But, I thought we agreed on casual Fridays!

© Wally Orlowsky

But, I thought we agreed on casual Fridays!

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe 2/11/2005 5:15:39 AM

Hahahaha!! Great!!!! Love it! #214373

Karen Bacon level-deluxe 2/11/2005 5:21:32 AM

LOL!!Wally you have a great sense of humor!This is wonderful!Happy casual Friday to you!! #1097084

Charlene Bayerle level-deluxe 2/11/2005 5:21:44 AM

I LOVE THIS!!!! Fantastic Wally!!! #1097086

Marcie A. Fowler level-deluxe 2/11/2005 5:38:26 AM

Just what I needed this morning Wally!!! This is so wonderfully done and what a great sense of humor it displays. Apparently this penquin didn't get the memo that "Casual Friday" had been cancelled!! #1097130

Casey A. Hanson 2/11/2005 6:00:07 AM

This is great Wally! Wonderful job...
Thanks for the smile this morning,TGIF!
Have a great day :0) #1097165

Donna W. Neal 2/11/2005 6:02:54 AM

Happy Friday Wally.

Wonderful and creative work on this image! #1097171

Marsha S. Smith 2/11/2005 6:03:23 AM

Wally, those are some kinda cool penguins you found in Antarctica. Great,creative job. #1097173

Amy N. Cappelli 2/11/2005 6:03:57 AM

What a great way to start the weekend!
Fantastic image! #1097175

Theresa McCloskey 2/11/2005 6:18:19 AM

very creative - this is so cool - wonderful work Wally :-) #1097202

Donald K. Cherry level-deluxe 2/11/2005 6:32:55 AM

OMG...this is way too funny, Wally! LMAO on this one...great work!! #1097222

William C. Raco level-deluxe 2/11/2005 6:43:54 AM

ROFL.... this is fantastic, Wally!!
So creative, humorous and well done!
A winner, for sure!



Cindy Paquette 2/11/2005 6:47:40 AM

NO WAY WALLY!!! What a hoot!!! I love it...soooo fun and sooo creative! I'm still smiling! VERY cool and the ultimate in creativity!!! #1097245

cj patterson 2/11/2005 6:58:05 AM

LOL This is so funny!!! Excellent and Creative!!! #1097272

Kelly Abernathy 2/11/2005 7:11:12 AM

LOL - this is excellent Wally!!! How creative and well done! Terrific! -K #1097299

Mellanie 2/11/2005 7:16:05 AM

OH Wally! This is just FANTASTIC!!!!!! So creative and oh so funny! Well done! #1097317

April Bryant 2/11/2005 8:54:06 AM

This should hang in every cubical across the nation! Very creative and your work is brilliant! #1097467

Shirley L. Carpenter 2/11/2005 9:23:51 AM

Excellent job and image Wally!! Love it!! #1097511

Karen Engelbreth 2/11/2005 9:42:07 AM

LOL - fantastic Wally - love it! #1097530

Donna J. Taff 2/11/2005 10:20:08 AM

Cute and creative, Wally!!! #1097634

Dan Holm level-deluxe 2/11/2005 11:10:22 AM

WOW!!!!!!! This is just perfect, Wally!! VERY creative, VERY cute, VERY funny! #1097795

Cathy Gregor 2/11/2005 12:46:20 PM

This is great Wally. Very creataive, well done, and FUNNY!


Judy S. Fung 2/11/2005 2:20:49 PM

Cute image, Wally! Very funny and creative! #1098124

Gloria B. Wood 2/11/2005 2:44:04 PM

Oh yes...too funny!!! I love this! #1098163

Debra Booth 2/11/2005 3:24:19 PM

LOL! Such a fun shot, Wally! Well done!! #1098252

Wally Orlowsky 2/11/2005 3:45:01 PM

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Glad you enjoyed this. #1098290

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 2/11/2005 3:45:13 PM

Fantastic image, Wally, outstanding!!!!!
-Debby #1098291

Terry R. Hatfield level-deluxe 2/11/2005 7:23:31 PM

LOL!!Wally Great Idea,Excellent Ps Work:-) #1098565

Stanley J. Contrades level-deluxe 2/11/2005 11:40:06 PM

ROTFLOL!! This is just too hilarious, Wally ... what a fabulous sense of humor, and creativity! Terrific PS work and there should be a Humor category just for images like this!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1098812

Carla Metzler level-deluxe 2/12/2005 9:32:02 AM

So funny, and wonderfully creative, Wally! This is great! #1099396

S J level-deluxe 2/28/2005 12:07:26 AM

Many congratulations on this brilliant, funny and CREATIVE POTD, Wally!! I Love it!! #1137786

Dan Holm level-deluxe 2/28/2005 12:11:46 AM

Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS on your well deserved POTD, Wally!! #1137788

Kelly Abernathy 2/28/2005 12:13:36 AM

Way to go Wally! Congratulations on a great POTD! -K #1137791

Evy Johansen level-deluxe 2/28/2005 12:40:39 AM

Wonderful image, Wally! Congrats on POTD! #1137804

Judy S. Fung 2/28/2005 12:43:39 AM

Congrats on your POTD, Wally! #1137807

Susie Peek-Swint 2/28/2005 1:02:26 AM

This is very funny Wally ~ congrat on potd ... how lucky you are to have visited Antarctica! #1137814

Donna R. Moratelli 2/28/2005 1:07:30 AM

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations; Wally! #1137815

Leanne M.E. Boyd 2/28/2005 1:14:01 AM

Wally, this is outstanding! Congrats on your POTD! #1137816

Paul Michko 2/28/2005 1:49:05 AM

Don't know how I missed this the first time, but absolutely fantastic image, Wally. Congratulations on a awesomely desearved POTD!!! #1137836

Tom Andersen 2/28/2005 2:32:07 AM

Everything about this image is fantastic, Wally! Congratulations on PoTD! #1137877

Charlene Bayerle level-deluxe 2/28/2005 2:34:31 AM

Congratulations Wally....this is the best work!!!!!! #1137878

Donald K. Cherry level-deluxe 2/28/2005 2:55:10 AM

Congrats, Wally!! I love this shot from the very first time I saw it and I'm so happy to be seeing it again! Hopefully we will be seeing it again in the Febuary finals too!! #1137905

Marsha S. Smith 2/28/2005 2:55:40 AM

Congratulations Wally on this really, really coool, POTD. #1137906

Donna W. Neal 2/28/2005 2:56:01 AM

Congratulations on POTD Wally #1137907

Kathleen Clemons 2/28/2005 3:13:14 AM

Congrats to you, Wally! #1137929

Diane Dupuis 2/28/2005 3:22:23 AM

WOW! Wally! Big Congrats on this one!
Where did he find such a fashionable shirt?!?! This is just too funny!
Congrats on your well deserved POTD! #1137939

Allan L. Whitehead 2/28/2005 3:24:52 AM

Wally, congratulations on the terrific 'POTD' selection. It is very well deserved and I'm very proud of this for you. Well done, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan #1137942

Tammy McAllister 2/28/2005 3:25:06 AM

Congratulations Wally....POTD!!!!!
Your are a PS master with a very funny bone! #1137943

Bonnie C. Lackey 2/28/2005 3:25:59 AM

Hooray for this POTD, Wally!!! #1137946

Ed Heaton 2/28/2005 3:27:10 AM

Good morning Wally,
Great job! This really made me chuckle this morning...
Congrats on POTD! #1137948

William C. Raco level-deluxe 2/28/2005 3:37:50 AM

What an excellent photo!
Congratulations, Wally!!



Claudia Kuhn level-deluxe 2/28/2005 4:07:29 AM

So creative Wally! Somehow missed this the first time... love it, congrats on your win! #1138024

Joy Brown 2/28/2005 4:14:30 AM

Absolutely fantastic, Wally - congrats!!! #1138038

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 2/28/2005 4:19:41 AM

Hearty congrats on your POTD, Wally, for this fabulous fantasy!
-Debby #1138049

Dorothy Neumann 2/28/2005 4:31:17 AM

Congratulations on this very fine, very funny POTD Wally! WTG!! #1138070

Susan Bailey 2/28/2005 4:32:56 AM

Now, THAT is a cute picture and so well thought out and created. Wonderful! #1138074

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 2/28/2005 4:39:13 AM

Terrific image Wally!!!
Congratulations on your POTD!!! #1138092

Scott Pedersen 2/28/2005 4:43:23 AM

Great image! #1138101

Terri L. Scribner 2/28/2005 4:46:47 AM

Congratulations, Wally!! Great work here, great sense of humor!!! #1138115

Cathy Barrows 2/28/2005 4:58:38 AM

OMG...this cracked me up..i love it #1138133

Debra Booth 2/28/2005 5:02:25 AM

Congrats on this great POTD, Wally! #1138137

Wally Orlowsky 2/28/2005 5:05:25 AM

What a surprise! Thank you all for your generous comments. #1138140

Casey A. Hanson 2/28/2005 5:42:22 AM

Wonderful! Congrats on your POTD, Wally!
Have a wonderful day :0) #1138216

Sharon Day level-deluxe 2/28/2005 5:55:50 AM

WTG on the POTD Wally!!!! Cute idea and terrific image! #1138243

Amy N. Cappelli 2/28/2005 5:57:44 AM

congrats on this fun POTD! I love this :-) #1138248

Murry Grigsby 2/28/2005 6:18:34 AM

Congrats on your terrificly funny and well done POTD Wally! The company that I worked for finally had to cancel casual Fridays because it go out of control--flip flops, cutoffs and tubetops--and that was just me :0) #1138300

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe 2/28/2005 6:31:12 AM

Hahahahhah... this is wondeful...great work on dressing your penguin for Casual Fridays....I love it! And Murry, your comments make me laugh a lot!! Congrats, Wally!
Kathleen #1138332

Jessica McCollam 2/28/2005 6:51:44 AM

LOL! Great shot, Wally! Congrats on POTD!:) #1138366

JON BUTLER 2/28/2005 7:32:19 AM

Although it is well executed I feel this type of image
degrades photography as a valid art.

Janet Kinney 2/28/2005 8:04:39 AM

Great job. Great imagination. #1138553

Peggy Wolff 2/28/2005 8:20:07 AM

I LOVE it Wally! You have the most wonderful sence of humor and I love how you bring that into your photography! Congrats on your POTD! #1138611

Audrea Telkamp 2/28/2005 8:26:34 AM

A big congratulations Wally!! Brilliant!!

Like any other valid art form, photography is evolving Jon. There are so many different types of photography to embrace and enjoy, please don't miss out :0) !! #1138630

Marta Azevedo 2/28/2005 8:28:41 AM

fantastic work #1138633

Ed Mello 2/28/2005 8:31:12 AM

You have a lot of nerve calling this a photograph. It is graphic art, part of which may have been created with a camera. #1138640

Mary Dorman 2/28/2005 8:56:00 AM

This is way cool . . . I would have cropped it in half, and made TWO spectacular shots . . . but that's only personal opinion. #1138709

Wally Orlowsky 2/28/2005 9:50:36 AM

Thanks again for all for taking the time to comment. Jon and Ed, I won't bother to engage in the futile argument about what is valid photography and what is graphic art. I respect your right to your opinions. #1138862

Eric Highfield level-deluxe 2/28/2005 10:47:55 AM

What is art, if not subjective? Some people question the artistic validity of the "Dogs Playing Poker" paintings, others quite like them. If all that photography is about comes down to capturing a moment in time as the eye would see it, then maybe we should question it's validity. Just maybe photography is also about revealing the image inside, as the mind sees it, and any tools or techniques that help them get there should be commended not condemned. What I don't understand is the continuing need for some people to prop up their idea of art and photography by attempting to sour the successes others that feel differently. It's not necessary.

Congratulations on your POTD, Wally!! It's very creative and well executed!! #1138960

Karen Engelbreth level-deluxe 2/28/2005 11:03:42 AM

Big congrats on your POTD, Wally - fantastic image! #1138975

cj patterson 2/28/2005 11:29:11 AM

Big Congratulations Wally on your POTD!! I love it!!! So funny and creative!!! Excellent image!!! #1138996

Deborah Sandidge 2/28/2005 12:58:11 PM

Congratulations, Wally on your clever and creative Photo of the Day! :o) #1139121

Susan T. Parady 2/28/2005 1:25:51 PM

Congratulations on this awesome POTD, Wally! #1139174

Stacey M 2/28/2005 1:52:58 PM


It's a shame the "My art is the only acceptable art" critics above (Jon and Ed) don't have the photos in their gallery to back up their theory!! Guess their limited vision doesn't lead to many photographic opportunities!

Sorry Wally had to say it!!!

This is your day to shine, don't let anyone rain on your parade!! WTG!!!!! #1139202

Darren K. Fisher level-deluxe 2/28/2005 2:11:41 PM

Now this put a smile on my face. Congrats on your POD. #1139233

Carol Engstrom level-deluxe 2/28/2005 3:01:00 PM

This is too funny, Wally. Congrats on your POTD! #1139351

Diane Addonizio level-deluxe 2/28/2005 3:45:44 PM

Congratulations, Wally !!! WELL DONE !!! #1139463

Larry Lawhead 2/28/2005 4:13:50 PM

Great shot Wally, a real smile to start the day. Ed& Jon, I see you're both newbies here, perhaps you didn't understand the BP supports a wide rage of the photographic arts??

"Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art." Ansel Adams #1139543

Stanley J. Contrades 2/28/2005 5:33:34 PM

Very well said, Wally and Larry, and BIG CONGRATULATIONS, Wally, on this being selected as the POTD! Great job!
Much Aloha,

"My experienc is that as soon as people are old enough to know better,they don't know anything at all!" - Oscar Wilde, Irish wit, poet and dramatist #1139706

Tereasa D. McCoy 2/28/2005 7:57:46 PM

Too cute!!! very creative...way to go! =) congrats on POTD!

Mary L. Lemley 2/28/2005 11:03:05 PM

Hey from Alabama at 12:51am on Tuesday! I just wanted to let you know that penguins are my absolute favorite of the "WildKingdomWorld", and my pc being slow just added to my sheer delight as this potd rolled slowly down to reveal my favorite so far. Now....could you teach me how to combine pics. I haven't even figured out how to eliminate scratches or dust. I have Arcsoft, but the tools won't do what I want them to!!!! Mary Lemley #1140097

Carol Brill 2/28/2005 11:04:09 PM

Wally, there are so many elements to enjoy, appreciate and admire here...as I'm wiping tears of laughter away so I can see them all! Heartfelt congratulations on your POTD! #1140098

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 2/28/2005 11:14:44 PM

Great job Wally, Excellent!
Congrats on your POTD!

Best wishes, Linnea #1140103

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 3/1/2005 8:59:49 AM

Very cute, original and creative!! Love this, well deserved potd!! #1141070

Susan C. Barnes 3/1/2005 10:00:30 AM

This photo shows that you put a lot of work and thought into it. What is photography if it is not to present to the world what the world looks like through our eyes. Don't we all enhance our photos sharpness, color and so on because only we saw the origional and we want everyone to see it as we did! Hats off to you Wally for showing us the humerous side of life, as you see it. Job well done. #1141209

Wally Orlowsky 3/1/2005 10:03:35 AM

Thank you all once again!!!!!! #1141219

Kathleen R. Struckle 3/2/2005 9:45:07 AM

Delightful image Wally!! Congrats. on POTD!!Just love this! #1143210

Susana Matos 3/6/2005 12:31:18 AM

super funny image! Soooooooo great!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #1150844

Cindy Paquette 3/6/2005 5:24:06 AM

Morning Wally!
I just went to catch up on the POTD's and found your very creative and fun image here!! I so loved it the first time I saw this! I'm glad that it received the recognition. Maybe we shall see it again! Congratulations Wally! #1151038

Tom Andersen 3/15/2005 5:39:18 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic finalist, Wally! #1176222

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 3/15/2005 5:44:40 PM

Congratulations on another fabulous finalist, Wally! #1176263

Carla Metzler level-deluxe 3/15/2005 8:02:06 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic finalist, Wally! Love it! #1177566

Kelly Abernathy level-deluxe 3/15/2005 8:08:31 PM

Congrats on a great finalist! -K #1177636

Tammy McAllister level-deluxe 3/16/2005 4:40:30 AM

Wally, just seeing this one again made me laugh all over again, congratulations! #1179229

Colette M. Metcalf level-deluxe 3/16/2005 4:44:26 AM

Congrats to you Wally!!! #1179253

Cathy Gregor level-deluxe 3/16/2005 5:44:33 AM

One of my favorites! Congrats, Wally!
-cathy #1179695

Ed Isaacs level-deluxe 3/16/2005 9:32:56 AM

Congratulations again, Wally :-) #1180819

Donna W. Neal level-deluxe 3/16/2005 1:13:50 PM

This was so well done Wally,glad to see it here in the finalist and good luck the next round. #1181570

Phil Sauvey level-deluxe 3/16/2005 1:35:09 PM


This is soo neat! Congrats again on your finalist! #1181629

Judy S. Fung level-deluxe 3/16/2005 1:58:55 PM

Congrats, Wally! #1181728

Claudia Kuhn level-deluxe 3/16/2005 2:36:43 PM

So cute Wally, glad to see this here, congrats! #1181867

Marsha S. Smith 3/16/2005 2:38:10 PM

Wally, this was so cute I knew it had to make it to the finals. Congrats and good luck. #1181879

Debra Booth 3/16/2005 2:55:46 PM

Congratulations, Wally!! Love this!! #1181964

Donna J. Taff 3/16/2005 4:46:51 PM

Congrat's, Wally!!!! #1182559

Diane Dupuis 3/16/2005 5:06:24 PM

HOORAY!!! Congrats Wally! #1182652

S J 3/16/2005 10:05:41 PM

Many Congratulations on this wonderful Finalist, Wally!! #1183393

Stanley J. Contrades 3/16/2005 11:39:11 PM

BRAVO!! This just makes my day, Wally, **hands clapping** and I couldn't be happier for you!! Extra large doses of luck with this in the next round! CONGRATULATIONS!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1183475

Mellanie 3/17/2005 2:38:59 PM

BIG CONGRATS on this WIN, Wally!!!! WTG and well deserved!!!!! #1185588

Murry Grigsby 3/17/2005 2:51:07 PM

Congratulations on your win Wally! I love it :0) #1185642

Darla Cobus 3/17/2005 2:57:08 PM

Very deserving!! congrats on you win! #1185669

Dan Holm level-deluxe 3/17/2005 3:04:04 PM

WOO HOO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, WALLY!!!! A tremendously well deserved WIN!!!!! #1185704

William C. Raco level-deluxe 3/17/2005 3:09:42 PM

VERY well deserved win.
Congratulations, Wally


Bonnie C. Lackey level-deluxe 3/17/2005 3:15:18 PM

Big, big congratulations, Wally!!! #1185766

Judith G. Secco level-deluxe 3/17/2005 3:16:09 PM

Wally, this is just too funny. Congratulations on your win. Well deserved.
Judy #1185773

Cindy Paquette 3/17/2005 3:25:21 PM

YES, YES and YES! Wally, a GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS on this OUTSTANDING image! Now what? ;-) #1185827

Stanley J. Contrades 3/17/2005 3:26:47 PM

Well, well, well, now this REALLY makes my day, Wally! Just love it and CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd place Win! Hmmmm, where are your naysayers now? Fabulous win!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1185842

Tammy McAllister 3/17/2005 3:50:13 PM

Hurray for Wally!!!!!! I must say that I would have to second what Stan just said....many congrats to you Wally! #1185957

Karen Bacon level-deluxe 3/17/2005 3:52:17 PM

Way to go Wally!A big congratulations on this truely unique image! #1185964

Terry R. Hatfield level-deluxe 3/17/2005 3:57:24 PM

Hey Wally!!!Congratulations On Your Win!!! #1185985

Judy S. Fung level-deluxe 3/17/2005 4:07:11 PM

Congrats on your win, Wally! #1186035

Colleen Braun level-deluxe 3/17/2005 4:17:10 PM

this is great, creative and a wonderful photo, congratulations on this win!!! #1186090

Tom Andersen level-deluxe 3/17/2005 4:48:25 PM

Congratulations on your much deserved win, Wally! #1186180

Allan L. Whitehead 3/17/2005 5:00:05 PM

Wally, congratulations on this wonderful win, it's very richly deserved, my dear friend - your friend, Allan #1186213

Marsha S. Smith 3/17/2005 5:47:11 PM

Congratulations, Wally. Such a coool image. No pun intended:) #1186341

S J 3/17/2005 5:48:21 PM

Many Congratulations on this Well deserving WIN, Wally!! #1186345

Stacey M 3/17/2005 6:19:26 PM

WOO HOO WOO HOO WALLY - - - This is much overdue and much deserved!!!! It made my day too! So happy for you - you must be smiling from ear to ear. AWESOME WORK!!! #1186431

Debra Booth 3/17/2005 6:20:57 PM

Big congratulations, Wally!! #1186433

Deborah Sandidge 3/17/2005 6:36:59 PM

Big congrats Wally -- on a fantastic digital darkroom win!!! #1186481

Rob Friedman 3/17/2005 6:50:28 PM

Awesome work, Wally--congrats!! #1186523

Paul Michko 3/17/2005 6:52:57 PM

Big Congratulations, Wally. WTG!!! #1186530

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 3/17/2005 6:58:03 PM

congrats Wally!!! #1186547

Charlene Bayerle level-deluxe 3/17/2005 7:19:02 PM

This is a favorite of mine Wally....
Big Congratulations!!!! #1186632

Carol Brill 3/17/2005 7:22:09 PM

This is one of my favorites of yours, too, Wally, it brings an instant smile every time! Kudos on this winning image!! #1186645

Colette M. Metcalf 3/17/2005 7:29:54 PM

Congratulations Wally!!!! #1186683

Sharon Day level-deluxe 3/17/2005 7:42:57 PM

Ha Ha Ha Wally!!! Big Congratulations on this one!!!! WTG!!! I love it! #1186738

Darren K. Fisher level-deluxe 3/17/2005 8:04:57 PM

Way to go Wally. Very well deserved win. #1186841

Kelly Abernathy 3/17/2005 8:45:26 PM

Congratulations on a terrific win! -K #1186939

Kathleen Clemons 3/18/2005 3:27:03 AM

Congrats, Wally! :) #1187347

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 3/18/2005 3:40:38 AM

Hearty congrats on your winning fantasy, Wally!!! #1187390

Ed Heaton 3/18/2005 4:32:33 AM

Good morning Wally,
Congratulations on this tremendous image! Well done... #1187550

Claudia Kuhn level-deluxe 3/18/2005 4:53:47 AM

Congrats on your win Wally, such a fun image! #1187684

Ed Isaacs 3/18/2005 7:09:03 AM

Congratulations on the gold,Wally. I thought this should get it. :-) Ed #1188269

Eric Highfield level-deluxe 3/18/2005 7:59:07 AM

We're all smiles over here! Congrats on your big win, Wally!!!! #1188348

Phil Sauvey level-deluxe 3/18/2005 9:56:41 AM


A well deserved golden win! This is such a great photo and comical effects. #1188621

Kara L. Hendricks level-deluxe 3/18/2005 11:13:05 AM

This is so funny Wally!! Fantastic winner!! #1188794

Karen Engelbreth level-deluxe 3/18/2005 12:32:25 PM

Congratulations on your win, Wally! #1188934

Wally Orlowsky 3/18/2005 1:35:40 PM

Thank you all so very much for your generous support and kind comments!!!!! #1189018

Theresa Marie Jones level-deluxe 3/18/2005 1:59:33 PM

Congratulations Wally on your creative persuit! Fanastic fun shot! #1189041

Diane Addonizio level-deluxe 3/18/2005 6:54:06 PM

Congratulations, wally !! #1189526

Robin L. Wehrman 3/19/2005 1:55:02 PM

Congratulations to you Wally on this very cool image Well deserved!!!!! #1191383

Donna J. Taff 3/19/2005 6:11:07 PM

Congratulation's, Wally on your second place win!! This is s cute!! #1191672

Leonard Pierce 3/19/2005 6:49:58 PM

Congratulations on your Second Place win, Wally!!! #1191730

Diane Dupuis 3/20/2005 10:11:36 AM

Congrats again Wally on your win! I'm still lovin' it!! Great work! #1192929

Gianna Stadelmyer 3/25/2005 3:21:45 AM

I just saw this today! A belated Congrats on this AWESOME image, Wally!!! So expertly done with great imagination and fun! Love everything about it. An absolute all time favorite of mine! #1204892

Nancy Grace Chen 3/28/2005 4:45:37 PM

Wally, you are so witty!! A late congrats to you on your win! Always a pleasure to view.

Nancy #1212929

JP 1/3/2007 1:47:18 PM

This is just my favorite photo! #3777167

Lisa A. Car 3/28/2008 7:47:15 AM

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I've never seen it before and now its one of my very favorites!!!!! #5710309

Lisa J. Boulden level-deluxe 10/13/2008 8:14:23 AM

Big smiles!
Lisa #6592383

Amanda D. Austwick level-deluxe 6/19/2010 2:56:48 PM

What a FUN image Wally! Congratulations!!!
(A few years late) #8705178

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Three shots with same camera combined in PSP8: chinstrap penguins on Half Moon Island, Antarctica(foreground); Adelie penguins on iceberg (background); and my grandson's shirt & hat (mesh-warped to fit). Bow ties drawn in and some distracting elements removed.
Various lighting and camera settings.

Uploaded on 2/11/2005 5:12:37 AM

Made With

Camera: Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera

BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner
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