Eye Witness

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe 12/27/2004 3:55:12 AM

Amazing image Bill! Captured perfectly! Jeff #199455

Joy Brown 12/27/2004 3:58:09 AM

This is fantastic, Bill! The detail is amazing! #997596

Janet L. Skinner 12/27/2004 4:00:51 AM

My kind of self portrait!! The detail you achieved, Bill is incredible!!! #997599

Tom Andersen 12/27/2004 4:15:19 AM

Great shot, Bill! Looks like the eyes have it today! #997608

Paul Michko 12/27/2004 4:30:52 AM

This is just wonderful, Bill. I love your reflection in the eye. #997620

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-deluxe 12/27/2004 4:42:58 AM

Incredible detail, Bill. What a great choice for a resubmit! #997646

Rob Friedman level-deluxe 12/27/2004 4:47:14 AM

I love this one! Great reflection, well seen! #997656

Wally Orlowsky 12/27/2004 4:50:09 AM

Amazing clarity and color, Bill ... my, what a big lens you have ;) #997664

Donna Dunbar 12/27/2004 5:35:27 AM

Fantastic image Bill !!! #997721

S J 12/27/2004 5:48:07 AM

Great macro, Bill! Amazing reflection!!! #997758

Charlene Bayerle level-deluxe 12/27/2004 5:53:42 AM

Awesome shot,capture and reflection Bill!!!! #997779

Sharon Day level-deluxe 12/27/2004 6:02:23 AM

Outstanding shot, Bill!!! Wonderful detail and color! I have to agree with the others, amazing reflection! #997817

Cathy Gregor level-deluxe 12/27/2004 6:03:36 AM

Awesome Bill! Very nicely done!
-cathy #997823

Kathleen Clemons 12/27/2004 6:06:07 AM

So clear and sharp, Bill. Excellent choice for Resubmit Week! #997840

cj patterson 12/27/2004 6:16:58 AM

fantastic image and amazing detail!!! a winner for sure bill!! #997896

Kathleen N. Nelson 12/27/2004 6:22:37 AM

Wow, Bill. This is awesome. You even got a great self-portrait in this one. I agree with CJP, that this is a winner, for sure. #997916

Murry Grigsby 12/27/2004 6:29:00 AM

"I" see you :0) Terrific SP Bill! Amazingly clear reflection of you and the farm for a guy that was just horsing around LOL. #997931

Laura Berman 12/27/2004 6:32:38 AM

Terrific shot Bill--I can't believe it didn't get noticed first time around!! #997943

Stacey M 12/27/2004 6:55:48 AM

Bill this is AWESOME!!! I can't believe the clarity you achieved on this. Great Job!!! #998017

Jill Flynn level-deluxe 12/27/2004 7:16:21 AM

WHOA Bill. Fantastice closeup and clarity - amazing photograph! #998057

Tammy Nuxoll 12/27/2004 7:48:17 AM

Awsome Shot Bill, Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!! #998081

Donna J. Taff 12/27/2004 8:14:15 AM

Fantastic image, Bill!!!! #998130

Shirley L. Carpenter 12/27/2004 8:46:36 AM

I remember this one Bill!! It is still excellent with Great composition!! Love it!! #998160

Karen Bacon level-deluxe 12/27/2004 9:06:59 AM

This is one of my favorites Bill!I hope it gets some recognition!Wonderful image !! #998197

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 12/27/2004 9:38:56 AM

Amazing image Bill, superb capture!

Good luck with the resubmit!
Debby #998235

Dale Gast level-deluxe 12/27/2004 9:39:18 AM

WOW!!!!!!!!! Outstanding, Bill!!!! I hope it gets recongnized as well!!!!!! #998236

Ronald Balthazor level-deluxe 12/27/2004 11:11:16 AM

Is that a toupee you're wearing or just an eyelash?
Very well done, Bill eyecatching for sure. #998398

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/27/2004 3:18:31 PM

Thank you all very much!
Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

bill #998627

Judy S. Fung level-deluxe 12/27/2004 5:20:55 PM

Terrific capture, William!! #998770

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/27/2004 5:28:06 PM

Thank you, Judy!

bill #998784

Terry R. Hatfield level-deluxe 12/27/2004 5:48:33 PM

Nice Job On The Eye Bill,Looks Great!! #998803

Leonard Pierce level-deluxe 12/27/2004 6:50:58 PM

I remember this one too Bill, you really have an "eye" for this kind of shot! Fantastic job!!! #998892

Dan Holm level-deluxe 12/27/2004 8:18:46 PM

Wow!! Tremendous shot, Bill!! I absolutely love it! #999017

Karma Wilson 12/28/2004 6:20:56 AM

GREAT SP! So creative!

Karma #999723

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe 12/28/2004 3:25:37 PM

Wonderful, Bill!!! You really do have, as Len says, an eye for this!! Happy New Year!
kk #1000427

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/28/2004 3:28:54 PM

Thank you Terry, Len, Dan, Karma and KK
Your comments are very much appreciated!

bill #1000430

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 12/28/2004 3:43:38 PM

Great work Bill!! A self portrait within the eye. #1000440

Susan T. Evans 12/28/2004 4:42:01 PM

Terrific Bill, good choice for a resubmit! #1000518

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/28/2004 4:53:59 PM

Thank you Donna and Susan!

bill #1000541

Mary K. Robison level-deluxe 12/28/2004 6:04:20 PM

It was wonderful before, Bill, and nothing has changed ~ except, I hope, the judges' response this time! Best of luck with it! #1000636

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/28/2004 6:09:45 PM

Thank you, Mary.
So very kind of you.

bill #1000642

Paula Showen level-deluxe 12/28/2004 6:22:04 PM

WOW...How cool is that? I can't believe how clear that reflection is! Great image, Bill! #1000662

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/29/2004 2:42:38 PM

Thank you very much, Paula!

bill #1002214

Bob Cammarata 12/30/2004 2:19:13 PM

Looks like the "EYES" have it!!
Great shot Bill!
(I'm sure it'll get noticed by the judges this month.).
Bob #1004212

Cathy Barrows 12/31/2004 7:20:16 AM

very cool self portrait and you even got some fence in also #1005602

William C. Raco level-deluxe 12/31/2004 7:22:55 AM

Thank you so much Bob and Cathy
I hope you both have a wonderful New Year

bill #1005612

Jessica McCollam 1/17/2005 11:03:02 PM

Excellent detail here, Bill! So happy to see this as a finalist! Congrats!! #1040542

Kip T. Berger 1/17/2005 11:08:44 PM

Congratulations again on your finalist Bill!!! #1040558

Dan Holm level-deluxe 1/17/2005 11:25:29 PM

Congratulations, Bill!!!! #1040612

Patricia Marroquin 1/18/2005 12:50:29 AM

Your resubmits are doing wonderfully! Congrats on this one, Bill, love it! :-) #1040904

Judy S. Fung 1/18/2005 1:56:24 AM

Congrats, Bill! #1041074

Alan L. Borror 1/18/2005 1:59:02 AM

Congratulations on this superb image, Bill! #1041081

Colleen Braun 1/18/2005 3:22:45 AM

congratulations... #1041304

Tom Andersen 1/18/2005 4:22:43 AM

Congratulations on your finalist, Bill! #1041609

Cathy Gregor 1/18/2005 4:34:59 AM

Bill- Congrats (again) on your finalist!
-cathy #1041693

Paul Michko 1/18/2005 4:50:37 AM

Congrats, Bill. #1041801

Claudia Kuhn level-deluxe 1/18/2005 5:56:49 AM

Congrats again Bill! #1042317

Tammy Nuxoll 1/18/2005 6:17:03 AM

Congrats Bill!!! #1042497

Donald K. Cherry level-deluxe 1/18/2005 6:17:42 AM

Congrats again, Bill! #1042506

Colette M. Metcalf 1/18/2005 6:30:38 AM

Congratulations once more, Bill!!! #1042619

Amy N. Cappelli 1/18/2005 6:38:36 AM

So sorry I missed this one before- but I can see why it is here. What an amazing macro! Congratulations, Bill, this is a beautiful image! #1042673

Patricia A. Kuniega 1/18/2005 7:08:35 AM

Congratulations on this superb finalist, Bill! So nice to see you! : ) Good luck! #1042884

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe 1/18/2005 7:24:48 AM

Congrats, Bill. Showed this to my son. He says congrats, too, and also that he thinks this is really awesome!
KK #1042992

Murry Grigsby 1/18/2005 7:28:59 AM

Congrats and good luck Bill! #1043025

Donna J. Taff 1/18/2005 7:57:23 AM

Congrat's to you, Bill!!! #1043220

Lucia De Giovanni 1/18/2005 8:18:43 AM

Congratulations Bill and best of luck in the next round! #1043381

Karen Engelbreth 1/18/2005 8:25:24 AM

Congratulations again, bill! #1043440

Jill Flynn level-deluxe 1/18/2005 9:13:41 AM

Congratulations Bill. This is a fantastic closeup! #1043739

Elisabeth A. Gay 1/18/2005 11:33:34 AM

Congratulations Bill, fantastic shot (what gorgeous eyelashes!!)
Ann #1044325

Wendy Stevenson 1/18/2005 2:17:41 PM

Congratulations Bill - awesome shot!! Best of luck in the next round!! #1044986

Marsha S. Smith 1/18/2005 2:25:12 PM

Congratulations, Great image. #1045016

Debra Booth 1/18/2005 2:34:16 PM

Congratulations, Bill! Very cool image! #1045060

Kathleen Clemons 1/18/2005 2:43:54 PM

Aren't you glad you tried one more time with this one? ;) Congrats, my dear! #1045120

Robin L. Wehrman 1/18/2005 3:43:07 PM

Congratulations to you, Bill on this magnificent image!!!!! #1045336

Sharon Day level-deluxe 1/18/2005 3:48:35 PM

Big congratulations on this outstanding image, Bill!!! WTG! #1045372

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 1/18/2005 5:48:42 PM

Congrats again Bill!!! WTG!D

-Debby #1045891

Ed Heaton 1/18/2005 6:03:03 PM

Great job, Congratulations on your finalist :-) #1045972

Jennifer Rennison 1/18/2005 6:09:31 PM

Excellent detail and image, Bill! Congratulations on your finalist! #1045999

Terry R. Hatfield 1/18/2005 7:05:33 PM

Congratulations On Your Finalist Bill:-) #1046298

Paula Showen 1/18/2005 7:15:21 PM

WOW! Excellent, Bill! Congratulations and best of luck in the next round! #1046367

S J 1/18/2005 9:37:21 PM

Many congratulations on this terrific Finalist, Bill!! #1046862

Stanley J. Contrades 1/18/2005 9:38:14 PM

Much Aloha,

Nobu Nagase 1/18/2005 10:01:51 PM

Many congratulations, Bill, on this fantastic image, making the finalist with no surprise.
I loved it the first time I saw this.

Very best of wishes for the next stage, Bill! #1046894

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/19/2005 3:50:10 AM

Thank you very much.
I really appreciate all the well wishes.

bill #1047091

Gianna Stadelmyer level-deluxe 1/20/2005 1:57:01 AM

WOW! Such detail and texture here, Bill! Terrific capture and a well deserved WIN! Congratulations!!! #1049552

S J level-deluxe 1/20/2005 2:06:09 AM

Many CONGRATULATIONS on your TERRIFIC win, Bill!! #1049584

Judy S. Fung level-deluxe 1/20/2005 2:08:28 AM

Congrats on your second place win, Bill! #1049589

Kathleen Clemons 1/20/2005 2:38:44 AM

See, believing in this one paid off, Bill! Big congratulations to you. #1049635

Alan L. Borror 1/20/2005 3:06:16 AM

Congratulations on this great winner, Bill! #1049720

Janet L. Skinner 1/20/2005 3:17:31 AM

Congratulations, Bill!!!!!!!! #1049755

Joy Brown 1/20/2005 3:41:26 AM

Congratulations on this great winner, Bill!!! #1049807

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 1/20/2005 4:02:33 AM

Hearty congrats on your win, Bill!

-Debby #1049867

Tom Andersen level-deluxe 1/20/2005 4:05:10 AM

Congratulations on your win, Bill! #1049879

Theresa McCloskey level-deluxe 1/20/2005 4:13:45 AM

Congratulations Bill :-) #1049943

Sharon E. Lowe level-deluxe 1/20/2005 4:13:55 AM

Congrats on your win bill!! #1049944

Wally Orlowsky 1/20/2005 4:28:48 AM

Congratulations on this amazing winner, Bill! #1050017

Paul Michko 1/20/2005 4:49:15 AM

Bill, Congratulations on a terrific win. #1050083

Colette M. Metcalf 1/20/2005 5:06:08 AM

Congratulations to you on your win Bill!!! #1050131

Dolores Neilson level-deluxe 1/20/2005 5:12:17 AM

bill...the concept, clarity, title are all superb!! I even love the backdrop of the farm in the reflection. What terrific work! Well deserved congrats to you!! #1050147

Francis Cailles 1/20/2005 5:19:43 AM

congratulations, Bill. Incredible shot! Both very creative and technically flawless. Love the title, too! #1050193

Cathy Gregor 1/20/2005 5:25:45 AM

Congratulations on your win, Bill!!
-cathy #1050224

Lucia De Giovanni 1/20/2005 5:34:36 AM

Awesome win Bill! Congratulations my friend! #1050264

Claudia Kuhn level-deluxe 1/20/2005 5:51:51 AM

This really is a big time winner this time around! Congratulations Bill! #1050362

Deborah Sandidge 1/20/2005 5:53:21 AM

Congratulations, Bill - wonderful work! #1050374

cj patterson 1/20/2005 5:54:30 AM

Congratulations Bill!!!!!! #1050380

Karen Engelbreth 1/20/2005 5:58:12 AM

Congrats to you on your win bill!!! #1050404

Judith G. Secco 1/20/2005 6:08:56 AM

WOW, what a fantastic image, Bill. Congratulations on a very well deserved win!
Judy #1050445

Casey A. Hanson 1/20/2005 6:40:21 AM

Congratulations Bill! #1050572

Donna J. Taff 1/20/2005 7:00:07 AM

Congratulation's on your second place win, Bill!!! #1050666

Murry Grigsby 1/20/2005 7:13:09 AM

Congratulations on your win Bill! #1050721

Charlene Bayerle level-deluxe 1/20/2005 7:37:32 AM

Well deserved...Congratulations Bill!!! #1050842

Marie Fields level-deluxe 1/20/2005 7:46:46 AM

Congratulations, Bill!!! #1050888

Cathy Stancil 1/20/2005 7:58:27 AM

Congratulations Bill ! #1050953

Jill Flynn level-deluxe 1/20/2005 8:14:48 AM

Congratulations on your Second Place win Bill! #1051042

Jane Summa 1/20/2005 8:32:07 AM

CONGRATULATIONS BILL!!!!!!! Fanstastic image!!! #1051138

Sharon Day level-deluxe 1/20/2005 8:32:14 AM

Big congratulations, Bill!!! Fantastic image!!! #1051141

Jane Summa 1/20/2005 8:32:47 AM

CONGRATULATIONS BILL!!!!!!! whooops.. replay..***Fantastic image!!!*** lol #1051145

Audrea Telkamp 1/20/2005 8:45:29 AM

This is excellent Bill!! Congratulations!!!! #1051200

Donald K. Cherry level-deluxe 1/20/2005 9:21:38 AM

Congrats, Bill! #1051282

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 1/20/2005 9:40:27 AM

Congratulations on your win Bill!!! #1051311

Kathleen R. Struckle 1/20/2005 10:32:41 AM

Congrats on your win Bill!! Awesome image! #1051450

Terry R. Hatfield 1/20/2005 10:37:37 AM

Congratulations Bill This Is Awesome!!!! #1051462

Kathleen K. Parker level-deluxe 1/20/2005 10:51:43 AM

Congrats, bill!!! kk #1051491

Susan T. Evans level-deluxe 1/20/2005 12:33:20 PM

Congrats Bill on this awesome winner!!!! whoooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1051657

Mellanie level-deluxe 1/20/2005 2:08:56 PM

congrats, my friend! Well deserved! #1051820

Donna J. Eaton 1/20/2005 2:17:34 PM

Congratulations on an excellent win! #1051852

Stanley J. Contrades 1/20/2005 3:03:30 PM

CONGRATULATIONS, bill, on your Second Place win! Terrific job!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #1051987

Jim Kinnunen level-deluxe 1/20/2005 3:25:28 PM

Congratulations on this excellent winning image Bill!!! #1052038

Gail Vitikacs level-deluxe 1/20/2005 3:54:48 PM

This blows me away! Wonderful capture and CONGRATULATIONS Bill! #1052091

Debra Booth 1/20/2005 4:33:03 PM

Congratulations, Bill!! #1052186

Jennifer Rennison 1/20/2005 5:10:11 PM

Congratulations on this amazing winner, Bill!! #1052245

Darren K. Fisher level-deluxe 1/20/2005 5:49:26 PM

Way to go Bill. #1052308

Stephen Zacker 1/20/2005 6:02:36 PM

Congratulations Bill #1052337

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/20/2005 7:24:38 PM

Thank you all so very much!

bill #1052413

Anette Linnea Rasmussen level-deluxe 1/20/2005 8:11:23 PM

Nice shot Bill!
Congrats on this beautiful win!

Best wishes
Linnea #1052491

Marija Milovanovic Maksimovic level-deluxe 1/20/2005 8:24:08 PM

Congrtulations on your win, Bill! #1052498

Monika Sapek level-deluxe 1/20/2005 8:37:15 PM

Awesome work, Bill! Incredible details and reflection! Many congratulations on your Second Place Win!

Carol Engstrom level-deluxe 1/20/2005 10:38:18 PM

Congrats, Bill! Love this! #1052601

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/21/2005 3:58:46 AM

Thank you so much Linnea, Marija, Monika and Carol!

bill #1052969

Patty Razonable level-deluxe 1/21/2005 5:11:06 AM

Wow!! Congratulations on this awesome image!!! #1053151

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/21/2005 12:08:20 PM

Thank you so much, Patty!

bill #1054067

Mary K. Robison level-deluxe 1/21/2005 2:17:17 PM

SO happy for you, Bill!
So glad this gem finally got its true recognition!!
CONGRATULATIONS on your win! #1054299

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/21/2005 2:24:39 PM

Thank you so much, Mary.
You are very kind!

bill #1054321

Kip T. Berger level-deluxe 1/21/2005 3:12:16 PM

Congratulations Bill! Great win with an impressive shot! #1054442

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/21/2005 3:18:44 PM

Thank you very much, Kip

bill #1054455

Evy Johansen level-deluxe 1/21/2005 11:45:33 PM

Big congratulations on your well deserved win, Bill! #1055249

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/22/2005 5:42:34 AM

Thank you so much, Evy!

bill #1055585

Robin L. Wehrman level-deluxe 1/22/2005 8:10:02 AM

Congratulations to you, Bill on your outstanding win!!!!!! #1056142

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/22/2005 9:06:18 AM

Thank you very much, Robin!

bill #1056289

Nobu Nagase level-deluxe 1/22/2005 9:57:36 AM

I knew this was a winner the first time I saw it, Bill!
Great win and well deserved.
Many congratulations!!! #1056450

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/22/2005 10:13:50 AM

Thank you so much, Nobi.
It took 3 tries, but it finally did win ;-)

bill #1056466

Kristi A. Howson level-deluxe 1/22/2005 11:06:59 AM

Congratulations Bill...What an amazing capture of reflection and framing #1056574

Leonard Pierce level-deluxe 1/23/2005 7:28:35 PM

Congratulations on your Second Place win Bill!!! #1059073

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/23/2005 7:33:55 PM

Thank you Kristi and Len! #1059086

Rick Riddle level-deluxe 1/24/2005 5:55:03 PM

Awesome Photo William Congrats. #1061064

Kathleen N. Nelson 1/29/2005 5:43:52 AM

Wow, Bill. This is so awesome. Two photos in one . . . very well done horse's eye and a self portrait, too! Congratulations on your well-deserved win. #1070579

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/29/2005 5:59:50 AM

Thank you very much, Rick and Kathleen

bill #1070611

James Reininger level-deluxe 1/30/2005 9:26:31 AM

Hello William,

Just saw this image displayed on Betterphoto's homepage. An excellent photo. I love your reflection in the horses eye. #1073120

William C. Raco level-deluxe 1/30/2005 10:27:44 AM

Thank you very much, James!

bill #1073222

Nancy Grace Chen level-deluxe 2/1/2005 12:06:18 AM

Excellent macro, Bill. A late congrats to you on your winning photo!!

Nancy #1076196

William C. Raco level-deluxe 2/1/2005 3:37:28 AM

Thank you very much, Nancy!

bill #1076394

Karen Seargeant 2/12/2005 2:26:01 PM

WOW, Bill, this is great! I am sorry that I have not seen it before now! #1099763

William C. Raco level-deluxe 2/12/2005 2:55:12 PM

Thank you, Karen!


Donna L. Cuic level-deluxe 2/15/2005 7:18:32 PM

This is awesome Bill, Congrats on your win with this. #1106179

Vicki Hunt 3/22/2005 8:54:52 AM

Amazing!!!!! Congratulations! #1197999

William C. Raco level-deluxe 3/22/2005 8:57:24 AM

Thank you Donna and Vicki!


Diana R. Lemieux level-deluxe 8/19/2005 12:48:58 PM

Speechless... #1736466

William C. Raco level-deluxe 8/19/2005 1:40:28 PM

Thank you, Diana! ;)


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Uploaded on 12/27/2004 3:52:11 AM

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