Tatum Was Out Last Night and Got Buzzed

© Linda D. Lester

Tatum Was Out Last Night and Got Buzzed

Tammy Scott 5/4/2005 3:58:07 AM

Great image and wonderful use of DOF, Linda! #244658

Tom Andersen 5/4/2005 4:19:34 AM

I really love this portrait of Tatum, Linda! You did a fine job with the BuZZ filter! #1317963

Donna W. Neal 5/4/2005 4:19:37 AM

Beautiful expression captured here Linda. So attentive! #1317965

Linda D. Lester 5/4/2005 4:27:46 AM

Thank you Tammy, Tom and Donna! #1318004

Agnes Fegan 5/4/2005 4:33:09 AM

Glad you're enjoying the Buzz! Nice shot! #1318020

Anita Hogue 5/4/2005 4:43:03 AM

This is wonderful,Linda!! Told you it was addictive!! #1318049

Joy Rector 5/4/2005 4:47:24 AM

Great shot. #1318067

KHAWLA Haddad 5/4/2005 4:49:41 AM

WOW really love this Linda ,such wonderfull effect you used with shot! #1318081

S J 5/4/2005 5:28:16 AM

Wonderful, Linda!! Beautiful image and very nice effects to go with it!! Well done!! #1318228

Judith G. Secco 5/4/2005 5:48:19 AM

Nice job, Linda. Just enough of a buzz and love the bg color.
Judy #1318272

Linda D. Lester 5/4/2005 5:59:22 AM

Thank you Agnes, Anita, Joy, Khawla, Sanjay and Judith! #1318311

Lisa D. Greer 5/4/2005 7:20:49 AM

Beautiful shot Linda! What a gorgeous dog! :) #1318570

Michelle Lea Guinn 5/4/2005 7:21:51 AM

Wonderful photo Linda!!! mlg #1318578

Gail Vitikacs 5/4/2005 7:35:50 AM

This is beautiful! Great capture! (Like the effects also!) #1318656

Linda D. Lester 5/4/2005 7:57:16 AM

Thank you, Lisa, Michelle and Gail! #1318749

Rob T. Henry 5/4/2005 8:38:48 AM

Beautiful portrait of this German Shepard, Linda!!! #1318848

Laurence Saliba 5/4/2005 9:22:48 AM

Gorgeous dog portrait Linda!!!! #1318970

Mata Patan 5/4/2005 10:01:55 AM

Gorgeous portrait, effect and colors! #1319109

Donna J. Taff 5/4/2005 10:02:32 AM

This is a beautiful image of one of my favorite dog's, Linda!!! #1319112

Amber N. Eddings 5/4/2005 10:22:00 AM

Great shot!! love the bg color and the buzz effect! Can't wait til' next week!! #1319177

Marsha S. Smith 5/4/2005 10:55:51 AM

Spectacular portrait of this beautiful dog of yours. #1319249

Linda D. Lester 5/4/2005 11:10:00 AM

Thank you, Rob, Mata, Donna, Amber and Marsha! #1319307

Jessica McCollam 5/4/2005 11:44:23 AM

Great shot, Linda! :) #1319393

Ermanno Radice 5/4/2005 12:05:04 PM

Wonderful portrait, beautiful photo, Linda! #1319432

Karen Bacon 5/4/2005 12:43:00 PM

Excellent image Linda!The concentration in Tatum's face is awesome! #1319544

Goshka G. 5/4/2005 12:43:21 PM

I am getting a buzz just looking at all those buzzing photos, Linda!:-) And thanks to you plug from yesterday, I think I will be adventurous and give the new buzz a chance in the near future. There's all these sulfites in wine anyway...;-) (Tatum is a beautiful dog, BTW, and I think she should meet Nuta, a dog whose photos I entered a few weeks ago, in which she tried to get a buzz the old way;) #1319545

Judy S. Fung 5/4/2005 12:45:42 PM

Wonderful shot and use of buzz effect, Linda! #1319553

Stephen Zacker 5/4/2005 1:53:16 PM

Wonderful pose #1319646

Dan Holm 5/4/2005 2:15:09 PM

BEAUTIFUL portrait, Linda!! Excellent work! Love that pose! #1319697

Elisabeth A. Gay 5/4/2005 4:06:43 PM

That is a beautiful portrait of a very beautiful dog!
Ann #1319959

Anne D. Eigen 5/4/2005 6:40:46 PM

Lovely portrait of this dear dog, Linda! Terrific DOF! #1320283

Rebecca Lester 5/4/2005 6:47:34 PM

Whats with all the buzzing! I need to get a bizz on! Love the picture Linda! Great job!

DiAnna F. Paulk 5/4/2005 6:56:49 PM

I don't get the inside joke, but the photo is wonderful! The Buzz filter worked great on this one! #1320300

Kay E. Mahoney 5/4/2005 6:59:13 PM

Love it Linda. Love the buzz effect. You did another good job on this one.
Beautiful dog. Love the green background.
Kay Mahoney #1320306

Debra Booth 5/4/2005 7:10:20 PM

What a lovely portrait, Linda! I hope Tatum enjoyed her buZZ! #1320348

SaMi Martin 5/4/2005 7:19:45 PM

Linda this is just beautiful. #1320376

Leonard Pierce 5/4/2005 9:14:15 PM

Excellent shot Linda, great buzz!!! #1320527

Danilo Piccioni 5/4/2005 10:21:10 PM

Fantastic potrait!!! #1320564

Jill Flynn 5/5/2005 7:45:08 AM

This is a beautiful, beautiful portrait Linda. This profile pose looks so good. WONDERFUL!!!! #1322044

Kara L. Hendricks 5/5/2005 10:34:42 AM

I love the profile on this.. And the buzz looks great! Funny title... #1322602

Kate Jackson 5/5/2005 1:05:16 PM

Lovely portrait of Tatum Linda. She looks like she is adoring something. Maybe the buzz!
PS How do you get the buzz! Seriously, though is it in PS? #1322937

Linda D. Lester 5/5/2005 4:27:34 PM

Thank you, Jessica, Ermanno, Karen, Goshka, Judy, Stephen, Dan, Elisabeth, Anne, Becky, DiAnna, Kay, Debra, SaMi,
Len, Danilio, Jill, Kara and Kate! #1323437

Kerby Pfrangle 5/8/2005 3:09:19 PM

Linda this is wonderful. Love the way Tatum is looking up. Very nice portrait of Tatum. Nice looking dog.

Kerby #1331646

Melissa L. Zavadil 6/21/2005 3:23:03 PM

OH!!! Congrats on this shot!! It is so deserved!! #1498337

Stan Kwasniowski 6/21/2005 3:34:17 PM

Linda, congratulations

Stan K #1498445

Sandy Driscoll 6/21/2005 3:58:17 PM

I missed this one before, Linda. It's just beautiful. Congratulations! #1498671

Deborah C. Lewinson 6/21/2005 4:25:55 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Linda!
Best wishes for the next round!
-Debby #1499099

Colleen Braun 6/21/2005 4:27:58 PM

Congratulations... #1499123

Tammy Scott 6/21/2005 5:14:21 PM

A BIG Congratulations, Linda! #1499712

Tom Andersen 6/21/2005 5:44:18 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Linda! #1500066

Kay E. Mahoney 6/21/2005 5:46:13 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Linda. #1500094

Debra Booth 6/21/2005 6:25:17 PM

Congrats on this wonderful finalist, Linda!! #1500460

S J 6/21/2005 7:04:38 PM

Congratulations on this outstanding Finalist, Linda!! #1500876

Cathy Barrows 6/21/2005 7:40:12 PM

Congrats!...such a beauty..is this your puppy #1501174

Donna J. Taff 6/21/2005 7:53:18 PM

Congratulation's on your beautiful finalist, Linda!!! #1501264

Kara L. Hendricks 6/21/2005 9:00:56 PM

Congratulations Linda!! This is beautiful... #1501675

Amber N. Eddings 6/21/2005 9:10:52 PM

Congrats Aunt Linda!! Can't wait to see your "winner" photo!! #1501730

cj patterson 6/22/2005 6:59:04 AM

Congratulations on this well deserved finalist!!! #1504454

Shelly A. Van Camp 6/22/2005 9:32:43 AM

Wonderful and congrat's! :) Shelly #1505365

Jill Flynn 6/22/2005 10:11:01 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist Linda! #1505624

Alisha L. Ekstrom 6/22/2005 11:15:17 AM

Oh WOW Linda...LOVE this...Congrats on being a finalist. Good luck on the next round!!!:) #1506056

Judy S. Fung 6/22/2005 12:04:24 PM

Congrats, Linda! #1506308

Linda D. Lester 6/22/2005 12:05:42 PM

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on tatum! She was so excited also! LOL! #1506317

Goshka G. 6/22/2005 12:17:55 PM

Congrats, Linda, on this beautiful finalist!! I bet Tatum is getting a buzz from all this!;-) #1506389

Kate Jackson 6/22/2005 12:45:30 PM

Congratulations Linda and to TAtum! #1506543

KHAWLA Haddad 6/22/2005 12:53:07 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic image Linda well don !!! #1506587

John Davis 6/22/2005 2:27:55 PM

Beautiful capture Linda and congrats on the finalist...excellent work.

John #1507000

Kerby Pfrangle 6/22/2005 6:41:44 PM

Linda congratulations on your finalist.

Wonderful work.

Good luck in the coming round.

Kerby #1507919

Linda Proctor 6/22/2005 6:51:14 PM

Congrats Linda! This is great! #1507951

Danilo Piccioni 6/23/2005 12:37:44 AM

deserved win! congratulations! #1508706

Jim Kinnunen 6/23/2005 12:40:03 AM

Congratulations on this fine win, Linda!!! #1508713

Kerby Pfrangle 6/23/2005 1:27:06 AM


Congratulations on your second place win. Job well done.

Kerby #1508828

Stanley J. Contrades 6/23/2005 1:40:45 AM

CONGRATULATIONS, Linda, on your 2nd place win!! Beautifully done!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1508866

Colleen Braun 6/23/2005 2:49:22 AM

congratulations... #1508996

Tom Andersen 6/23/2005 3:00:57 AM

Congratulation on this wonderful winner, Linda! #1509039

Tammy Scott 6/23/2005 3:45:42 AM

Congratulations, Linda! #1509227

KHAWLA Haddad 6/23/2005 4:04:40 AM

Congratulation Linda on this wonderful winner!!! #1509343

Linda D. Lester 6/23/2005 4:45:00 AM

OMG! I just got up and I was so surprised! My first winner!!!!!!!
Couldn't of done it with out all you wonderful BP'ers out there you are the best! #1509548

Laura Clay-Ballard 6/23/2005 4:57:25 AM

Your FIRST!!!!! FAbulous!!!! huge congrats!! #1509619

Anita Hogue 6/23/2005 5:12:15 AM

Good morning, Linda, a big congratulations to you on the wonderful win!! #1509688

Rob T. Henry 6/23/2005 5:16:36 AM

I don't know how I missed this!! Awesome, Linda!! Congratulations on this well deserved win!! #1509714

Judith G. Secco 6/23/2005 5:27:17 AM

Fantastic dog shot and love the bg. Congratulations. #1509764

Sharon Day 6/23/2005 5:58:10 AM

Congratulations on your second place win, Linda!!! Awesome dog portrait! #1509851

Marie Fields 6/23/2005 6:08:17 AM

Terrific image, Linda! Congratulations!!! #1509933

Dale Ann Cubbage 6/23/2005 6:15:30 AM

Beautiful dog portrait, Linda! Congrats on this great win!

da #1509980

DiAnna F. Paulk 6/23/2005 6:49:40 AM

WAY TO GO, LINDA!!!! #1510134

Jill Flynn 6/23/2005 7:03:20 AM

Congratulations on your SECOND PLACE WIN Linda. LOVE THIS!!!!!! #1510181

Noel Baebler 6/23/2005 7:16:26 AM

ARRROOOOOOOO, Linda! #1510233

Casey A. Hanson 6/23/2005 7:38:04 AM

Congrats Linda!! Way to go! :0) #1510325

John Davis 6/23/2005 7:41:37 AM

Congratulations..a superb piece and so well deserved...Bravo!

John #1510348

Amber N. Eddings 6/23/2005 7:43:24 AM

Congratulations!!! Now that you got your 1st winner, you can never quit putting photos on!! ;) Awesome job!!! keep up the great work! #1510363

Nobu Nagase 6/23/2005 7:51:35 AM

Way to go, Linda!!!
Congratulations on your big win!!! #1510410

Lynn Crawford 6/23/2005 8:07:10 AM

Congrats Linda, this is such a beautiful shot, I just love the effects you added to it, great job :) #1510448

Opal Cross 6/23/2005 8:19:54 AM

Congradulations to the winner. Hey you come in as finalist in three othere. Congradulations. Love you, MOM #1510507

Susan T. Evans 6/23/2005 8:23:13 AM

Congrats Linda on your awesome winner! #1510517

Paul Conlan 6/23/2005 8:24:44 AM

Congratulatons Linda! Way to go. #1510530

Melissa L. Zavadil 6/23/2005 9:33:05 AM

Congrats Congrats Congrats Contrats Linda!!!! WTG Girl!!! What an awesome shot it is so well deserved! 2nd place winner!!!! #1510912

Terry L. Ellis 6/23/2005 9:53:06 AM

Congrats, Linda!! Cool job! #1510996

Deborah Sandidge 6/23/2005 10:47:28 AM

Congratulations, Linda - beautiful work with BuZZ! #1511172

Amanda Price 6/23/2005 10:59:07 AM

Wonderful portrait, Linda! Congrats on this as well as your finalists!!! #1511226

Kara L. Hendricks 6/23/2005 11:13:09 AM

OMG!!!! I am so excited for you Linda!! Congratulations!!!!!! #1511282

Kay E. Mahoney 6/23/2005 11:29:51 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Good job Linda. #1511365

Goshka G. 6/23/2005 11:30:18 AM

Congrats, Linda, to you and Tatum, on this beautiful win!! Makes me wanna get that buzz at last!;-) #1511368

Leesa White 6/23/2005 11:33:25 AM

Congrats, Linda! #1511388

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 6/23/2005 11:50:40 AM

Congratulation on your win, Linda WTG! #1511478

Marsha S. Smith 6/23/2005 1:06:59 PM


Deb Brown 6/23/2005 1:19:44 PM

CONGRATS, Linda. This is so well-deserved!!!! Love the buzz and your title is perfect. I am so happy for your win!!!!!! #1511780

Ermanno Radice 6/23/2005 1:26:23 PM

Congratulations on your win, Linda! #1511815

William C. Raco 6/23/2005 1:32:22 PM

Very fine photo, Linda

bill #1511844

Donna J. Taff 6/23/2005 1:49:54 PM

Congratulation's on this beautiful win, Linda!!! #1511925

Debra Booth 6/23/2005 2:29:13 PM

WTG, Linda!! Congratulations to you and Tatum!! #1512074

Bobbie Davis 6/23/2005 2:36:30 PM

AWESOME Linda!!!! Congratulations!!! #1512108

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 6/23/2005 4:43:03 PM

Congratulations on your win Linda!!! #1512613

Darren K. Fisher 6/23/2005 5:23:10 PM

Awesome image and a wonderful win. Congrats. #1512757

Murry Grigsby 6/23/2005 7:14:09 PM

Congratulations on your super image and win Linda!! #1512960

Linda D. Lester 6/23/2005 8:29:57 PM

Thank you for all you greatly appreciated comments! #1513127

S J 6/23/2005 10:09:46 PM

Congratulations on your WIN, Linda!! #1513362

Jenny Bosmans 6/24/2005 2:04:47 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful win, Linda!! #1513751

Cathy Barrows 6/24/2005 6:52:43 AM

Congrats on your win!...this is just fab...i hope Tatum can teach my new doggie to pose so well #1514821

Gail Vitikacs 6/24/2005 9:10:08 AM

Beautiful and well deserved! Congratulations! #1515342

Mata Patan 6/24/2005 9:55:02 AM

Congratulations on this cool cool win! #1515540

Kathleen Clemons 6/24/2005 12:07:54 PM

Congrats to you, Linda! #1516031

Kate Jackson 6/24/2005 1:44:38 PM

Congrats again Linda on this fantastic win! #1516429

Linda D. Lester 6/24/2005 2:26:15 PM

Thank you all for all your support! #1516627

Claudia Kuhn 6/24/2005 2:53:05 PM

Congrats on your win Linda! Well done and deserved! #1516770

Kathleen F. Greer 6/24/2005 4:01:38 PM

Big Congrats Linda!! #1516968

Evy Johansen 6/24/2005 6:31:55 PM

Many congratulations on a well deserved win, Linda! #1517172

Judy S. Fung 6/24/2005 10:31:19 PM

Congrats on your win, Linda!! #1517605

Wally Orlowsky 6/25/2005 3:18:53 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner, Linda! #1517873

Stephen Zacker 6/25/2005 6:31:47 AM

Wonderful portrait of her. Congratulations #1518501

Karen Bacon 6/25/2005 6:48:15 AM

Congratulations Linda on this great winner! #1518561

Linda D. Lester 6/25/2005 12:54:37 PM

I am so happy to be part of this wonderful place we call BP! Thank you for all your wonderful somments! #1519648

Colette M. Metcalf 6/25/2005 6:55:47 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful image Linda!!! #1520271

Terry R. Hatfield 6/26/2005 4:42:42 AM

Congratulations On Your Win Linda!Excellent Job With The BuZZ:-) #1520905

Walter Graziano 6/26/2005 8:04:42 AM

Congratulations, I haven't been on too much lately..... #1521806

Tammy McAllister 6/29/2005 4:55:15 AM

Beautiful portrait Linda, congratulations on your lovely win!
Tootles #1534403

Mary K. Robison 6/29/2005 8:07:21 PM

Clearly I need to review the winners for May, Linda...
CONGRATULATIONS to you on this very well-earned win!! Tatum's gorgeous, and the BuZZ looks terrific! #1537431

Linda D. Lester 6/29/2005 9:16:26 PM

Thank you all for you wonderful comments! #1537604

Lori Carlson 7/22/2005 8:45:19 AM

Hi Linda!! It is about time I offer my Congrats on your winner!!! Congrats!! Lovely portrait, effect and color of background. Beautiful!! :0) #1621040

Mary Timman 7/23/2005 12:02:33 PM

Congrats on your winning photo! You do a really great job in photography! #1627249

Roger D. Meador 8/27/2005 3:40:10 AM

Beautiful and sensitive portrait. #1772520

Isabel L 2/21/2006 4:51:17 PM

Ahh that was a long scroll down. :) Beautiful dog! How old is he?
Congrats on your win! #2449193

Susan M. Smith 11/29/2007 7:03:02 AM

Linda, this is a beautiful portrait of Tatum. You had commented on one of my shepherds awhile back :) Your gallery is stunning! #5146960

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