Trapped in CyberSpace

© Dolores Neilson

Trapped in CyberSpace

Danielle K. Perras 2/27/2003 7:06:43 PM

That's amazing! How did you do that? Please tell...please! #24444


What if the electricity goes out? Nice DA, DN. #60445

Lem Metro

Cute. Nicely done, too, Dolores. #60470

Gary H. Minish

Very creative and well executed, Dolores! Definitely a fun shot :-) #60472

Murry Grigsby

Too funny, Dolores. Very creative. #60480

Gerda Grice

Really clever and beautifully executed, Dolores. Her hands show the marks of pressing against the "trap"--a great detail that helps make the image really convincing. #60482

Annika Lund

This is really creative. I like it alot. Great work.
Ciao Annika #60511

Patricia Marroquin

You've done it again, Dolores. So creative! We're waiting to hear how you did this. :-) #60527

Kathleen Clemons

Well here you go again! What a unique idea! Nicely done, Dolores. #60550

Carolyn M. Fletcher

Outstanding, Dolores!! #60557

Jill Battaglia

Wonderful, Dolores! Great job!! :-) #60576

Sharon L. Dominick

Very clever! #60598


Lots of praise to you. I think people can relate. #60602

Ellen Peach

Excellent, unique, creative...I could go on and on! #60627

Robert Mann

Well, I just ditto eveyone, Lady D! Rob #60629

Mette Vendelboe Allison

You've created another winner. Your strength is your diversity. One never know what you are gonna pull up your sleeve next, and that's great. #60699

Damian P. Gadal

Outstanding! #60710

Mette Vendelboe Allison

Sorry for the lacking S. My fingers tend to work faster than what's good for correct spelling. #60725

Monika Sapek

This is great, Dolores! Very creative.

Suzie Strasburg

lolololololo Dolores!How creative! #60856

Dolores Neilson

Holy Cow!! Hi everyone! OMGosh...I'm just blown away by the show of support on this image! Many, many thanks to:

Danielle, Caly, Lem, Gary, Murry, Gerda, Annika, Patricia, Kathleen, Carolyn, Jill, Sharon, Ellen, Robert, Mette, Damain, Monika and Suzie!!

I am so honored that you deem this image worthy of your generous compliments! Thank you so much!!

I created the image as follows, Patricia and Danielle...

Two images were used for this image...
First, I took a picture of my daughter for the monitor screen shot and second, an image of my computer screen with keyboard was required (I shot that last). I knew that for credibility's sake, I had to shoot the "model" behind glass and the positioning of her hands was crucial to the image's success. However, that posed special challenges because of reflections. (The second was communicating the expression and pose I wanted!) I started by washing my vehicle window (the driver one that isn't tinted) and had her wash HER hands well so that I wouldn't have fingerprints smearing the glass obscuring her face. Then I set up the camera and had her pose, paying special attention to the positioning of the hands and the expression I felt was necesary for the end result. Bracketing my exposures and having to fight reflections, I finally achieved an image I found satisfactory. The next phase was taking an image of my monitor and keyboard...the black around the monitor is natural darkness from the fact my computer is in an armoire so I didn't even have to move it.
I made brightness/contrast/sharpness adjustments on both images....copied the one of my daughter and cut and pasted it in the computer screen area. And that's how it was achieved.

I'm so delighted you like it. Thank you all so much. #60884

Mark Oxley

WOW!! Sorry Dolores, I somehow missed this masterpiece of creativity! Many congrats on making the finalists with this tremendous creation. #61865

Carolyn M. Fletcher

This most creative shot will be my pick for Grand Prize this month! It's one of your best ever!!! #61896

Denny Medley

Fantastic, and very creative image, Dolores! You're so creative! Good job, and good luck with it! #61919

Lem Metro

The judges do have a sense of humor! Good luck, Dolores. #62005

Robert Mann

So after you win the grand prize with this, can I please visit your deluxe web site, Please! LOL! Truly wonderful and truly deserving of any and all accolades you and it receive! RoB #62008

Murry Grigsby

Congrats, Dolores!! #62070

Mette Vendelboe Allison

Congrats from me. This is so creative and so well done that it deserves the grand price in my eyes. Good luck, Dolores! #62122

Dolores Neilson

Hi Mark...thank you!! Please don't apologize ...this was actually submitted the day before the end of the contest .. it was only displayed a few hours. THank you so much for your kind comment. And congrats to you for your wins!! I'm making the rounds and with dial up, it'll take several days...but I'll get there!

Why Carolyn...that's the nicest thing a photographer's ever said to me! Thank you for your two thumbs up! What a treasure of a comment. I appreciate that so much!

And greetings to you, Denny! Many thanks for your good luck wishes. Yes, I appreciate judges with a sense of humor. Heck...I appreciate ANYONE with a sense of humor! ;?)

Hi Robert!! Thanks so much for your confidence in this image! I don't know if it will win grand but it would make my day, week, month and year! YOU can visit me anytime, where ever I am! I appreciate all the generous praise you've given me on this image.

Hi Murry! Many thanks for your post! I appreciate your support!

Hi Mette! Your comments are a photographer's dream! Nothing means more to me than photographers such as yourself elevating my work to possible grand prize potential. Your approval is immensely appreciated! Happy shooting! #62259

Carol Sherman

Dolores, I'm sorry I missed some of your fabulous entries...must have been while I was out of town. WoWWWW! This is just so creative and well excuted as Always!
Best of Luck in the Finals!!! #62375

Gerda Grice

Dolores, this brilliant photo is everything everyone has beeen saying it is, and I'm certain we'll soon be seeing it as a big winner! Thanks for sharing the genesis of this image with us. The story was fascinating and really indicative of the planning and hard work that goes into your images. #62389

Cathy M. Gromball

Congratulations on finals, Dolores! A very cool and fun shot!

Cathy :) #62458

Damian P. Gadal

This had winner written all over it - Congrats!!! #62490

Dolores Neilson

Carol, please DO NOT apologize! You seldom fail to comment on my fact, I don't think I have one post without your special commentary on it! Life is difficult enough and time consuming...there are so many more important family and just plain surviving! I'm just delighted when you CAN stop by and comment and if you can't, all is still well. I learn to enjoy people when it's possible. Thank you so much!

Gerda...Your generous comment is so appreciated. I was happy to share my "secret" with everyone. There are some images I'm willing to work harder on than others. It all depends how much potential I feel they may have. Again, you post is so thoughtful and kind...your very appreciated here!

Cathy...I appreciate immensely your thoughtful and kind post. Thank you so very much! Happy shooting!

Damian...Thank you for thinking highly of the image...I appreciate it very much. Congrats on all your wins also! #62525

Scott W. Pierson

Delores, I hate to say it since I have several photos in the finals as well, but I predict you will win with this photo. I wish I had such a willing model to pose for goofy, but creative shots such as this. I have seen similar things done before; however, not with the attention to detail like the hands pressed on the glass and your daughter's wonderful expression.

Good luck with this one and your others in the finals. #62553

Dolores Neilson

Greetings to you, Scott! Many thanks for your confidence in this image having grand prize potential. Thank you so much for your time....a wonderful gift that doesn't get appreciated enough. However, I must correct you on one point...if you only knew how RESISTANT my daughter is modeling for me ! Not a WILLING subject! Her and I constantly negotiate...and at times, I wonder if the deal will be worth it. This last deal was a book she wanted by Brian Jacques, the last time..I paid her! Gerda knows all about my "willing" model! LOL I have complained many times about it to her!

Scott...THANK YOU and congratulations to YOU on your finalists also! Who knows, one of yours could be the grand prize winner! I will get around to commenting on them...I'm on dial up and you know how slow that is! #62564

Scott W. Pierson


Hopefully your daughter will see by the responses on this photo that she is appreciated by others as well as by you. I saw your gallery, by the way and I am very impressed by your work. You definetly have the eye. Great stuff, I am truely inspired.


Karen Seargeant

Congrats, Dolores! Great job! #62620

Damian P. Gadal

You know - this would make a great ad, or wallpaper!!! #62659

Dolores Neilson

Thanks again, Scott! I appreciate that you took time to check out my gallery. I value your opinion on my work...Many thanks to you!!And keep on shooting!

HI Karen!! Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

Hi Damian! I never thought about it! Hey, I just thought of one better...a computer book cover!! Wrong format though...ought to be landscape format for that! Thank so much! Man, you are HOT this month, my man! You must have six finalist winners here!! #62763


Congratulations Dolores. Best of luck with this fine photo! #62785

Gary H. Minish

Congratulations, Dolores! I'm quite sure this one will go further :-) #62857

Sue B

Thanks for taking so much thought and time to make me smile! #62956

Dolores Neilson

Thank you so much, dear Caley! I appreciate that alot!

Hi Gary! What a nice thing to say! That would be very nice...nice for you and everybody! That's the tough part! I appreciate your post!

Hi Sue! And THANK YOU for acknowledging my efforts! You're very kind! Happy shooting! #62963

Gene Gitman

It looks like a winner! Good Luck! #63022

Ellen Peach

Definitely a winner....congratulations! #63029

June Marie Sobrito

Superb! Congratulations and good luck! #63104

Dolores Neilson

Hi Gene! Thank you!! That's high praise! IMmensely appreciate your post and good luck wishes!

Hi Ellen! I appreciate your confidence also! WHat a nice thing to say. Thank you!!

Hey June Marie! Thanks so much!! I'm going to need the luck...the images this month are phenomenal! INcluding yours!

Thanks a million, everyone! #63287

Monika Sapek

Many congratulations on making finals with this image, Dolores!

Dolores Neilson

Thank you so much, Monika! It's definitely a privilege to make finalist here with all the talent! Happy day! #63468

Bernard B. Travers

This happened to me once, after a midnight meal of chile and beans. Never again, lady.

Hey DN - YOU JUSS SO BAD. Go getum' lady. #63490

Dolores Neilson

Hi again, BT!! I'm glad this rekindled a flame! (Woe to the ones who were in the same room with you after the chile beans!)

I appreciate your supportive post, Sir Travers! Thanks so much! #63538

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