I already told Fang he won the last game against you Karen. Too late. I had to. He was having a bad day. (Hadn't won even a single game of Chess) So, after I told him, he lit a cigar, had a few puffs and went to bed smiling. Fangs and all! #6421911

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 06, 2008

call not all...sorry! #6421914

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 06, 2008

Fangy went to bed happy! #6421921

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 06, 2008

Gangster of Love? Is that the name? #6421924

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 06, 2008

Yours was great, too Glen.

You guys, do we have to do songs? Can we do other clever things as well and the the people have to guess what the sentance says?

Let me know before Sunday afternoon cuz the computer might get shut down then for the camping trip, Monday. :) Laura #6421946

September 07, 2008

Don't have to be songs...just thought it might be more well know if they were songs...Nope. Gangster of Love is not the name of the song, but it is a well know song. #6422883

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 07, 2008

Ok. :) #6423146

Karen Kessler September 07, 2008

I'm no good at songs - and especially who sings them! I may know some lines to them, but usually not the titles! This is going to be fun!

Thanks for getting it going Sherry & Glen!

Laura, I'm glad I was able to help FANG go to bed happy! Love the pic of him smiling! :) #6424168

September 07, 2008

Sherry and I have been away from our computers this morning. We went to Alabama for a family reunion on Sherry's side...

Karen...there are those to whom music is background noise...and there are those of us who like music a whole lot... ;) #6424953

Karen Kessler September 08, 2008

Hey Glen, did you notice that I got TWO (yes TWO) right in Ken's photo? ha! I know a LITTLE about songs - especially the oldies but goodies! hehehe Just wanted to point that out! :)

I'm trying to clear a place to put the board so I can enter some pix. Ya'll (I'm southern, too) keep 'em comin'! #6429025

Dale Hardin September 22, 2008

Wow, how did you sneak this one past me Karen? Beautiful job and congrats on the finalist. They sure didn't get this award wrong, well done. #6489774

Sherry McClead September 22, 2008

OMGosh Karen... did you ever dream... congrats on the finalist!!! WTG girl!

Sherrybear :} #6490046

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 22, 2008

THERE IT IS! Hot DOG woman! I wish BP would send me a nice little notice sometime like YOU GOT! Fangy would have loved that. I'd better not tell him.

(He doesn't even know we didn't enter his in!) <---- Shhhhh! :) !


Adam CD Caron September 22, 2008

Way to go Congrats on this original idea #6490481

Karen Kessler September 22, 2008

Thank you, Dale, Sherrybear, Laura & Adam! It really was a "shocker", but in a good sort of way! I did it more for kicks than anything, but I'm excited that it made it this far!

Laura, I won't tell Fangy - at least not until it's to my advantage! hehe #6490585

Patricia Seidler September 22, 2008

Congratulations on a super finalist photo. #6491461

Jeana Clark September 22, 2008

WAY TO GO!!!!!

~J~ #6491714

Christine Lobsinger level-classic September 22, 2008

Hi Karen... awesome light, colour and DOF and your POV too.. congrats on this!!!
Have a great day!
Smile With Me #6491857

Teresa H. Hunt September 22, 2008

WOW!! Great photo!! I've been thinking of doing shots of a bunch of different board games (for our toy room). But I don't think I could top this one. Great Shot!! And congrats on being a Finalist #6492603

Karen Kessler September 22, 2008

Patricia, Jeana, Christine & Teresa:

Thank you for your nice comments! I really appreciate it!

Teresa, I like your idea for your toy room - that sounds like a fun project! #6493646

September 22, 2008

Many happy returns
Hope your friends have helped you
Hope many things you've learned

Big smile...
DJ GlenMC #6493845

Karen Kessler September 22, 2008

Hey Glen, thanks for the "poetry"! It brought a smile! :) #6493941

Kenny Metro level-classic September 22, 2008

Alright,WTG!! That's fantastic!!!
BIG congrats on your finalist!

Irene Colling level-classic September 22, 2008

Great news Karen and congratulations on the finalist.

I'll bet Fang will be so jealous. #6495539

Vicki L. Filippin September 23, 2008

Oh I was SOOOO excited to see finalist on this one!
Eat your heart out, Fang-baby! LOL #6497788

September 23, 2008

WTG on being a finalest!! #6498254

Dawn M. Schneider September 23, 2008


M.Christine Duncan September 23, 2008

I almost hurt myself saying my first comment on this fun image so I'll stick to something safer! CONGRAAAATS! So cool that it made finalist girl! Bravo! #6499458

Karen Kessler September 23, 2008

Thank you Ken, Irene, Vicki, Christine & Dawn! I appreciate your comments!

As for Fang-baby, like Vicki said! :) (For those of you who don't know who Fang-baby is, please see Laura S's gallery. Look for a picture of a cat watching the timer in a Scrabble match!) #6499465

Karen Kessler September 23, 2008

Hey Christine D! Sorry I missed your comment - you must've been leaving it as I was leaving mine! Thank you for your comments! I still can't say it backwards, but you did a great job of it! :) #6499512

September 24, 2008

Its a very intersting composition, diagonal and a frame within frame. Its cool to see such a out of the box thought. Wonderful.

Arijit C. #6505516

Shawn Guy September 24, 2008

Congrats Karen on a well deserved finalist!!! #6507622

Karen Kessler September 24, 2008

Thank you for your comments, Arijit! I'm so glad you like it!

Thank you for your well wishes, Shawn! I appreciate it! #6507791

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 24, 2008

Vicki - I hope you know that Fangy is a MALE and not right brained. He heard what you said and is now chewing at his chest.

Poor dear. ~sigh~ #6507938

Vicki L. Filippin September 24, 2008

OH NO!!! I never saw reference to him being a...well..HIM
Ok, so here's the deal, Fangy.
1) STOP knawing at your chest immediately!
2) I'm assuming that since you know how to play scrabble, that you also know how to use the computer, so do a search for the phrase "eat your heart out".
3) Upon reading the description of the aforementioned phrase, now might be a good time to take a nap and ponder on how to PROPERLY execute said phrase.
4) Once awakend from your nap with a renewed sense of accomplishment and pride, time to call your buddies so you can share this information over a cold one (saucer of milk or it's soy equivelent if you are lactose intolerant).
5) TRY to understand that females sometimes don't say EXACTLY what they mean and blame it on hormones!
6) Forgive Vicki cuz she "knows not what she does".
**you might want to take something for that hairball you probably have from chewing on your chest, too*** #6508160

Karen Kessler September 24, 2008

Laura, Vicki needs to join the Comedy Relief Club, don't ya think? Check it out when you can, Vicki (and anyone else reading this thread for that matter!) We have a lot of fun in there!

I like your instructions for Fangy, too! I hope Fangy is recovering nicely! #6508196

Sherry McClead September 24, 2008

oh yeah, I think I'm gonna like Vicki...

Sherrybear :} #6508219

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 24, 2008

I'm thinking you are totally right Karen. It's not a "want" at this point. It's a NEED! COOL!!! Please join.

So....I sat Fangy down and read your comments to him Vicki, and he cocked his head quite a bit. (with fur dangling from his mouth naturally), and he seemed to be really taking it in.

He hates getting on the INTERNET but he looked at me and I nodded my head yes.

Then he looked back at your words and read the part about females and smiled real big. Fangs dangling. And about you.

I told him you were just being sweet and that just isn't true about you personally. I think he really understood. He said to tell you he is sweet too and that he loves you back.

He licked off the hairball med from my finger and is resting happily now. :F



Vicki L. Filippin September 25, 2008

I was so afraid that since I missed the "male" reference that I might have also missed how many lives he'd used up thus far and literally could not sleep until I knew he was OK.
..So sorry, Fangy! I have plenty of Kitty Kookies in my panty should you ever find yourself in the Chicago area....OR if I need them to get the upper hand during scrabble time. (Laura: PLEEEZE make sure you put your hand over that portion of the message...I don't know what came over me, but it was too late to delete!)

You guys and gals are a HOOT! #6509949

Karen Kessler September 25, 2008

Read Vicki's message VERY closely (last one above). I think there was a typo in there somewhere! (Maybe she meant PantRy?!) hehehe #6510563

Kenny Metro level-classic September 25, 2008

She got the first and last letter right though...haha #6510569

Sherry McClead September 25, 2008

Good eye Karen!... there is a couple of off color remarks that come to mind here... but we won't go there...

Sherrybear :}

LAURA!!! #6510631

Vicki L. Filippin September 25, 2008

I THINK NOT! #6510686

Laura E. Swan level-classic September 25, 2008

Ha Ken! Very correct! Maybe we should rename this "The Type-O Club" or "Scrambled Eggs"...

We all do it Vicki. Don't feel TOO bad. (Just feel really embarrassed! LOOK WHAT YOU SAID WOMAN! Ha! JJ <---- Just jokin'!)

Like Sherrybear said, I won't even go there, and for heavens sake Fangy wont either.


Vicki L. Filippin September 25, 2008

LOL, Laura! Good thing this is a FAMILY site cuz that mistake was wrong on WAAAY too many levels!!!!
Ughh! Do I HAVE to see what I said again? Isn't once humiliation enough?
PANTRRRRRRRY.....I meant PANTRRRRRY!!! #6511280

Karen Kessler September 25, 2008

Ok you people. I'm trying to work here & you are making me laugh so hard that someone is going to stop by in a few minutes to find out what's so funny! I REALLY don't want to have to tell them, now do I?!

Vicki, we all wish we could go back & correct our typo's on these threads. Or at least have a spellchecker when we're typing! It was an honest mistake - but still a funny one! Glad you have a great sense of humor!

Hey Laura, I like the "Scrambled Eggs" club idea! I wonder if I can change the name, but keep everything else intact? I doubt it. (Someone would probably think the "Type-O" club was about bloodtype!) #6511316

Zsuzsanna M. Szugyi level-classic October 23, 2008

Congratulation KAren! Very good macro! #6647222

Karen Kessler October 23, 2008

Thank you, Zsuzsanna. I had been wanting to do something with photography & the Scrabble board. This is the word I wanted to spell, which in turn put the catchy tune in everyone else's head! :) #6649220

Laura E. Swan level-classic October 23, 2008

Oh no. It's back...

Even thought the sound of it is something quite ahumm hummm... #6649505

Karen Kessler October 24, 2008

Oh no, SHE's back! haha You funny girl, you! :) (You know you're ALWAYS welcome to stop by!) #6655907

Lisa D. Greer December 24, 2008

VERY creative! Love it! :) #6937643

Laura E. Swan level-classic December 24, 2008

Ooooh! Creepy. It's been 2 months TO THE DAY! Ah hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!

If if you sing it loud enough la, la, la laaaaaaaaaa, la, laaaaaaaaaa, laaaaaaaa! #6937997

Karen Kessler December 24, 2008

No, Laura, it's Fa La La La La La La La Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Silly, it's Christmas so you need to change your tune! ha! 8)

Thank you for visiting, Lisa! (And you, too, Laura!) #6938700

Laura E. Swan level-classic December 24, 2008

;) !!! #6939014

Ulysses A. Villamin January 12, 2009

Finalist!!!!! WTG, Cuz :) #7022129

Karen Kessler January 16, 2009

Cousin UV? Is that really you? WOW! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words, too! :) #7041157

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