I'm a Big Kid Now :-)

© Dolores Neilson

I'm a Big Kid Now :-)

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe 3/14/2003 5:39:40 AM

Cute idea!! Love the little toes!! #26326

Murry Grigsby

Come on can't a kid get a little privacy around here :0) Nice shot, Dolores. Just enough to tell the story. But you now what they say, "The jobs not done until the paper work is done". #67422

Ellen Peach

Absolutely wonderful, Dolores....another winner! #67433

Carol Sherman

Chorkle-chorkle...way toooo cute Dolores!!!
I ABSOLUTely LOVE it...how perfectly taken, you never cease to amaze me. #67489

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

It thrills me to see your support on this image! Thank you so much!! Figured that since he is going through a transitional stage in his life, I would also make it MY photo opportunity!!

Thanks Carolyn! I love his little toes too!

Hi Murry!! Thanks so much! Yep..paper work still being done by adults right now! But hey! My grandson's shit don't stink! (sorry everyone..I couldn't resist)

Thank you so much, Ellen! I hope so! I will show my grandson this shot when he's older!

Hi Carol! A heartfelt thanks to you!! I appreciate your enthusiasm so much! He was so cute! Here I was taking pictures of his feet...and he was saying "Cheese"! LOLLLLLL! #67538

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-deluxe

Great idea, very well executed. I like that soft look and the angle you've taken it from. Great title too! #67561

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Greetings Mette! Thank you!! I appreciate all you've "said" on this shot! You're so kind! #67621

Christian Morales

Another fantastic shot! I agree with Mette, the softness of the image brings out the sincerity and shyness of the moment. Another great image from a great photographer!

Cheers #67625

Peggy Wolff

LOVE THIS!! Much better then the photo I took of my daughter when she was potty training...I had to add a sticker of underpants on her privates for her memory book. LOL Great prospective! Super cute! #67629

Kathleen Clemons

Too cute, Dolores. I can just see this in a parenting magazine article about the perils of toilet training. :) #67641

Peggy Wolff

Wow Dolores, I just looked at your gallery and I am SOOO impressed! You have so many really exquiste photos! One question...what is a polorizer? Do you love your cannon? I am still on 35mm and I keep looking at the digital cannon because I can still use all my lenses with it. #67655

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Hi Christian!! How nice of you to comment on this shot! Knowing your days are busy with school..and work...I appreciate that you took the time! I appreciate your efforts immensely! Thank you so much!

Greetings Margaret! Yep...a very important stage that should be chronicled! Thank you so much ...I am delighted you like it! And a big hug to you for taking the time to check out my gallery. How complimentary! A polarizer is basically a pair of sunglasses for your camera! A lens reacts very much the way your eye does when there's glare... when you wear a pair of sunglasses, it shields strong UV rays and cuts down on glare. Polarizers deepen color too...a sky will be a deeper blue with one. But don't use for snow scenes...it leaves a bluish gray cast. I use a circular polarizer...try to get a MULTI coated one..they're superior. Try this address: www.2filter.com. I love my Canon but I am SO LIMITED with a 3X proprietary zoom and 3 megapixels. Since you have an SLR...you will want a Canon DIGITAL SLR to use your lenses...like the Canon EOS D60 or EOS 10D (or the $7000 1Ds!). Check here: www.dpreview.com. Sweep your mouse over "cameras" on the left, then click on 2nd link down to access the Canon page...and check the the difference between the Powershot G2 and 3 and the D60 and 10D. Two very different cameras.
Thanks very much for your complimentary post. I appreciate it alot! #67694

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

HI Kathleen!! Many thanks to you also! I like your mind...it's always thinking like a professional photographer's! Like how an image could be used commercially. Good business sense! #67695

Kathleen Clemons

Why, thank you, my deah. :) Hopefully it will come in handy when I start Bryan's marketing class in April. :) #67705

Peggy Wolff

Oh I get it, a polorizing LENS! LOL I was thinking you meant some kind of special bare bulb flash of some sort. Yes, I'm slow, but I eventually get it. LOL #67710

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Margaret...I don't think you're slow at all...if you're new to photography, there are a few terms and accessories to learn about... and you naturally wouldn't know if you've never come across them before! #67737

Peggy Wolff

Oh but I'm not new to photography....now do you think I'm slow? LOL I do have polorize lenses that stay on both of my main camera's all of the time. I just thought you were talking about something else. Great tip on not using that lense for the snow though! I normally just hybernate for the winter, but if I ever come out and take some pictures that is a great tip. :o) #67837

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Nope...still don't think you're slow! Maybe a touch of cabin fever though! Now that I'm aware you're not new to photography..I hope my info on polarizers didn't insult your intelligence!! Thank you again for being so sweet! #67845

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe

Excellent photo, Dolores! What a tasteful way to portray that most important stage of learning and independence ;-) #68120

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Well, I'm really starting to feel guilty now!! Goodness....another post! How generous of your time...and what a gift! Thank you!! #68144

Judith G. Secco level-deluxe

I just love your imagination Dolores. this is really great.
Judy #68570

Judith G. Secco level-deluxe

I just love your imagination Dolores. this is really great.
Judy #68571

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

HI sweet Judy!! Thank you!! What a treat to hear from you and read your complimentary post! Happy day! #68595

Stephanie Adams

Adorable!! I was thinking of a way to do this with my son who is...*hope, hope*, going to be potty trained soon :O) Great shot and so cute! #73636

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Greetings Again, Stephanie! Ah..potty training time at your house! I remember the days! Dr. Phil has a really neat method you might want to try to help your son understand what he is supposed to do.Try to find it www.drphil.com I don't know if you need a SPECIAL doll but he guarantees training in one day! Good luck AND THANK YOU! #73650

Stephanie Adams

Awsome, Dolores. Thank you!

I hadn't been to your gallery in a while, which is why there are so many responses from me :O) Hope I was't annoying you lol #73656

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

You're so sweet!! Annoying me?? YOu give me these unselfish gifts...and you're annoying me? Don't be silly!! THANK YOU! #73675

Peggy Wolff

Yeah Dolores!!! I'm so proud of you! I was really hopeing that this would be one of the winners...your on your way! Congratulations! #81174

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

OMGosh...I didn't realize this made finalist!! THank you, Margaret!! I rec'd some finalist emails from BEtterphoto just now...and was responding to my emails working down the list...this notification came in first. I better go check those emails!! thank you, thank you!! #81191

Joy Brown

Congratulations, Dolores, on this awesome image making the finals - great job! #81302

Stephanie Adams

Congrats,Dolores!! This one is so great :O) #81327

Gunther Allen level-deluxe

Dolores- Another winner. You must do a show soon with all your winner! Best of luck- G #81517

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-deluxe

Congratulations and best of luck with this one... not that you will need it! #81681

Kathleen Clemons

Congratulations on this cute one, Dolores! #81727

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Joy, Stephanie, Gunther, Mette and Kathleen!! You are so kind to take this time to give to me! Thank you for be so generous and thoughtful! Means lots! #82047

Penny Duncan

Another great idea! I did a very similar shot of my daughter, just the cute little feet crossed in front of the potty. Mine isn't near as wonderful as yours. You could seriously sell this one. Congrats on being a finalist! #82075

Debbie S.

Congratulations Dolores! I LOVE the softness of this image! It's so dream-like...what a contradiction! Potty training is anything but dream-like!! :) #82099

Peggy Wolff

Debbie, my first experience with potty training was very dream like. I sent her to Nana's for the weekend and she came back 100% trained. LOL #82116

Ellen Peach

This gets my vote for grand prize winner....you are an amazing photographer, Dolores, congratulations on this and all your finalists! #82243

Judy M. Sayers

Congratulations Dolores!! This is a great one. Judy #82400

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Your comments are very kind, Penny!! I bet yours is just as wonderful...seems we criticize our own work more harshly than we criticize others. BTW...congrats on your 3rd place at Fotoshownet! Thank you!

Greetings, Debbie! I'm so delighted you like the softness. And yes, potty training is a challenge for sure! Have done it 4 times!! Thanks so much!!

HI Margaret! You're too funny!! Nana is definitely a good potty trainer!! You're very lucky!!

Hi Ellen!.. I feel so honored that you deem this image so highly! Thank you! You made my day!! You are an amazing photographer also, Ellen. Thank you!!

Greetings, Judy!! Aw...you're so sweet! Thank you so much!! #82444

Barbara K. Breitsameter

Truly wonderful! This is priceless Dolores. #82563

Bob D. Hall level-deluxe

Another one! Love this, D! #82681

Jean-Francois Schmutz

A wonderful Fist Place Win, for a beautiful picture, made by a talented and so kind person !

I'm so happy for you, Dolores !

Toutes mes félicitations

The Dolores's Swiss Fan Club :)

JF #82726

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-deluxe

This photo had WINNER written all over it!!

Congrats on your first place. I agree with Jean-Francois that you are a very kind and talented person and with Bernard's comment about you becoming a photography teacher. I'm a teacher myself, and you seem to have the qualities needed for that occupation. #82740

Cees F. De With

Congrats!!!! Greetzz, Cees #82755

Joy Brown

Congratulations, Dolores, on a well deserved first place win!!! #82778

Robert Pranagal

Congratulations Dolores!
Great image. #82792

Sharon E. Lowe level-deluxe

Congrats Delores - missed this one earlier but definitely a wonderful image!!! Well-deserved first place win!! #82799

Darren K. Fisher level-deluxe

I love this!!! Very well deserved first place congratulations!!! #82809

Donna J. Eaton

Congratulations Dolores! A well deserved win! #82811

Connie L. Carpenter

Wonderful, Delores... what a great image. #82821

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Thank you, Barbara! I appreciate the comment immensely! Happy shooting!

Thank you so much, Big Bob!! Always a pleasure!!

Bonjour, Jean-François!! MERCI!! J'apprécie vos compliments beaucoup!!Je suis heureux pour vous aussi!

I am a fan of YOUR work, JF!! Your comments always lift my spirits! Thank you!!

Greetings Mette! I am humbled by your comment...and speechless. What a special person you are! I really think I have major areas that need honing (technical side for one) and improving. I haven't learned to skillfully wield an SLR yet so that's where I am going next. Your comment had me teary eyed...thank you! God bless you for being a teacher!

Thank you so much, Cees!! You're very kind!

Thank you so much, Joy!! And congrats to you for your awesome lily win!! Delighted to be sharing the winning page with you!

Robert...AGain, always a gift when you take time out of your busy day to give to me! Thank you again!!

Sharon...So appreciate the kind gesture and effort! Many thanks!! Happy shooting!


Kathleen Clemons

Whooo Hooooo to you!!!! Congrats on this big win!! You really should submit it to those parenting magazines!!!!!! :) #82826

Jill Battaglia

So adorable....how'd I miss this one? Congrats, Dolores!! Excellent! :-) #82860

Debbie S.

CONGRATS DOLORES!!!!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOOO deserving! It's simply georgous! #82888

June Marie Sobrito

Congratulations! This is priceless! #82922

Ellen Peach

I absolutely love this shot....congrats on 1st place, Dolores! #82926

Damian P. Gadal

Congrats on this wonderful image Delores! #82927

Peggy Wolff

Congratulations on your first place!!! It was my first pick as well! #82935

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Thank you, Kathleen! For the compliment and deeming it worthy of publishing in a magazine! In fact, I will do as you suggest...if I can only figure out how!

You're so kind, Jill! I am honored to be receiving your kindness. Thank you!!

Thank you for commenting again, Debbie! You are most generous and thoughtful!! My heartfelt thanks to you! And yes, potty training not dreamlike! Hah!

Thank you, thank you, June Marie! Much appreciate your kindness!

It's so nice of you to compliment this image...I am delighted you like it! Thanks so much!!

Thank you, Damian! I am so pleasantly surprised this morning! Makes my day!! My daughter will be happy to see her son's feet on the winning page! #82937

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Hi again, Margaret!! You are most kind to have had confidence in this image...and to compliment my work! Thank you for your support and kindness! Happy shooting! #82971

Kerry Drager level-deluxe

Hi Dolores: A terrific photo ... congrats on your win! Kerry #82992

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Hi Darren!! Your words are like gold! Thank you for thoughtfully posting on my photo!! You've been so good at supporting many of us here at BP!! Many heartfelt thanks!

Donna....Many thanks for the kindness of your post also!! Nothing thrills me more than hearing from the talented fellow photographers!! Thanks so much!

Many thanks to you also, Connie!! VEry much appreciated!!

Hi Kerry!! A heartfelt thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness! I am truly honored to be the recipient of your positive comments!! Happy day!! #83072

Kathy L. Schneider

LOL!! Grandmas sure take liberties!! Is this the same little one you caught conducting? This is really well done Dolores! beautiful high key, smooth image! You nailed it girl! Congrats on your big 1st place win, enjoy! #83082

Oksana Pashko

Big congrats, Dolores!!!!!!!!! #83119

Barbara K. Breitsameter

WTG Dolores! So happy for you with this well deserved first place. Bravo, bravo! Take a bow Dolores! :) #83142

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

HI Kathy!! You are very observant, girlfriend!! Yep..he's the little man..the little light of my life...my little Maestro!! From fine music to toilet training...he does it all well! You would have laughed! I was taking pictures of his feet...and he'd say, "cheeeeeese"! He had me cracking up! THanks so much for your sweet congrats!! And congrats to you for all your awesome wins!

Greetings Oksana!! Big thanks!! You're are so kind! Much obliged, Missy!

Aw Barbara..your comments just melt my heart. Thank you ! I still think your puppies/wagon was superior to my shot! OK, but take a bow with me, ok?? #83218

Gary H. Minish level-deluxe

Dolores, your photos are always unique, creative, refreshing and technically excellent! It's certainly no wonder that they win contests! This one is yet another perfect example of it :-) #83271

Monika Sapek level-deluxe

Excellent idea and fantastic execution; the title is great too! I love the softness here. Many congratulations on your wonderful win, Dolores!

Mike Hollman

Hi Dolores. Congrats on a fantastic image. Keep up the great work, Mike. #83363

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Thank you very much, Gary!! Your compliment is one of the nicest I've ever rec'd! Originality is a difficult thing to achieve in the field of photography...there are so many creative and talented artists. It thrills me you think my work is unique! Thank you!!

Greetings Monika!! Thank you, dahling!!I couldn't believe the BP announcement this had made 1st place...I'm still pinching myself!

Thank you so much, Mike! Nice sharing the winning page with you!! woo hoo! #83403

Donna R. Moratelli

Congratulations Delores on this first place win! YOu must be thrilled to do it again! Excellent image! #83428

Bernard B. Travers

Outstanding. Congrats DN. You deserve it. #83525

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Hi Donna!! I'm not sure if I felt thrilled or not...but I know I feel deeply honored. That is the best way I can describe my feelings. The fact that one of my images was deemed worthy of this honor is humbling and touching. I am so appreciative and feel very privileged that my work is receiving this recognition. THanks to BP for their time and expertise!!

Hi BT!! I don't know if I deserve it or not...but the judges deem this image worthy and it means so very much to me!! Thank you again for your consistent support...I'd miss you immensely if you ever left BP!! #83576

Shelley Sanders

Way to go! My sister did one of these, but in color and not just the feet. Of course, the stock person in me loves the anonymity of yours and also I love the b&w! Congrats!!!!!! You should check hers out, I think it's still there, she did it a couple of months back, should be at DPN. It's a hoot! We parents can relate so well to this. I guess you are going through this with the next generation, huh? Boys or girls easier? #83829

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

HI Shelley! THank you!! I"ve never seen any other potty training shots so I'm anxious to check hers out!! I've seen her essays (wonderful essay on zoos!) but didn't notice she had a gallery. I'll try to look today!! #83909

Murry Grigsby

Dolores, forgot to tell you congrats on your big win. My favorite of yours this month was "Schools Out" but this one is one all parents can relate to so it probably has wider appeal. Your photos are always very creative and well done so I'm sure you'll spend a lot of time in the winners circle. #83969

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Thank you for your thoughtful congrats, sweet Murry! I'm honored that "School's Out" is your favorite of mine!! Thank you so much!! I don't know if I'll spend time in the winner's circle again...but I hope to. I ask God to guide me artistically so I really have no clue where I'm going next. I appreciate your kindness..please stay in touch! I predict your umbrella shot (woman at the falls) will be a winner next month~!! #84087

Judith G. Secco

Congratulations Dolores! I've been out of touch for the last week and am just checking in now. This is so great!
Judy #84807

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Hi Judy! Welcome back! THank you so much!! I appreciate your comment! #84825

Guy D. Biechele level-deluxe

A delightful idea, masterfully executed. Big congrats, Dolores! +Guy #85299

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Hi Guy!! Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to congratulate me! How nice!! Have a great week! Appreciate your kindness immensely! #85301

Sobia Chishti

After so much has been written to appreciate your wonderful image Dolores, that there is little left for me, even though I want to say alot. You are a great photographer and have produced another memorable shot. Let me say that you are so much generous that you take time to respond so warmly to everyone by name. The reason I am late to congratulate you is that i've my son in potty training age and I got time to visit the site almost after a month. Hope to upload any image soon. #88291

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe

Sobia...I am deeply honored to have your warm compliment. Thank you for acknowledging this recognition of my work and for taking this time out of your family time to comment on my image. I appreciate it immensely! Good luck with your toddler son!! Looking forward to your work! #88371

Kelly L. Byrne

hi dolores - wonderful! I love the look and feel and best of all the sentiment. fantastic.

what film do you use? how do you achieve this soft, light look? i'm a baby photographer so any advice would be welcomed! I went to your gallery and you are FANTASTIC! i'm so impressed. #88926

Lori S. Aschbrenner 6/12/2005 4:07:48 AM

I don't think that I can say anything that hasn't already been said on this fabulous photo! I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your images! I've been to your gallery several times but always seem to have a baby in hand to prevent me from commenting. Your picture, "effervesence" over on DPC is one that really got me motivated about photography last year. Thank you for your constant inspiration! #1460147

Shelly A. Van Camp level-deluxe 2/1/2006 5:58:42 AM

This is lovely....I love B&W! Could you write and give me some tips? I have a new camera..a NikonD70. How do you soften a picture? Thanks, I love your gallery. I am glad I found it...maybe check mine and see what you think. :) #2363866

Janessa L. Taber-Webb 8/4/2006 11:46:37 PM

HAHA!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Great capture~
Congrats on the win! #3126379

JO ANN CLEVELAND 11/16/2007 4:52:43 PM

Absolutely precious! Great presentation

jo ann c. #5084255

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