~The Right Angle~

© Shelly A. Van Camp

~The Right Angle~

Ron McEwan 1/23/2009 10:31:44 AM

Don't have a clue, but a well composed image here Shelly well done indeed. #1072491

Rajeev 270293 Kashyap 1/23/2009 11:05:34 AM

Terrific capture Shelly! #7073881

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/23/2009 11:08:32 AM

Thanks Ron and Rajeev! Anyone who has met him will know! :) #7073893

Mike Clime 1/23/2009 11:47:33 AM

Nice capture and effects! Looks like Ken is getting a different pov. #7074088

Nina Shields 1/23/2009 12:31:16 PM

Shelly, looks as if Ken is staging a "sit in" :) Love your perspective and the effects are wonderful; great capture of "Superman" without his cape! #7074275

Gina M. Savage 1/23/2009 12:32:54 PM

Shelly, this is fantastic...my favorite yet! I bet this is a winner!!:) #7074283

Phillip R. Connolly 1/23/2009 12:33:46 PM

Love your composition and effects Shelly. Excellent image.

Phil #7074287

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/23/2009 12:40:15 PM

Mike, Nina, Gina and Phillip: Thank you all so much! We all had so much fun that day...this church is beautiful! I love the way the lights looked in this picture too....Have a great day!! #7074313

Ken Smith 1/23/2009 12:58:17 PM

Hard to tell who it is...hopefully he got a good shot too...I like your effects...and hope we see this one again! :-) #7074389

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/23/2009 1:10:09 PM

LOL Ken! I don't know why I never posted this one! I really love it! I am glad you like it too! :) #7074440

Darryl Wilkinson 1/23/2009 2:10:43 PM

I recognize that old feller :) This is a most excellent photo, Shelly!! #7074635

Kathy Cline 1/23/2009 2:17:33 PM

HI Shelly, I LOVE THIS and I love the effects. I dont know KEN but he is a great model for you . The church is so sweet. GOD BLESS Kathy #7074669

Mary Timman 1/23/2009 2:18:58 PM

Fantastic capture Shelly and love the effects with this! #7074679

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/23/2009 2:21:09 PM

Darryl, Kathy and Mary: Thank you all so much....have a nice evening!! #7074690

Linda D. Lester 1/23/2009 2:28:44 PM

That would be Ken! Great capture of a great photographer! #7074733

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 1/23/2009 2:48:25 PM

LOL, Ken seems to get into everyones images!!!!! hehehe

This is a fantastic shot and effects, Shelly!!!!! :-) k #7074825

Gail Vitikacs 1/23/2009 2:51:34 PM

Yep, that certainly looks like Mr. Smith....you did a beautiful job on the effects Shelly! Way to go for both of you! #7074852

Tammy M. Anderson 1/23/2009 3:01:41 PM

Wonderful composition and effects, Shelly. #7074939

Bill Wyatt 1/23/2009 3:13:47 PM

Fantastic work love the effects, light and colors!! #7075071

Bill Knaps 1/23/2009 4:06:22 PM

Because of the crossed legs. Ken Smith. I know he lives in that general Area. Nebraska I believe it is. Bill Oh Beautiful Capture Shelly. #7075495

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/23/2009 4:20:53 PM

Linda, Kitty, Gail, Tammy, Bill and Bill K.: Thanks so much everyone! Yes, this is Ken! He's a great friend, person and photographer...I was lucky to go on a couple of BP shoots with him and some others...hope to go again soon! #7075583

SaMi Martin 1/23/2009 5:48:28 PM

I love it! Great effects and POV! #7076411

David Van Camp 1/23/2009 6:55:14 PM

I can't guess, but it's an excellent shot and nice treatment, Shelly! :)

Sent you an email... recap:

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scroll to the bottom... you will see a 'Contests' link there. Click it,
scroll down half way and you will see a like that says: View All Recent
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Shelly A. Van Camp 1/23/2009 7:37:35 PM

SaMi and David: Thanks so much! Yep, I got the email and answered it. The man in the image is Ken Smith in Omaha. He has a web site on BP that you probably comment on at times. #7076907

Sam Britt 1/23/2009 8:02:01 PM

I would have guessed Ken, because I've seen a photograph of him before. Great image, wonderful effects, Shelly. #7077046

Shawn Jennings 1/23/2009 8:49:44 PM

Super work, Shelly! I recognize Ken there! #7077284

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/24/2009 6:28:15 AM

Sam and Shawn: Thank you soo much!! :) #7078983

Judy A. Lawhon 1/24/2009 7:52:42 AM

Excellent capture of this beautiful location, Shelly.....and the guy ain't bad either!! #7079646

Kay E. Mahoney 1/24/2009 11:40:55 AM

Nice capture, Shelly. Love the effect. I thought it was Ken even before I read that it was. Good job. #7079732

Nancy L. Green 1/24/2009 1:34:14 PM

Wonderful capture Shelly, maybe I will have the pleasur of meeting both you and Ken someday!! <>< #7080340

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/24/2009 6:14:34 PM

Judy, Nancy and Kay: Thank you all so much...........hope to meet you too, Nancy! #7081433

Renee Doyle 1/24/2009 10:16:18 PM

LOL Shelly!! Great capture of Superman!! #7082132

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/25/2009 9:53:54 AM

LOL He was actually praying, but I thought I wouldn't tell anyone....Thanks Renee! #7084272

Jeana Clark 1/25/2009 1:25:56 PM

Fabulous work Shelly!!!
Excellent POV and effects!!!
Love This!!!

~J~ #7085122

Judy V. Kennamer 1/25/2009 1:44:09 PM

I remember this! Wonderful capture! What a beautiful place -- it was so much fun to shoot with you and Superman Ken! He must have his cape (and tights!) in his camera bag -- :o) #7085212

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/25/2009 6:17:45 PM

Jeana and Judy: Thanks so much.....I do think Ken could change quicky into those tights and cape, if there were a phone booth around. LOL #7086355

Cassie L. Woodlee 1/25/2009 7:38:06 PM

Beautiful Shelly!!!! #7086653

Tommy E. Burgess 1/26/2009 12:15:41 AM

Absolutely gorgeous Shelly!! I'm really behind but all your recent entries look beautiful!! #7087408

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/26/2009 6:39:39 AM

Thanks Cass and Tommy! #7089011

JO ANN CLEVELAND 1/26/2009 7:20:38 AM

Of course it's Ken, hey Shelly that was the shoot we went to Omaha on, I loved that glass church, and of course to Ken for inviting the dixie chicks too (Linda, Judy and me) lol

Great shot and effects

jo ann c. #7089200

Vitor Dias 1/26/2009 7:26:43 AM

Amazing capture, Bravo Shelly, I like the effect too.

rgs Vitor #7089227

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/26/2009 8:26:48 AM

Jo Ann and Vitor: Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! #7089511

Tammy D. Ferren 1/26/2009 11:14:12 AM

Love this shot, Shelly! Sounds like ya'll have a great time together. Beautiful colors and effects here....I'm awaiting one in his cape and tights! #7090279

Gary Lange 1/26/2009 1:32:14 PM

This is neat, Shelly! I almost thought it was the Chapel in Sedona, AZ. Very well done! #7090901

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/26/2009 2:06:47 PM

Thanks Tammy and Gary! This one is in Missouri and I want to go see another one this summer in Arkansas. #7091001

Susie Peek-Swint 1/26/2009 2:59:21 PM

Great capture and treatment Shelly ~ sounds like you all had a terrific time there! #7091237

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/26/2009 3:12:38 PM

Thanks Susie! We had a blast!! I hope we can do another BP Shoot this summer. #7091314

Dianna Murphy 1/26/2009 3:47:00 PM

Awesome POV and great detail. #7091451

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/26/2009 6:49:37 PM

Thanks Dianna! #7091884

Carla Metzler 1/27/2009 6:17:46 AM

Pretty cool, Shelly! #7093723

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/27/2009 7:29:06 AM

Thank you, Carla! #7094159

Susan Fox 1/27/2009 4:35:41 PM

Great POV and love the effects too! #7095668

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/27/2009 7:34:45 PM

Thanks Susan! #7096236

Vladan D. Djordjevic 1/29/2009 8:18:52 AM

An excellent image! Terrific comp, effects, colors, lines. #7102153

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/29/2009 10:07:56 AM

Thanks Vlandan! #7102447

Tayseera Al-Barram 2/1/2009 9:25:08 PM

a fantastic image! well done :)


Shelly A. Van Camp 2/2/2009 6:43:34 PM

Thanks Teyseera! #7119665

A P 2/23/2009 10:27:51 AM

comment Pictures, Images and Photos

CONGRATULATIONS on your outstanding finalist. Best of Luck in the next round. #7198262

Amy JACKSON 2/23/2009 10:38:48 AM

Wonderful image and great effects, Shelly! Congratulations!! :) I missed this one earlier! #7198445

Vladan D. Djordjevic 2/23/2009 11:00:10 AM

Congratulations on this excellent finalist! #7198839

Linda D. Lester 2/23/2009 11:02:27 AM

Congratulations on your finalist....good luck in the next round! #7198879

Christian Rosito 2/23/2009 11:17:43 AM

Congratulations Shelly! #7199065

Jeana Clark 2/23/2009 11:28:27 AM

Congratulations on this FANTASTIC Finalist!!!!!!!
So Hope To See Again My Dear friend!!!!


~Farmer Girl~ #7199228

Karen Engelbreth 2/23/2009 11:30:30 AM

Congratulations! #7199254

Shawn Jennings 2/23/2009 11:33:56 AM

Congratulations on your finalist, Shelly! #7199297

Lynne Morris 2/23/2009 12:24:45 PM

Huge Congratulations on this beautiful finalist Shelly what a fantastic image, good luck in the next round. #7199907

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 2/23/2009 12:29:08 PM

WTG, Shelly!!!!! Fantastic finalists!!!!!! :-) k #7199944

Renee Doyle 2/23/2009 12:51:11 PM

WTG Shelly!!! Congratulations!!! #7200110

Susan Fox 2/23/2009 2:10:28 PM

Congratulations! #7201002

Pamela Shane 2/23/2009 2:14:01 PM

Congratulations Shelly, on this wonderful finalist! #7201045

Tamara K. Walker 2/23/2009 2:38:46 PM


Candice C. Calhoun 2/23/2009 2:50:19 PM

Congratulations for your marvelous finalist, WTG!

ccc #7201459

Kathy Cline 2/23/2009 4:03:41 PM

HI SHELLY OMG Im soooo happy for you.
I loved this image last month and I LOVE IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!GOD BLESS YOU and CONGRATULATIONS
Kathy #7201999

Courtenay Vanderbilt 2/23/2009 4:15:02 PM

CONGRATULATIONS, Shelly! (& Ken!) #7202087

Tammy Scott 2/23/2009 4:17:33 PM

Beautiful image! Congratulations! #7202110

Gail Vitikacs 2/23/2009 6:12:21 PM

Terrific finalist Shelly!!!! You and Ken made a good team on this! Congrats! #7203266

Barbara Waldoch 2/23/2009 6:36:33 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful Finalist, Shelly! #7203521

Kristi A. Howson 2/23/2009 8:12:11 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful Finalist and best of luck in the next round Shelly. Stunning work! #7204585

Stan Kwasniowski 2/23/2009 8:51:45 PM

Shelly, congratulations #7204880

Tommy E. Burgess 2/23/2009 10:01:49 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic Finalist Shelly!! Best of luck in the next round. #7205162

Usman M. Bajwa 2/23/2009 10:20:06 PM

Huge congrats. on this wonderful capture, Shelly.

Usman. #7205253

Sharon Sawyer 2/23/2009 10:44:52 PM

Shelly, congratulations on your fantastic finalist!!!!! #7205372

Laurence Saliba 2/23/2009 11:28:11 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist!!!!!!!!! #7205571

Stefania Barbier 2/24/2009 3:08:49 AM

congratulations on your SPECTACULAR finalist! #7206169

frank w. degenhardt 2/24/2009 5:34:14 AM

Well, you did it. A Finalist. That is so wonderful and itís great to see the judges feel the same way about your work as I do. Congratulations and may we see this picture in the next round. #7206935

Carla Metzler 2/24/2009 5:46:58 AM

Congratulations, Shelly! #7206972

Ken Smith 2/24/2009 5:57:58 AM

Glad to see we made it to the finals! :-) Congratulations! #7207001

Sam Britt 2/24/2009 6:53:05 AM

Congratulations Shelly!! #7207196

Shelly A. Van Camp 2/24/2009 7:34:44 AM

Thank you all so much for the support and comments....this is one of my favorites too.......Ken does take a good pic! I also love the church and the lights. I am hoping it will go further! Thanks again and have a wonderful day!! :) #7207375

ALLEN O. HOWARD 2/24/2009 10:07:11 AM

Excellent image and effects, Shelly! A B*I*G congratulations!!! #7208194

Shelly A. Van Camp 2/24/2009 6:51:32 PM

Thanks Allen....I had high hopes for this one........:) #7210888

Corinne M. Thompson 2/25/2009 10:05:52 AM

Congrats on your Finalist for this fabulous image! #7213903

Shelly A. Van Camp 2/26/2009 3:54:03 PM

Thanks Corinne! #7219174

Linda Blair 2/26/2009 5:09:54 PM

Congrats on this great image!!!!! #7219431

Shelly A. Van Camp 3/2/2009 3:27:11 PM

Thanks Linda! #7234641

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 3/5/2009 2:52:35 PM


HUGE CONGRATS on your finalist!



Lisa J. Boulden 3/7/2009 11:58:29 AM

What a fabulous finalist, Shelly!
Love it!
`Lisa #7255338

Shelly A. Van Camp 3/9/2009 5:59:17 PM

Thanks Lisa and Nancy! #7264683

JO ANN CLEVELAND 6/24/2009 8:02:21 AM

Don't know how I missed congrats on this Shelly, but it is perfect, congratulations!

jo ann c.

p.s. Hope your are recovering from your "heat" attack #7673631

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One of our Betterphoto buddies, getting the right angle, for the best picture.......This is the little church in Missouri. Can you guess who this super photographer is? Thanks for all the B'day wishes for Codi! Have a wonderful Friday!!

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