Where the Pelicans Fly

© Dolores Neilson

Where the Pelicans Fly

Stephanie Lyons 6/16/2005 3:29:30 AM

Wow Dolores! What a beautifully, moody capture ... excellent lighting! #264095

Paul Michko 6/16/2005 3:33:58 AM

I agree with Stephanie. What a fantastic mood this instills. #1475922

Colette M. Metcalf 6/16/2005 3:39:41 AM

What a wonderful image, Dolores!!! #1475943

Donna K. Kilcher 6/16/2005 3:44:36 AM

What a great capture Dolores #1475963

Guy D. Biechele 6/16/2005 3:57:32 AM

Great drama and motion. Wonderful capture, Dolores. #1475995

Agnes Fegan 6/16/2005 4:04:16 AM

Love this shot!!! #1476016

Cindy Paquette 6/16/2005 4:09:04 AM

Glorious mood at the ocean Dolores..love the motion of both birds and water!! EXCELLENT! #1476042

Jeff Robinson 6/16/2005 4:16:59 AM

A really superb capture! Extremely well done Dolores! Jeff #1476085

Dolores Neilson 6/16/2005 4:23:08 AM

Stephanie...thank you for taking time to post. I value your kind thuoghts immensely!

Good morning, Paul! I thank you also for posting your feedback. Have a great day!

Greetings Colette! Thanks so much!

Good morning, Donna! Many thanks!

Hello Guy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking time to post. I appreciate it immensely!

Hi AGnes...THANK YOU!!

Greetings Ms. Cindy! THank you!! THank you!!

HI Jeff...as always, I appreciate your kindness on my work. Always a pleasure to hear from you! #1476106

Claudia Kuhn 6/16/2005 4:52:20 AM

THis is such a dramatic sky Dolores, love the light and dark and the old pier posts sticking out. #1476206

Judith G. Secco 6/16/2005 4:57:00 AM

Wow, dramatic is right! Love the light beams coming down into the water. This is a great shot, Dolores!!
Judy #1476219

Dorothy Neumann 6/16/2005 5:15:42 AM

I love the moodiness of the sky and sea captured in this image! #1476299

Charlene Bayerle 6/16/2005 5:16:14 AM

Outstanding image Dolores!!!! #1476301

S J 6/16/2005 5:23:08 AM

Beautiful and very dramatic image, Dolores!! Very interesting composition!! #1476346

Joy Rector 6/16/2005 5:24:22 AM

Fantastic shot. #1476351

Lisa D. Greer 6/16/2005 6:01:20 AM

This is absolultely stunning! Wonderful work! :) #1476471

Donald K. Cherry 6/16/2005 6:15:14 AM

Awesome shot, Dolores!! I absolutely love the Outter Banks and you've captured the essence of it wonderfully!! #1476520

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 6/16/2005 6:48:37 AM

Incredible mood you captured Dolores, this is an awesome image! #1476658

Michelle Lea Guinn 6/16/2005 6:56:22 AM

wonderful image Dolores!!! mlg #1476700

Susan T. Parady 6/16/2005 7:36:48 AM

Dramatic and moody. This is outstanding, Dolores! #1476925

Dominique Declerck 6/16/2005 8:16:18 AM

.. de l'Art, du grand Art photographique la Dolores ... bravo, Madame!!! #1477099

Shirley L. Carpenter 6/16/2005 8:53:16 AM

WOW!! What a beautiful capture Dolores!! #1477279

Ermanno Radice 6/16/2005 1:35:21 PM

Superb image, great drama, wonderful lighting, love it, Dolores!!
marvellous shot! #1478438

Marsha S. Smith 6/16/2005 1:47:56 PM

This is so gorgeous and very dramatic. I love the birds winging their way through the frame. Wow!! #1478500

Alan L. Borror 6/16/2005 2:41:07 PM

Awesome capture, Dolores! Very nicely done. Exceptional!!!

Marcie A. Fowler 6/16/2005 3:08:29 PM

Absolutely gorgeous Dolores!! Love the soft muted colors and the over all feel of the image! #1478747

Kathleen Clemons 6/16/2005 3:58:30 PM

What a beautiful scene, Dolores! #1478859

Dan Holm 6/16/2005 5:04:21 PM

WOW!! What drama! What light! What composition! What an AWESOME shot!!! ... I absolutely love this, Dolores!! I'd bet we'll see this masterpiece again! #1479056

Deborah Sandidge 6/16/2005 6:47:53 PM

Dramatic and painterly, Dolores, a beautiful composition!! #1479324

Carol Brill 6/16/2005 8:38:07 PM

This is magnificent, Dolores, so many intriguing variations on just a few subtle tones, and terrific job on your exposure to capture the blustery energy in this shot! #1479636

Jennifer Rennison 6/16/2005 9:14:53 PM

WOW, Dolores, so moody! Beautiful tones, lighting and fabulous comp, great work! #1479739

Vicki Hunt 6/17/2005 3:34:09 AM

Dolores, this is so wonderful. I love the mood here. #1480230

Donna W. Neal 6/17/2005 4:34:42 AM

Excellent capture. This is the first year in 5 years I have not gone to OBX in May. Was this out on Pine Island? Down near the wild horses #1480426

Kim Helmick 6/17/2005 5:27:22 AM

Very moody....I love it! #1480782

Bonnie C. Lackey 6/17/2005 5:36:50 AM

I can feel the wind and spray and smell the salty air - I feel as though I'm standing right beside you... #1480878

Danilo Piccioni 6/17/2005 5:47:04 AM

What a shot!!!!so beautiful and full of drama!
LOVE it! #1480968

Jenny Bosmans 6/17/2005 11:55:03 AM

I'm speechless!!! Love everything about it!! #1482508

Lori S. Aschbrenner 6/17/2005 1:16:53 PM

What a stunning, dramatic image you have made, Dolores! #1482866

Roxanne M. Bubar 6/17/2005 1:59:10 PM

Magnificent. Wonderful capture. #1483024

Evy Johansen 6/17/2005 8:09:36 PM

Awesome image, Dolores! Wonderful capture! Beautiful and dramatic! #1484034

Kate Jackson 6/18/2005 3:22:36 PM

The sky and the sea are so dramatic Dolores and I love the way the pelicans are captured in the highlights! Stunning in every way!! #1486701

Karen Engelbreth 6/21/2005 9:17:39 AM

WOW, Dolores - fantastic image! #1497087

Tammy Scott 6/23/2005 3:56:59 PM

VERY stunning and dramatic image, Dolores! #1512445

Photographer 6/28/2005 3:56:57 AM

Great image Dolores! This is absolutely beautiful, excellent job! #1529725

Karen Engelbreth 8/7/2005 12:13:45 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Dolores! #1686456

Robert Mann 8/7/2005 12:18:50 AM

WOnderful lighting and mood, Dolores! Many congrats on your POTD! RoB #1686468

S J 8/7/2005 12:18:59 AM

Congratulations on this Fantastic POTD win, Dolores!! #1686469

Mary K. Robison 8/7/2005 12:31:53 AM

This is a marvelous capture, Dolores! Congratulations on POTD!!! #1686498

Susie Peek-Swint 8/7/2005 12:38:02 AM

Wonderful capture Dolores ~ well worht getting hit by spray! Congrats on POTD! #1686510

Photographer 8/7/2005 12:59:24 AM

Great capture and presentation Dolores, this is absolutely beautiful!
Many congrats on your POTD!

ronda chatelle 8/7/2005 1:05:06 AM

ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICIENT! Congratulations! Well deserved win- #1686564

Candice C. Calhoun 8/7/2005 1:13:35 AM

Beautiful view! Congratulations on your wonderful POTD!

ccc #1686571

Dan Holm 8/7/2005 1:29:50 AM

Wowowow!!! Gorgeous, Dolores!! Congratulations on this outstanding POTD! #1686585

Mary E. Heinz 8/7/2005 1:35:48 AM

Lovely shot. Do you live in that area..
or just sight seeing? #1686590

Perry K.Y. Lee 8/7/2005 2:04:39 AM

Beautiful and profound... #1686611

Paul Michko 8/7/2005 2:11:41 AM

Congratulations of a fantastic POTD, Dolores. #1686618

Robert L. Andersen 8/7/2005 2:17:15 AM

Congratulations Delores ! Fantastic Image ! #1686621

Denys 8/7/2005 2:48:13 AM

Excellent Dolores! J'adore cette image!
Je pense que nous la reverrons au Grand Prix!!Bravo!!!

Bill Houghton 8/7/2005 3:09:22 AM

This is just beautiful Delores. You did a great job capturing it. #1686668

Wally Orlowsky 8/7/2005 3:57:38 AM

Congratrulations on this dramatic POTD, Dolores! #1686682

Vicki Hunt 8/7/2005 3:59:11 AM

Congratulations, Dolores! WONDERFUL!!! #1686684

Josselyne Klecanda 8/7/2005 4:11:34 AM

Beautiful shot, great color, keep it up #1686709

Diane Dupuis 8/7/2005 4:19:26 AM

Congrats on this gorgeous shot and well deserved POTD! #1686730

Dan Walters 8/7/2005 4:30:06 AM

Awesome shot! The colors are really dramatic! #1686743

Deborah C. Lewinson 8/7/2005 4:31:20 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Dolores, for this splendid image!
-Debby #1686744

Terry R. Hatfield 8/7/2005 4:38:11 AM

Hi Dolores!Congratulations On Your POTD Its An Awesome Image!! #1686759

Jeff Lovinger 8/7/2005 4:59:11 AM

Congratulations on your POTD. Really fantastac image.

I was wondering how many of you are planning to go to the Summit in Seattle? #1686812

Michelle R. Kovach 8/7/2005 5:04:04 AM

Congrats on your POTD! #1686819

Claudia Kuhn 8/7/2005 5:14:21 AM

Big congrats on your potd Dolores!!! Woo Hooooooo!!

Pick some dates for our get together in Aug. the month is going fast... #1686842

Joy Rector 8/7/2005 5:18:24 AM

congrats on your POTD #1686855

Sherri Conley 8/7/2005 5:42:39 AM

WOW Delores, this is outstanding! Congrats! #1686909

Kathleen Clemons 8/7/2005 5:46:37 AM

Congrats to you, Dolores! #1686932

Judith G. Secco 8/7/2005 5:56:55 AM

Congratulations on POTD!!! wonderful image. I'll email you this week with some dates!!
Judy #1686967

Evy Johansen 8/7/2005 6:00:42 AM

Many congratulations on your beautiful POTD, Dolores!! #1686984

Debra Booth 8/7/2005 6:02:02 AM

Gorgeous, Dolores! Congratulations! #1686992

Jacqueline C. Harmon 8/7/2005 6:06:25 AM


Terry Cervi 8/7/2005 6:15:25 AM

Hey, Miss D! Congrats on your beautiful POTD!! #1687063

Cathy Barrows 8/7/2005 6:20:52 AM

Congrats on your POTD...love that sky #1687108

Charlene Bayerle 8/7/2005 6:39:02 AM

Gorgeous!!!! Congratulations Dolores!!! #1687230

Dolores Neilson 8/7/2005 6:51:10 AM

Having now discovered the June posts, my heartfelt thank you to Dorothy, Charlene, Sanjay, Joy, Lisa, Don, Deb, Michelle, Susan, Dominique, Shirley, Ermanno, Marsha, Marcy, Alan, Kathleen, Dan, Deb, Carol, Jennifer, Vicki, Donna, Kim, Bonnie, Dado, Jenny, Lori, Roxanne, Evy, Kate, Karen, Tammy and Her. I THANK you for your comments when I posted this in June. And I thought I was all caught up!! I thank the following for your potd comments today!! I appreciate them all immensely!! Karen, Robert, Sanjay, Mary, Susan, Her, Ronda, Candice, Dan, Mary, Perry, Paul, Robert, Denys, Bill, Wally, Vicki, Josselyne, Diane, Dan, Debby, Terry, Jeff, Michelle, Claudia, Joy, Sherry, Kath, Judy, Evy, Debra, Jackie, Terry, Cathy and Charlene!! Oh my....how blessed I am to receive all your kindnesses and acknowledgements! THanks so much!! Haven't been competing in the last month due to committments and a much needed break but will be back in the loop soon! Miss you all! Thanks again!! #1687306

Doug Taylor 8/7/2005 6:57:40 AM

Delores - a beautiful, very dramatic shot! #1687342

Keith L. Clayton 8/7/2005 7:03:01 AM

Beautifully done - It must have taken some patience to get this shot so well composed. #1687360

Tori A. Woods 8/7/2005 7:13:00 AM

this is awesome......congrats!!

Tori #1687411

Barbara Helgason 8/7/2005 7:16:27 AM

Congratulations Dolores, so glad I got to see this one, better late than never!!! #1687426

Mary J. Coker 8/7/2005 7:28:02 AM

Gorgeous! #1687465

Roland B. Portillo 8/7/2005 7:36:40 AM

A truly beautiful capture. The composition and lighting are exceptional. Don't you just love it when nature cooperates! Thanks for sharing this experience with us. #1687514

Mary N C. Taitt 8/7/2005 7:46:15 AM

WOW! What a beautiful photo, dramatic and perfect. Wonderful! Congratulations on your POTD! #1687580

Luhut Napitupulu 8/7/2005 7:48:58 AM

Wow...a very stunning image with great moment, so dramatic, Dolores! I love this picture!

Congrats on your POTD, you deserve to get it! #1687597

Tammy Scott 8/7/2005 7:52:43 AM

Congratulations on this awesome POTD, Delores!!! #1687619

Julia a. Dixon 8/7/2005 8:03:37 AM

This is so neat... When I open my email.. I felt like I am already there.. stare for so long... click it and look at it as long as I can,,, wow image... it look like heaven.... beautiful color and water and birds.. look perfect match. plus the title too.. I love anything water... as I am water person.. look so great... Congr. ON Picture of the Day... smile
Julia #1687655

Laura Clay-Ballard 8/7/2005 8:25:04 AM

fabulous image! congrats on potd! #1687749

Kerby Pfrangle 8/7/2005 8:45:42 AM


Congratualtions on your POTD.

Well deserved.

Kerby #1687832

Bob Jones 8/7/2005 9:00:52 AM

After half an hour scrolling down the page to post this message, it seems that I'm not the only one who thinks this is one excellent seascape ... Many congratulations Dolores (By the way I owe you an e-mail, will get round to replying before the weekends out)

Chris Humphrey 8/7/2005 9:14:17 AM

Wonderful shot. I can almost smell the sea water! #1687878

Lisa Clark 8/7/2005 9:23:39 AM

Incredible shot! I hope you framed it.
Congratulations on POTD. #1687910

Eileen 8/7/2005 9:28:41 AM

Wow! #1687928

Marsha S. Smith 8/7/2005 9:30:07 AM

Loved it then - STILL DO! SUPER POTD!
Congratulations! #1687934

Pu Chen 8/7/2005 9:45:59 AM

Great capture, Dolores! Congratulations on your POTD! #1688001

Jenny Bosmans 8/7/2005 9:58:33 AM

Still speechless, Dolores! Congratulations on POTD! #1688038

Anita Taylor 8/7/2005 11:56:03 AM

Wow, this is incredible, Dolores! What an amazing capture! #1688256

Lori Carlson 8/7/2005 12:18:14 PM

Good day Dolores!! I just can't explain how much I love this photo!! Well worth your cleaning time in my eyes!!!! And I'm sure your proud and happy with it as well!! So much mood and motion to this~thank you for sharing this wonderful work with us all and a big congrats on you POTD!!! :0) Whoohoo! :0) #1688304

Leonard Pierce 8/7/2005 12:22:57 PM

WOW!! Super fantastic image Dolores!!! Congratulations on a very well deserved POTD!!!!!! #1688309

John Tubbs 8/7/2005 12:59:08 PM

Outstanding shot!! #1688364

Monika Sapek 8/7/2005 1:51:05 PM

Those rays of light are a wonderful addition to this already dramatic scenery, Dolores! Many congratulations on your Photo Of The Day! Hope you have a great summer!

Christy L. Densmore 8/7/2005 2:07:03 PM

Wow, that is all I can say, this is just wonderful Dolores, congratulations and very well deserved. #1688560

Joline Frazier 8/7/2005 2:41:21 PM

Congratulations on your POTD. This is a beautifully done photo. #1688676

Kathleen R. Struckle 8/7/2005 3:19:05 PM

Absolutely Stunning!! Congrats on POTD!! #1688745

Kay Beausoleil 8/7/2005 3:28:11 PM

Wonderful capture, Dolores -- congratulations on your POTD! #1688761

Richard Grinnell 8/7/2005 3:33:50 PM

Beautiful photo Dolores, I especially like the bird on the post watching the others fly overhead. #1688778

Terry L. Ellis 8/7/2005 5:40:01 PM

Congratulations on this marvelous POTD, Delores!!! #1689193

Claudette Foote 8/7/2005 6:27:17 PM

WATH A AMAZING CAPTURE Dolores! Congratulations on your POTD! #1689406

Sachin Wagh 8/7/2005 8:39:19 PM

Wow..!!! #1689744

Naintara Jain 8/7/2005 9:51:10 PM

This image compelled me to go through your gallery. You have a gallery of beautiful shots. Very nice. #1689873

Colette M. Metcalf 8/8/2005 4:00:45 AM

Congratulations to you Dolores!!! #1690587

Ed Heaton 8/8/2005 10:34:04 AM

Great job Dolores, Congrats on POTD! #1692375

Kirsi Bertolini 8/8/2005 1:13:40 PM

So well deserved title! Those colors are big time! #1692923

Virginia L. Allison 8/8/2005 6:36:13 PM

What a beautiful shot. Congrats on your POTD...well deserved I should add. #1694253

Janet L. Skinner 8/9/2005 2:39:36 AM

Such beauty!!!! Glorious capture and POTD, Dolores!!! #1695142

Jay Patel 8/9/2005 6:26:27 AM

This is spectacular photograph. Well done. #1696381

Evelyn Bage 8/9/2005 7:27:29 AM

Wonderful picture. I am from an area close by and I know how difficult that lighting is to obtain.Great job. #1696670

Kern D. Hercules 8/13/2005 7:39:46 PM

Dolores first thing first,wonderful image , I love how this image is in color yet has a black and white under tone- I love it , so serene #1714203

Janet L. Skinner 8/14/2005 4:15:01 PM

Congrats on this awesome POTD!!!!!!! It is simply beautiful! #1716868

lyn winans 8/21/2005 7:53:38 AM

Congrats Dolores ... gorgeous !!! #1745636

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 9/8/2005 2:23:37 PM

Absolutely wonderful, such a lovely scene, so well captured!! A big congratulations!!!! #1815283

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