Rain Fan

Deon 5/29/2008 11:07:45 AM

Lisa this is awesome. Great POV and colors. Very nice. #931391

Renata Gusciora 5/29/2008 11:36:02 AM

Wonderful detail,Lisa! #5993632

Melinda F. Schneider 5/29/2008 11:37:28 AM

Stunning!!! #5993641

Dr Silly 5/29/2008 11:52:06 AM

Super. :O)

Joy Rector 5/29/2008 12:04:53 PM

awesome #5993770

Lisa A. Car 5/29/2008 12:54:51 PM

Thank you so so much Deon, Renata, Melinda, Doc and Joy!!!!! #5993953

Mitch Spence 5/29/2008 1:24:48 PM

Beautiful, Lisa. Great framing, colors, and droplets. #5994053

Larry L. Redmon 5/29/2008 1:26:09 PM

Great job, Lisa! #5994060

Lisa A. Car 5/29/2008 1:31:50 PM

Thank you so so very much Larry!!!!!! #5994076

Don Johnson 5/29/2008 2:10:15 PM

Beautiful colors. Beautiful water droplets. Beautiful photo! #5994247

Lisa A. Car 5/29/2008 2:20:17 PM

Thank you so much Don!!!! #5994281

Sue McLeod 5/30/2008 4:28:48 PM

Beautiful Lisa! Love the colour & BG dof! :) #5998667

Lisa A. Car 5/30/2008 5:23:30 PM

Thank you so much Sue!!!!! #5998823

Colleen Farrell 6/4/2008 10:06:44 PM

Wow, this is sensational, Lisa! #6020541

Lisa A. Car 6/4/2008 10:11:49 PM

Thank you very much Colleen!!! #6020552

Sharon Sawyer 6/4/2008 10:12:37 PM

Beautiful Lisa. Congratulations on your EFPs. Your gallery is awesome. #6020555

Lisa A. Car 6/4/2008 10:14:14 PM

Thank you so so much Sharon!!! #6020556

Stephanie Frey 6/5/2008 4:34:14 AM

I love the way you composed this! The clarity and colors are stunning! #6021226

Lisa A. Car 6/5/2008 7:06:34 AM

Thank you very much Stephanie!!!! #6021759

Les Rhoades 6/27/2008 12:21:57 AM

Big Congrats on your POTD selection! :O) #6111984

Susie Peek-Swint 6/27/2008 12:22:43 AM

Beautiful colour and detail Lisa ~ many congrats on POTD! #6111986

Sharon Sawyer 6/27/2008 12:26:04 AM

Lisa, BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful POTD. WTGG!!!!!! #6111993

Katarina Mansson 6/27/2008 12:48:20 AM

Beautiful picture with lovely colors and detail! Congratulations on the POTD! #6112064

Dr Silly 6/27/2008 1:29:33 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD. :O) #6112166

Denise Denomy 6/27/2008 2:00:51 AM


Melinda F. Schneider 6/27/2008 2:01:30 AM

Woooooohoooooo, Lisa! Beautiful POTD!! Congratulations!!! #6112226

Avril Young 6/27/2008 2:18:47 AM

Congrats, outstanding photo...love those waterdrops...STUNNING! #6112242

Nikki McDonald 6/27/2008 3:01:21 AM

What a beautiful POTD, Lisa. The colors, details and clarity are amazing and I love your composition and title. Way to go!! #6112354

Wally Orlowsky 6/27/2008 3:15:32 AM

Congratulations on this colorful and creative POTD, Lisa!!! #6112425

Josselyne Klecanda 6/27/2008 3:39:19 AM

Great shot. congrats. #6112507

Stephanie Frey 6/27/2008 3:39:47 AM

Congrats on your beautiful POTD, Lisa! #6112509

Lisa J. Boulden 6/27/2008 4:05:03 AM

WTG, Lisa!!!!
A BIG shiny gold medal to adorn your wonderful gallery!!!
Congratulations on your fabulous POTD!(I'm so thrilled to see that you got this!)
~♥~Lisa B. #6112552

Corinne M. Thompson 6/27/2008 4:24:09 AM

Congrats to you Lisa on the POTD for this beautiful rain fan! #6112601

Judy V. Kennamer 6/27/2008 4:31:38 AM

Gorgeous Lisa!!! Such beautiful colors and clarity!! Congrats on a well-deserved POTD!! #6112619

Evy Johansen 6/27/2008 4:50:21 AM

So beautiful, Lisa! Congratulations on your well deserved POTD!! #6112653

Helen N. McHugh 6/27/2008 5:16:24 AM

Congrats on this lovely POTD, Lisa! #6112729

Kathy L. Clark 6/27/2008 5:49:52 AM

Congratulations Lisa on your lovely POTD #6112866

Melissa Papaj 6/27/2008 6:18:46 AM

Wow Lisa! Congrats on POTD! Great shot! #6113037

Aggie Villanueva 6/27/2008 6:19:20 AM

You go girlfriend! Your work is stupendous. I'm so proud of you. This photo just shimmers. Congrats. #6113041

Kathleen R. Struckle 6/27/2008 6:39:33 AM

Beautiful detail and colour. Congrats on POTD!! #6113118

Doug Bascom 6/27/2008 6:42:27 AM

NICE composiion, Good Eye - keep up the Great work!! #6113127

Lisa A. Car 6/27/2008 6:52:25 AM

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH Les, Susie, Sharon, Katarina, Doc, Denise, Melinda, Avril, Nikki, Wally O, Josselyne, Stephanie, Lisa B, Corinne, Judy, Evy, Helen, Kathy, Melissa, Aggie and Kathleen!!!!!

I'm soooooo excited to receive a POTD!!! Without even having a single finalist yet lol. I haven't stopped grinning since I saw the notification letter BP sent out saying that my photo was chosen as POTD!!!

Thank you soooo much again everyone!!!! =) #6113159

Michelle L. Frick 6/27/2008 7:04:15 AM

Congratulations Lisa! This is a beautiful image, and it's a huge honor to get a POTD! I am still hoping to have one someday!! So, keep on grinning girl - you earned that smile!!! #6113207

Kara L. Hendricks 6/27/2008 7:04:58 AM

OMG Lisa.. What a huge boost this must be for you!!! Congratulations girl.. It's a beauty!!!!! #6113209

Vicki L. Filippin 6/27/2008 7:11:28 AM

Welcome to the POTD club, Lisa!
Absolutely STUNNING image and so well deserved. I've got a good feeling you'll be rewarded with even more for this beauty!

WOOO-HOOO! WTG!!!!! #6113236

randy dannheim 6/27/2008 7:13:16 AM

Congrats Lisa - beautiful flower art. #6113245

Lisa A. Car 6/27/2008 7:13:24 AM

Thank you sooooooooo much Michelle, Kara and Vicki!!!!!!!!! #6113246

Lisa A. Car 6/27/2008 7:14:00 AM

Thank you so very much Randy!!!!! #6113250

Errick L. Cameron 6/27/2008 7:30:20 AM

Outstanding!!! #6113284

Michelle R. Kovach 6/27/2008 7:58:46 AM

Congratulations Lisa! I bet you are bouncing off the walls! I know I was my first POTD! #6113417

Susan Fox 6/27/2008 8:17:38 AM

Congratulations on your POTD Lisa! #6113485

Jillian Danielson 6/27/2008 8:20:10 AM

holy cow Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats hon!!! I'm sooooooooo happy for you!! #6113491

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 6/27/2008 8:30:39 AM

Rich color, great textures and details Lisa. Truly beautiful!! An excellent potd, congratulations! #6113518

Cheryl Meisel 6/27/2008 9:41:30 AM

Beautiful view, the drops an added delight!
BIG CONGRATS on your wins with this pretty shot!
Cherylm #6113733

Colleen Farrell 6/27/2008 9:47:32 AM

Big congratulations on your well-deserved POTD, Lisa! I'm really excited for you! #6113751

Dennis Walton 6/27/2008 9:53:59 AM

Excellent composition and colors! #6113770

Lisa A. Car 6/27/2008 11:13:13 AM

Thank you so, so, so very much Errick, Michelle, Susan, Jillian, Donna, Cheryl, Colleen and Dennis!!!!! #6114037

Deborah A. Ciullo 6/27/2008 11:25:32 AM

Wow, just Beautiful! Great colors and wonderful detail! Congratulations Lisa!!! #6114090

Susan M. Smith 6/27/2008 11:29:24 AM

Hey Lisa, what a wonderful POTD!! Big congratulations to you !!! #6114101

Shirley A. Kinney 6/27/2008 3:41:07 PM

What an awesome image, Lisa. Such beautiful color and composition. Congratulations of your POTD Your gallery is wonderful. You are starting at such an early age, just think how great you will be as you get older! I admire your wanting to be a photographer. #6114818

Cesar J. La Rosa 6/27/2008 4:05:08 PM

This is beautiful, Lisa!
Big Congratulations on your very well-deserved POTD!!!
Cesar #6114868

Lisa A. Car 6/27/2008 9:04:06 PM

Thank you so very much Deborah, Susan, Shirley and Cesar!!!! #6115635

Joy Rector 6/28/2008 4:47:55 AM

congrats on the POTD #6116437

Lisa A. Car 6/28/2008 4:48:42 AM

Thanks Joy =) #6116442

Mary K. Robison 7/1/2008 4:04:04 AM

Wonderful colors and clarity, Lisa!
Belated Congratulations on your well-deserved POTD! #6127578

Sherran Andersen 7/4/2008 8:55:05 AM

Congrats on the POTD. Sherran #6139601

Susan M. Hembree 7/6/2008 7:04:09 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD, Lisa! #6147345

Lisa A. Car 7/11/2008 10:56:07 AM

Thank you very much Mary, Sherran and Susan!! #6168055

Sabah Enam 7/14/2008 1:41:37 PM

wow! #6179092

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 7/14/2008 6:30:45 PM

WTG on your POTD Lisa, BIG CONGRAT'S!!! #6179999

Lisa A. Car 7/14/2008 7:30:49 PM

Thanks so much Sabah and Nancy!!!! #6180182

Nikki McDonald 7/21/2008 12:59:27 PM

I am so glad they did not stop with POTD on this one, Lisa. It is just gorgeous. Congratulations on the finalist medal and best of luck in the next round! #6206791

Sharon Sawyer 7/21/2008 1:09:05 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist, Lisa. #6206919

Mitch Spence 7/21/2008 1:40:50 PM

Beautiful shot, Lisa. Congratulations! #6207453

Aggie Villanueva 7/21/2008 3:52:47 PM

Congrautlations again, girlfriend!! Way to go! #6208508

Daniella Puente 7/21/2008 6:33:49 PM

Big congrats Lisa!!! #6209730

Corinne M. Thompson 7/21/2008 8:11:22 PM

You're on a roll with "firsts" Lisa, Congrats! #6210386

Susana Ms Heide 7/21/2008 8:38:23 PM

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The rich colors are truly royal and the drops give this a wonderful texture!! Many CONGRATS Lisa on your well deserved finalist!! #6210542

Errick L. Cameron 7/21/2008 9:08:24 PM

Congratulations Lisa. This is a winner in my book!!! #6210731

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 7/21/2008 9:16:13 PM

I'm delighted, as you know this is a favorite of mine Lisa!! Best of luck in the next round! #6210758

Colleen Farrell 7/21/2008 9:41:46 PM

WTG, Lisa--congrats! #6210859

Les Rhoades 7/21/2008 11:00:33 PM

WoW! This baby now has two badges. congrats on the FINALIST! #6211050

Susie Peek-Swint 7/22/2008 12:30:29 AM

Many congrats on this well-deserved finalist Lisa! #6211190

Dr Silly 7/22/2008 2:06:23 AM

Congratulations Lisa on your first finalist. :O) #6211447

Kristy A. Keene 7/22/2008 2:47:10 AM

I have high hopes for this one! Congrats on your first Finalist!! #6211643

Katarina Mansson 7/22/2008 3:32:05 AM

Big congratulations Lisa! I love this one - excellent work! #6211897

Michelle L. Frick 7/22/2008 8:18:56 AM

Congratulations Lisa!!! The first one is always special! And, look at you with a POTD badge too under that image. I still don't have one of those! WTG!!! #6213928

Jean E. Hildebrant 7/22/2008 9:01:14 AM

Wow, Lisa! You are on a roll!!! Huge congrat's on both achievements!!! #6214274

Elida Gutierrez 7/22/2008 9:12:43 AM

Congrats on your Finalist!! #6214381

Lisa A. Car 7/22/2008 3:52:36 PM

Thank you sooooo much Nikki, Sharon, Mitch, Aggie, Daniella, Corinne, Susana, Errick, Donna, Colleen, Les, Susie, Doc, Kristy, Katarina, Michelle, Jean, and Elida!!!! I truly appreciate it!!!!!!!!!! #6216452

Paul Goodman 7/22/2008 9:07:22 PM

congrats, wonderful image. love the detail. #6218633

Patrick Rouzes 7/24/2008 6:14:09 PM

Lisa, Congratulations on this incredible finalist & POTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #6227229

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 7/29/2008 8:35:24 PM

Whoooooooooo Hoooooooooooo
Huge Congrat's!!!

WTG LISA!!! #6247557

Lisa A. Car 7/30/2008 8:32:57 AM

Thank you sooooo very much Paul, Patrick and Nancy!!!! #6249668

Melissa G. Meiselman 11/25/2008 8:31:05 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Lisa!!!! #6805880

Usman M. Bajwa 11/25/2008 11:53:35 PM

WTG...Congrats. and good luck in the next round.

UB. #6807509

Teresa A. Burnett 11/26/2008 1:02:36 AM

WTG girl!!! Huge congrat Lisa on this gorgeous finalist!! Best of luck in the next round!! #6807760

Katarina Mansson 11/26/2008 3:53:21 AM

Yeah! Congrats Lisa! #6808350

Elida Gutierrez 11/26/2008 7:41:44 AM

Congratulations for your FINALIST!!!
One of my favs. #6810179

Colleen Farrell 11/26/2008 11:14:57 PM

Congratulations, Lisa! #6814370

Lisa A. Car 11/27/2008 7:27:37 AM

Thank you sooooo very very much Melissa, Usman, Teresa, Katarina, Elida, and Colleen!!!!! #6815937

Sylvia Rossler 11/27/2008 3:00:58 PM

Congrats on your gorgeous finalist :)  #6817088

Vladan D. Djordjevic 11/27/2008 5:39:34 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Lisa! #6817441

Aggie Villanueva 11/27/2008 8:41:09 PM

And a big fat CONGRATS from me too. You go girl! #6817923

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Uploaded on 5/29/2008 10:38:35 AM

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