Show Off

Paul Michko 3/5/2005 2:49:21 AM

I remember this one, Carolyn. This is perfect for the monthly theme. I still love it so much. #221492

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 2:53:55 AM

I do, too, Paul! It's one of my all time favs. #1149075

Tom Andersen 3/5/2005 3:05:11 AM

Still beautiful after all these years, Carolyn! Great shot! #1149098

Arya Bandyopadhyay 3/5/2005 3:10:42 AM

i missed it last bad luck... but it popped up the moment I opened the page...fabulous shot, Carolyn!!! #1149107

S J 3/5/2005 3:12:17 AM

Outstanding capture and composition, Carolyn!! I love it!! #1149110

Colleen Braun 3/5/2005 3:18:45 AM

HOT... #1149123

Kathleen Clemons 3/5/2005 3:42:15 AM

I showed this to my husband again this morning, and once again he said, "I wish my wife could take pictures like that". LOL I think this is my all time favorite of yours, Carolyn, sure hope to see it get the recognition it deserves this time!! #1149140

Mette Vendelboe Allison 3/5/2005 3:43:49 AM

An elegant composition, crop and pic of a wonderful car, Carolyn! Good luck! #1149141

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 4:42:37 AM

Thanks Tom, Arya, Sanjay, Colleen, Kath and Mette.
Kath, tell Jim to bring you the right car and you will get the right picture! LOL..I can't believe he said that! #1149198

Anita Hogue 3/5/2005 4:49:58 AM

This is awesome, Carolyn! #1149218

William C. Raco 3/5/2005 4:59:58 AM

Wow, this is fantastic, Carolyn!
Such wonderful composition and color.
The detail, light and shapes are beautiful.
Best of luck this time!!



Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 5:02:55 AM

Thanks Anita and Bill.
Next time I'll get the owner to wipe off the water drops before I shoot. That might be what's putting the judges off. It was early morning and it had dew all over it. #1149257

Deborah C. Lewinson 3/5/2005 5:15:08 AM

Classy classic car image, Carolyn! Marvelous colors and crop. Good luck with your re-submit!
-Debby #1149281

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 5:20:46 AM

Thanks Debby!!!! #1149309

Cindy Paquette 3/5/2005 5:28:26 AM

Classically beautiful car Carolyn! Fantastic shot of well done! I also hope to see this again! #1149334

Wally Orlowsky 3/5/2005 5:32:49 AM

A show stopper indeed, Carolyn. #1149351

Tammy Scott 3/5/2005 5:33:06 AM

Fantastic shot, Carolyn!!!! Perfect for the monthly theme!!! I think you definitely have a winner on your hands!!!!!!! #1149353

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 5:37:44 AM

Thanks Cindy, Wally and Tammy! #1149363

Donna R. Moratelli 3/5/2005 6:10:49 AM

ohh, look at this. What an eye catching image; Carolyn!!! It's perfect for the monthly theme. You couldn't have choose a better shot. Great idea. #1149454

Roger Bernabo 3/5/2005 6:11:28 AM

Great shot! #1149459

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 6:16:41 AM

Thanks Donna and Roger!!! #1149478

Terry R. Hatfield 3/5/2005 6:23:17 AM

Beautiful Carolyn,Love The Gradient Fill It Matches Well:-) #1149490

Claudia Kuhn 3/5/2005 6:53:47 AM

Cool colors Carolyn!! #1149566

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 7:10:46 AM

Thanks Terry and Claudia! #1149619

Casey A. Hanson 3/5/2005 7:18:28 AM

Awesome! Love the colors and comp! Perfect for this month's theme, good luck w/ it this time! You've got my vote :0) #1149657

Stephen Zacker 3/5/2005 7:25:37 AM

VERY cool image. Like that Red and the background :-) #1149691

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 7:27:35 AM

Thanks Casey and Stephen!! #1149699

Donna J. Taff 3/5/2005 8:39:37 AM

Beautiful and very colorful, Carolyn!!! #1149799

Kelly Abernathy 3/5/2005 9:11:50 AM

This is a winner Carolyn! I have always loved it! -K #1149892

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 9:15:01 AM

Thanks Donna and Kelly!!! #1149900

Charlene Bayerle 3/5/2005 9:27:22 AM

This is one beautiful shot Carolyn!!!!! #1149935

Robin L. Wehrman 3/5/2005 9:31:16 AM

WOW This sure is a beautiful shot and very colorful, Carolyn!! Awesome car love the old ones. Good job!!!!! #1149939

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 9:34:10 AM

Thanks Char and Robin! #1149941

Marsha S. Smith 3/5/2005 10:31:22 AM

This is gorgeous. Great color, comp, lighting. Wonderful subject. It HAS to win, Carolyn. #1150024

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 10:58:47 AM

Your $10 is in the mail, Marsha. LOL #1150075

Bonnie C. Lackey 3/5/2005 1:31:13 PM

Can't believe this didn't win in the past... #1150212

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/5/2005 3:27:30 PM

It IS a winner because all you guys love it! Thank you!!! #1150364

Debra Booth 3/5/2005 5:40:29 PM

Classic of a classic, Carolyn! Better luck this time! #1150532

Susan T. Parady 3/5/2005 6:34:34 PM

Great job on the gradient fill!

SUPER image! #1150616

Ronald Lunn 3/6/2005 2:08:27 PM

Wow! What more can I say. #1152019

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/6/2005 3:11:59 PM

Thanks Debra, Sue and Ron!! #1152089

Detrick V. Martin 3/6/2005 8:04:01 PM

Wonderful shot, well done! #1152468

S J 3/21/2005 12:04:51 AM

Wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS on this OUTSTANDING POTD, Carolyn!! Well deserving honor for you!! #1193984

Stanley J. Contrades 3/21/2005 12:06:33 AM

Very, very nice, Carolyn, and CONGRATULATIONS on this being chosen as the POTD!! Fabulous!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1193985

Mary K. Robison 3/21/2005 12:07:40 AM

Excellent, Carolyn! Congratulations! #1193988

Susie Peek-Swint 3/21/2005 12:17:05 AM

Great shot and fun title Carolyn ~ congrats on potd! #1193997

Dan Holm 3/21/2005 12:18:17 AM

FANTASTIC shot, Carolyn!! CONGRATULATIONS on your well deserved POTD! #1193999

Karen Engelbreth 3/21/2005 12:29:35 AM

Great shot and title, Carolyn - a big congrats on your POTD! #1194017

Donna R. Moratelli 3/21/2005 1:07:51 AM


Paul Michko 3/21/2005 1:10:16 AM

Congratulation on this fantastic POTD. #1194059

Bill Houghton 3/21/2005 1:27:55 AM

Great shot of this old classic. Congratulations on your POTD. #1194069

Susana Matos 3/21/2005 1:29:40 AM

Congratulations Carolyn, this is really a strong image! Super!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #1194072

Allan L. Whitehead 3/21/2005 2:36:10 AM

Carolyn, I remember this one as well, I loved it then and once again. I am really very proud of this for you. Well done, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2005 2:47:31 AM

Thanks so much everyone. I have to get off line, we're getting a nasty T-storm. Catch up later!! #1194120

Dorothy Neumann 3/21/2005 2:49:19 AM

Great job, Carolyn!! WTG!! #1194122

Bonnie C. Lackey 3/21/2005 2:51:05 AM

Congrats on the fantastic POTD!!! #1194123

Diane Dupuis 3/21/2005 3:00:53 AM

Congrats Carolyn! Hope the weather clears soon! #1194135

Cindy K. Bracken 3/21/2005 3:10:08 AM

VERY cool! Congrats on winning POTD!
Cindy Bracken
shuttermom profitable photography #1194145

Tammy McAllister 3/21/2005 3:19:24 AM

Wow! Congrats Carolyn on winning POTD! #1194151

Joy Brown 3/21/2005 3:21:47 AM

WOWEE - Big Congrats, Carolyn!!! #1194156

Marsha S. Smith 3/21/2005 3:27:36 AM

Congratulations on this super POTD. #1194179

Scott Pedersen 3/21/2005 3:30:03 AM

This is nice, I like it. Good work #1194186

Donna Dunbar 3/21/2005 3:31:40 AM

Wow Carolyn the colors in this are amazing. Congrats in POTD #1194193

Deborah C. Lewinson 3/21/2005 3:33:17 AM

Congrats on your well-deserved POTD for this fabulous image, Carolyn!!!
-Debby #1194202

William C. Raco 3/21/2005 3:35:50 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn
Excellent POTD choice!


becky estey 3/21/2005 3:51:36 AM

Beautiful! I love the colors. Congratulations on POTD! #1194264

Gianna Stadelmyer 3/21/2005 3:58:18 AM

Way to go, Carolyn!!! Congrats on this fantastic POTD with great color, lines, and composition:-) #1194274

Darren K. Fisher 3/21/2005 3:59:26 AM

YAHOOO....Way to go Carolyn. I was so excited for you when I seen your name in my email this morning. Congrats on your POD. #1194279

Wally Orlowsky 3/21/2005 4:07:40 AM

Congratulations on this stuning POTD, Carolyn! #1194307

Tammy Scott 3/21/2005 4:09:55 AM

Way to go, Carolyn! #1194315

Sharon E. Lowe 3/21/2005 4:15:17 AM

Congrats on your POTD Carolyn - awesome car and photograph!!!! #1194336

Cindy Paquette 3/21/2005 4:15:52 AM

Whoo Hoo Carolyn! GREAT shot and wonderful recognition for POTD!! Congratulations! #1194340

Donna W. Neal 3/21/2005 4:16:20 AM

Congratulastion on this wonderful BRIGHT POTD Carolyn. #1194343

Linda D. Lester 3/21/2005 4:23:07 AM

Congrats on the COOLEST and HOTTEST looking photo! Way to go Carolyn #1194376

Charlene Bayerle 3/21/2005 4:27:02 AM

Way to go Carolyn!!!!!! Congratulations on your POTD!!!!!!! #1194397

Tom Andersen 3/21/2005 4:32:55 AM

Congratulations on POTD, Carolyn! Very well deserved indeed! #1194422

Evy Johansen 3/21/2005 4:37:08 AM

Congratulationa on your beautiful POTD, Carolyn! Well deserved! #1194436

Debra Booth 3/21/2005 4:42:20 AM

Congratulations on POTD, Carolyn!! #1194450

Sharon Day 3/21/2005 4:42:39 AM

Fantastic image, Carolyn!!! WTG on POTD! #1194451

Kathleen Clemons 3/21/2005 4:42:53 AM

WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats from me and from Jim too!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1194454

Deborah Sandidge 3/21/2005 4:44:25 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn on your outstanding POTD!!! #1194458

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 3/21/2005 4:47:57 AM

congrats on POTD Carolyn! the colors here are awesome! #1194476

Wendy Stevenson 3/21/2005 5:03:53 AM

Congrats on this awesome POTD Carolyn. Vibrant colour and great composition!! Well done!!! #1194537

Kelly Abernathy 3/21/2005 5:12:31 AM

Woo-Hoo! Such a well deserved POTD Carolyn! I'm so glad to see this here! Congrats! :o) -K #1194569

Lorraine T. Lynch 3/21/2005 5:21:13 AM

A classic beauty Carolyn! Congratulations! #1194589

Kathleen K. Parker 3/21/2005 5:26:11 AM

Congratulations Carolyn on POTD!!! Your photos is gorgeous!!!
Kathleen #1194600

Wong Chek Poh 3/21/2005 5:53:04 AM

Stunning color and compo. Should be well-placed for this month's theme. Congrats :) Wong. #1194677

Casey A. Hanson 3/21/2005 5:54:31 AM

Very cool choice for POTD! I know we're going to be seeing this picture alot! Congrats Carolyn :0) #1194681

Paula Showen 3/21/2005 6:01:07 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn! Stunning image! #1194698

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2005 6:23:22 AM

Thanks a bunch, everyone!!! I can't stay on here long, there's lightning going off all over the place!! #1194783

Bobbie Davis 3/21/2005 6:27:13 AM

Congrats on your POTD Carolyn! Way to go!!! :) #1194792

Jane Summa 3/21/2005 6:38:03 AM

POTD!! Way 2 go, Carolyn!! Congratulations!! #1194823

Cathy Barrows 3/21/2005 6:50:08 AM

Congrats on your's wonderful #1194876

Donna J. Taff 3/21/2005 7:15:12 AM

A big CONGRATULATION'S on your POTD, Carolyn!!! #1194950

Vicki Poole Hines 3/21/2005 7:28:34 AM

WOW! Carolyn! Your Winning Photo of The Day is OFF THE CHAIN! LUV IT! YOU GO GIRUH! ;) #1194988

Nancylee Malm 3/21/2005 7:29:36 AM

Wonderful Carolyn! I especially like that you have the bright uncluttered background! - Nancylee #1194992

Leanne M.E. Boyd 3/21/2005 7:40:49 AM

Look at that colour, spit and polish!!!! Wow what a shot!!!! Congratulations on your POTD, Carolyn! #1195031

Anita Hogue 3/21/2005 7:41:41 AM

Congratulations on this awesome POTD, Carolyn! #1195037

Dolores Neilson 3/21/2005 7:44:31 AM

I love all this red!! NIce work Carolyn! Congrats on your potd! #1195046

Dale Ann Cubbage 3/21/2005 7:56:54 AM

An excellent image all around Carolyn, congrats on POTD!! Well deserved, and about time!!

da #1195080

Carla Metzler 3/21/2005 8:07:46 AM

Gorgeous, Carolyn. Congratulations on your POTD. #1195096

Kay Beausoleil 3/21/2005 8:09:32 AM

Congratulations on your POTD for this striking image, Carolyn! #1195097

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2005 8:26:09 AM

Thanks all of you nice people!!! #1195137

Leonard Pierce 3/21/2005 9:56:18 AM

WOW!! FANTASTIC image Carolyn and congratulations!!!...very well deserved! #1195280

Carol Brill 3/21/2005 10:27:26 AM

Vavoom, Carolyn, what an awesome automobile you captured here with all those brilliant reds and yellows! Congrats on your POTD!! #1195347

Mark J. Zimmerman 3/21/2005 2:28:06 PM

WOW! Great image, Carolyn. It deserves being Picture of The Day. #1195830

Ed Heaton 3/21/2005 2:43:58 PM

Hi Carolyn,
Great image! The colors are awesome!
Congrats on POTD! #1195855

Stephen Zacker 3/21/2005 3:14:49 PM

This is one HOT image :-) Congratulations #1195976

Peggy Wolff 3/21/2005 3:57:15 PM

This is gorgeous Carolyn! Congratulations on being picked for the POTD! #1196086

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 3/22/2005 8:39:42 PM

An awesome image, the color and lighting, the background, the comp, very well done. Love it!!! #1199398

Jeff Robinson 4/21/2005 5:04:11 AM

Congrats Carolyn! Jeff #1274038

S J 4/21/2005 5:30:34 AM

You're on a roll this month, Carolyn!! Many Congratulations on this super Finalist!! #1274276

Casey A. Hanson 4/21/2005 6:28:16 AM

I knew we'd see this again! A big congrats to you Carolyn! You go girl! :0) #1274658

Colleen Braun 4/21/2005 8:51:28 AM

congratulations... #1275792

Tammy Scott 4/21/2005 10:11:05 AM

Congratulations Carolyn! I knew this one was a winnter!!! #1276353

Stacey A. Bates 4/21/2005 11:18:33 AM

Congrats Carolyn!! #1276682

Linda D. Lester 4/21/2005 2:30:50 PM

Congratulations Carolyn! #1277360

Deborah Sandidge 4/21/2005 3:16:02 PM

I love this one! Congratulations on all your outstanding finalists Carolyn, best of luck! #1277531

Evy Johansen 4/21/2005 11:05:11 PM

BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your well deserved WIN, Carolyn! #1279072

Susan T. Evans 4/21/2005 11:09:05 PM

Big congrats Carolyn, whooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! way to go. #1279083

Dan Holm 4/21/2005 11:31:24 PM

Alright, Carolyn!!! CONGRATULATIONS on this awesome WIN!!! So VERY well deserved! #1279145

Wong Chek Poh 4/22/2005 12:21:51 AM

Congrats Carolyn. I knew this would placed! #1279211

Stanley J. Contrades 4/22/2005 12:58:48 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on your win, Carolyn!! Outstanding imagery!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1279277

Patricia A. Kuniega 4/22/2005 1:57:57 AM

Hurray and big congratulations, Carolyn, on this superb winner! So glad to see my sixth sense is working! ; ) #1279334

Carolyn M. Fletcher 4/22/2005 2:38:53 AM

Thanks everyone!! I guess the third time is a charm. #1279370

Joy Brown 4/22/2005 3:03:20 AM

AWESOME - Congrats Carolyn!!! #1279432

Danilo Piccioni 4/22/2005 3:05:08 AM

YES! Yes and YES!!!!!
I knew this was fgoing to make it big time!

Dado #1279435

Colleen Braun 4/22/2005 3:20:56 AM

congratulations Carolyn... #1279456

Kathleen Clemons 4/22/2005 3:34:29 AM

Told ya so!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your win, you know Jim and I love this one! #1279494

Tom Andersen 4/22/2005 3:35:14 AM

Congratulation, Carolyn! What a fantastic image and well deserving of your win! Marvelous work! #1279499

William C. Raco 4/22/2005 3:35:46 AM

Wonderful win, Carolyn
Beautiful photo!


Stephanie Lyons 4/22/2005 3:40:57 AM

Congrats Carolyn! Well deserved! #1279542

Sharon Day 4/22/2005 3:50:27 AM

Gorgeous image, Carolyn!!! Big congratulations on your win!!! WTG!!! #1279588

Darren K. Fisher 4/22/2005 4:06:39 AM

WTG Carolyn. #1279647

Claudia Kuhn 4/22/2005 4:20:30 AM

Congratulations to you Carolyn!!! #1279700

Tammy Scott 4/22/2005 4:23:22 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I love this one, Carolyn!!!!!!!!! #1279710

Kathleen K. Parker 4/22/2005 4:26:16 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn!!! This is such a super photograph!!
Kathleen #1279723

Carolyn M. Fletcher 4/22/2005 4:28:14 AM

Thanks everyone!! You know this is one of my all time favs! #1279732

Wally Orlowsky 4/22/2005 5:24:26 AM

Congratulations on this awesome winner, Carolyn! #1280042

Charlene Bayerle 4/22/2005 5:33:53 AM

AWESOME Carolyn....Congratulations!! #1280101

Linda D. Lester 4/22/2005 5:38:31 AM

Congratulation on this awesome photo! #1280135

S J 4/22/2005 5:48:50 AM

Many Congratulations on this OUTSTANDING WIN, Carolyn!! #1280205

Murry Grigsby 4/22/2005 6:26:01 AM

Show off! :0) Congratulations on this terrific image and your WIN Carolyn!! #1280355

Stan Kwasniowski 4/22/2005 6:27:58 AM

Carolyn, Congratulations

Stan Kwasniowski #1280364

Bonnie C. Lackey 4/22/2005 7:15:23 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn. This has to be an all time favorite of yours...and mine! #1280523

Jim Kinnunen 4/22/2005 7:18:26 AM

Congratulations on this fine win, Carolyn!!! #1280534

Casey A. Hanson 4/22/2005 7:19:40 AM

Congrats Carolyn! What's up w/ your e-mail? I tried sending you a message and it came back. Anyhoo...A big conrats to you hon! :0) #1280539

Leanne M.E. Boyd 4/22/2005 7:53:55 AM

Beautiful shot Carolyn! I love the colour and composition. Congratulations on your win, very well deserved! #1280684

Kara L. Hendricks 4/22/2005 8:15:00 AM

Congrats on this beautiful winner Carolyn!! #1280755

Eric Schneider 4/22/2005 8:22:56 AM

A fine shot indeed! Congrats! #1280777

Karen Bacon 4/22/2005 9:31:01 AM

Terrific shot Carolyn!Many congrats to you! #1280994

Deborah Sandidge 4/22/2005 9:51:49 AM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy to see this one in the winners circle, outstanding - Carolyn! #1281085

Stephen Zacker 4/22/2005 10:06:08 AM

I've always liked this one. Congratulations #1281135

Carolyn M. Fletcher 4/22/2005 10:16:25 AM

Thanks everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been answering you, my e=mail isn't working at all. I don't know what's wrong, the ISP says it's not them. #1281178

Marsha S. Smith 4/22/2005 1:21:37 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn! I knew it would win! #1281723

Cathy Barrows 4/22/2005 2:44:30 PM

Congrats on your win!...gorgeous #1281955

Bobbie Davis 4/22/2005 3:27:51 PM

Congrats on your win Carolyn!!!! AWESOME image!!!!! #1282051

Terry R. Hatfield 4/22/2005 4:51:59 PM

Congratulations On Your Win Carolyn!! #1282231

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 4/22/2005 4:52:11 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn! #1282233

Donna J. Taff 4/22/2005 8:51:45 PM

Congratulation's on your second place win, Carolyn!!! #1282603

Colette M. Metcalf 4/23/2005 4:16:07 AM

Congratulations to you Carolyn!!!! #1282982

Allan L. Whitehead 4/23/2005 5:07:59 AM

Carolyn, congratulations on this wonderful win in March's contest, it's richly deserved, my very dear friend. You still never cease to amaze me, eh… - your friend, Allan

Dominique Declerck 4/23/2005 6:22:11 AM

Congrats on your win Carolyn!!! Terrific shot !!! #1283478

Carol Brill 4/23/2005 9:15:43 PM

Carolyn, congratulations on your win with this HOT shot!!! #1285345

Jeff Galbraith 4/24/2005 6:41:26 AM

Congratulations Carolyn--real eye candy.

All the Best, Jeff #1286270

Leonard Pierce 4/24/2005 8:31:39 PM

Congratulations on your Second Place win Carolyn!!! Very, very well deserved! #1288295

Kelly Heaton 4/25/2005 3:43:18 AM

Congratulations Carolyn !!! #1288680

Dolores Neilson 4/26/2005 4:54:23 AM

You know I like this one, Carolyn~!! Didn't realize one could enter a previous entered image for the theme!! So GOOD to know! WEll deserved congrats, Carolyn!! #1292414

Arthur Rosch 5/14/2005 9:10:14 AM

Holy cow, Carolyn! Nicely done. Now
I'm going to visit your gallery and
see what else you've been up to.
I haven't been around much lately,
got some catching up to do...

Art #1351274

Carolyn M. Fletcher 5/14/2005 9:18:56 AM

Thanks Art!! Missed you being around! #1351292

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