Dominick M. Dimacale level-addict 7/30/2008 4:15:33 AM

Lovely portrait and love that tone, Stephanie.

Dominick #970131

Erin Appelbaum level-addict 7/30/2008 4:45:23 AM

Magnificent pov and tones on this portrait Stephanie. Peter #6248718

Vicki L. Filippin 7/30/2008 4:53:21 AM

You did a great job, Stephanie! A portrait you will surely treasure!
Happy Theme Day!! #6248757

Stephanie Frey 7/30/2008 5:01:20 AM

Thank you all for your comments Dominick, Peter and Vicki! #6248781

Linda D. Lester level-addict 7/30/2008 5:07:31 AM

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! #6248810

Susie Peek-Swint level-addict 7/30/2008 6:03:04 AM

Lovely capture Stephanie! #6249008

Paul Goodman level-addict 7/30/2008 6:13:29 AM

awesome capture, love the POV and lighting. #6249058

Katarina Mansson 7/30/2008 6:27:19 AM

Absolutely outstanding! I love the softness, POV, lighting and those eyelashes. Looks like a winner to me... #6249138

Bob Cournoyer level-addict 7/30/2008 6:40:53 AM

Very nicely done!

Happy Theme Day #6249224

Stephanie Frey level-addict 7/30/2008 7:31:17 AM

Thanks for your great comments everyone! #6249464

Jean E. Hildebrant level-addict 7/30/2008 8:02:48 AM

So delicate and sweet! Love it! #6249575

Stephanie Frey level-addict 7/30/2008 8:09:21 AM

Thank you Jean! #6249589

Mitch Spence level-addict 7/30/2008 8:17:03 AM

Such a creative point of view and gentle treatment. Lovely, Stephanie. #6249609

Corinne M. Thompson level-addict 7/30/2008 8:43:57 AM

Beautiful image! #6249728

Carolyn J. Connolly level-addict 7/30/2008 9:08:57 AM

What a gorgeous portrait image of your daughter, Stephanie!! I love the tones, lighting, point of view, composition and softness here!! :o) #6249791

Daniella Puente level-addict 7/30/2008 9:24:04 AM

I think the tones you work with made even peaceful and relaxed :) love the POV and sweet moment, wonderful entry! #6249887

Stephanie Frey level-addict 7/30/2008 9:29:02 AM

Mitch, Corinne, Carolyn and Daniella, thank you so much for your comments! #6249910

Kristy A. Keene level-addict 7/30/2008 9:55:16 AM

Perfection! Happy Theme Day! #6249974

Stephanie Frey level-addict 7/30/2008 10:00:11 AM

Thank you Kristy! #6249997

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-addict 7/30/2008 10:00:38 AM

OUTSTANDING Stephanie!!! A flowing and beautiful keepsake. I love it!! HTD!!! #6249998

Heidi Knight 7/30/2008 12:31:37 PM

What a fantastic image! The conversion is so milky and gorgeous and I love the focus on her eyelashes! #6250462

Stephanie Frey 7/30/2008 12:52:58 PM

Thank you DOnna and Heidi! #6250512

Michelle L. Frick 7/30/2008 1:16:22 PM

I love eyelashes - beautiful POV, love it in BW, and just such a tender moment! HTD Stephanie!! #6250591

Lisa J. Boulden level-addict 7/30/2008 1:54:19 PM

This is absolutely fabulous!!!
Hope we see this one wearing a big gold badge!
Smiles, Lisa♥ #6250729

Sue McLeod 7/30/2008 2:59:10 PM

Beatiful tender image Stephanie! HTD! :) #6250939

Stephanie Frey 7/30/2008 3:32:26 PM

Thank you Michelle, Lisa and Sue! #6251015

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 7/30/2008 3:36:38 PM

She's a real sweetheart, Stephanie!!!! Beautiful lashes!!!!! ♫ k #6251024

Datha Y. Thompson 7/30/2008 8:56:11 PM

So Precious!! LOVE those lashes!! Beautiful!! :0) Happy Theme Day #6251955

Susana Ms Heide 7/31/2008 12:24:40 AM

Oh this is so LOVELY!!! Works very well in b&w! #6252264

Stephanie Frey 7/31/2008 3:17:28 AM

Kitty, Datha, and Susana thank you so much for your comments! #6252609

Les Rhoades level-addict 7/31/2008 8:06:30 AM

Super! hang on to this one... #6253632

Dawn M. Schneider 7/31/2008 1:55:39 PM

BEAUTIFUL!! wonderful pov and creative capture, WINNER. I would make you one of my favorite photographers, but with the new gallery I cant see where to do it! #6254804

Stephanie Frey 7/31/2008 2:09:19 PM

Thank you so much Dawn! Hopefully they'll get the ability to add fav photographer back soon! I appreciate the thought though:) #6254837

Renata Gusciora 8/4/2008 4:21:26 AM

Gorgeous image! #6267950

Stephanie Frey 8/4/2008 4:26:13 AM

Thank you Renata! #6267979

Amy JACKSON level-addict 8/8/2008 4:10:52 AM

Very cute, Stephanie! Great capture! #6287210

Vicki L. Filippin 8/8/2008 4:38:14 AM

OH, STEPAHINE!!! I'm sooooo happy this one got an EP!
Congrats! #6287268

Sharon F. Morris 8/8/2008 6:51:13 AM

I love high key images and you did a wonderful job with this one. Love your POV. #6287525

Stephanie Frey 8/8/2008 11:47:23 AM

Thank you so much for your comments Amy, Vicki and Sharon! #6288427

Michelle L. Frick 8/21/2008 3:24:17 PM

I knew it! LOVE IT Stephanie! BIG CONGRATS!! #6343563

Joannie Bertucci level-addict 8/21/2008 3:59:57 PM

Congrats Steph on a finalist for this charmingly beautiful portrait! #6343889

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 8/21/2008 4:14:55 PM

HUGE Congrats and best of luck in the next round! #6344093

Stephanie Frey 8/21/2008 4:47:56 PM

Thank you everyone! I was so happy to see that this one on to the next round :) #6344645

Deb Koskovich 8/21/2008 6:02:24 PM

Way to go on this awesome finalist, Stepanie! #6345623

JO ANN CLEVELAND 8/21/2008 6:05:00 PM

What a little doll ~ Congratulations on your finalist Stephanie!
Go on and go for the gold!

jo ann c.

Agnes Fegan level-addict 8/21/2008 6:19:18 PM

Congratulations Stephanie! #6345881

Stephanie Frey level-addict 8/21/2008 6:35:59 PM

Thank you all for your sweet comments! #6346077

Kathleen K. Parker level-addict 8/21/2008 7:05:59 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Stephanie!!! This is really polished work!
kk #6346426

Amanda Chapman level-addict 8/21/2008 7:18:26 PM

Congrats on your finalist!!! #6346581

Kara L. Hendricks level-addict 8/21/2008 7:26:03 PM

Congrats to you!! #6346674

Stephanie Frey level-addict 8/21/2008 7:37:14 PM

Thank you! #6346812

Jean E. Hildebrant level-addict 8/21/2008 7:39:03 PM

YAY! Stephanie! So glad to see this in the finalists! Congratulations!!!! #6346839

Debra R. Harder 8/21/2008 7:40:29 PM

Oh...WOW, Stephanie! This is absolutely FABULOUS! BIG CONGRATS on your BEAUTIFUL FINALIST! Deb #6346860

Ken Smith level-addict 8/21/2008 8:17:09 PM

Congrats, Stephanie. Very well deserved! #6347199

Kristy A. Keene 8/21/2008 9:39:57 PM

Congrats on your Finalist!!! #6347867

Datha Y. Thompson 8/21/2008 9:55:10 PM

OH Im so happy to see this again Stephanie!! And I hope we see it one more time with GOLD!!!! Congratulations :0) #6347910

Lisa J. Boulden level-addict 8/21/2008 10:55:50 PM

WTG, Stephanie!!!
Love this one!
Congratz on your FINALIST!
Smiles, Lisa♥ #6348069

Stephanie Frey 8/22/2008 1:11:18 AM

Thank you everyone for your great comments! #6348460

Katarina Mansson 8/22/2008 4:04:01 AM

I love this one and already put it as a winner...congratulations Stephanie! #6349115

Jessica Jenney level-addict 8/22/2008 4:32:16 AM

Congratulations, Stephanie on your adorable and beautiful finalist! #6349237

Mitzie Loland 8/22/2008 5:37:37 AM

Congratulations on your finalist Stephanie!! #6349548

Patrick Rouzes level-addict 8/22/2008 6:51:11 AM

Congratulations on this amazing finalist, Stephanie!!! #6349963

Susan Fox level-addict 8/22/2008 7:43:47 AM

Congratulations Stephanie! #6350260

Erica Murphy level-addict 8/22/2008 8:36:36 AM

Congrats on this beautiful finalist Stephanie!! #6350607

Erica Murphy level-addict 8/22/2008 8:36:37 AM

Congrats on this beautiful finalist Stephanie!! #6350608

Elida Gutierrez level-addict 8/22/2008 8:40:00 AM

Congratulations on your Finalist.


Sylvia Rossler 8/22/2008 8:55:54 AM

Big congrats on this awesome finalist Stephanie :O) #6350759

Amy M. Wilson 8/22/2008 10:14:15 AM

Congratulations on such a precious finalist, Stephanie! #6351276

Mitch Spence level-addict 8/22/2008 1:14:40 PM

My congratulations to you, Stephanie. It's truly lovely. #6351995

Wendy Moghadam 8/22/2008 4:23:37 PM

Lovely portrait. Congratulations on your Finalist. #6352863

Sandy Hawkins 8/22/2008 5:07:04 PM

Beautiful, Stephanie. Congratulations on your finalist! #6353003

Stephanie Frey 8/22/2008 5:34:05 PM

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! #6353147

Sam Britt 8/22/2008 6:02:29 PM

Congratulations, Stephanie! #6353309

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-addict 8/22/2008 9:35:04 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Stephanie, priceless! #6354115

Stephanie Frey 8/23/2008 3:11:46 AM

Thank you Sam and Donna! #6354590

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 8/23/2008 2:01:43 PM

Such a sweet image, Stephanie!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! ♫ k #6356523

Colleen Farrell level-addict 8/23/2008 5:02:59 PM

This is so beautiful, Stephanie! Congratulations on an awesome finalist! #6356968

Stephanie Frey 8/24/2008 10:09:34 AM

Thank you Kitty and Colleen! #6359525

Renee Doyle level-addict 8/26/2008 5:10:01 PM

Congratulations on this very beautiful finalist Stephanie!! #6372558

Stephanie Frey level-addict 8/26/2008 7:25:17 PM

Thank you Renee! #6373159

Gena L. Talbot level-addict 8/28/2008 10:02:43 AM

Congratulations on such a amaing image! #6381126

Stephanie Frey level-addict 8/28/2008 10:26:21 AM

Thank you Gena! #6381195

Roxanne M. Bubar level-addict 8/28/2008 12:26:12 PM

Congratulations on this most deserved finalist.
Outstanding. #6381500

Stephanie Frey level-addict 8/28/2008 7:31:18 PM

Thank you Roxanne! #6382746

Flavio Carnevale level-addict 9/8/2008 2:11:30 PM

One of my favorite images on the entire BP!
Great work, coming up from an amazing gallery.
Flavio #6429502

Stephanie Frey level-addict 9/8/2008 2:52:45 PM

Very kind of you, Flavio! #6429655

Amanda O. Cannon level-addict 9/18/2008 6:36:19 AM

BIG CONGRATS to you on this Gorgeous shot....Just priceless! #6470706

Stephanie Frey level-addict 9/18/2008 12:54:10 PM

Thank you Amanda! #6472017

Joseph M. Muench level-addict 10/24/2008 6:23:30 AM

Wonderful image...delicate with great tones, lighting, and POV. Just a very, very nice composition!
-Joe #6651770

Stephanie Frey level-addict 10/24/2008 6:26:52 AM

Thank you Joe! #6651786

Paul Goodman level-addict 10/24/2008 7:13:49 AM

congrats on your finalist. #6652029

Rebecca K. Lefferts level-addict 3/31/2009 1:59:09 PM

gorgeous shot!! I LOVE IT! Congrats on the finalist. #7357161

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PG101 Candid Kids Theme Entry
My little one playing in the tub. Somedays she wild while in there, others she quite peaceful. This was a peaceful day.
Thanks to everyone at PG101 for their help with this one.

Exif: F Number: 5.6, Exposure Bias Value: 0.00, ExposureTime: 1/90 seconds, Flash: fired, auto mode, red-eye reduction mode, ISO: 400, White balance: Auto white balance, FocalLength: 50.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS 10D

Uploaded on 7/30/2008 3:52:40 AM

BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest Finalist

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