Happy Birthday, Donna Roberts!!

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Happy Birthday, Donna Roberts!!

Karen Engelbreth 2/1/2005 1:44:58 AM

Great abstract, Sanjay!
Happy Birthday, Donna!! #210985

Arya Bandyopadhyay 2/1/2005 1:48:54 AM

Indeed an apt dedication to a person who has been presenting us with beautiful architectural abstacts!! Terrific shot, Sanjay!!! Happy Birthday, Donna!! #1076280

Judy S. Fung 2/1/2005 1:54:55 AM

Terrific abstract and nice color, Sanjay! Happy Birthday, Donna! #1076283

Danilo Piccioni 2/1/2005 1:59:26 AM

very beautiful shot!

Dado #1076289

Colleen Braun 2/1/2005 2:01:14 AM

great image, Happy Birthday Donna... #1076293

Donna Roberts 2/1/2005 2:01:25 AM

THANK YOU SO MUCH SJ - I hope you heard that sincere thanks all the way from Australia.
I truly appreciate your lovely photo and gesture, it means so much to receive this from a mentor like you.
I have had a lovely day and I cried buckets when I opened my gifts from my beautiful daughters and husband (I am a big sook - hahaha).
Thank you also Karen, Arya and Judy for your well wishes.
Donna (the one from "downunder" LOL) #1076294

Donna Roberts 2/1/2005 2:07:40 AM

Oops - Dado and Colleen, thank you both too. Your kind comments appeared before I finished typing.
Donna (from "downunder") #1076301

Paul Michko 2/1/2005 2:20:28 AM

Wonderful archetectural abstract, Snajay. Happy Birthday, Donna. #1076303

Bonnie C. Lackey 2/1/2005 2:27:21 AM

Glorious golden image, Sanjay! And Happy Birthday,Donna! #1076313

Mata Patan 2/1/2005 2:34:01 AM

Wonderful building, I love its golden tones! #1076320

Jordi Delgado 2/1/2005 2:44:38 AM


:-)) #1076326

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/1/2005 2:49:50 AM

Great shot, Sanjay. Happy Birthday to Downunder Donna!!! #1076335

Donald K. Cherry 2/1/2005 2:54:43 AM

Excellent shot and sentiments, Sanjay! Happpy Birthday Donna Downunder! #1076348

Patty Razonable 2/1/2005 3:03:18 AM

Fabulous abstract in gold tones!!! Great image, Sanjay. Happy Birthday, Donna!! #1076363

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 2/1/2005 3:04:03 AM

Wonderful image Sanjay!!! Great perspective on this. Happy Birthday Donna!!! #1076364

Tammy Scott 2/1/2005 3:25:39 AM

Nice shot! Great perspective and composition! Happy Birthday, Donna! #1076385

Cathy Gregor 2/1/2005 3:47:16 AM

Great perspective, Sanjay!
Happy BD Donna!
-cathy #1076426

Tom Andersen 2/1/2005 4:15:24 AM

Beautiful photo and tribute, Sanjay!
Happy Birthday, Donna! #1076496

Cindy Paquette 2/1/2005 4:28:10 AM

incredible and utterly beautiful shot Sanjay...just awesome. your perspective is what makes this abstract strong!! #1076555

Claudia Kuhn 2/1/2005 4:35:52 AM

Great bldg. shot Sanjay!
Happy Birthday Donna! #1076589

Wally Orlowsky 2/1/2005 4:52:08 AM

Marvelous graphic power and symmetry, Sanjay. #1076650

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 2/1/2005 4:53:20 AM

fabulous Sanjay!

happy birthday Donna! #1076652

Janet L. Skinner 2/1/2005 5:01:57 AM

Excellent, Sanjay!! Happy Birthday, Donna!! #1076666

Amy N. Cappelli 2/1/2005 5:15:39 AM

Wow, Sanjay! This is an awesome perspective making for a powerful abstract! Happy Birthday Donna! #1076692

Marcie A. Fowler 2/1/2005 5:38:01 AM

Fatnastic image Sanjay. Great perspective. Happy Birthday Donna!! #1076735

Sandra Wehrman 2/1/2005 6:30:50 AM

powerful image and perspective, terrific shot! #1076811

Kara L. Hendricks 2/1/2005 6:51:21 AM

Wow Sanjay!! This is quite a GRAND building you have captured here. The coloring is beautiful.. Great image! #1076847

Darren K. Fisher 2/1/2005 7:09:57 AM

Love the perspective and coloring here Sanjay. #1076928

Donna J. Taff 2/1/2005 7:40:52 AM

Fantastic image, Sanjay!!! #1077011

Cathy Stancil 2/1/2005 7:50:10 AM

Wonderful shot Sanjay ! Love it ! Happy Birthday to you Donna ! #1077038

Jane Summa 2/1/2005 8:02:45 AM

Fantastic perspective & color, Sanjay! Excellent!
I'm sure you've definitely put a smile on Donna's face :-)! #1077060

Mellanie 2/1/2005 8:24:14 AM

Great perspective and colors, Sanjay!
HB, Donna! #1077086

Dan Holm 2/1/2005 9:54:52 AM

Tremendous shot, Sanjay!! Your perspective and framing on this are absolutely OUTSTANDING!! ... Happy Birthday, Donna!!! #1077187

Karen Bacon 2/1/2005 11:49:29 AM

An awesome image Sanjay!Happy Birthday Donna! #1077345

William C. Raco 2/1/2005 1:19:58 PM

Wonderful photo, Sanjay.
Happy Birthday, Donna!

bill #1077433

Marsha S. Smith 2/1/2005 3:06:48 PM

Another fantastic shot. Awesome, Sanjay. #1077631

Deborah C. Lewinson 2/1/2005 4:55:33 PM

Awesome perspective, Sanjay!

Happy Birthday, Donna!
-Debby #1077758

Stephen Zacker 2/1/2005 5:32:44 PM

Great perspective and effects #1077843

Diane Addonizio 2/1/2005 5:44:11 PM

Fantastic, Sanjay!! #1077891

Cathy Barrows 2/1/2005 7:07:21 PM

great building...love the colors #1078049

Jim Kinnunen 2/1/2005 8:10:22 PM

I love the lines, designs and colors, Sanjay!! #1078205

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 2/1/2005 9:30:13 PM

This is so very awesome!! Great golden color!! #1078280

Donna Roberts 2/1/2005 11:13:52 PM

Hi all - can I just say a quick (and BIG) thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented on SJ's fantastic present to me. I had a wonderful day. Your well wishes are very much appreciated.
Donna (from "downunder") #1078318

Debra Booth 2/2/2005 7:29:29 AM

Great shot, Sanjay! #1079111

Sharon Day 2/2/2005 8:32:13 PM

Fantastic image, Sanjay!!! Gorgeous golden color and perspective! #1080571

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 2/18/2005 1:14:13 AM

A big WOW! Excellent job Sanjay, love the shot!

Best wishes Linnea #1110517

Cindy Paquette 3/15/2005 3:43:31 PM

Hmmm...you are sleeping and we are CONGRATULATING YOU ONCE AGAIN on your superb work!!! #1175038

Tom Andersen 3/15/2005 6:07:39 PM

Congratulations once again, Sanjay! #1176443

Vicki Hunt 3/15/2005 6:25:28 PM

Sanjay, you won so many finalist awards, I am just going to say congrats on them all!!! I am happy for you! #1176627

Deborah C. Lewinson 3/15/2005 7:22:36 PM

Congrats, Sanjay, another awesome finalist! #1177228

Kara L. Hendricks 3/15/2005 7:27:00 PM

Congratulations on this and your other finalist images as well. Good luck. #1177269

Donna Roberts 3/15/2005 7:55:42 PM

I feel like its my birthday all over again - I am SO PLEASED your gift to me is in the finals (along with your other outstanding entries).
Best of luck my friend for each of your finalist photos and congrats SJ.
A HUGE :-) from "downunder" #1177508

Stanley J. Contrades 3/15/2005 8:19:29 PM

CONGRATULATIONS, Sanjay, and good luck with ALL of your Finalists in the next round!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1177728

Cathy Stancil 3/15/2005 10:13:20 PM

Congratulation Sanjay, on all your finalists !!! #1178327

Bill Houghton 3/16/2005 12:25:14 AM

Congrats Sanjay on your beautiful image being selected as finalist. #1178588

Dan Holm 3/16/2005 12:38:31 AM

Congratulations, yet again, Sanjay!!! Another AWESOME Finalist!! #1178609

Jordi Delgado 3/16/2005 1:04:54 AM

Congratulations again, Sanjay!!!

:-)) #1178658

Judy S. Fung 3/16/2005 1:49:27 AM

Congrats again, Sanjay!! #1178728

Claudia Kuhn 3/16/2005 5:32:56 AM

Congrats again Sanjay! #1179582

Cathy Gregor 3/16/2005 7:58:16 AM

You're doing well this month! Congrats again, Sanjay! #1180387

Colette M. Metcalf 3/16/2005 7:59:49 AM

Congrats again!!!! #1180397

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 3/16/2005 9:10:30 AM

A great image Sanjay!! Congratulations on your finalist win!! #1180664

Jonna Bergström 3/16/2005 11:22:08 AM

Congratulations on this great finalist, Sanjay! #1181227

Phil Sauvey 3/16/2005 5:30:14 PM

What a great BD dedication! Congrats once again on your finalist! #1182741

Donna J. Taff 3/16/2005 5:51:57 PM

Congrat's, Sanjay!!! #1182822

Debra Booth 3/16/2005 6:05:07 PM

And one more time, Congratulations, Sanjay!! Fabulous shot! #1182862

Jim Kinnunen 3/17/2005 6:57:01 AM

Awesome finalist, Sanjay!!! #1184497

Vicki Hunt 3/17/2005 2:30:25 PM

Sanjay!!! Fabulous win!!! We are next to each other on the page!!! vicki #1185557

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 3/17/2005 2:37:06 PM

Great shot Sanjay!
Big congrats on your win!

Best wishes, Linnea #1185581

Murry Grigsby 3/17/2005 2:45:23 PM

Congratulations on your win Sanjay!! #1185615

Dan Holm 3/17/2005 2:50:02 PM

CONGRATULATIONS, Sanjay!!!!! #1185637

Darla Cobus 3/17/2005 2:54:21 PM

congrats on your WIN!!! #1185658

Janet L. Skinner 3/17/2005 2:58:13 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!!! I am so glad this won!! #1185673

Lucia De Giovanni 3/17/2005 3:06:51 PM

Congrats Sanjay!!! #1185719

William C. Raco 3/17/2005 3:14:18 PM

Wonderful work, as always, Sanjay


Stanley J. Contrades 3/17/2005 3:17:42 PM

Big CONGRATULATIONS once again, and on your 2nd Place Win, Sanjay! Excellent!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1185782

Judy S. Fung 3/17/2005 3:27:12 PM

Congrats on your win, Sanjay! #1185846

Cindy Paquette 3/17/2005 3:50:24 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Sanjay on your wonderful win!! #1185959

Terry R. Hatfield 3/17/2005 3:53:41 PM

Congratulations On A Fine Image And Your Win Sanjay!!! #1185971

Patricia Marroquin 3/17/2005 4:06:39 PM

A stunning image! Congratulations, Sanjay! #1186029

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 3/17/2005 4:07:31 PM

congrats on the win Sanjay, and all the finalists! #1186037

Colleen Braun 3/17/2005 4:14:55 PM

congratulations Sanjay... #1186073

Ed Heaton 3/17/2005 4:38:48 PM

Hi Sanjay,
Congratulations on this tremendous image! #1186156

Tom Andersen 3/17/2005 4:46:39 PM

Congratulations on your much deserved win, Sanjay! #1186175

Allan L. Whitehead 3/17/2005 4:56:48 PM

Sanjay, congratulations on your wonderful win, it's very richly deserved, my dear friend - your friend, Allan #1186203

Marsha S. Smith 3/17/2005 5:43:06 PM

Hurray!!! Congratulations, Sanjay on this great shot of yours. #1186330

Stephen Zacker 3/17/2005 6:09:33 PM

Super perspective and image. Congratulations #1186401

Debra Booth 3/17/2005 6:15:10 PM

Congratulations on your super win, Sanjay! #1186417

Nobu Nagase 3/17/2005 6:34:06 PM

Many congratulations on your WIN from me, too!!!
Awesome work as always, Sanjay!!! #1186473

Jane Summa 3/17/2005 7:08:31 PM

.....AND ME 2!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Sanjay!!!!! #1186582

Colette M. Metcalf 3/17/2005 7:14:12 PM

And me too!!! Congratulations on your win Sanjay!!! #1186612

Charlene Bayerle 3/17/2005 7:15:09 PM

Me three....Congragulations Sanjay!!!! #1186616

Sharon Day 3/17/2005 7:39:46 PM

Congratulations on your outstanding win, Sanjay!!!! Awesome!


Carol Brill 3/17/2005 7:59:08 PM

Congratulations on your win, Sanjay! #1186818

Laurence Saliba 3/17/2005 8:29:28 PM

congratulations Sanjay!!!!!!!! #1186909

Kelly Abernathy 3/17/2005 8:42:05 PM

Congratulations on your win! -K #1186932

Mary K. Robison 3/17/2005 9:22:09 PM

Congratulations on your First Place win, Sanjay! Such a beautiful amber-gold image!! #1187013

Mary K. Robison 3/17/2005 9:25:08 PM

Oooops...it SHOULD have been First, Sanjay! But it's still a gorgeous win!!!!! #1187019

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 3/17/2005 11:11:45 PM

Right on Sanjay, a well deserved win!! Congratulations!! #1187115

Donna Roberts 3/18/2005 12:10:20 AM

What can I say??? I agree that this was a winning submit and I very happy to have played a small part in it for you SJ.
Well done and thank you once again for this gift.

Danilo Piccioni 3/18/2005 12:23:34 AM

Fantastic Shot and Well deserved win !
Very glad to see it here!
Dado #1187151

Jordi Delgado 3/18/2005 12:28:40 AM

CONGRATULATIONS, Sanjay!! Very well deserved!!! Donna must be thrilled!!


:-)) #1187165

Paul Michko 3/18/2005 1:42:10 AM

Congratulationsm Sanjay. A terrific win. #1187226

Kathleen Clemons 3/18/2005 3:11:27 AM

Congrats to you, Sanjay! #1187313

Deborah C. Lewinson 3/18/2005 3:34:35 AM

Congrats on your fabulous win, Sanjay!!! #1187371

Claudia Kuhn 3/18/2005 4:51:12 AM

Congrats on your win Sanjay, wonderful! #1187665

Anita Hogue 3/18/2005 5:01:34 AM

Congratulations on an awesome win Sanjay!!! #1187719

Wally Orlowsky 3/18/2005 5:38:57 AM

Congratulations on this graphic winner, Sanjay! #1187868

Evy Johansen 3/18/2005 6:07:50 AM

Wow... Sanjay this is a very beautiful image! Big congratulation on this win! #1188009

Phil Sauvey 3/18/2005 9:44:16 AM


Congrats on bringing home the gold! #1188581

Kara L. Hendricks 3/18/2005 11:25:50 AM

Congratulations Sanjay on this fabulous image!! Way to go!! #1188825

Susan T. Evans 3/18/2005 11:27:43 AM

Congrats on your finalists and this awesome winner Sanjay!!!! way to go!!! #1188832

Karen Engelbreth 3/18/2005 12:22:31 PM

Big congrats on your win, Sanjay! #1188917

Diane Addonizio 3/18/2005 6:51:57 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay ! #1189521

Jim Kinnunen 3/18/2005 11:39:28 PM

Congrats on this win, Sanjay!!! #1189852

Arya Bandyopadhyay 3/19/2005 1:54:53 AM

A fantastic win very well deserved....congrats Sanjay!!! #1189950

Joergen Joergensen 3/19/2005 2:52:10 AM

Congrats with this picture Sanjay. #1189984

Gail Vitikacs 3/19/2005 6:24:33 AM

AWESOME shot....well deserved on this fabulous shot! #1190591

Denys 3/19/2005 9:15:10 AM

Bravo for this Win, Sanjay! I am very happy! #1190996

Robin L. Wehrman 3/19/2005 1:44:24 PM

Congratulations to you, Sanjay on this well deserved win!!!!! #1191368

Leonard Pierce 3/19/2005 5:04:19 PM

Congratulations on your Second Place win, Sanjay!!! #1191579

Donna J. Taff 3/19/2005 6:06:05 PM

Congratulation's on your second place win, Sanjay!!! #1191667

Wendy Stevenson 3/21/2005 12:16:16 PM

Perfect symmetry in this excellent architectural shot! Congrats on your win Sanjay!! #1195524

Dolores Neilson 3/21/2005 12:38:13 PM

A great eye to see this, Sanjay!! Many, many congrats on your win!! Woo hooo! #1195584

Jonna Bergström 3/21/2005 12:47:12 PM

Congratulations on your win, Sanjay!! #1195616

Gerda Grice 3/22/2005 12:14:01 AM

Many congratulations on your win with this beautifully crafted shot, Sanjay! #1196789

Cora Miller 3/28/2005 11:24:37 PM

You have an impeccable eye for abstracts and patterns, Sanjay! Congratulations on your win! #1213460

Roxanne M. Bubar 8/2/2006 11:56:45 AM

Outstanding tones, lighting and depth.
Congrats on the stunning image. #3115456

Sarah Baker 6/12/2008 3:24:11 PM

exellent shot!

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Wish you a very very Happy Birthday, Donna!! May you have many many happy returns of the day!! I dedicate this picture to you as you love architectural views... Coloring done with MGI Photosuite 8.0

Uploaded on 2/1/2005 1:32:25 AM

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