Wolfgang Dolak 1/25/2003 9:29:28 AM

The disturbance the shadows create makes for an interesting abstract with a lot of tension!
birdie #20195

Cathy M. Gromball

I agree with Birdie, Sharon! Great shot!

Cathy :) #46249

Monika Sapek

Great photo, Sharon!

Sharon E. Lowe

birdie, Cathy, and Monika, thanks! I thought it was interesting.... #46276

Murry Grigsby

Nice pattern shot, Sharon. #46310

Sharon E. Lowe

Murry - thanks! #46430

Murry Grigsby

Congrats, Sharon. #54518

Cathy M. Gromball

Congratulations on finals, Sharon!

Cathy :) #54686

Monika Sapek

Many congratulations on making the finals, Sharon!


Wow. I must not understand the directions of entering one photo pe day and only the first photo will be included. This (like many others on here) was one of atleast 5 photos that day. #54977

Wolfgang Dolak

Congratulations from the birdman, Sharon!! #55245

Sharon E. Lowe

Thanks everyone. Happy to be among such great company.

Gina - not sure what you mean about this being one of at least 5 photos that day. This was the only one I submitted to the contest that day but there is no restriction on the judges choosing more than one photo for each day of the month. If they want to select all the finalists from one day's submissions, they can. Hope this helps you understand better. #55285


Here are the links. I hope it refreshes your memory.

Sorry that I singled you out. I just do not have time to reply to all of them!




http://www.betterphoto.com/gallery/dynoGallDetail.asp?photoID=73290 #55308

Donna R. Moratelli

Shadows are always a great subject and hard as heck to shoot right. This is a good left brained picture. I like it. Congrats Sharon and good luck. #55366

Sharon E. Lowe

Gina - I submitted those photos for one of my online photo classes that day. However, only the one was submitted to the contest. You can upload as many images as you like any day (to your gallery, deluxe web site, or photo classes) but only one image per day can be entered into the contest. I hope this clarifies it for you. Even if I had submitted more than one, only the first one submitted would count for the contest.

Donna - thanks! Just about walked right over it but stepped back so I could take the shot! #55373

Connie I. Chandler

Gina pointed out that my submission was one of four that day. Sharon, as you just mentioned, I had submitted the four photos for our assignment, not for the photo contest. I think there must have been some technical issue at that time or whatever. I didn't intentionally submit four photos to the contest on the same day.

ANYWAY ... Congratulations!!!!! #55409

Shelley Sanders

Congratulations Sharon, great lines and tones! #55418

Shelley Sanders

Congratulations Sharon, great lines and tones! #55419

Sharon E. Lowe

Connie and Shelley - thanks.

Connie - I'm going to ask Jim M to send an email to Gina because she seems to be implying that we have somehow cheated, when in fact we haven't. It isn't a technical issue - every photo submitted to the site, regardless of whether it is for the contest or a class or a gallery or deluxe site, is recorded with the date and time submitted. And, if they are in your gallery, anyone can see them. #55434

Connie I. Chandler

Thanks, Sharon. I thought that's what Gina thought, too. I was confused by her comments. I'm glad to know I didn't do something wrong. Thanks for the clarification. #55436

Colleen Bauer

GREAT shot...congrats on being a finalist!

colleen #55459

Sharon E. Lowe

Colleen - thanks!! Glad you like and thanks for commenting! #55472

Dolores Neilson

Hi Sharon!! Many congrats to you for this wonderful B&W!! A ver deserving winner!

Gina...You sound like a very nice woman but I think since you made an incorrect (but certainly understandable) assumption, it would help Sharon feel lots better if you apologized for the error. It really takes the joy out of a win when someone implies they weren't possibly entitled to it. I understand you saw the injustice of having more than one image entered that day win by the same photographer but the assumption was incorrect. Sharon uploaded more than one image but only entered ONE in the contest. Whether you knew that or not, the error is still yours and it made her feel bad. Besides, you initiated a comment without anything positive to say about her well deserved win. I feel bad for her. #55545

Sharon E. Lowe

Delores thanks for the kind comments and for sticking up for me too!

Gina owes an apology to a number of members, such as Coleen, who she also accuused of the same thing.

I tried to explain how this site works in what I thought was a pretty easy way to understand. I upload lots of images for my classes and my web sites as I know others do and they are never entered into the contest let alone all on the same day. On the other hand, I have images I've uploaded more than once because I submitted them for a class one day and then a later day for the contest because I already submitted another image the first time I uploaded it. Oh well, I'm not going to let it bother me anymore. I've left it in Jim's hands to take care of. #55549

Dolores Neilson

Hi Sharon...

I don't think she meant to be accusatory. I sensed her displeasure at what she THOUGHT was transgression of BP eligibility rules. She saw several images being entered that day by the same photographer and thought it unfair that it wasn't disqualified. She made a mistake. I don't think her displeasure had anything to do with you personally(or Connie)...just the way she thought the site was operating. Anyway, that was my take on it. #55661

Sharon E. Lowe

Delores - I originally thought so too but she had to go to an awful lot of effort to find those submissions, almost as if she was out to prove that the contest was somehow rigged. At least wo of the photos she pointed out of mine aren't in my gallery or on my web site. They were submitted entirely for the class and never entered into the contest or even used for another purpose by me. To find them, she had to do some real digging and monitoring the entire month. No, I don't think she singled me out but I do think she was accusing "us" of cheating, be it the site and the judges or the participants themselves (as if we had found some way to get more of our photos considered). And, it is quite ironic that she has been silent since I pointed out much earlier that uploading more than one a day is fine. #55664

Connie I. Chandler

I was trying to find where she was getting her information from so I could confirm that I hadn't done something wrong, and I never could find where she was getting her information from. I'm inclined to agree with Sharon in that it seemed to take some effort to glean what she perceived as this damning information. Whatever!?! #55667

Cathy M. Gromball

Hopefully the stinging accusatory remarks can be considered water under the bridge. Sharon and Connie, please take comfort in knowing that your photos are wonderful, and very deserving of being among the chosen finalists! That's all that's important! Besides, the judges and the rest of us BetterPhoto members know you didn't cheat!

Cathy :) #55674

Connie I. Chandler

I know. I'm way too old to lose too much sleep over silly stuff like that anyway. I love sharing our photos and chatting about them and seeing how other people view the world. I just love it! #55676

Sharon E. Lowe

Cathy - thank you. I first tried to explain to Gina but that didn't seem to work so I sent an email to Jim asking him to do what he saw fit. I know I didn't cheat and I know others haven't too and I also know that the judges are fair in their decisions, whatever they might be. My big concern is that these types of accusations could hurt Jim and this wonderful site he has created for all of us to use. Unfortunately, I'm not one to keep too quiet when something is bothering me and I also felt, at least initially, that it was important for Gina to understand why she was seeing more than one image per day from some people because it seemed that maybe she felt she was not doing things right. When I saw what she had written in reply to Connie on her image, I changed my mind about her and realized that she was accusing someone of doing something wrong.

Sorry, I'll shut up now and just enjoy that for the first time since I joined this nice community, an image of mine was selected as a finalist. #55679

Jim Miotke

Hello fellow BetterPhoto members!

I just wanted to let you know that you are doing everything right. The one-per-day submission rule has been observed perfectly.

I appreciate Gina's watchfulness but you can all rest assured that she is mistaken in these cases.

By the way, the email notifications sent to Gina are getting kicked back to me as undeliverable. She is likely not aware of this thread. Maybe her email will get fixed soon or she will stumble on this thread. But for now, I doubt she knows that this discussion is going on.

So like a previous commenter mentioned, water under the bridge... onward, forward... keep on truckin'... and all that good stuff ;)

This graphic image, Sharon, is excellent, by the way.

Have fun! #55722

Cheryl Meisel

Getting dizzy my head is spinning lol. You do good work! Congrats! Cheryl #55758

Sharon E. Lowe

Thanks everyone, especially Jim. Hey, at least we had lots of chatter going on!! For us in the North East, we'll do anything to keep our mind off the snow!! #55780

Mette Vendelboe Allison

What a good eye it takes to see this photo! Nice job! #66289

Sharon E. Lowe

Mette - thank you! I'm glad you like it and took the time to comment! #66302

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