Days End on the Road

© Renee Doyle

Days End on the Road

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 7/8/2009 12:27:22 AM

A beauty of a capture, Renee. Your first attempt looks just fine!

UB. #1151217

maria Warren 7/8/2009 12:28:13 AM

oh wow the colors here are amazing!!!!! #7716554

Troy Gallagher 7/8/2009 12:28:38 AM

WOW!! I would say your fist try was very succesful. Excellent work Renee.

Troy #7716558

Tiia Vissak 7/8/2009 12:29:21 AM

a fantastic view! #7716563

Teresa A. Burnett level-classic 7/8/2009 12:31:11 AM

Hmmm, I agree, your first attempt is quite successful!! Stunning image, Renee!! I love the lighting in this one!! #7716576

Brett Dolsen 7/8/2009 12:34:36 AM

Stunning!!Incredible lighting,mood,and treatment Renee!!Brett #7716602

Laura L. Gonzales 7/8/2009 12:35:41 AM

WOW! Spectacular colors!! A great capture. Excellent work! Laura #7716610

Jennifer L. Alder 7/8/2009 12:36:19 AM

Very beautiful, Renee.... love the depth and light here.
Deb is the best :) #7716615

Renee Doyle level-classic 7/8/2009 12:40:12 AM

Thanks everyone !
And yep Jen .... she sure is :-)


Max Aureli 7/8/2009 12:43:17 AM

Mystic!!! Fabulous scene, Renee and the colors and lighting are so intense!!! Great image my friend!!! #7716646

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 7/8/2009 1:35:08 AM


A Winner for SURE!!!!

Dominick #7716767

Michelle Alton level-classic 7/8/2009 2:52:11 AM

All of your images are winners, Renee. And this, your first try at HDR...Priceless. #7716872

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-classic 7/8/2009 2:58:29 AM

This is a beauty! Almost too much color for you to take in! #7716891

jeff crosier level-classic 7/8/2009 3:09:20 AM

WOW! This is beautiful Renee!! A terrific HDR!! #7716909

Gord MacEachern level-classic 7/8/2009 3:32:20 AM

Outstanding scene Renee,lighting,composition,and colors are just fantastic. #7716957

Tammy Scott level-classic 7/8/2009 3:45:36 AM

This is simply breathtaking! Gorgeous vibrant colors! #7716994

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 7/8/2009 3:54:06 AM

This is stunning, Renee. Light, composition and colours are perfect. #7717007

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 7/8/2009 4:59:04 AM

This is TOTALLY stunning, Renee. Couldn't agree more. AWESOME work!!! #7717262

Erin Appelbaum level-classic 7/8/2009 4:59:43 AM

Simply magnificent. Peter #7717265

Ken Smith level-classic 7/8/2009 6:00:08 AM

Stunning for sure! Wow! You are definitely Ms Landscape photographer. Love the exposure and vibrant colors! Kudos on your HDR prowess! #7717491

Linda D. Lester level-classic 7/8/2009 6:13:17 AM

WOW!!!!!!!! First try! Love the colors and the comp...I love everything about this! Great job!
I know we will see this again! #7717532

Zana Pehar level-classic 7/8/2009 6:21:31 AM

Fantastic colors, lighting, composition and tones, Renee. #7717564

Judy V. Kennamer level-classic 7/8/2009 6:37:01 AM

Beautiful Renee!!! You are such a quick learner!!! You nailed it!! #7717619

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 7/8/2009 7:36:06 AM teach me! I have matrix, but no clue how to do HDR! I love this, Renee!!! #7717870

Shawn Jennings level-classic 7/8/2009 8:07:24 AM

Great job, Renee! Wouldn't it be nice to be there right now! :) #7717972

A P 7/8/2009 8:29:51 AM

WoWZer Ding, ding, ding we have a winner first time out. (and a favorite for my folder) I just emailed Ken and told him you don't need any help. You do fine my dear! This is just stunning!!! The DOF just goes on and on until you can't see any further as your own eyes would loose the scene. The tonal definition is insanely great! and the light...WoW is all I can say. I think you should be teaching at BP not submitting. (just because you're to much competition!! LOLOL No I mean it!) #7718021

A P 7/8/2009 8:36:46 AM

WoWZer Ding, ding, ding we have a winner first time out. (and a favorite for my folder) I just emailed Ken and told him you don't need any help. You do fine my dear! This is just stunning!!! The DOF just goes on and on until you can't see any further as your own eyes would loose the scene. The tonal definition is insanely great! and the light...WoW is all I can say. I think you should be teaching at BP not submitting. (just because you're to much competition!! LOLOL No I mean it!) #7718040

Ann Coates level-classic 7/8/2009 11:17:49 AM

Renee, your first attempt! This looks like the work of a pro. Outstanding work. I'm sure we will see this one again. #7718440

Rajeev 270293 Kashyap 7/8/2009 11:43:14 AM

Wow.....Excellent work Renee! #7718608

Rajeev 270293 Kashyap 7/8/2009 11:43:15 AM

Wow.....Excellent work Renee! #7718609

Valentin M. Armianu 7/8/2009 11:44:19 AM

Outstanding work!! Perfect first attempt (: ! #7718615

Kathleen Rinker 7/8/2009 12:05:54 PM

Gorgeous image Renee, fabulous work!! #7718707

Mike Clime 7/8/2009 12:23:08 PM

FANTASTIC! #7718750

Courtenay Vanderbilt 7/8/2009 2:11:08 PM

Wow, an exquisite 'first time'. The details, lighting and colors are simply fantastic! #7719128

Tarun Bose 7/8/2009 2:57:45 PM

Wow! This is Awsome. Mind blowing capture and excellent colours. Too good. A winner for me, Renee. #7719276

Deb Koskovich 7/8/2009 6:10:44 PM

Holy cow, fabulous job on this Renee! #7719850

Randy D. Dinkins level-classic 7/8/2009 6:46:46 PM

I think that the HDR "attempt" is a success. Great shot and the HDR pops it. Beautiful! #7719956

Clyde P. Smith level-classic 7/8/2009 6:51:18 PM

Stunning capture Renee. Nice DOF, color and light. #7719968

Thomas E. Hinds level-classic 7/8/2009 7:30:10 PM

Beautiful capture! Great light and color! #7720069

Elida Gutierrez level-classic 7/8/2009 8:26:19 PM

WOW Renee, this is SUPERB!!! #7720195

Carolyn J. Connolly level-classic 7/8/2009 10:05:44 PM

WOW, Renee - this is just S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!! Really fabulous work for your first HDR attempt, my friend!! I think we'll be seeing this image again!! :o)

Mind you, in my eyes it's already a winner...and it went *straight* into my L-O-N-G list of favourites!! ;o)

Phil and I trust that all is well with you and Barry up there on the Gold Coast, as it is with us down here near beautiful Lake Macquarie!! :o) We are (generally!) having lovely winter weather at the moment!! How about you fellas? - lol!! ;o) #7720338

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 7/8/2009 11:04:07 PM

Stunning is the only possible word, Renee! #7720390

Lynne Morris 7/8/2009 11:08:02 PM

Wow this is outstanding Renee, fantastic colours and light. #7720397

ROLAN NARMAN 7/8/2009 11:11:54 PM

Stunning Renee! Magnificent work! #7720405

Stefania Barbier level-classic 7/9/2009 1:16:12 AM

this is absolutely stunning, and a winner in any book Renee!!! #7720620

Wanda-Lynn Searles level-classic 7/9/2009 2:21:06 AM

Wow! What a Excellent capture and Beautiful scene!! I'm adding it to my favorites!! #7720703

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-classic 7/9/2009 6:03:13 AM

Another winner? Is for me...

You are such a smart girl! You pick things up instantly, may be a great mind there....hmmmmm, maybe that's my problem! lol

You have mastered HDR

jo ann c. #7721293

Debra R. Harder 7/9/2009 10:08:50 AM

Hey doesn't look like you needed any help at all...simply OUTSTANDING!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RENEE...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...AND MANY MORE!! (Trust wouldn't want to hear me sing...LOL) Deb #7722021

John Connolly 7/9/2009 1:48:09 PM

What a great presentation from the Great Ocean Road, Renee! I like your HDR work here, it is something I have been meaning to have a go at for years! #7722543

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 7/9/2009 6:40:41 PM

Absolutely GORGEOUS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Renee!!! :-) k #7723234

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 7/9/2009 8:22:45 PM

Woweee, Renee!
Gorgeous color, comp, and tones in this mind-blowing scene!
Happy Birthday!
Smiles, Lisa♥ #7723482

Laurence Saliba level-classic 7/9/2009 9:43:18 PM

Wow what a place!!!! I have to agree a winner here Renee!!! #7723630

Mariann Kovats level-classic 7/10/2009 12:20:04 PM

Awesome work, Renee! Gorgeous ligthing, comp and colors! I agree with Ann, you should teach this. :) I have never done HDR, if you have time and don't mind to drop an email to me, how did you do this, I would appreciat it very much.
This is a winner shot! #7725726

Graeme yew Chow level-classic 7/10/2009 9:54:50 PM

Renee, gorgeous scenery after the HDR and super composition. I could not get anything like that. It is not just the HDR, but your skill of seeing the foreground blended well with the subject. A winner in here ! #7727074

Cassie L. Woodlee level-classic 7/11/2009 10:30:50 AM

WOW this is absolutely STUNNING!!!! #7728666

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 7/12/2009 11:19:50 AM

GORGEOUS image and effects. Beautiful lighting and colors. Love the 3D effect it has, Very well done !!!! #7731773

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 7/12/2009 12:09:36 PM

Your first HDR is masterpiece already! The delicate range of lighting is beautifully captured. The details of grass and the sweeping landscape are both extraordinarily! Another splendid work Renee!!! #7731858

Erica Murphy level-classic 7/16/2009 10:41:42 AM

Breathtaking image Renee! #7745738

Datha Y. Thompson level-classic 7/19/2009 8:34:03 PM

Outstanding!!! And oh so Gorgeous Renee!!! #7756650

Terry Cervi level-classic 7/22/2009 5:41:33 AM

A stunning HDR image, Renee!! #7767715

Darryl Wilkinson 8/8/2009 11:32:33 PM

Wow, this is beautiful Renee, pretty fancy, too! #7831277

Tammy Scott 8/17/2009 2:47:55 PM

This is so gorgeous! Congratulations! #7857444

Alex T. Mizuno 8/17/2009 3:00:24 PM

Congratulations Renee! Spectacular work!! #7857548

Courtenay Vanderbilt 8/17/2009 3:13:21 PM

Big CONGRATULATIONS on your Finalist, Renee! #7857612

JO ANN CLEVELAND 8/17/2009 3:51:15 PM

Big Congratulations on your wonderful finalist Renee!

jo ann c. #7857863

Carol L. Fowler 8/17/2009 4:07:57 PM

Gorgeous lighting on this Finalist! #7857975

Jeana Clark 8/17/2009 4:27:04 PM

Holy Cow....WoWZerS!!!!!
A stunning image for sure Renee!!!
CONGRATS....It's Gorgeous!!!
Sure to See Again!!!

~J~ #7858119

Mary Beth Aiello level-classic 8/17/2009 4:42:18 PM

Just gorgeous, Renee. Huge congrats on this well deserved finalist. #7858268

Ron McEwan 8/17/2009 5:09:14 PM

Renee to congratulate you on this one is surely a pleasure, for sure we will see this again, I will be disappointed if not. A big Congrats any way on your silver, it seems so cheap for such a beauty. #7858492

Amy M. Wilson 8/17/2009 5:25:54 PM

WOW!!! STUNNING image...a HUGE congratulations on this beautiful Finalist, Renee! #7858593

Carla Metzler 8/17/2009 5:32:01 PM

Congratulations Renee!
Good luck in the next round! #7858634

Mary Beth Aiello level-classic 8/17/2009 6:02:30 PM

This truly is three-dimensional, Renee. Just gorgeous. SO well done. Huge congrats on this fabulous finalist. #7858910

ROLAN NARMAN 8/17/2009 6:12:53 PM

Huge Congrats on this gorgeous finalist Renee! #7858999

Ken Smith level-classic 8/17/2009 6:26:46 PM

We're sure to see this again...wouldn't surprise me to see this as a 1st place. Congrats, Renee!! #7859177

Debra R. Harder 8/17/2009 6:48:01 PM

I'm with Ken!!! This is definitely MAGNIFICENT and deserving GOLD!!! Congratulations again Renee!!! Deb #7859384

Ann Coates level-classic 8/17/2009 6:54:41 PM

Yes, I agree with all the above. Outstanding Renee and congratulations. #7859434

Michael G. Marshall 8/17/2009 7:05:04 PM

Terrific finalist, Renee! Congratulations! Michael #7859514

Judy V. Kennamer level-classic 8/17/2009 7:11:38 PM

This one just had to be a winner!!! Gorgeous Finalist Renee!!! #7859570

Erica Murphy level-classic 8/17/2009 7:40:01 PM

I love this Renee! Congratulations! #7859818

Kelly S. Cavanaugh 8/17/2009 7:53:00 PM

Absolutely stunning, Renee! Congratulations! #7859917

Lorna Shutter 8/17/2009 8:03:32 PM

Wow! Spectacular image, Renee! CONGRATULATIONS on your Finalist Award!!!!! :) Photobucket #7860008

Evy Johansen level-classic 8/17/2009 8:20:55 PM

Congratulations again, Renee!! Beautiful finalist! #7860157

Teresa A. Burnett level-classic 8/17/2009 9:06:29 PM

I kinda thought we might be seeing this beauty again!! Another huge congratulations, Renee!! Hope this one wears gold soon!! #7860385

Mariann Kovats level-classic 8/17/2009 9:54:02 PM

Congratulations Renee on your Finalist! Awesome capture! #7860474

Karen Engelbreth level-classic 8/17/2009 10:32:31 PM

Congratulations Renee... #7860533

Stefania Barbier level-classic 8/18/2009 12:56:18 AM

this is a stunner Renee.... huge congrats!!!! #7860870

Tammy L. Newcomb level-classic 8/18/2009 4:45:16 AM

Congratulations on your finalist!! Your image is awesome and I wish you the best of luck into the final round. #7861531

Linda D. Lester level-classic 8/18/2009 4:48:37 AM

It has to go all the way....what a beauty!! Congratulations! #7861555

Nick Lagos level-classic 8/18/2009 5:32:43 AM

Wonderful mood and atmosphere here Rennee... great catch...congrats to you #7861782

Shawn Jennings level-classic 8/18/2009 6:38:12 AM

WTG Renee! Congratulations on your finalist! #7862171

A P 8/18/2009 7:31:51 AM

I'm away so I'm going to say CONGRAULATIONS on ALL your finalists here. Everything you touch turns to Silver or Gold. Best of luck in the next round honey. You work is AMAZING and you deserve every award you receive. #7862488

Susan M. Campbell 8/18/2009 10:20:41 AM

So amazing! Congratulations again on a finalist that is so well deserved. #7863244

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 8/18/2009 10:58:22 AM

Truly beautiful Renee!!! I'm impressed with your depth and colors~ great work in HDR!

Congratulations on your finalist! #7863427

Jeff Robinson level-classic 8/18/2009 2:33:59 PM

Congrats Renee on this Outstanding Finalist!! Jeff #7863989

Colleen Farrell level-classic 8/18/2009 2:54:34 PM

Beautiful, Renee! Big congrats on your finalist! #7864086

Linda Blair 8/18/2009 3:24:00 PM

Fabulous HDR...a spectaular view....congratulations again!!!!!!!! #7864253

Denny E. Barnes level-classic 8/18/2009 3:47:07 PM

Outstanding first attempt, Renee!! Congratulations on your excellent and well deserved finalist!! #7864369

John Connolly level-classic 8/18/2009 3:49:37 PM

Marvelous HDR work Renee!
Congratulations on your Award! #7864382

Kara L. Hendricks level-classic 8/18/2009 4:33:52 PM

As always Renee, you leave us in AWE and wanting more!!!

congratulations Pictures, Images and Photos #7864584

Kristi A. Howson level-classic 8/18/2009 8:49:31 PM

Congratulations Renee on this and all of your wonderful finalists for July. Best of luck in the next round! You do stunning work! #7865352

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 8/18/2009 9:36:25 PM

A fabulous image. Congrats on this awesome Finalist!!! It looks destined for more glory!

UB. #7865424

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 8/18/2009 10:48:19 PM

Huge congratulations on all your finalists, Renee. Each a fantastic piece of art!!! #7865546

Graeme yew Chow level-classic 8/18/2009 11:34:49 PM

Wow ! expected to see this one again. Congratulations ! Renee. #7865697

Randy D. Dinkins level-classic 8/19/2009 2:46:23 AM

Not bad for a first attempt at HDR :-). Although, it isn't the HDR that does it here, but the comp. Great eye. Congratulations. #7866141

Jim Kinnunen level-classic 8/19/2009 6:45:28 AM

Congratulations on this splendid, colorful, dramatic image, Renee!!! #7867157

Elida Gutierrez level-classic 8/19/2009 10:36:23 AM

One more time, CONGRATULATIONS Renee!!! #7868050

Linda D. Lester level-classic 8/19/2009 3:37:38 PM

Just beautiful!!! Congratulations! #7868899

Courtenay Vanderbilt level-classic 8/19/2009 3:49:48 PM

WTG girl! Congratulations, Renee! #7868985

Amy M. Wilson level-classic 8/19/2009 3:57:51 PM

Big congratulations on this beautiful gold winner, Renee! #7869047

Max Aureli level-classic 8/19/2009 4:19:47 PM

Congratulations Renee!!! :-)) #7869169

Lorna Shutter level-classic 8/19/2009 4:39:13 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd Place Win for this incredible image, Renee!!!!! :) Photobucket #7869293

Shawn Jennings level-classic 8/19/2009 4:49:24 PM

Awesome! Congratulations on another fantastic win, Renee! #7869359

ROLAN NARMAN 8/19/2009 5:42:55 PM

Huge congrats on your gorgeous winner Renee! #7869604

Tammy Scott 8/19/2009 5:54:11 PM

Congratulations on this terrific winner! #7869656

Ken Smith level-classic 8/19/2009 6:51:19 PM

No surprise here...should have been a 1st! :-) Congrats, Renee!! #7869847

Kathy Cline level-classic 8/19/2009 6:55:41 PM

GOD BLESS and CONGRATS!! #7869862

Carla Metzler 8/19/2009 7:05:59 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner! #7869899

Mariann Kovats level-classic 8/19/2009 7:23:38 PM

Congratulations on this awesome winner, Renee! #7869946

Christopher Budny level-classic 8/19/2009 7:32:07 PM

Beautiful winner here, Renee... congratulations (again!) #7869987

Evy Johansen level-classic 8/19/2009 7:42:06 PM

Congratulations on another beautiful win, Renee!! #7870038

Debra R. Harder 8/19/2009 8:11:47 PM

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS again, Renee, on your SUPERB GOLD WINNER!!! This HDR image is everything you do!!! Deb #7870137

Wendy Moghadam 8/19/2009 8:13:38 PM

Outstanding! Congratulations on your win!!! #7870147

Teresa A. Burnett level-classic 8/19/2009 8:26:57 PM

YAYYYYYY!!! I just knew this one should wear gold, Renee!! Congratulations!! #7870217

Ann Coates level-classic 8/19/2009 8:31:57 PM

Congratulations Renee on this spectacular winner. #7870247

Cindy Bendush level-classic 8/19/2009 9:09:27 PM

Another huge congratulations Renee! #7870396

Datha Y. Thompson 8/19/2009 9:17:19 PM

Gorgeous GOLD Winner Renee ;) #7870421

Robert Baer 8/19/2009 10:19:56 PM

congrats on this lovely composition renee. #7870539

Mary K. Robison 8/20/2009 12:02:53 AM

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you, Renee!
A very well deserved win!

Katarina Mansson 8/20/2009 12:16:56 AM

A first HDR attempt -> a winner...what will come next?! Congratulations on this beauty Renee! #7870628

Laurence Saliba level-classic 8/20/2009 1:07:10 AM

Always loved this!!! Congrats again Renee!!!! #7870701

Bojan Bencic level-classic 8/20/2009 1:09:07 AM

Congratulations on your win, Renee. #7870706

Alan L. Borror 8/20/2009 3:14:05 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful winner, Renee! #7870862

Graham Robards level-classic 8/20/2009 4:17:14 AM

Congratulations Reene, it is wonderful to see an Australian image feature amongst the Gold! ~Well done! ~Pat R #7871041

Stefania Barbier level-classic 8/20/2009 4:52:05 AM

WOOOHOOOO congrats again for another gorgeous winner!!!!! #7871141

Colleen Farrell level-classic 8/20/2009 8:24:56 AM

WTG, Renee! Big congrats on your win! #7871954

Linda Blair 8/20/2009 8:31:45 AM

Congratulations a beautiful win!!!!!! #7871985

Tarun Bose 8/20/2009 10:46:45 AM

Big congrats for your winner, Renee. #7872349

Denny E. Barnes level-classic 8/20/2009 1:01:45 PM

Congratulations Renee, on your beautiful and well deserved win!! Excellent work!! #7872665

Thomas E. Hinds level-classic 8/20/2009 7:07:40 PM

Terrific winner! #7873476

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 8/20/2009 7:09:12 PM

Fantastic winning image, Renee!!! Again, WTG!!! :-) k #7873483

Ujjwal Mukherjee level-classic 8/20/2009 8:49:33 PM

Huge congrats,Renee, yet again!!

Carolyn J. Connolly level-classic 8/20/2009 9:17:41 PM

Renee - I just KNEW that this image would be a winner for you, so B-I-G congratulations on that, my friend...AND on A-L-L your other Finalists and place getters for July, too!! BRAVO!! :o) #7873730

Kelly S. Cavanaugh 8/21/2009 7:04:29 AM

Congratulations on your gorgeous win, Renee!! #7874753

Monika Sapek level-classic 8/21/2009 10:36:17 AM

Many congratulations on your Second Place Win, Renee!
Monika #7875099

Laurie Daily level-classic 8/21/2009 1:36:09 PM

Congratulations on another beautiful winner, Renee...absolutley gorgeous!!!

Sam Britt level-classic 8/21/2009 7:55:57 PM

Congratulations on this winner, Renee! #7876185

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 8/21/2009 7:57:11 PM

Congratulations Renee, a beauty! #7876189

Nick Lagos 8/22/2009 11:08:36 PM

Congratulations on your first HDR winning image Rennee... very well crated indeed... #7879202

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 8/23/2009 5:44:56 AM

CONGRATULATIONS again on this beautiful capture and glad to see this getting GOLDEN, Renee.

UB. #7879683

Susan M. Hembree level-classic 8/23/2009 5:28:19 PM

Another awesome image, Renee! Congratulations on your 2nd place win! #7881555

Graeme yew Chow 8/23/2009 11:59:10 PM

Yeah ! very deserving winner, Renee. It was a wonderful experience when I was with you and Barry. #7882160

JudyAnn Rector level-classic 9/2/2009 2:27:43 PM

Photobucket #7910180

Susana Ms Heide level-classic 9/8/2009 6:52:02 PM

What an incredible HDR debut!!!!This is breathtaking, Renee!! I am speechless!! CONGRATS! #7926950

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 9/23/2009 4:01:02 AM

Congratulations, Renee, on this spectacular image!
Bet we see it again!
~♥~Lisa #7973574

Dianna Murphy 9/23/2009 9:11:31 AM

Oh my Gosh Renee, this IS gorgeous, don't know how I missed it. Wow... a REAL winner! #7974747

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 11/15/2009 6:28:29 AM

Congratulations Renee on your Win!!!

Dominick #8132689

Nancy L. Green level-classic 10/20/2016 9:01:01 AM

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING Renee, congratulations on this well deserved POTD!!! <>< #11528630

Sylvia Rourke level-classic 10/20/2016 9:02:20 AM

Congrats on your gold wins and today's POTD, a spectacular capture. #11528632

Katherine Kuhn level-classic 10/20/2016 9:08:35 AM

Renee, this is just spectacular! #11528637

Chuck Green level-classic 10/20/2016 9:58:11 AM

Amazing image, Renee! Congrats! #11528669

Joy Bello 10/20/2016 11:21:32 AM

Beautiful! Congrats on your goldens! #11528703

Guy D. Biechele level-classic 10/20/2016 11:37:40 AM

Beautiful image, Renee! Congrats!! #11528714

Graeme yew Chow 10/21/2016 5:33:35 AM

Congrats on your POTD winner, Renee. I recalled that we shot together there! Thanks for the wonderful memory. #11528979

Nancy L. Green level-classic 10/21/2016 8:52:27 AM


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Another view from the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.
My first attempt at an HDR image .... Huge thanks to Deb Harder and Ken Smith for all their helpful advice :-)

Exif: F Number: 22, ExposureTime: 100/200 seconds, ISO: 100, FocalLength: 24.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS 5D

Uploaded on 7/8/2009 12:11:25 AM All Time Best Photo Contest Winner Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner Photo of the Day

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