Pump 3

William C. Raco level-addict 3/24/2003 6:51:47 PM

Wow.... You use the good stuff.
At least you got something for the money.
Very nice colorful image of a common sight.
The shadows look good, too.
Good eye, Dolores.

bill #27661

Ellen Peach

You both better stay back east, I paid $2.07 this weekend...love the colors and shadows in this, Dolores! #71743

Duane Carter

You'd think, when we pay this much for gas, we would all see this kind of beauty that's right before our eyes. But we don't, and that's why you have such good photos, very creative image.
Keep up the good work, Dolores.
Duane C. #71749

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Hi bill!! Thank you for the nice remarks. I wish I could have done something about the shadows but the stainless steel is so highly reflective that even soft morning light created shadows. I really cannot put anything less than 92 in my SUV according to Nissan! So...I don't take chances!

Ellen...$2.07....on the west coast?? Gee...I really thought we had the highest prices...and I'm guessing they'll skyrocket with the war. It's going to hurt all our pocketbooks. Thank you for taking time to compliment my image, Ellen. You're so sweet!

Hi Duane!! Thank you! I just lucked out that these gas pump handles were the RGB colors...most are black! Though I have seen some bright yellow ones. Thank you once again, Duane. Your encouragement and support is so appreciated! I treasure your gift.


Daniele Keating

The photo is gorgeous! Don't worry it'll get cheaper and if that doesn't help... they pay $5 a gallon in Europe... :0) #71792

Carol Sherman

How fantastic and original Dolores!!!
Totally unexpected from something so commonly seen by all of us.


Gary H. Minish level-addict

You have the most amazing knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, Dolores! I love it! :-) #71841

Connie L. Carpenter level-addict

Very beautiful... which seems weird to be saying about gas handles but there you go. Really nice and creative. #71851

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Holy Petroleum!! I just turn around to answer some email...and here you are, being your kind selves again!!

Greetings Daniele! Why thank you so much!! Yes...I wonder what gas prices will be like in a year from now. Somehow I see the beginning of the book of revelation starting to pass. Experts say the turmoil will be in the middle East. Yikes!

Hi sweet Carol! Aw...you consistently give and support me. You're always so giving and kind! Thank you so much! I'm awfully delighted you like it!

Hi Gary! I really like your comment alot! The last thing I ever want to be is a boring photographer! And it pleases me so that you are fond of it! Thank you!!

HI Connie! Heck...I'll take weird..sure, why not? That you say the image is beautiful ...yet seems weird, is a highly complimentary comment to me! How fortunate I am for the gift of your comment! #71860

Gerda Grice level-addict

This is really clever and well done, Dolores. I don't drive so this isn't a familiar sight for me, but I love the creativity of the treatment you've given to what could have been mundane. Hey, I wonder if the gas station owner is a photographer! RGB handles?!! #71862

Dolores Neilson level-addict

HI Gerda!! Thank you so very much! I appreciate that so very much! I KNOW the owner isn't a photographer for sure! This morning, after I finished gassing my vehicle, I pulled it over out of traffic's way and set up my tripod. Normally, I ask permission for every image I take. But this morning, I figured how would care about whether I photograph gas pumps?? I couldn't believe it when the owner came out, obviously annoyed and told me I had no right to photograph his private property!! I said, "They're gas pumps!". He said he did not want me taking any more pictures. I had taken 2 and this was one of them. why would anyone care if I photograph gas pumps?? As you can see there are no prices revealed or any other information linking the pumps to him or any gas company...there are a thousands pumps like this! Sometimes, it just goes beyond the ridiculous! Many thanks for your comment! I had to share my story when you said that perhaps the gas station owner was a photographer! #71867

Bernard B. Travers

He obviously thought you were one-a-them gas pump thieves who photograph their prey, only to return in the night to steal them. Besides, you'd probably get a kick out of telling everyone you have something no one else does - GAS. #71912

Bernard B. Travers

All kidding aside, dear heart - this is a really good piece. Stand commended. #71913

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-addict

There she goes again, back to the primary colors! Great shot..Most of us would be flat on our back from looking at the prices...We're about $1.45 here in Okieland. #71927

Judith G. Secco level-addict

I love the RGB against the stainless. You are a wonder. I just love to go into your gallery to see what you'll come up with next!
Judy #71936

Dolores Neilson level-addict

HI BT! Talk about paranoia! Good grief! It's funny...I actually thought about going inside to ask permission and thought, "Who's going to care?"

Thank you, BT...I appreciate your kind post as you know. Let's pray for a good day in Iraq.

Hello Carolyn!! $1.45?? Gee, I think I'll drive out of my way to OK to save myself the $.52/gal.! Hah! That would be bright! At least, Okie owners might not attack me and accuse me of working for Al Kaida! Thanks for taking a look and posting. I always love what you have to say.

Hi Judy! The RGB against the stainless is what attracted me too! Did you notice that there are two 87's? I thought it so peculiar that all other pumps had 93, 89 and 87 grade except this one. Appreciate your kind gesture, Judy! I am smiling! Have a good day! #71957

Sharon E. Lowe level-addict

Dolores - lovely shot; great eye; stupid gas station owner; $1.97, ouch but I've seen over $2.00 around here! (Boston burbs) - All those SUV owners are really complaining! Funny about the grades - wonder if the inspector has seen that.... #71977

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Good morning, Sharon!! Thank you! I was a little annoyed with the gas station owner but I'm over it. You mention the inspector...I wonder if that's what worried him?? Maybe you can't have two 87's?? Who knows! Many thanks for once again lifting my shot! Always appreciate the effort you make to give to me! Happy day! #71996

Shirley L. Carpenter

WOW!! It's ALL been said....So all I'll say is "Great Image"...Shirley #72062

Judy M. Sayers

See what happens when I get to your photo so late in the morning, it takes me the rest of the day to read all the comments. Actually I enjoyed it. I found it amazing to see gas handles this color. They're all gray or black aroung here that I've noticed, hmmm, I'll have to check on that for sure next time I fill up. Great eye to have captured it, and great photo too. Judy #72078

Damian P. Gadal

Only $1.97 - where does the line start?

Good eye Dolores!!! #72086

Kathleen Clemons

Love it, so glad you had your camera with you. As for the gas station owner, he should know better than to mess with women our age! LOL #72129

Gerda Grice level-addict

People do seem to be paranoic about picture takers these days. I was passing through a corridor of our local PUBLIC library, and I took a picture of some stained glass above me. A guard came over and said that was a no-no. The architect had said no pictures! However, I've taken loads of pictures of the outside of the library. I've read that, except in rare instances, it is perfectly legitimate to take pictures of private property--and use the pictures any way you want to--as long as you take them from outside the property lines, and don't violate the privacy of individuals. Anyway, you were well within your rights, AND you got a great picture! #72148

Dolores Neilson level-addict

HI Shirley! So nice of you to post a comment on this image! Most appreciated and cherished. Have a great day!

Greetings Judy! ACtually, I posted the image last evening...so I was fortunate that there are night owls out there checking out the entries!! I'm trying to recall the gas company that color codes the handles...it occurred to me later that I had seen colored handles before and it never dawned on me to try creating an image. I think these are from Mobil. Thank you so much~! I'm much more aware of color in my day to day life!

HI Damian....Never mind the $1.97!! I want to be an Okie from Muskogee! Thank you, Damian! Your consistent support is always appreciated!

Hello Maine-iac!! You know what I would love?? For you and I to shoot Acadia National Park together. It would be so fun! I forget exactly where on the shore you are located...but my Mom lives in Ellsworth and is 20 minutes away from the park. I don't know anyone else in Maine who is a photographer...much less an enthusiastic and wonderful photographer such as yourself. I'm planning a trip in Autumn..if you think that would interest you, it would be neat! Many thanks for your kindness! #72150

Kathleen Clemons

Ooooohhhhhhh! I would LOVE it!!!!! I am down the coast, near the Freeport/Brunswick area, which would make me around 2 1/2 hours away from Ellsworth I think. I haven't
been to Acadia since I was about 12- all I remember is Thunder Hole. LOL
Murry might be coming up in the fall too, wouldn't it be a hoot for us all to meet up!! #72153

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Thank you, Gerda! I'll need to read up on my rights..I really have no clue. I disdain intrusive, disrespecful and exploitative photographers who think nothing of how their images hurt people. There is a photographer who makes his money photographing AMish people..knowing full well their strong religious feelings about being photographed...he hides and snaps their picture while they are unaware and then capitalizes on it. That angers me to no end. I try so hard to be respectful everywhere I go..but to me, the gas pump owner was going beyond the ridiculous. Don't you just hate it when you're suspected of something ...but don't know what, just because you're sporting a camera? #72158

Stephanie Adams

$1.97???? My gosh, I need to come to your house! Gas for me yesterday was $2.19!! And I drive a Suburban, so we're talkn' $60 to fill my tank a week. Ouch! lol

But what a great shot. Love that you made the nozzles colorful, great job :O) You are always inspiring, Dolores!

Stephanie #73634

Dolores Neilson level-addict

HI Stephanie!! Thank you!! AND Yikes...$2.19!!

These ARE the natural colors of the handles. I never changed their color in PS...only adjusted the contrast, cloned out distractions and desaturated everything else to isolate the RBG colors. Drive around and pay close attention next time...you will spot stations with colored handles...I hadn't noticed them before either!

As alway, your kindness is so appreciated and valued! #73647

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-addict

Congrats, Dolores!! #81286

Gerda Grice level-addict

Many congratulations, Dolores, on having had this photo very deservedly selected as a finalist! #81636

Robert Pranagal level-addict

Hi Dolores,

Congrats on the finals! This image has caught my eye immediately.


Yesterday I paid PLN 3.40 per liter. Which makes $3.25 per gallon! Regular 95 unleaded.

And this is in Poland folks! Average monthly salary: around &520.00. My friend has recently found a job at a supermarket - after searching for months - monthly wages: $100.00 - YES, this is A HUNDRED BUCKS A MONTH!

So average Polish can buy 154 gallons of regular gasoline for his pay.

You live in a paradise and say OUCH?

Cheers folks!


Kathleen Clemons

Whooo Hooo for you!!!!!!! Congratulations my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! #81706

Sharon E. Lowe level-addict

Congrats and Good Luck Delores - such a great shot!! #81768

Duane Carter level-addict

Congratulations on your finalist, Dolores. It's good work. Duane C. #81853

Bernard B. Travers

$1.97 is good. Its $2.25 and up in California. This photo, however, is worth a lot more. Go on DN - do it. #81921

Damian P. Gadal

Congrats Delores! :-) #81924

Dolores Neilson level-addict

THank you, Carolyn!! I appreciate it!

Thank you so much Gerda!

Robert...I didn't realize the economy of Poland was in such a state. My goodness! How sad for the people of Poland! $1.97 (and alot more in some areas) here is alot for us, compared to what we used to pay. Geez...I couldn't begin to average monthly income here in USA. The income range is so broad here...from many on welfare to Greenwich, CT ...the richest community in the US. I'm probably erring but I'm guessing that incomes average 50/60K per year here. NO doubt we are a fortunate lot! Thank you for complimenting my image, Robert! I appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to comment! Thank you!!

Thank you so much, Kathleen! Congrats to you for your winners too!

Hi Sharon!! Thank you so much!! You're so sweet!


Dolores Neilson level-addict

THank you Duane, BT and Damian!! You are so kind to take time to comment with all the finalists here!! I appreciate you very much!! #81987

Diane A. Wilder

Great Job Dolores!!!!! #82032

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-addict

Congratulations! #82265

Judy M. Sayers

Congratulations Dolores!! I knew this'd be a winner. I was at a station yesterday I seldom go to and voila!! Dolores's pumps. I didn't take a picture though. Judy #82292

Dolores Neilson level-addict

HI Diane!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much, Mette!

Thanks for commenting again, Judy!! Wow...Thank you for your confidence in this shot! Hah...now I have you checking out the pumps!! Many thanks! #82465

Kathy L. Schneider

Congratulations Dolores! This is just such a great idea! It's hard to believe that I would get such pleasure out of looking at the gas pumps!! LOL!
At least the price is finally coming down...today it was 1.46!! Woohoo!

Bob D. Hall level-addict

Great photo, D!!!
Congrats and good luck! #82675

Cees F. De With

Congrats!!!! Greetzz, Cees #82757

Donna J. Eaton

Another big congrats for you Dolores! What a great shot! A big rasberry to the owner! ;-) #82814

Kathleen Clemons

Congratulations, Dolores, and I agree with Donna !!!! #82827

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Hello Kathy!! Thank you so much!! $1.46??? WOW!! I can't recall what I paid yesterday..but I do hope prices all over the world go down!! I appreciate your kindness! And congrats to you for your winners!

Thank you so much, Big Bob! Means lots!!

Thank you, Cees!! I'm lucky to receive your support!

Greetings, Donna! Thanks a million! Thanks for sticking your tongue out at him! I feel like doing that now myself!

HI Kathleen! Thanks so very much!! I'm in very good company with you ladies today!! #82902

Gerda Grice level-addict

Congratulations on your very well earned second place win with this splendid shot, Dolores! Great going! #83030

Ellen Peach

Congratulations on your 2nd place win, Dolores! #83035

June Marie Sobrito

Congratulations!!! Great job! #83069

Graham Theobald

congrats delores and what a great photo.i am in surrey in england and we don't pay $1.97.last look it was 3.60 per gallon,i don't know the maths but I think it's a lot more.. #83130

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Gerda...I loved sharing this image and complaining on your shoulder about the gas station owner! Hah! I kinda want to stick my tongue out at him now! Oh well, having a win out of it was worth it, I suppose! Thank you !!

HI Ellen! Thank you so much!! And congrats on your wins too, girlfriend!

Hey June Marie! Merci, merci!! I appreciate it lots!!

Thank you, Graham!! Yes, I believe you're paying higher than we are for gasoline..though I forget how to do the conversion. I've purchased all of Jamie Oliver's books and did quite a bit of conversion...wish I could remember!! I just love him!! You're very kind to pay me a visit to compliment my shot! Thank you so much! #83219

Gary H. Minish level-addict

No surprise here, Dolores! Congratulations! Maybe you should print this whole page of comments and take it down to the service station owner to show him the results of your minor imposition! Maybe he'll experience a change of attitude...you never know :-) #83269

Monika Sapek level-addict

Congratulations on your Second Place Win, Dolores!

Bernard B. Travers

This oughta PUMP you up. Great win DN. Truly good job. #83535

Dolores Neilson level-addict

Thank you for not being surprised, GAry! You're very kind. Good suggestion!! I don't think there's any winning with him from my experience the first time! Has me very cautious about what I photograph next time though! I felt really sad after that experience.

Thank you so much, Monika!! I appreciate that you've taken time to congratulate me...so nice!

Hey BT!! ACtually, yes! It does PUMP me up!! Not my head though..but in encouragement and confidence!! THANK YOU!! Always a pleasure, BT!! #83569

Guy D. Biechele level-addict

What a refreshing and inspiring shot, Dolores. In all the countless times I have stood in front of "Pump 3", I had never "seen" this shot. You really do have your eyes "open" and amaze us with your vision. Congratulations! (and thanks) +Guy #85328

Dolores Neilson level-addict

It is I who thank you, Guy. Your kindness and approval is gold to me. A heartfelt thank you for your complimentary post. You are a gracious commenter as well as an outstanding photographer!! #85377

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Took this while putting gas in my vehicle this morning... $1.97!! Ouch!

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