Paul E. Earl level-classic 6/26/2008 2:31:14 AM

WOW! This is truly superb!! #949209

Renata Gusciora level-classic 6/26/2008 2:32:00 AM

Amazing color and composition,Margaret! #6108201

Nilesh J. Bhange 6/26/2008 2:46:42 AM

Beautiful colors & exposure! #6108273

Brett Dolsen 6/26/2008 2:47:58 AM

Stunning colours ,composition and details Margaret!!Brett #6108277

Dr. Harmeet Singh 6/26/2008 2:49:08 AM

Beautiful capture.. #6108281

Ray Clarke 6/26/2008 2:53:50 AM

Wonderful colours and composition Margaret!!!(R) #6108298

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 6/26/2008 2:56:19 AM

Thank you Paul, Renata, Nilesh, Brett, Harmeet and R&A! #6108316

Michael G. Marshall 6/26/2008 2:57:57 AM

Outstanding Margaret! Wonderful light, color and detail! Love the full frame capture! Michael #6108322

William C. Raco level-classic 6/26/2008 3:04:56 AM

Outstanding focus, color, light and full frame
Beautiful, Margaret! #6108342

Carol Sawyer level-classic 6/26/2008 3:19:42 AM

Outstanding detail and color in this beautiful macro, Margaret!! #6108398

Deb Koskovich 6/26/2008 3:19:54 AM

Wonderful pp work, Margaret. The color and detail just jumps right off the screen! #6108399

Vitor Dias 6/26/2008 3:27:54 AM

Very nice! The light and shadows are splendid! Very nice capture! I like the way you cropped this, I like it a lot, congts Margaret. rgs Vitor #6108431

Stefania Barbier level-classic 6/26/2008 3:32:16 AM

spectacular flower abstract... a beauty #6108454

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 6/26/2008 3:35:32 AM

Thank you Michael, Bill, Carol, Deb, Vitor and Stefania! #6108466

Aimee S. McMaster 6/26/2008 3:38:43 AM

....amazing cyclamen Margaret..I find these flowers challenging to photograph...you did fine....Aimee #6108481

Jeff Robinson level-classic 6/26/2008 4:05:14 AM

Really stunning Margaret!! Jeff #6108596

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 6/26/2008 5:24:28 AM

My friend that is very beautiful detail and color.Excellent capture,Margaret!!!!! #6108867

Cyn Valentine level-classic 6/26/2008 5:26:06 AM

Just fantastic Margaret..the clarity is amazing!!!! GOrgeous!! #6108876

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 6/26/2008 6:55:25 AM

Thank you Aimee, Jeff, Bobby and Cyn! #6109262

Bill Knaps level-classic 6/26/2008 7:23:14 AM

A beautiful macro Martaret. Bill #6109394

A P level-classic 6/26/2008 8:16:48 AM

Beautiful POV, light, textures and tone to this macro, Margaret. Awesome capture. #6109670

Tiia Vissak level-classic 6/26/2008 10:01:49 AM

great colors, light, details & framing! #6110003

Melissa G. Meiselman level-classic 6/26/2008 10:13:17 AM

Wonderful full frame floral with great lines and shapes, great focus on that needle like thing, taken with vivid color, great lighting and sharp focus, Margaret!!!! #6110040

Sheila D. Robertson 6/26/2008 10:17:11 AM

Beautiful light, color and lines. #6110057

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 6/26/2008 11:12:40 AM

Thank you Bill, Ann, Tiia, Melissa and Sheila! #6110281

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 6/26/2008 12:08:36 PM

Gorgeous comp and color Margaret! #6110417

John Connolly level-classic 6/26/2008 2:02:38 PM

Extraordinary texture and detail in this colorful close up Margaret! Beautiful work! #6110706

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 6/26/2008 5:07:11 PM

Awesome composition and capture, Margaret! #6111148

David Phalen level-classic 6/26/2008 6:20:38 PM

Excellent color, shapes and details in this outstanding macro!! #6111387

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 6/26/2008 6:43:00 PM

Sensational macro, Margaret!!!!! Gorgeous colors and awesome details!!!!! ♫ k #6111458

Kathleen Rinker level-classic 6/27/2008 3:36:03 PM

Beautiful image Margaret love the color! #6114796

Phillip R. Connolly level-classic 6/27/2008 6:12:22 PM

Excellent composition, colour and detail Margaret. Very well taken.

Phil #6115205

Jennifer L. Alder 6/27/2008 9:02:30 PM

Breathtakingly beautiful- the saturation and contrast must have worked!!! LOVE THIS!!!
(Also would not look bad at a 180 degree rotation..)
Bravo!!! :) #6115630

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 6/28/2008 12:16:58 AM

Thank you Claudia, John, Barbara, David, Kitty, Kathleen, Phil and jennifer! #6115914

Sam Britt 6/28/2008 6:29:56 AM

Beautiful color, great composition, details & lighting, Margaret. #6116746

Karen Engelbreth 6/28/2008 3:15:15 PM

WOW - beautiful full frame, Margaret! #6118039

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 7/10/2008 3:54:46 PM

Thank you Sam and Karen! #6164582

Vladan D. Djordjevic 10/22/2008 8:41:05 PM

A big congratulations on your amazing finalist, Margaret. Terrific color, lighting, details and composition. #6640554

Courtenay Vanderbilt 10/22/2008 9:00:24 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist Margaret! #6640781

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 10/22/2008 9:46:11 PM

WTG, Margaret! #6641168

Nadya Johnson 10/22/2008 9:49:03 PM

Amazing macro, Margaret! Congrats again on another superb finalist! #6641195

Stefania Barbier level-classic 10/22/2008 11:46:42 PM


A P level-classic 10/22/2008 11:57:15 PM

Congratulations on all your finalist, Margaret. You know I'm always rootin' for ya. #6641997

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 10/23/2008 12:55:26 AM

Margaret, this is fantastic!!!! Big congratulations. #6642233

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/23/2008 12:56:25 AM

Thank you Vladan, Courtenay, Barbara, Nadya, Stefania, Ann and Kirsten! #6642239

Eugenio Diaz level-classic 10/23/2008 3:25:19 AM

Congratulations one more time...Well done Margaret!!!
Fantastic Finalist! #6642817

Jennifer L. Alder level-classic 10/23/2008 3:44:24 AM

A SUBLIME finalist, Margaret! Best of luck in the next round. Congrats on both!!!!:) #6642922

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/23/2008 4:12:51 AM

Thank you Eugenio and Jennifer! #6643076

Bill Wyatt 10/23/2008 4:28:51 AM

This is incredible congratulations! #6643219

Cyn Valentine level-classic 10/23/2008 8:14:49 AM

Congratulations Margaret!! #6645118

Vitor Dias level-classic 10/23/2008 8:42:58 AM

BRAVO Margaret, congts.

rgs Vitor #6645422

Renata Gusciora level-classic 10/23/2008 8:46:24 AM

This is stunning,Margaret!!Congratulations!! #6645454

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/23/2008 9:27:02 AM

Thank you Bill, Cyn, Vitor and Renata! #6645931

Amber J. Skene 10/23/2008 12:34:46 PM

Congrats on your finalist! #6647285

Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-classic 10/23/2008 2:24:26 PM

Vibrant and beautiful Margaret! #6647731

Ellen Hodges level-classic 10/23/2008 5:33:22 PM

Really beautiful, Margaret. Congrats!!!! #6648850

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/23/2008 5:53:17 PM

Thank you Amber, Donna and Ellen! #6648986

Robyn A. Terrell 10/23/2008 6:04:37 PM

Wow, congratulations on your AMAZING finalists, Margaret!!! #6649082

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 10/23/2008 11:42:38 PM

A wonderful Finalist. Good Luck in the next round.

UB. #6650240

Mary K. Robison level-classic 10/24/2008 12:50:37 AM

Margaret, this is stunning!
Congratulations on its selection as a finalist, and best of luck in the next round! #6650507

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/24/2008 2:37:16 AM

Thank you Robyn, Usman and Mary! #6650790

Sabrina Ryan 10/24/2008 7:58:02 AM

Congratulations, Margaret on your well deserved gorgeous Finalist photo. #6652284

Dianna Murphy 10/24/2008 10:05:32 AM

Great finalist. Congratulations!!!! #6653029

Renata Gusciora level-classic 10/24/2008 1:30:13 PM

Awesome winner,Margaret!!Huge congratulations!!:) #6653828

A P 10/24/2008 1:40:08 PM


Robyn A. Terrell 10/24/2008 1:56:16 PM

This is exquisite, Margaret...congratulations on your win!!! #6654050

Stefania Barbier level-classic 10/24/2008 2:05:26 PM

congrats on your gorgeous win!!! #6654128

Anita Bower level-classic 10/24/2008 2:35:20 PM

Beautiful composition on this image. Congratulations on your win! #6654342

Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 10/24/2008 3:04:13 PM

Congratulations!!! #6654508

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/24/2008 3:17:12 PM

Thank you Sabrina, Dianna, Renata, Ann, Robyn, Stefania, Anita and Colette! #6654589

Cyn Valentine level-classic 10/24/2008 3:20:07 PM

GOrgeous winner Margaret..big congratulations!! #6654606

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 10/24/2008 3:32:32 PM

Gorgeous Margaret congratulations!! #6654716

Elida Gutierrez level-classic 10/24/2008 3:45:04 PM


 "A Humble Thophy"

A Special Trophy for

"September Winners"


Nadya Johnson level-classic 10/24/2008 4:21:36 PM

Congratulations on your great winner, Margaret! #6655049

Vladan D. Djordjevic level-classic 10/24/2008 4:32:44 PM

Congratulations on your fantastic winner, Margaret!!! #6655104

Sam Britt level-classic 10/24/2008 4:49:31 PM

Congratulations on this second place win, Margaret! #6655191

Jennifer L. Alder level-classic 10/24/2008 5:05:45 PM

AWESOME!!!! Big congrats on this gorgeous winner, Margaret :) #6655286

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/24/2008 5:21:15 PM

Thank you Cyn, Claudia, Elida, Nadya, Vladan, Sam and Jennifer! #6655374

Anna Diederich level-classic 10/24/2008 6:09:25 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful win, Margaret! #6655573

Daniella Puente level-classic 10/24/2008 7:27:03 PM

WOWWWW BIG CONGRATS on this beautiful winner Margaret! :o))))) #6655891

Graeme yew Chow level-classic 10/24/2008 7:47:41 PM

Big winner ! big congratulation as I alway admired your works. Hope to communicate and learn more from you, Margaret. #6655976

Courtenay Vanderbilt level-classic 10/24/2008 9:52:48 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this Winner, Margaret. Well deserved, beautiful capture! #6656466

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/25/2008 12:30:47 AM

Thank you Anna, Daniella, Graeme and Courtenay! #6656710

Mary K. Robison level-classic 10/25/2008 1:22:10 AM

I knew the moment I saw this 24 hours ago, it was headed for the winners' circle, Margaret!
CONGRATULATIONS on your very well-deserved win!! #6656863

Brett Dolsen 10/25/2008 1:26:13 AM

Congratulations Margaret on your stunning winner!!Brett #6656876

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 10/25/2008 1:27:03 AM

Congratulations on your WIN, Margaret! #6656878

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/25/2008 4:58:51 AM

Thank you Mary, Brett and Barbara! #6657224

Laurie Daily level-classic 10/25/2008 5:05:38 AM

What a beautiful full frame of pink...Congratulations on this stunning winner, Margaret!


Kathleen Rinker level-classic 10/25/2008 6:36:10 AM

Congratulations Margaret!!

Michael G. Marshall level-classic 10/25/2008 7:25:24 AM

Wow! Outstanding winner Margaret! Congratulations! Michael #6657828

Jessica Jenney level-classic 10/25/2008 7:35:42 AM

Congratulations, Margaret on your beautiful win! #6657881

Tiia Vissak level-classic 10/25/2008 8:23:43 AM

Congratulations! #6658148

Susie Peek-Swint level-classic 10/25/2008 8:23:56 AM

Really beautiful capture Margaret ~ many congrats on your win! #6658150

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/25/2008 8:32:11 AM

Thank you Laurie, Kathleen, Michael, Jessica, Tiia and Susie! #6658202

Pat Abbott level-classic 10/25/2008 11:28:18 AM

Really beautiful! Congrats Margaret! #6658799

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 10/25/2008 11:52:07 AM

WTG. Congrats. on striking GOLD.

UB. #6658932

Tarun Bose level-classic 10/25/2008 1:02:16 PM

Big, big congrats Margaret for your excellent winner. #6659170

David Phalen level-classic 10/25/2008 1:04:41 PM

BIG Congrats on a well deserved Winner!! #6659182

Colleen Farrell level-classic 10/25/2008 2:05:31 PM

Love this!! Big congrats to you, Margaret! #6659400

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/25/2008 2:50:51 PM

Thank you Pat, Usman, Tarun, David and Colleen! #6659488

Bill Wyatt 10/25/2008 3:31:05 PM

Congratulations on your winner! #6659576

Mike D. Perez level-classic 10/25/2008 6:18:52 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful Winner, Margaret! #6659997

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 10/25/2008 6:25:00 PM

HUGE congratulaions on this wonderful win, Margaret!!!!! ♫ k #6660023

Renee Doyle level-classic 10/25/2008 6:47:26 PM

Big congratulations on this wonderful winner Margaret!! #6660119

Lorna Shutter level-classic 10/25/2008 7:06:54 PM

Congratulations on your 2nd Place Win for this absolutely stunning image, Margaret!!!!! Nicely done! :) #6660187

Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-classic 10/25/2008 9:50:56 PM

Congratulations on your win Margaret! #6660660

Avril Young level-classic 10/25/2008 10:57:03 PM

Congrats on this FANTASTIC...stunning macro...wow, you so deserve it...well done Margaret! #6660747

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/26/2008 12:08:39 AM

Thank you Mike, Kitty, Renee, Lorna, Donna and Avril! #6660941

Cindy Bendush level-classic 10/26/2008 2:58:10 PM

Beautiful light and color Margaret! Congtratulations! #6663717

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 10/27/2008 2:12:13 AM

Congratulations Margaret on your Win.

Dominick #6665424

Margaret R. Barry level-classic 10/28/2008 12:12:47 AM

Thank you Cindy and Dominick! #6670847

Jeff Robinson level-classic 10/28/2008 3:55:18 AM

Congrats Margaret on your beautiful 2nd Place Win! Jeff #6671632

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 12/1/2008 11:10:38 AM

This is beautiful! Congats!! #6834962

John Connolly level-classic 12/9/2008 12:46:29 PM

Congratulations on your 2nd Place Award, Margaret! I liked this one from the first time I saw it! #6872167

Eugenio Diaz level-classic 1/2/2009 6:51:51 PM

COngratulations on your Beautiful Winner!!!! #6974142

Ellen Hodges level-classic 2/5/2009 6:41:37 PM

Congrats on a fabulous win, Margaret. #7131437

Anita Bower level-classic 3/26/2009 4:13:59 PM

Excellent job photographing this Cyclamen. I love the sharpness, color, composition, and curving lines. #7336420

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Exif: F Number: 14, Exposure Bias Value: -0.33, ExposureTime: 6/1 seconds, Flash: did not fire, compulsory flash mode, ISO: 200, White balance: Manual white balance, FocalLength: 60.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi

Uploaded on 6/26/2008 2:30:04 AM

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