Clowning Around

© Dianna Hauf

Clowning Around

Dianna Hauf 7/26/2008 2:26:03 PM

Here is the before shot along with my award! The first submission is on page 2 in my gallery. #967949

Tony Ebben 7/26/2008 2:46:23 PM

It was well worth all the effort you put in, the results are very good. Congratulations on your prize, well done. #6234265

Kate Baumgartner 7/26/2008 3:26:09 PM

Wow, really awesome. Love the addition of color and contrast. Well done, Dianna. #6234344

Steve M. Harrington 7/26/2008 4:20:26 PM

I am absolutely thrilled for you, Dianna. Congratulations! :)
Steve #6234426

Liz blahh 7/26/2008 8:48:06 PM

Great image & effects! Stunning colors. Congrats! #6234931

Tammy Espino 7/27/2008 1:57:22 PM

Congrats girl~ I love saturation and ddr :o) #6237127

Dianna Hauf 7/27/2008 9:04:22 PM

TONY!!!! How ARE you feeling and doing????? Think about you and Chris a lot! Tahnk you Tony for liking this and for the kudos!!! DO take care and hope all is getting better everyday for you!

Thank you SOOOO much Kate, Steve, Liz and Tammy!!! Now to sell this!!! ☺ #6238250

Yulianto Soeroso 7/27/2008 11:50:04 PM

you know Dianna ,you have some sense of criteria and composition with color in your heart hehehe #6238485

KARU WIJESUNDARA. A.N.P.A.S. 7/28/2008 8:04:10 AM



Patrick Rouzes 7/28/2008 11:58:54 AM

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG, dianna!!! CONGRATULATIONS on this WELL DESERVING AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO something nice for your self !!!!!!!!!!!! We are all proud of you!!!!!!! #6241009

Patrick Rouzes 7/28/2008 12:01:07 PM

CONGRATULATIONS to Dianna K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could not have happened to a kinder or more talented person!!! Phenomenal work here,my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arlene Krassner 7/28/2008 6:24:24 PM

WTG Dianna!

It deserved to win. You must be so proud.

I love it. #6242296

Dianna Hauf 7/28/2008 7:26:23 PM

lol....thanks a lot Yulianto! Yes, there is COLOR in my heart and in a lot of my visions! :)

Thanks so much for your visit Karu and kind words!

You make an excellent cheerleader Patrick!!! You also made my evening, thanks so much!

haha! yes, Arlene! Thank you, thank you!!! I was and still am! I should split my mula with the Professor though. He suggested the boost in saturation and to bring clarity to the fish. :) #6242575

Nikki McDonald 7/28/2008 8:45:27 PM

I'm not surprised that this eye-catching image got you a prize, Dianna. It's stunning. You and the Professor should be equally pleased. Great job. #6242856

Dianna Hauf 7/28/2008 9:39:12 PM

Nikki! You really make my day, you know??? Thanks a million and I know Steve was pretty happy for me as well! I feel pretty lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive BP family! #6243002

Yulianto Soeroso 7/29/2008 4:10:11 AM

wow original good #6243956

Dianna Hauf 7/29/2008 11:15:21 AM

HI Yulianto!!!

I really appreciate your kindness! Thanks and have a wonderful day! You made mine! #6245751

Mitch Spence 7/30/2008 9:23:01 AM

Dianna, your work on this is simply superb. There is much interest in the original, but your extraordinarly creative effort in the rework . . . well, what can I say. I adore it, and it most certainly deserves to be a winner. #6249881

Dianna Hauf 7/30/2008 4:55:32 PM

Hiya Mitch!
Your comments and evaluation mean so much to me!!! I am very happy this one caught your eye! :) Thanks SO VERY MUCH!!!! #6251264

Kimi A. Phillips 7/31/2008 12:57:11 PM

BIG CONGRATS!!!!! So very happy for you!:) #6254602

David Pratt 7/31/2008 6:49:55 PM

Hey Dianna! This rework is fantastic! Congrats on this image! Well done! #6255492

Dianna Hauf 8/1/2008 1:41:00 PM

Thanks Kimi!

I appreciate it VERY much Dave!!! #6258770

Phil Stith 8/2/2008 6:44:39 AM

Way to go, Dianna. I really like your new rendition of this. Eye catching colors and really cool special effects. #6261153

Ellen Powell 8/2/2008 10:41:07 AM

Wow, Dianna. This is reaaqly wonderful. I love all the beautiful color and the movement in there- swirling. Congrats of your prize, too! You deserve it! Love your work. #6262039

Dianna Hauf 8/2/2008 11:36:43 AM

Thanks tons Phil! Your comments are incredibly appreciated!

ELLEN!!! YOUR comments too are really appreciated! You certainly know how to make ones day!

Have a truly wonderful weekend Phil and Ellen!!! #6262172

Colleen Farrell 8/2/2008 9:51:57 PM

Wooohooo!! Way to go, Dianna! That's so fantastic that you won, AND got $50 for it! I can see why this would be a winner--the artwork is stunning! #6263702

Sam Britt 8/3/2008 6:46:33 AM

Great color & use of the Fractalius filter. Terrific image, Dianna. #6264746

Robyn A. Terrell 8/3/2008 9:28:05 AM

I remember this jaw-droping beautiful image, Dianna. Just magnificent...exceptional capture and work!!! #6265289

Patrick Rouzes 8/3/2008 6:38:27 PM

Just taking another peek!!!!!!! #6266711

Michael Umbreit 8/3/2008 7:51:20 PM

Dianna - Congratulations!!! You should be proud! Excellent is now a work of art! Thanks for stopping by my gallery and commenting on my reflection shot! - Mike #6266891

Bill Houghton 8/4/2008 4:23:02 AM

Dianna, this beautiful work. Great job. Do you live in Dothan? I live in Montgomery. Small world huh?? Bill

Check out my personal website at:

Bill Houghton Photography


Dianna Hauf 8/4/2008 7:26:45 PM

chuckle....hey Colleen! You make me smile! hehe! THANKS! You are a DEARHEART!

Thanks so much Sam!!! Wish I could spend more time in all of your galleries!!!

Hi beautiful Miss Robyn! I appreciate your comments ONCE again!!!! Always!

LOL! Patrick!!! So glad you did!!

Hey Mike! Actually, I LOVE all those reflection images!!! That is just about the coolest! Great eye and wonderful colors and composition in them!!! h yes, thanks tons for YOUR comments on this as well! :)

BILL!!!! A fellow 'Alabamian'! chuckle!! Really, maybe we could get Kathy, JoAnn and Judy and a few other's close by and do a late lunch some Saturday??? VERY small world! But cool! Thanks for stopping by!!! LOVE your nature images! :) #6271663

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 8/5/2008 1:57:42 AM

Dianna this is beautiful. fantastic color and HUGE CONGRATS on your award!!! #6272738

Brett Dolsen 8/5/2008 4:27:49 AM

Beautifull work and a big congratulations dianna!!Brett #6273227

Dianna Hauf 8/5/2008 6:52:47 PM

Thanks mucho much Peaches!!!

Hi Brett! I appreciate YOUR visit and comments too!!! :):) #6276207

Steve M. Harrington 8/6/2008 1:15:22 PM

An EP! I predict this will go further. This little fishy has legs, so to speak! :) #6280001

Nikki McDonald 8/6/2008 4:16:46 PM

Wild and wonderful -- and an EP. Congrats, Dianna. #6280631

Sara Dunn 8/6/2008 5:44:13 PM

Beautiful! #6280808

Dianna Hauf 8/6/2008 9:00:00 PM

THANKS SUPER much Nikki and Michelle!!!☺ #6281490

Dianna Hauf 8/6/2008 10:37:21 PM

Opsy, Steve! Missed you! Sorry!!!! Legs??? Think they will tickle the judges any??? I'll try anything, almost! ;) #6281695

James Quantz Jr. 8/8/2008 6:37:32 AM

Great, soft feel here, Dianna. I really like how you put together the "effects" for this image! #6287496

Dianna Hauf 8/8/2008 4:07:44 PM

Hi James! Thank you for your special visit and comments. Glad this appealed to you! Have a super weekend!☺ #6289369

Dr. Harmeet Singh 8/9/2008 3:01:55 AM

Beautiful image and congrats for the award.. #6290699

Jean E. Hildebrant 8/10/2008 1:19:04 PM

I love what you did with this, Diana! You made it into a work of art. Love the colors and editing! #6295719

Ellen Powell 8/10/2008 2:35:25 PM

Dianna- GREAT of the EP! May this little leggy fish go all the way! #6295961

Ellen Powell 8/10/2008 2:36:02 PM

I meant: GREAT ON the EP! May this little leggy fish go all the way! #6295965

Bill Knaps 8/11/2008 12:08:16 PM

Both are beautiful Dianna. Congrats on the award. Bill #6299965

Dianna Hauf 8/11/2008 7:11:26 PM

HI Harmeet S. Super portrait your friend did of you! Thanks for your visit and wonderful comments.

Hi JEAN! Means a lot coming from you Jean!!! Thanks so much!!!

ELLEN!!!! Thank you Ellen!!! I REALLY do appreciate your comments and your support,always! ( I really knew what you meant, chuckle)

THANKS Super much BILL!!!! #6301574

Jean E. Hildebrant 8/21/2008 4:19:05 PM

I thought we might see this one wearing a finalist badge, Dianna!!! Great big congrat's to you!!!!! #6344153

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 8/21/2008 4:35:37 PM

HUGE Congrats and best of luck in the next round! #6344439

Steve M. Harrington 8/21/2008 5:15:31 PM

Yes! This fishy does indeed have legs! I am so pleased for you, Dianna. :)
Steve #6345042

Sam Britt 8/21/2008 6:03:21 PM

Congratulations, cool finalist, Dianna! #6345635

Bill Knaps 8/21/2008 6:53:18 PM

Congrats Dianna on your well deserved Finalist. Bill #6346271

Phil Stith 8/21/2008 6:57:54 PM

Great job, Dianna! A big congratulations to you! #6346326

A P 8/21/2008 7:03:47 PM

congratulations on this well deserved finalist, dianna #6346397

Nikki McDonald 8/21/2008 7:10:10 PM

Such a great finalist, Dianna. I hope and think it will go on. Good luck. #6346464

Ellen Powell 8/21/2008 8:07:35 PM

Dianna! EXCELLENT!!!!!! #6347111

Lisa J. Boulden 8/21/2008 11:03:31 PM

WTG, Girl!!!
Love this cheery image!
Great capture, colors, and effects.
HUGE Congratz on your well-deserved finalist! Hope it goes GOLD!
~♥~Lisa #6348093

Kimi A. Phillips 8/22/2008 9:31:07 AM


Mitzie Loland 8/22/2008 10:06:56 AM

Congratulations on your finalist dianna!! #6351242

frank w. degenhardt 8/22/2008 10:19:42 AM

I am so happy to see you get a finalist for this fabulous picture. Congratulations and hope to see you in the winners circle. #6351304

Mitch Spence 8/22/2008 1:40:00 PM

Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray. Can I type this perhaps a thousand more times? #6352220

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 8/22/2008 3:07:41 PM

WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Dianna!!!!! :-) ♫ k #6352672

Wendy Moghadam 8/22/2008 4:31:45 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist. Awesome work! #6352880

Patrick Rouzes 8/22/2008 5:34:13 PM

I remember this well, dianna!!! Congratulations & good luck next round!!! #6353148

Christine Czernin 8/23/2008 11:11:10 AM

BIG congrats, Dianna.
I am so happy for you, this really is a worthy finalist. #6356054

Dianna Hauf 8/23/2008 11:23:43 AM

Oh my goodness!!! I go away for a few days and come back to this! Now THAT is a heck of a surprise!

Jean, you are truly a dear for your support and belief in this! Thank you again so very much!

Wow....Peaches, Steve, Bill, Phil, Sam, Nikki, Ann and Ellen, CAN'T thank you enough for your wonderful support!!! (AND cherished advice Steve!)

Lisa, I have hoped beyond hope several times only to be greatly disappointed and have learned to accept and be grateful for the things I have! If it does, super, if it doesn't, still super. Either way! Thanks so much to you and Kimi for your enthusiastic support and well wishes!

Mitzie (what a pretty lady you are) and Frank, thank you incredibly much!!! (Great to see you Frank!)

Mitch, a thousand hugs back at you!!!! :) You are special!

Hi ya ♫ Kitty ♫!!!! Sunshine of BP! Thanks super duper much!

Thanks so much Wendy and Patrick! I DO appreciate your well wishes!!!!

Ahhh, my dear friend Christine.....that means a lot coming from you. heartfelt thanks (hand over heart)♥

I will get to all the other finalist before the weekend is out! Have so much catching up to do!!! HUGE CONGRATUALTIONS to all of the finalist and all the very best as well!!!! ☺☺☺

Thank you so much BP Judges for considering this 'image creation'!!!

Colleen Farrell 8/23/2008 11:41:49 AM

Wooohooo!! SOOO well-deserved! I'm thrilled to see this in the finalists, Dianna! Big congratulations! #6356176

Kaye Burazin 8/23/2008 5:35:57 PM

Awesome effect and vibrant colors. Congrats on your finalist. #6357099

MELODIE C. ROBERTS 8/23/2008 5:42:39 PM

WoooHoooo For You girl friend!!!
Congrats dianna dear this is excellent #6357127

Derek D. Dafoe 8/23/2008 6:59:52 PM

WTG Dianna!! Congrats on this great Finalist!! Good luck !! #6357395

Robyn A. Terrell 8/23/2008 9:54:01 PM

Wow, Dianna I'm so happy for you!!! This is a beautiful and so well deserved finalist...I'm sure we will see it again! #6357815

Jessica Jenney 8/24/2008 12:21:17 AM

CONGRATULATIONS DIANNA!!!! What a stunning finalist image. And a winner in an art show! Gorgeous colors and effects! So well deserved! Good luck in the next round... but then, you're already a winner! #6358036

Karen Rahlf 8/24/2008 10:30:42 AM

Awesome effects. A beautiful finalist. Congrats! #6359611

Daniella Puente 8/24/2008 1:20:38 PM

Dianna, I just have the oportunity to see this one and let me tell you is a terrific finalist.
Your original photo illustrates so good the excellent work you did!!! Congrats and good luck on the next round :o))))
Take care, Daniella #6360372

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 8/24/2008 7:19:08 PM

Congratulations Dianna!! Would love to see Nemo Winner!!! #6361741

Dianna Hauf 8/24/2008 8:24:36 PM

Chuckle....Colleen, thanks loads!!! ☺

Thank you super much Kaye!!☺

(letting out held breath....ahhhh...!)
Waited quite a while Mel for a finalist, you know? REALLY appreciate your support!!! Thank you!☺☺☺

Thanks so incredibly much Derek and Robyn!!!☺☺

That is how I feel too Jessica! A winner in so many more ways than just with an image too! ;) Thanks so very much for your wonderful support!☺

THANK YOU Karen!!!!☺

WOW! Daniella, you just made my week! I TRULY appreciate your stopping by and leaving such supportive and encouraging comments!!! THANKS!☺ You take care as well! ~dianna

HI Phillipe!!! ME TOO!!!!! ;) THANK you so much!

ALL the very best to all of you who are also finalists!!!!

I will be out of town for a week having some fun with Sara at Disney! I may miss the winners but PROMISE to catch up with all finalists and winners when I get back!!!


Patricia A. Stalter 8/25/2008 9:40:27 AM

Wonderful!!!! I am so happy for you!
Hope you get a win out of this ... deserving one! Have fun at Disney. #6364596

Cassie L. Woodlee 8/26/2008 8:36:47 AM

WTG girl A HUGE CONGTRATS Dianna!!!! #6370524

Dianna Hauf 9/8/2008 9:56:22 AM

Hi Pat and Cassie!

Thanks for your wonderful support!!! JUST beginning to get caught up from my vacation and am ready to turn around and leave at the end of the month again to see my mom and son! Whew! Life is busy!

Thanks so, so much again! #6428797

James E. Coleman 1/17/2009 4:46:57 PM

Well, obviously I am not the only one that thinks this is great! I have a photo of a different clown fish and this puts it to shame so much color and intensity! Very, very nice, ie beautiful!
Congratulations to you!!!

Jim #7045308

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A resubmission and a slight re-work of my clown fish! I used the fractalius filter along with layers and brought out more detailing on the fish and then SA-TU-RATED! ☺

I would like to thank Steve H. for his help and advice on making this a better image! Because of his suggestions, I entered this image in our small area art show, 'Local Colors' and out of about 35 artists, I was among the winners. ☺ They handed out 9 Merit Awards worth $50.00 each! Thanks SOOOOO much Steve!!!!

Exif: F Number: 4.5, Exposure Bias Value: 0.00, ExposureTime: 1/60 seconds, Flash: fired, auto mode, red-eye reduction mode, ISO: 400, White balance: Auto white balance, FocalLength: 31.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL

Uploaded on 7/26/2008 2:24:43 PM Photo Contest Finalist

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