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I Have A Question

Judy A. Lawhon 5/25/2005 6:47:57 AM

Lori....great macro work...he is so handsome and what a great job capturing him!!! #253624

Shelly A. Van Camp 5/25/2005 6:49:11 AM

Great job, Lori! Shelly #1394633

Casey A. Hanson 5/25/2005 6:49:43 AM

Wonderful macro, Lori! :0) #1394634

Lori Ditlefsen 5/25/2005 7:05:21 AM

Thanks so much Judy, Shelly, and Casey! #1394730

Michelle Lea Guinn 5/25/2005 7:05:48 AM

wonderful photo and cute title!! It made me lol!!!! mlg #1394733

Lori Ditlefsen 5/25/2005 7:55:22 AM

Thanks Michelle! #1394934

Sandy Landon 5/25/2005 7:59:20 AM

Very nice macro. #1394946

Darren K. Fisher 5/25/2005 8:53:19 AM

LOL....Wonderful macro. The detail and colors are so very well captured. I like the title also. #1395158

Lori Ditlefsen 5/25/2005 9:10:25 AM

Thanks Sandy and Darren! Glad you like it! I had fun with narration! #1395273

Karen Engelbreth 5/25/2005 9:15:17 AM

LOL - wonderful macro and a great title, Lori! #1395305

Lori Ditlefsen 5/25/2005 9:24:09 AM

Thanks Karen! #1395336

Sara Jensen 5/25/2005 9:34:03 AM

ROTFL, that is great. I think the DOF was good, and the composition is great. I'd be nervous personally, taking pictures like that as I'm allergic to bees, but it is a great picture! #1395353

Lori Ditlefsen 5/25/2005 12:55:45 PM

Thanks, Sara! My little brother is highly allergice to bees too. If he gets stung he's off to the hospital. They are fatal for him. I don't worry about too much about critters. I love'm all! #1396057

Rob T. Henry 5/25/2005 8:02:52 PM

Wow!! What a great macro, Lori!! #1397425

Lori Ditlefsen 5/25/2005 9:05:16 PM

Thank you Rob! #1397495

Thy Bun 5/26/2005 6:38:02 AM

Wow! Lori. You did it. I love the colors and bumble bee. #1398450

Lori Ditlefsen 5/26/2005 6:41:35 AM

Well, thanks so much, Thy! Coming from you it means a lot! I just love your macro shots! #1398471

Marcie A. Fowler 5/26/2005 7:19:56 AM

And what was your reply to Mr. Bee?? Great detail in this image Lori. I wouldn't get that close to a bee!! #1398647

Lori Ditlefsen 5/26/2005 8:52:34 AM

I told him I was going to make him famous! hehe Thanks Marcie! #1398986

Cathy Barrows 5/26/2005 12:38:10 PM

great closeup...love the colors #1399532

Lori Ditlefsen 5/26/2005 12:51:29 PM

Thank you Cathy! #1399580

Kerby Pfrangle 5/27/2005 8:16:46 AM


I like Mr. BEE he looking directly at me.

Very nice detail and color.

Kerby #1402360

Lori Ditlefsen 5/27/2005 9:31:04 AM

Thank you Kerby! #1402529

Melissa L. Zavadil 5/27/2005 3:12:52 PM

This is such a great shot! But I might even like your POEM better!!!! Too cute! Great job on both!!! #1403396

Lori Ditlefsen 5/27/2005 4:54:23 PM

Thank you so much Melissa! #1403690

Claudia Kuhn 5/29/2005 5:19:48 PM

Great macro Lori, he's sooo fuzzy! #1409157

Lori Ditlefsen 5/29/2005 7:47:32 PM

Thanks Claudia! #1409563

Jennifer L. Wright 5/30/2005 10:21:14 AM

Ha, this is so funny! It would have been a great photo otherwise, but your title makes it hilarious:o) Now every time I see a bee, I will think of this and laugh. #1411700

Lori Ditlefsen 5/30/2005 10:35:18 AM

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks Jennifer! #1411749

Roxanne M. Bubar 5/30/2005 11:05:55 AM

WOW Great capture. Brillant colors. Wonderful job love the title. #1411847

Tammy Scott 5/30/2005 11:42:31 AM

OMGosh what a fantastic macro, Lori! Awesome clarity! #1411936

Lori Ditlefsen 5/30/2005 11:54:03 AM

Thanks so much Roxanne and Tammy! #1411964

Karen Engelbreth 5/30/2005 11:59:42 AM

LOL - just fantastic, Lori! #1411986

Lori Ditlefsen 5/30/2005 12:47:28 PM

Thanks Karen! #1412130

Debbie Hartley 5/30/2005 11:20:10 PM

I love your bee Lori!! I've never seen one so fluffy!!! #1413261

Lori Ditlefsen 5/31/2005 5:53:28 AM

Thank you Debbie! #1414025

Alisha L. Ekstrom 6/3/2005 9:14:15 AM

WOW Lori...Great macro use!! Love the details of this image....Nicely captured!!:) #1426660

Lori Ditlefsen 6/3/2005 12:21:57 PM

Thanks Alisha! #1427258

Jim Kinnunen 6/3/2005 8:21:13 PM

Fantastic macro, Lori!!! #1428598

Lori Ditlefsen 6/3/2005 10:02:34 PM

Thank you Jim! #1428739

Laurence Saliba 6/8/2005 7:20:58 AM

Lori these macros are perfect!!!!!!! #1445311

Lori Ditlefsen 6/8/2005 7:45:22 AM

THanks so much, Laurence! #1445456

Sandra Wehrman 6/9/2005 9:12:09 AM

awesome macro! great capture, details and color - #1450143

Lori Ditlefsen 6/9/2005 12:33:12 PM

Thank you so much, Sandra! #1450891

Kathleen F. Greer 6/9/2005 1:42:57 PM

This is awesome and very cute Lori!! He looks friendly enough!! #1451081

Lori Ditlefsen 6/9/2005 2:12:39 PM

Thanks Kath, but remember, looks can be deceiving! I try not to trust anything with a stinger! hehe #1451206

Stephen Zacker 6/9/2005 3:41:00 PM

Fantastic detail and lighting #1451443

Lori Ditlefsen 6/9/2005 4:32:30 PM

Thanks so much Stephen! #1451586

Cindy Paquette 6/9/2005 5:30:58 PM

Yike...he's soooo close! I love all his fur...this is just awesome Lori! Wow! :-) #1451767

Lori Ditlefsen 6/9/2005 8:03:20 PM

Thanks so much Cindy! #1452188

Jenny Bosmans 6/11/2005 8:52:34 AM

Hello, hello, hello...this is CLOSE!!
Awesome picture, Lori!! I simply love it!!! #1458217

Lori Ditlefsen 6/11/2005 9:32:17 AM

Thank you very much Jenny! #1458327

Heather Harpel 6/11/2005 6:56:15 PM

Oh, wow, wow, wow! I would be so nervous to try this! I am so scared of bees, wasps, I don't get near anything that can sting. I love this photo, though, because I think bees are cute, in a photo at least! You did a spectacular job, it's a really great photo! #1459528

Terry L. Ellis 6/11/2005 6:57:45 PM

This is a fantastic macro, Jenny! Love the colors and detail...excellent! #1459532

Lori Ditlefsen 6/11/2005 9:09:54 PM

Thanks so much Heather and Terry. I'm just glad it was so darn patient while I took time to get set up and while I took many shots! :) #1459774

Lisa Deaton 6/14/2005 6:46:46 PM

What a fantastic Macro!!!! Excellent job!! :) #1470977

Laura E. OConnor 6/14/2005 6:50:38 PM

Great image, fantastic macro and hilarious caption! #1470989

Lori Ditlefsen 6/14/2005 8:15:01 PM

Thanks so much Lisa and Laura! #1471174

The Judges at BetterPhoto.com 6/20/2005 3:56:39 PM

Good close-up shot. I like the humor with the title - we look at so many images each month, an interesting or fun title can really add a lot. #1494300

Lori Ditlefsen 6/20/2005 6:43:26 PM

I'm so glad you like my bee shots. This bee was so very cooperative that I had to seize the moment. This one reminded me of a child raising it's hand in class! hehe #1494828

Sandy Landon 6/21/2005 4:47:37 PM

Congratulations. Well deserved. #1499353

Michelle Lea Guinn 6/21/2005 4:51:34 PM

Congratulations Lori!!! mlg #1499405

Tammy Scott 6/21/2005 5:12:54 PM

Congratulations again, Lori! #1499691

KHAWLA Haddad 6/21/2005 5:58:52 PM

Congratulations on your finalists Lori wow wonderful macro love it well don !!! #1500219

Terry L. Ellis 6/21/2005 7:42:11 PM

Congratulations, Lori!! #1501192

Jenny Bosmans 6/21/2005 11:25:10 PM

Congratulations again, Lori!! #1502361

Walter Graziano 6/22/2005 12:01:57 AM

Congratulations Lori! Great Shot! Good Luck in the contest! #1502435

Heather Harpel 6/22/2005 5:02:47 AM

Congratulations Lori! #1503511

Lori Ditlefsen 6/22/2005 6:01:56 AM

Thank you so very much Sandy, Michelle, Tammy, Khawla, Terry, Jenny, Wally and Heather! I'm always surprised and flattered when I make finals with so many wonderful shots amoung us! #1503893

Noel Baebler 6/22/2005 6:37:19 AM

Congratulations! Fantastic macro, Lori! And I LOVE talking bees! #1504260

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 6/22/2005 8:49:02 AM

Congrats Lori, on this excellent finalist! #1505089

Laurence Saliba 6/22/2005 9:01:58 AM

Congratulations Lori!!!!!!!!! #1505182

Lori Ditlefsen 6/22/2005 9:12:36 PM

Thank you bunches Laurence, Deb and Noel! #1508420

Jim Kinnunen 6/23/2005 12:54:31 AM

Great win, Lori...Congratulations!!!!:) #1508746

Tammy Scott 6/23/2005 3:52:40 AM

Congratulations on this FANTASTIC win, Lori! #1509270

Heather Harpel 6/23/2005 4:12:41 AM

Congratulations on your win, Lori! #1509390

KHAWLA Haddad 6/23/2005 4:21:38 AM

Congratulation on this wonderful winner!!! #1509450

Laura Clay-Ballard 6/23/2005 5:10:34 AM

congrats on this awesome WINNING image! #1509681

Darla Cobus 6/23/2005 5:51:06 AM

CONGRATS! #1509818

Rob T. Henry 6/23/2005 6:39:04 AM

Congratulations, Lori on this well deserved win!! #1510110

Noel Baebler 6/23/2005 7:07:19 AM

Congratulations, Lori! #1510196

Olivia Navarro 6/23/2005 7:18:35 AM

Congrats Lori!!! What a fantastic macro! #1510246

Laurence Saliba 6/23/2005 7:40:24 AM

A BIG CONGRATS Lori!!!!!!!! Well deserved win. #1510340

Jill Flynn 6/23/2005 7:50:55 AM


Patricia A. Kuniega 6/23/2005 8:31:07 AM

Now he's got the answer! To win the contest, of course! : ) Big congrats, Lori! #1510573

Robert Mann 6/23/2005 10:10:35 AM

Great detail on this bee, Lori! Big congrats on your win! #1511047

Deborah Sandidge 6/23/2005 10:33:59 AM

Congrats on your bee-utiful win, Lori!! #1511125

Lori Ditlefsen 6/23/2005 10:48:02 AM

What a big surprise! Thank you so very much, Jim, Tammy, Heather, Kelly, Laura, Darla, Rob, Noel, Olivia, Laurence, Jill, Patricia, Rob, and Deborah and the judges at BP! :) #1511174

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 6/23/2005 12:07:44 PM

Congrats to you Lori, on this amazing and awesome winner, Bravo! #1511565

Marsha S. Smith 6/23/2005 1:22:34 PM


Debra Booth 6/23/2005 2:55:19 PM

Awesome macro, Lori! Congratulations!! #1512206

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 6/23/2005 5:01:01 PM

Congratulations on your win Lori!!! #1512698

Carol Brill 6/23/2005 9:02:56 PM

Lori, congratulations on your win with this terrific close-up shot! #1513230

Lori Ditlefsen 6/23/2005 10:04:52 PM

Thank you very much Deb, Marsha, Debra, Adilson and Carol! #1513348

Souha Dooly 6/23/2005 10:48:58 PM

Congratulations on your win,Lori!!Great shot!! #1513448

Allan L. Whitehead 6/24/2005 3:48:26 AM

Lori, congratulations on your win in last month's contest in the 'Details and Macro' category. I'm sorry that I missed this the first time around. It is very richly deserved, my dear friend - your friend, Allan #1513990

Claudia Kuhn 6/24/2005 3:41:36 PM

Congrats Lori, love the pose of this little guy! #1516932

Kathleen F. Greer 6/24/2005 3:55:38 PM

Big Congrats Lori!! #1516956

Lori Ditlefsen 6/24/2005 5:46:03 PM

Thank you Souha, Allan, Claudia and Kath! :) #1517114

Wally Orlowsky 6/25/2005 3:28:49 AM

Congratulations on this fantastic winner, Lori! #1517919

Lori Ditlefsen 6/25/2005 7:30:03 AM

Thank you Wally! #1518818

Susana Ms Heide 6/25/2005 10:54:35 PM

Not surprised at all to see this "bring home the gold!!!" MANY CONGRATS, Lori!!! #1520613

Colette M. Metcalf 6/26/2005 3:10:02 AM

Congratulations to you Lori!!! #1520778

Terry R. Hatfield 6/26/2005 6:02:03 AM

Congratulations On This Excellent Macro And Your Win Lori!! #1521233

Lori Ditlefsen 6/26/2005 9:05:41 PM

Thank you Susana, Colette, and Terry! #1523745

Joy Rector 6/28/2005 10:04:16 AM

Congrats on your win. #1531277

Lori Ditlefsen 6/29/2005 6:59:11 AM

Thank you Joy! :) #1534996

Timothy L. Leggett 7/8/2005 10:53:56 AM

Congrats Lori, great shot.
Tim #1570476

Lori Ditlefsen 7/8/2005 2:24:10 PM

Well, thank you Tim! Long time no hear from! Hope things are going well for you! #1571138

Kay E. Mahoney 7/15/2005 4:05:15 PM

WOW!!!!! This is a fantastic shot. Congratulations on your win. #1597802

Lori Ditlefsen 7/16/2005 11:24:48 AM

Thank you so much, Kay! #1600596

Jennifer L. Skrutsky 7/22/2005 6:04:58 PM

wow- great shot.u cant even tell it was taken by a digital camera. #1622393

Lori Ditlefsen 7/22/2005 8:07:22 PM

Thank you so much Jennifer! My camera is a 5.1 mp and I was only about a half inch from the bee so I could size it down and still have a nice clear image! #1622942

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A Puyallup Fair National Photography Contest Finalist in 2007. "Yes Mr. Bee!"
"Why do you keep putting that thing in my face?" hehe

Same bee as yesterday. Camera on auto macro mode.

Uploaded on 5/25/2005 6:31:45 AM

BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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