Crouching Koko, Hidden Tiger.

© Danilo Piccioni

Crouching Koko, Hidden Tiger.

S J 5/9/2005 12:39:55 AM

OMG!!! This is really splendid, Dado!! I really have no more words to say except I LOVE IT!!!!! #246597

Dan Holm 5/9/2005 12:46:30 AM

Wow!! So very different and SO beautifully done, Danilo!!! Another EXCELLENT image! #1332209

Jordi Delgado 5/9/2005 12:47:49 AM

You left me speechless, Dado!!! This is SO great!!!

:-)) #1332212

Paul E. Earl 5/9/2005 12:50:57 AM

Love it!!!! #1332216

Mata Patan 5/9/2005 2:00:02 AM

You've found a very important main interpreter!! Fantastic! #1332259

Paul Michko 5/9/2005 2:17:49 AM

Cool still life, Dado. #1332271

Donald K. Cherry 5/9/2005 2:49:03 AM

Cute image and title, Dado! #1332306

Carla Metzler 5/9/2005 2:57:45 AM

Love it, Dado! #1332334

Marsha S. Smith 5/9/2005 2:59:18 AM

You and Koko....what a team! Love the title, Dado. #1332340

Danilo Piccioni 5/9/2005 3:19:18 AM

Thanks everyone, I just wanted to add that this is not a photoshop montage...he is so slim, he can get everywhere he wants! lol #1332429

Tammy Scott 5/9/2005 3:20:55 AM

What a very cute shot and dedication, Dado! Looks like he is a lot of fun! #1332438

Stephanie Lyons 5/9/2005 4:10:43 AM

This is so cool Dado! Guess Koko wants to assist you in the winners category next month! #1332650

Cathy Gregor 5/9/2005 4:34:52 AM

Wonderful catch, Dado!! Koko is such a cutie! #1332767

Linda D. Lester 5/9/2005 5:22:48 AM

I love your kitty shots....Great shot, Danilo! #1332913

Steve Mescha 5/9/2005 6:52:56 AM

Can't help but love this, Dado! #1333258

Jessica McCollam 5/9/2005 7:32:50 AM

How funny! Great capture, Danilo! Love the title too!:) #1333388

Joy Rector 5/9/2005 7:41:33 AM

Purfect! Wonderful catch! #1333441

Cathy Stancil 5/9/2005 8:19:42 AM

WOW ! Excellent Dado !! Definitely a Winner !! Perfect, perfect, perfecto !! ;o) #1333582

Kerby Pfrangle 5/9/2005 9:25:42 AM

Danilo CUTE BIG TIME. Love the way the kitty playing hide and seek. Nice touch with the camera in the image.

LOVE THIS. Kerby #1333749

Gaurav Mehra 5/9/2005 10:10:57 AM

Excellent perspective here, Dado!!! Love the color tone & the paper wrapped cute lil cat. #1333846

Laura Clay-Ballard 5/9/2005 11:19:12 AM

I am loving everything about this. What a cat. #1334126

Laurence Saliba 5/9/2005 11:37:21 AM

This is so COOL Danilo!!!! #1334192

Ermanno Radice 5/9/2005 11:48:25 AM

Splendida composizione, grande immagine, Danilo! #1334218

Judy S. Fung 5/9/2005 11:55:13 AM

Wonderful image, Danilo! #1334235

Jill Flynn 5/9/2005 1:33:29 PM

Dado, you never cease to amaze me. OUTSTANDING work, OUTSTANDING subject, OUTSTANDING creativity!!! And that title is the best! #1334486

Kate Jackson 5/9/2005 3:57:33 PM

Amazing cat! Amazing image! Splendida immagine Danilo! #1334807

Goshka G. 5/9/2005 5:04:52 PM

Just terrific Danilo, and a very cool title too!! Your kitty's incredibly cute!! #1335039

Kara L. Hendricks 5/9/2005 9:01:06 PM

What a fantastic cat shot Dado!! I love it!! I bet this one is a winner!! #1335504

Kate Jackson 5/10/2005 2:03:44 AM

Oh WOW thank you so much for this splendido dedicado Dado. Now I am going to be famous when this Crouching Koko gets the first place winner! I think my eyes were so drawn up to Koko I could not focus on the words! #1335795

Karen E. Michaels 5/10/2005 2:17:21 AM

Fabulous imagination for this photograph. a winner in my book. Peace, karen #1335799

Amanda Price 5/10/2005 6:02:20 AM

lol! Fantastic! #1336462

Candice C. Calhoun 5/11/2005 2:44:07 PM

...and how lucky are you that he is!!! I simply love this, as well as your entire gallery. You have excellent eye for the image and wonderful artistic vision. Bravo!!!

ccc #1341077

Melissa L. Zavadil 5/11/2005 4:12:55 PM

What a wonderful shot! I love the crop! Perfect placement of the cat! #1341308

Danilo Piccioni 5/11/2005 11:30:27 PM

Thank you all so much!!!! #1342045

Terry L. Ellis 5/14/2005 12:38:37 PM

This is amazing, Danilo!!!! What a wonderful pair you and Koko are. Incredible composition, lighting and all!! We need a coffee table book of Koko antics! I'd buy it. #1351612

Rob Bishop 5/30/2005 12:30:11 AM

Just perfect! I love it. Another winner in my book, Dado!

Rob #1409857

Kate Jackson 5/30/2005 2:00:13 AM

Another sale! #1409910

Bryan Yates 6/3/2005 4:38:08 AM

Awsome shot!!! Truely wonderful!! #1425487

Kate Jackson 6/21/2005 4:02:44 PM

I've made it!! Fame at last!! I am so happy that my dedication has so deservedly got this far! Congratulations Dado! #1498730

Terry L. Ellis 6/21/2005 4:28:31 PM

Very big congratulations for your finalist on this beautifully composed b/w image of KOKO, Danilo!!! #1499131

Tammy Scott 6/21/2005 4:51:21 PM

Well you certainly were popular with the judges this month! Congratulations, Dado, on all your WONDERFUL finalists! #1499402

Tom Andersen 6/21/2005 5:30:49 PM

Congratulations on this awesome finalist, Dado! #1499904

Jill Flynn 6/21/2005 5:36:26 PM

Congratulations on this outstanding finalist Dado. You are on fire this month! #1499973

DiAnna F. Paulk 6/21/2005 8:53:03 PM

Ah, and here you and Koko are again with yet another finalist medal!! :) Congratulations, you two!!! #1501626

Mata Patan 6/22/2005 3:47:34 AM

Ho perso il conto!
QUESTA L'HO INDOVINATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diamo a Mata quel che di Mata!!! #1503075

Sharon E. Lowe 6/22/2005 4:36:16 AM

Congrats and good luck again, Dado - very nice! #1503364

Jennifer Rennison 6/22/2005 8:43:15 AM

So cute, Danilo, with your little kitty peeking out at you! Love it! Congratulations on your wonderful finalist! #1505048

Laura Clay-Ballard 6/22/2005 11:52:44 AM

congrats on this one, too! I love this. #1506240

Stephanie Lyons 6/22/2005 3:26:21 PM

Yay! Another congratulations to you and Koko! #1507260

Mata Patan 6/23/2005 1:03:53 AM

Congratulazioni Dado!!!
Questa proprio bella!!!!!!!
Infatti...l'avevo non l'ho scritta!! #1508768

Stanley J. Contrades 6/23/2005 2:23:37 AM

CONGRATULATIONS once again, Dado, on another great win, my friend!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1508931

Stephanie Lyons 6/23/2005 2:54:15 AM

Big congrats to you Dado! #1509017

Patricia A. Kuniega 6/23/2005 3:16:04 AM

I've admired this for a long time! Congratulations for your win and on a superb work of art, Dado! #1509083

Tom Andersen 6/23/2005 3:16:40 AM

Congratulations to you and KoKo on this superb winner, Dado! #1509085

Sharon E. Lowe 6/23/2005 4:10:59 AM

Congrats on your 3rd win this month Dado!! #1509383

KHAWLA Haddad 6/23/2005 4:27:19 AM

Congratulation Dado on this Excellent winner!!!
always love Koko shots and this one is Super!!!!! #1509489

Laura Clay-Ballard 6/23/2005 5:14:43 AM

super!!!!! fabulous win! #1509704

Amanda Price 6/23/2005 6:31:58 AM

Congratulations, Dado!!! What did I tell you, eh? :) #1510091

Jill Flynn 6/23/2005 7:23:05 AM


Donald K. Cherry 6/23/2005 9:25:55 AM

Congrats again, Dado!! Three in one month...wtg!! #1510863

Jennifer Rennison 6/23/2005 9:39:23 AM

Congratulations on your Second place win, Danilo!! #1510944

Melissa L. Zavadil 6/23/2005 9:56:56 AM

Congrats Dado!!! WTG on your BIG THREE!!!! #1511011

Terry L. Ellis 6/23/2005 10:00:13 AM

Congratulations, Danilo and KoKo!!! It is such a wonderful image! #1511017

Deborah Sandidge 6/23/2005 10:29:10 AM

Outstanding - congratulations Danilo!! #1511105

Linda D. Lester 6/23/2005 10:29:15 AM

This was my favorite! Congratulations! #1511106

Jordi Delgado 6/23/2005 11:37:27 AM

The third one!!! What a month!!!

Congratulations, Dado!!!!!

:-)) #1511410

Goshka G. 6/23/2005 11:48:44 AM

Congrats on this wonderful win - this is my favorite of all your wins this month, Danilo!! #1511471

Marsha S. Smith 6/23/2005 1:29:22 PM

YEAH!!!!!!!!! KOKO!!!!

Ermanno Radice 6/23/2005 1:36:22 PM

E tre!!! Congratulazioni ancora! #1511864

Bobbie Davis 6/23/2005 2:55:48 PM

Congratulations again!!!! Great win!!! #1512208

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 6/23/2005 5:16:32 PM

Another congratulation for another great win Dado!!! #1512741

Souha Dooly 6/23/2005 11:04:22 PM

Congratulations on your win !!!great as always!! #1513478

Donna Roberts 6/23/2005 11:22:29 PM

WTG Dado - what a wonderful result for you (and Kate too!)
Well done my friend - another excellent result.
:-) dddu #1513507

Jenny Bosmans 6/24/2005 2:29:25 AM

Congratulations on your win, Dado!!!
Fabulous!!! #1513802

S J 6/24/2005 6:08:49 AM

Congratulations on this outstanding WIN, Dado!! #1514606

S J 6/24/2005 6:09:02 AM

Congratulations on this outstanding WIN, Dado!! #1514607

Kathleen Clemons 6/24/2005 1:11:22 PM

Congrats again, Dado! #1516261

Kate Jackson 6/24/2005 2:26:44 PM

We sure did it Dado! Congratulations an thank you thank you! #1516630

Dolores Neilson 6/24/2005 2:58:55 PM

OUtstanding, Dado!! Congrats on a third! It's my turn to not make the wins this month. We all get a turn. #1516799

Judy S. Fung 6/24/2005 10:52:10 PM

Congrats on your win, Danilo!! #1517632

Jill M. Flusemann 6/25/2005 5:27:26 AM

Fabulous! Bella! I think you have Koko to thank for some wonderful shots. My BeBe turns tail & runs as soon as the camera comes out! But I get out a book or any kind of work & she's right there on top of it. #1518274

Colette M. Metcalf 6/26/2005 3:41:56 AM

Congrats again, Dado!!!! #1520845

Lori S. Aschbrenner 6/27/2005 3:15:54 PM

Congrats for the third time! Just awesome, Danilo! #1527722

Lori Carlson 7/22/2005 9:14:16 AM

I love it when Koko, I mean when you win!! :0) How 'bout when you both win!! CONGRATULATIONS Dado!! Great title too!! :0) #1621100

Sergio La Spina 12/26/2005 3:17:43 AM

Questa mi era sfuggiata bellissima veramente!! tra vincitrici e finaliste c' l'imbarazzo della scelta. #2223157

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Dedicated to my friend Kate Jackson.

I was working on a still life for a personal project when Koko decided to be the main interpreter of my photo shoot.
What a cat! He has to be everywhere I am.

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