The Most Colorful*

© Carolyn M. Fletcher

The Most Colorful*

Paul Michko 6/29/2005 2:32:47 AM

Wonderful perspective and composition, Carolyn. #270750

Marsha S. Smith 6/29/2005 2:34:47 AM

Wow! That is some kind of gorgeous! Love your angle and love those colors. #1533855

Bonnie C. Lackey 6/29/2005 2:43:34 AM

If I owned a car dealership, I'd have you come do the ads... #1533872

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/29/2005 2:45:01 AM

Thanks Paul, Marsha and Bonnie...but how would you make a new car look this good? #1533874

Donald K. Cherry 6/29/2005 2:51:27 AM

Excellent persoective, Carolyn! #1533883

Dolores Neilson 6/29/2005 3:13:50 AM

I love the purple gradient you put behind for background!! Makes it seem like a studio shot!! I think the judges will like this one....I know I do! #1533918

Colleen Braun 6/29/2005 3:26:39 AM

wow, colors get your attention... #1533967

Tammy Scott 6/29/2005 3:30:00 AM

I agree with Bonnie! You car shots are awesome and this one is no different! Great composition and wonderfully vivid colors, Carolyn! #1533991

Kathleen Clemons 6/29/2005 3:45:27 AM

Perfect background choice, Carolyn, it goes so well with the beautiful car. Excellent! #1534099

Agnes Fegan 6/29/2005 3:53:30 AM

Wow - another great car shot from you - very colorful indeed! #1534130

Cindy Paquette 6/29/2005 3:58:36 AM

Gorgeous! Love the colors and your framing! Gosh, this sure is special! #1534157

Joy Rector 6/29/2005 4:02:56 AM

Great capture. #1534177

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/29/2005 4:05:02 AM

Thanks Donald, Dolores, Colleen, Tammy, Kath, Agnes, Cindy and Joy. I don't know, the judges didn't like any of them last month. LOL.. Tired of them, probably. #1534186

Bobbie Davis 6/29/2005 4:18:56 AM

WOW! Look at those colors! Very nice shot Carolyn! #1534268

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/29/2005 4:20:53 AM

Thanks Bobbie.. those colors wouldn't have been my choice, but it is what it is. LOL #1534279

Jenny Bosmans 6/29/2005 4:29:24 AM

Great perspective, Carolyn!! WOW...those colors!!! #1534317

Dominique Declerck 6/29/2005 4:31:11 AM

Perfect!!! great perspective, Carolyn!!! #1534322

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/29/2005 4:35:27 AM

Thanks Jenny and Dom!! #1534331

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/29/2005 4:40:06 AM

I forgot to mention, I'm gone for the day and won't be able to comment or respond til later this evening. #1534347

Kerby Pfrangle 6/29/2005 4:44:14 AM


The colors got my attention big time.

WOW...Nice find and capture.

Excellent perspective and persentation.

Kerby #1534356

Donna K. Kilcher 6/29/2005 5:00:28 AM

Love the colors, great capture #1534437

Cathy Gregor 6/29/2005 5:01:23 AM

A winner for sure!
Wonderfully composed and taken, Carolyn. #1534443

Jeff Robinson 6/29/2005 5:18:29 AM

Great job Carolyn! Jeff #1534526

Linda D. Lester 6/29/2005 5:53:33 AM

Beautiful job! Love the colors, Carloyn! #1534685

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 6/29/2005 6:10:50 AM

Awesome shot, Carolyn, the colors are amazing! #1534809

Kelly Abernathy 6/29/2005 6:27:36 AM

Wow, this is terrific! Do I love this one! Will does too, lol! -K #1534898

Claudia Kuhn 6/29/2005 7:07:18 AM

Wow! Wonderful colors Carolyn! Awesome!! #1535044

S J 6/29/2005 7:21:12 AM

Just one word for this awesome image....WINNER!!! #1535125

Tammy L. Odell 6/29/2005 7:28:29 AM

Cool shot Carolyn!!! Love you comp and those colors, wow!! #1535166

Jill A. Johnson 6/29/2005 7:32:12 AM

Fantastic Work Carolyn!!!

Jill :) #1535191

William C. Raco 6/29/2005 2:08:45 PM

WOW, this is too cool, Carolyn!
Wonderful photo!


Susan T. Parady 6/29/2005 3:21:08 PM

Awesome, Carolyn! I love the colors!! Super work on the background!! #1536637

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/29/2005 3:30:21 PM

Thanks everyone!! #1536680

Carol Brill 6/29/2005 8:58:59 PM

Quite a majestic shot with those regal purple and gold tones, Carolyn, love all the sparkle and shine you've captured here as well! #1537554

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/30/2005 2:24:28 AM

Thanks Carol!!! #1537886

Evy Johansen 7/22/2005 7:44:34 PM

Congratulations on this very cool and beautiful finalist, Carolyn! #1622734

Deborah C. Lewinson 7/22/2005 8:02:00 PM

Congrats again, Carolyn, awesome!!
-Debby #1622896

Cathy Barrows 7/22/2005 8:08:46 PM

Congrats on your finalist...i love this car #1622953

Paul E. Earl 7/22/2005 8:21:20 PM

Congratulations and good luck with this fantastic capture!! #1623042

Linda D. Lester 7/22/2005 9:07:56 PM

Congratulations!!!!! #1623342

Ken Grooms 7/22/2005 9:52:53 PM

This should be on a calendar! Congratulations! #1623611

Jim Kinnunen 7/22/2005 10:18:11 PM

Wonderful image, Carolyn...congratulations!!!! #1623746

Dominique Declerck 7/22/2005 11:01:26 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn!!! #1623873

Janet L. Skinner 7/23/2005 5:48:54 AM

Another congrats!!!!!! #1624958

Deborah Sandidge 7/23/2005 7:23:37 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn, outstanding work! #1625588

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 7/23/2005 12:28:34 PM

Congrats to you again, Carolyn, on this great finalist! Way to go! #1627334

Carolyn M. Fletcher 7/23/2005 1:55:32 PM

Thanks everyone!!! #1627778

Tammy Scott 7/23/2005 4:56:13 PM

Congratulations again, Carolyn! I really like this one!!! #1628501

Kathleen R. Struckle 7/23/2005 5:55:59 PM

Congrats Carolyn!! #1628841

Cindy Paquette 7/23/2005 7:09:48 PM

Congratulations do these cars so fabulously!!! #1629204

S J 7/24/2005 2:05:51 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful Finalist, Carolyn!! #1630152

Judy A. Lawhon 7/24/2005 3:40:02 PM

Hi this photo and street rods....colors are fabulous! Congratulations! #1632375

S J 7/24/2005 11:03:05 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your fantastic WIN, Carolyn!! #1633726

Dan Holm 7/24/2005 11:31:08 PM

WOW!! Alright, Carolyn!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your VERY well deserved WIN!!!!! #1633812

Susan T. Evans 7/24/2005 11:53:53 PM

Woooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooo Carolyn, congrats on your second place winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1633853

Dominique Declerck 7/25/2005 12:16:01 AM


Stanley J. Contrades 7/25/2005 12:38:42 AM

CONGRATULATIONS, Carolyn!! Very well deserved win on this fabulous beauty!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1633965

Kerby Pfrangle 7/25/2005 2:35:52 AM


Congratualtions on your second place win.

Job well done.

Kerby #1634180

Carolyn M. Fletcher 7/25/2005 2:37:05 AM

Thanks everyone!! I'm not going to be available today for comments, so congrats everyone on your wins!!! I have a sick man in the house and you know how that goes! #1634184

Marsha S. Smith 7/25/2005 2:49:06 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Super image, Carolyn!


ADILSON F. FERREIRA 7/25/2005 3:12:04 AM

Congratulations on your win Carolyn!!! #1634315

Paul E. Earl 7/25/2005 3:23:13 AM

Congratulations on such a deserving win!! #1634380

Colleen Braun 7/25/2005 3:31:40 AM

congratulations ... #1634439

Tom Andersen 7/25/2005 3:44:38 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful second place winner, Carolyn! #1634528

Tammy Scott 7/25/2005 4:01:44 AM

FANTASTIC JOB, Carolyn! Congratulations on your win!!! I am so happy for you! #1634620

Stephanie Lyons 7/25/2005 4:04:28 AM

Big congrats Carolyn! #1634641

Kathleen Clemons 7/25/2005 4:11:51 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!!! #1634672

Leanne M.E. Boyd 7/25/2005 4:25:22 AM

Great shot, Carolyn! Congratulations on your win! #1634711

Deborah C. Lewinson 7/25/2005 5:03:33 AM

Fantastic image, Carolyn, hearty congrats on this win!!!
-Debby #1634852

Kathleen K. Parker 7/25/2005 5:14:16 AM

Congratulations on your win, Carolyn! you go girl!:-)
Kathleen #1634898

Rob Friedman 7/25/2005 5:20:56 AM

Fantastic work! Congrats on your well deserved win Carolyn! #1634930

Colette M. Metcalf 7/25/2005 5:25:06 AM

Congratulations to you Carolyn!!!! Love it!! #1634942

Marcie A. Fowler 7/25/2005 5:53:36 AM

A big congrats to you you Carolyn!!!! #1635055

Laura Clay-Ballard 7/25/2005 6:07:36 AM

wow wow wow on this winning image! #1635114

Murry Grigsby 7/25/2005 6:38:11 AM

Congratulations on your colorful image and win Carolyn!! #1635203

Linda D. Lester 7/25/2005 6:51:03 AM

Congratulations!!!!! #1635258

Sharon E. Lowe 7/25/2005 6:58:37 AM

Congrats on your win Carolyn! #1635306

Cathy Barrows 7/25/2005 7:32:38 AM

Congrats on your win! this car #1635522

Kay Beausoleil 7/25/2005 7:56:30 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn, on your well-deserved win! #1635647

KHAWLA Haddad 7/25/2005 8:54:48 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful winner, Carolyn great colors well don!!! #1636060

Deborah Sandidge 7/25/2005 9:11:21 AM

Congratulations on your colorful win, Carolyn!! #1636176

Jill Flynn 7/25/2005 9:19:32 AM

Congratulations on this well deserved SECOND PLACE win Carolyn! LOVE THOSE COLORS - WOW! #1636227

Agnes Fegan 7/25/2005 11:22:50 AM

Congrats on this winner!!! :-) #1636820

Carolyn M. Fletcher 7/25/2005 11:29:23 AM

Thanks so much everyone! Sorry I'm not able to catch up on the comments..Been to the doctor with the sickie all morning. Now I'm looking for some cheese to give him with that whine. Sick men are a real pain! #1636850

William C. Raco 7/25/2005 12:25:38 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn!
Sorry to hear Cotton is ill.
Get well soon!


Stephen Zacker 7/25/2005 1:52:54 PM

Cool. Congratulations #1637359

Joannie Bertucci 7/25/2005 3:27:37 PM

This rocks ones socks!
Congratulations on a big purple win Carolyn! #1637721

Wally Orlowsky 7/25/2005 3:47:08 PM

Congratulations on this fantastically colored winner, Carolyn! #1637799

Cathy Gregor 7/25/2005 4:19:47 PM

Congrats on this very cool winner, Carolyn!! #1637956

Diane Addonizio 7/25/2005 4:50:43 PM

Congrats on your win, Carolyn! #1638121

Terry R. Hatfield 7/25/2005 6:12:23 PM

Carolyn,Congratulations To You On A Fine Image And Your Win!! #1638351

Donna J. Taff 7/25/2005 6:14:09 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful win, Carolyn!!!! #1638357

Allan L. Whitehead 7/26/2005 2:41:28 AM

Carolyn, congratulations on this magnificent win in last month's contest in the 'Details and Macro' category. It is very richly deserved, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan #1638989

Donna Dunbar 7/26/2005 3:30:08 AM

Carolyn, this is absolutely gorgeous I love the colors. Congrats on your much deserved win !!!!!! #1639100

Ken Grooms 7/26/2005 6:09:54 AM

Congratulations! Like I said, this belongs on a calendar! #1639889

Carolyn M. Fletcher 7/26/2005 6:14:38 AM

Thanks everybody!! I'm sure the car owner will be happy with it. #1639915

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 7/26/2005 9:27:25 AM

Congrats on your winner Carolyn, way to go! #1640830

Sharon Day 7/26/2005 1:38:38 PM

Outstanding image, Carolyn!!! Big Congratulations!!! #1641708

Janet L. Skinner 7/27/2005 4:27:11 AM

So glad to see this WIN!!! Congratulations, Carolyn!!! #1643842

Carolyn M. Fletcher 7/27/2005 4:32:42 AM

Thanks everyone!!! Much appreciated! #1643872

Claudia Kuhn 7/27/2005 5:24:03 AM

Very cool image Carolyn, big congrats!!!! #1644050

Evy Johansen 7/27/2005 11:10:05 PM

Many congratulations on this beautiful win, Carolyn! So well deserved! #1647279

Kevin Anderson 7/31/2005 4:49:04 PM

Congratulations Carolyn! This shot is Beautiful. love your win. #1660429

Damian P. Gadal 8/1/2005 6:28:39 PM

WOW - Stunning! Congrats Carolyn! #1664810

Joy Rector 8/9/2005 3:50:28 AM

congrats on your win. #1695434

Patricia A. Kuniega 8/10/2005 11:16:02 AM

Ooh, la, la! My two favorite colors all shiny with chrome! This one is really special. Congratulations on your great work and win, Carolyn! #1701867

Mary Timman 8/19/2005 3:58:42 AM

This is gorgeous!!! I love the colors you used and the composition is just great.
I love all your car series! You really do unbelievable work with the cars. #1734069

Peter Anderson 8/21/2005 3:02:38 PM

Rich colors and composition! #1747485

Toni A. Martin 9/20/2005 8:26:46 AM

Carolyn, this is beautiful! And it would make a stunning poster. Congrats! It is so CRISP! #1859310

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