That Face!!!

Kimberly J. Whipps 4/21/2005 7:34:22 AM

Great shot! Truly unforgettable. Glad you re-entered...this is the first timeI've seen it. Wonderful. #239289

Lisa Deaton 4/21/2005 7:35:12 AM

Such a great photo. You captured his excitment so well. Great job!!! #1275164

Jill A. Johnson 4/21/2005 7:38:38 AM

Super Image Kara!!!
so sweet!

Jill :) #1275192

Paul Michko 4/21/2005 7:42:14 AM

How very adorable, Kara. I love that face. #1275218

Tammy Nuxoll 4/21/2005 7:47:44 AM

That face is priceless Kara!!! I love it!! Hope u have a great day!!! #1275247

Lisa D. Greer 4/21/2005 7:51:11 AM

Awwww! Now thats a look of utter joy! What a sweet capture Kara! Too cute! :) #1275269

Olivia Navarro 4/21/2005 7:57:45 AM

Definitely worth re-entering for those of us who haven't had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful, happy shot! Great job Kara! #1275317

S J 4/21/2005 8:21:13 AM

OMG!! What a cutie!! He's really so sweet, Kara!! I just love it!! #1275542

Lori L. Thomas 4/21/2005 8:46:07 AM

Very, very cute. #1275759

Anita Hogue 4/21/2005 8:47:16 AM

Great photo, Kara! #1275766

Tammy Scott 4/21/2005 9:21:04 AM

Very cute, Kara! #1275978

Kara L. Hendricks 4/21/2005 9:51:37 AM

Thanks so much Kimberly, Lisa D., Jill, Paul, Tammy N., Lisa G., Olivia, Sanjay, Lori, Anita and Tammy S.!!! #1276211

Dan Holm 4/21/2005 9:56:03 AM

This is adorable, Kara!! VERY, very cute!! An excellent and memorable capture! #1276245

Lynn Crawford 4/21/2005 12:19:44 PM

What a cutie, love this little one's expression Kara, great job :) #1276871

Judy S. Fung 4/21/2005 1:06:47 PM

Great shot, Kara! So cute. #1277075

Christy L. Densmore 4/21/2005 1:58:06 PM

Kara, this is great. So, so happy. You are correct going through the finalist is awesome. I hope to be there one day, but have miles to go. #1277230

Bobbie Davis 4/21/2005 2:07:29 PM

So cute!!!!! :) #1277265

Linda D. Lester 4/21/2005 3:01:56 PM

Cute shot! Kara! #1277480

Michelle R. Kovach 4/21/2005 3:45:24 PM

Too cute Kara! Totally adorable!
Thanks for the congrats & same to you!
Have a great day!
Michelle #1277615

Terry R. Hatfield 4/21/2005 4:23:44 PM

What A Cutie Kara!!A Happy Baby,Nicely Done:-) #1277787

Marsha S. Smith 4/21/2005 4:51:53 PM

Soooo cute and he is having such a good time. Love the expression on his face - sheer joy! #1277950

Goshka G. 4/21/2005 5:09:23 PM

That face is screaming cuteness, Kara! Very nicely caught! #1278038

Deborah C. Lewinson 4/21/2005 6:05:42 PM

Wonderful capture of that adorable face, Kara!!!
-Debby #1278274

Kara L. Hendricks 4/21/2005 6:25:10 PM

Thanks so much Dan, Lynn, Judy, Christy, Bobbie, Linda, Michelle, Terry, Marsha, Goshka and Debbie!! #1278376

Rob T. Henry 4/22/2005 5:19:48 AM

Awsome shot and expression, Kara!! #1280007

KHAWLA Haddad 4/22/2005 5:25:03 AM

AWWWWW SO CUTE,great capture Kara he is so adorable!! #1280045

Kara L. Hendricks 4/22/2005 6:46:07 AM

Thank you Rob and Kelly... #1280429

Michelle Lea Guinn 4/22/2005 7:02:47 AM

Love it!!!! Now this is what life is all about!!!! wonderful shot Kara!!! mlg #1280465

Carla Metzler 4/22/2005 7:33:02 AM

I guess I don't need to tell you... you KNOW I love this one! #1280596

Kara L. Hendricks 4/22/2005 7:53:04 AM

Thank you Michelle and Carla!!! #1280682

Laurence Saliba 4/22/2005 10:18:57 AM

Oh this is so COOL!!!!! #1281186

Kara L. Hendricks 4/22/2005 10:44:21 AM

Thanks Laurence!! #1281271

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 4/22/2005 10:52:30 AM

very adorable Kara! #1281297

Kara L. Hendricks 4/22/2005 10:58:36 AM

Thank you Kathryn! #1281324

Cathy Barrows 4/22/2005 11:48:26 AM

how precious is it #1281465

cj patterson 4/22/2005 11:57:36 AM

how cute is he??? ADORABLE!!! very sweet... #1281523

Kara L. Hendricks 4/22/2005 1:39:25 PM

Thanks so much Cathy and C.J.!! #1281753

Kristy E. Lane 4/23/2005 8:49:36 AM

Ahhhh...I remember that sweet face. Wasn't it in B&W before??? Either way, completely adorable. Wonderful capture! #1283925

Kara L. Hendricks 4/23/2005 4:33:01 PM

Thanks Kristy.. And yes, it was b/w before.. I left it color this time.. Thanks again.. #1284707

Stephen Zacker 4/23/2005 6:38:07 PM

Very cute. Like that Big smile #1285020

Kara L. Hendricks 4/23/2005 6:40:40 PM

Thanks Stephen!! #1285029

Melissa L. Zavadil 4/23/2005 7:30:55 PM

Kara this is so cute! His face is so lit up. You captured this wonderfully! #1285130

Kara L. Hendricks 4/23/2005 7:42:29 PM

Thanks so much Melissa!! #1285154

Photographer 4/25/2005 8:23:58 AM

Lovely Kara, Wow! I just love it!

Kara L. Hendricks 4/25/2005 8:36:22 AM

Thanks Reine!! #1289703

Kerby Pfrangle 5/13/2005 6:35:34 AM

Kara love the babies expression this is priceless.

This will be a treasure for years to come. Kerby #1347482

Kara L. Hendricks 5/13/2005 6:43:13 AM

Thanks for commenting Kerby!! #1347519

KHAWLA Haddad 5/21/2005 8:57:42 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Kara great job!!!! #1376289

Bryan Yates 5/21/2005 9:14:27 PM

Congrats Kara!!!! #1376416

Evy Johansen 5/21/2005 9:20:37 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Kara! #1376465

Jane Summa 5/21/2005 9:27:21 PM

Congratulations, Kara!! Priceless expression you've captured!! BP thinks so, too! #1376534

Deborah C. Lewinson 5/21/2005 9:43:57 PM

Congratulations, Kara, and best wishes for the next round!
-Debby #1376657

Bobbie Davis 5/21/2005 9:45:40 PM

Congratulations Kara!!!!! This is just too cute!!!! #1376669

Jill Flynn 5/21/2005 10:09:00 PM

A big congratulations on this terrific finalist Kara! #1376868

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas 5/21/2005 10:34:52 PM

Congratulations Kara!,
Amalia #1377054

Mary K. Robison 5/21/2005 11:33:02 PM

So glad this adorable favorite of yours made finalist, Kara!

Margot Petrowski 5/21/2005 11:33:40 PM

YEAH KARA!!!!!!!! #1377533

Photographer 5/21/2005 11:37:16 PM

Wow! Love it!
Congrats on this wonderful finalist Kara!

Lori S. Aschbrenner 5/22/2005 12:32:11 AM

Congratulations, Kara!! #1377772

Tom Andersen 5/22/2005 4:28:08 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Kara! #1378283

Anita Hogue 5/22/2005 4:28:18 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Kara!!! #1378286

Laura Clay-Ballard 5/22/2005 5:55:30 AM

Congratulations! #1378823

Cindy Paquette 5/22/2005 6:02:39 AM

And YOU are!!!! Congrats Kara!!!:-) #1378866

Debra Booth 5/22/2005 6:12:28 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Kara! #1378955

No Info 5/22/2005 6:16:05 AM

Congrats Kara! #1378986

Claudia Kuhn 5/22/2005 6:18:43 AM

Wonderful Kara, congratulations! #1379013

Kara L. Hendricks 5/22/2005 6:26:05 AM

Thanks alot guys!!! I appreciate you taking time to congratulate me!!! #1379089

Wendy Stevenson 5/22/2005 9:11:07 AM

Congrats on this and ALL your finalists Kara. I love that face!!!! Best of luck in the next round:-) #1380236

Laurence Saliba 5/22/2005 9:35:29 AM

Congrats Kara! #1380407

Terry R. Hatfield 5/22/2005 10:39:48 AM

Congratulations On Your Finalist Kara:-) #1380707

Jessica McCollam 5/22/2005 11:08:17 AM

Congrats, Kara! :) What a great finalist!:) #1380855

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 5/22/2005 11:23:48 AM

Adorabale finalist, Kara, truly a sweet unforgettable face! #1380963

Deb Brown 5/22/2005 11:42:01 AM

Glad to see this little cutie made it through!!! Congratulations, Kara---on a photograph VERY well taken!!! #1381056

Deborah Sandidge 5/22/2005 1:00:41 PM

Adorable! Congratulations Kara!!! #1381369

Kara L. Hendricks 5/22/2005 1:44:22 PM

Thank you all so very much! #1381556

Melissa L. Zavadil 5/22/2005 1:54:27 PM

Congrats on your finalist Kara!!!!! SO SO CUTE!! #1381601

Jonna Bergström 5/22/2005 3:32:23 PM

Congratulations!! It wonderful! #1382005

Carla Metzler 5/22/2005 4:49:33 PM

Congratulations, Kara!! I love this! cm #1382240

Vicki Hunt 5/22/2005 5:01:26 PM

Congrats, Kara! #1382272

Kevin Burns 5/22/2005 5:47:32 PM

Congratulations.I can't belive I missed this fun image. #1382523

S J 5/22/2005 6:45:48 PM

Congratulations on this super cute Finalist, Kara!! I love it!! #1382751

Donna J. Taff 5/22/2005 7:06:26 PM

Congrat's, Kara!!! #1382907

Susana Ms Heide 5/22/2005 7:10:35 PM

Gotta LOVE that expression! Looks like he's ticklish. CONGRATS on this wonderful finalist!! #1382940

Sharon L. Wack 5/22/2005 8:47:34 PM


Marsha S. Smith 5/22/2005 9:04:49 PM

Soooo cute! Congratulations, Kara, on this shot and your other finalist! #1383326

Kara L. Hendricks 5/22/2005 9:17:30 PM

Thanks so much all of you for the wonderful congrats!!! #1383380

Judy S. Fung 5/23/2005 2:51:45 AM

Congrats, Kara!! #1383789

Candice C. Calhoun 5/23/2005 6:49:49 AM

Congratulations, Kara...super finalist!! What an expression!!!

ccc #1384775

Kara L. Hendricks 5/23/2005 6:52:34 AM

Thanks Judy and Candice! #1384796

Lynn Crawford 5/23/2005 8:13:10 AM

Congrats Kara, great job :) #1385193

Tammy McAllister 5/23/2005 9:00:58 AM

What a face...great capture!
Congratulations on another great finalist!
Tootles #1385465

Sharon Day 5/23/2005 9:56:22 AM

Adorable, Kara!!! Big congratulations on this outstanding finalist! #1385692

Karen Engelbreth 5/23/2005 12:41:57 PM

Congrats Kara! #1386145

Kathleen K. Parker 5/24/2005 4:04:48 AM

Congratulations, Kara!!!
Kathleen #1388494

Kerby Pfrangle 5/24/2005 6:41:38 AM

Kara congradulations.

Beautiful image.

Best of luck in the next round.

Kerby #1389558

Kara L. Hendricks 5/24/2005 7:17:23 AM

Thank you Lynn, Tammy, Sharon, Karen, Kathleen and Kerby! #1389703

Jennifer Rennison 5/25/2005 3:32:27 PM

Adorable face, Kara! Just love the expression! Congratulations on your fabulous finalist! #1396492

Kara L. Hendricks 5/25/2005 4:21:49 PM

Thank you Jennifer!! #1396673

Dan McConoughey 8/30/2005 9:32:28 PM

Kara, I still love this shot. It makes me chuckle every time I see it.
It reminds me so much of my little guy so long ago.
Thanks. Have a good one. Dan

Kara L. Hendricks 8/30/2005 9:41:28 PM

Thank you so much Dan!! #1787401

Michelle R. Kovach 4/17/2007 7:36:11 AM

Congratulations Chica on being featured in the Snapshot Newsletter's featured Gallery for Cute Babies! #4177865

Kara L. Hendricks 4/17/2007 9:10:56 AM

Really?? Cool!! Thanks!!! #4178233

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A little break from zoo shots..
I had to re-enter this in the Monthly... One of my favs. from about a year ago..
I would love to go through and congratulate the many friends I have made here at BP personally.. But time is an
I am among such unbelievable photographers.. Going through the finalists is truly a humbling experience..

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