Winter's Blanket

© Lisa J. Boulden

Winter's Blanket

Lynn M. Whitt level-classic 4/20/2008 7:23:28 AM

beautiful... #904677

Susan Fox 4/20/2008 7:32:26 AM

Peaceful, serene and lovely! #5810757

BILLY R. PARKER 4/20/2008 7:46:14 AM


David Phalen level-classic 4/20/2008 7:51:38 AM

Fresh snowfall is so beautiful. Excellent job capturing the beauty of fresh snow!! #5810821

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 4/20/2008 7:54:19 AM

•Brett Dolsen
This is a beautifull winter scene Lisa!!Amazing composition, clarity and lighting!!
4/20/2008 1:41:45 AM

•Cassie L. Woodlee
GORGEOUS winter capture Lisa!!!!!!!
4/20/2008 6:07:06 AM


Thank you, Lynn, Susan, Billy, Brett, and Cassie, for your kind feetback. So very appreciated!
Blessings, Lisa♥ #5810829

Dr. Harmeet Singh 4/20/2008 7:55:59 AM

Beautiful.. #5810834

Jessica Jenney level-classic 4/20/2008 8:18:56 AM

Beautiful, snowy landscape, Lisa! Gorgeous tones, glow and lighting! #5810913

Jim Huffield 4/20/2008 9:40:34 AM

Lovely winter scene, Lisa. Jim #5811133

Baqer Mohd Jawad 4/20/2008 9:47:29 AM

This is fantastic shot Lisa .. all the best :0) #5811157

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 4/20/2008 9:56:42 AM

What a beautiful & peaceful scene you have captured here,Lisa!!! Would make an amazing hanging or postcard!!! LOVE it!!! #5811204

Bill Knaps 4/20/2008 9:58:32 AM

Post Card Beautiful Lisa. Bill #5811213

Terry Cervi level-classic 4/20/2008 10:35:15 AM

You can make a dull winter day look spectacular, Lisa! Gorgeous! #5811319

Susan Weisensel level-classic 4/20/2008 11:29:18 AM

As sick of winter I am, this is still a stunning winter image. Very beautiful. #5811457

Tammy L. Newcomb level-classic 4/20/2008 1:52:32 PM

Excellent Capture and POV... You sure make winter more inviting...LOL...although I am welcoming the spring heat at this moment....

Tammy #5811900

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-classic 4/20/2008 2:01:38 PM

Awsome winter scene Lisa, winner to me! #5811932

Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-classic 4/20/2008 3:35:07 PM

A magical, captivating moment in time!! Excellent Lisa! #5812279

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 4/20/2008 3:48:12 PM

Oh, Lisa!!!!! THis is beautifully breath taking!!!!! ♫ k #5812337

Michelle Alton level-classic 4/20/2008 4:56:25 PM

I'll just second Brett's comment, Lisa.
It's exquisitely made!
Michelle #5812555

Carol L. Joyce 4/20/2008 5:23:25 PM

Another beauty Lisa.....there is nothing you can't capture! #5812642

Tammy Espino 4/20/2008 6:09:22 PM

Gorgeous~ :) #5812776

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 4/20/2008 8:30:11 PM

Thank you ALL for such kind words!
As pretty as a fresh snowfall can be, I, too, am SO ready for springtime!
Blessings, Lisa♥ #5813249

Kristy A. Keene 4/20/2008 9:09:50 PM

Amazing Winter Scene Capture! #5813386

Bojan Bencic level-classic 4/20/2008 11:57:46 PM

WOW! Fantastic tone and mood in this photo. Very romantic view of winter. Nice one, Lisa! #5813698

Stefania Barbier level-classic 4/21/2008 12:41:18 AM

a postcard..! #5813865

Chua Wee Boo level-classic 4/21/2008 3:28:17 AM

Wow! A perfect postcard image,Lisa! #5814294

Vladan D. Djordjevic level-classic 4/21/2008 4:55:44 AM

Fantastic photo with great tones, composition and lighting. #5814901

Charlene Taylor level-classic 4/21/2008 6:36:44 AM

Hi Lisa,
This is a drop dead gorgeous scene! I really love this picture. #5815538

Carla Metzler level-classic 4/21/2008 6:37:53 AM

Very beautiful! #5815547

Angie Sidles level-classic 4/21/2008 7:45:53 AM

WOW, this is really amazing Lisa! #5815850

Adrian Klein level-classic 4/21/2008 8:02:57 AM

Beautiful winter scene, makes me want to be there now! #5815966

Peter Appelbaum level-classic 4/21/2008 8:58:32 AM

Gorgeous capture Lisa. Outstanding lighting. Peter #5816249

Marina Moore level-classic 4/21/2008 10:13:04 AM

I really hope you're making money doing this!!! This is soooo beautiful. :) #5816542

Wendy Moghadam level-classic 4/21/2008 5:54:49 PM

As beautiful as a post card #5820208

Holly Shao level-classic 4/21/2008 7:32:54 PM

Very beautiful image, tones, and details, Lisa!!

Holly #5821284

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 4/21/2008 8:59:26 PM

Fantastic winter scene, lovely softness and smooth textures. The lighting is amazingly flattering and brings out the sharp details with exceptional clarity. I see a very nice commendation coming up for this shot! #5821838

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 4/21/2008 10:24:57 PM

So serene and beautiful..fantastic lighting and colors. The tree seems to glow in the light. #5822029

Eivor Kuchta level-classic 4/22/2008 5:43:04 AM

Very beautiful, Lisa, stunning light!! #5823589

Nadine A. Lewis level-classic 4/22/2008 6:32:40 AM

Such a BEAUTIFUL scene and capture, Lisa!!!! I LOVE this!!! <>< #5823880

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 4/22/2008 8:15:12 AM

What a great group you are!!!
Thank you, Kristy, Bojan, Stefania, Chua, Vladan, Charlene, Carla, Angie, Adrian, Peter, Marina, Wendy, Holly, Reynaldo, Marilyn, Eivor and Nadine!
Blessings, Lisa♥ #5824432

Kimi A. Phillips level-classic 4/22/2008 10:03:49 AM

MAGICAL!!!! Just gorgeous! #5824886

Donna Bedermann level-classic 4/22/2008 3:24:30 PM

Lisa, this is so beautiful, really captures the beauty of winter! my compliments, and if I can say that from Wisconsin after a 100" record winter snowfall you know its true!!!! #5826308

Candice L. Carter 4/22/2008 5:02:52 PM

Breathtaking Lisa! Exquisite! Stunning! #5826686

Teresa A. Burnett level-classic 4/22/2008 7:39:36 PM

Stunning image Lisa!! Particularly love the lighting!! Kimi is right...its magical!! #5827418

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 4/23/2008 11:46:52 AM

Your comments mean so much to me! Thank you, Kimi, Donna, Candice, and Teresa!
Blessings, Lisa♥ #5830731

Michelle L. Frick level-classic 4/23/2008 6:55:52 PM

Amazing light Lisa! WOW! #5832047

Crystal L. Craig 4/23/2008 7:29:28 PM

Absolutely beautiful capture Lisa! Congrats on this well deserved EFP :) #5832162

Agnes Fegan level-classic 4/24/2008 4:22:04 AM

A gorgeous winter looks so peaceful ! #5833930

Datha Y. Thompson level-classic 4/24/2008 5:14:58 AM

G O R G E O U S ! ! ! :0) #5834227

Mary Beth Aiello level-classic 4/24/2008 12:42:51 PM

Lisa -- this is absolutely breathtaking. Well done. #5836566

Barbara Helgason 4/24/2008 12:49:27 PM

Beautiful, your whole gallery is stunning, I really enjoyed looking at your work. Sorry I don't have time to comment on all of it.


Teresa Norris 4/24/2008 8:24:24 PM

Oh my, this took my breath away, Lisa...incredibly beautiful capture. You are a rock star.

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 4/25/2008 10:09:00 AM

Thank you SO much for such smile-inducing feedback!!!
You're all so sweet and kind!!!
Blessings, Lisa♥

Laurie Daily level-classic 4/28/2008 5:25:35 PM

I am so thankful that our snow is gone, but what beauty you have here, Lisa. Your gallery is just filled with one stunning image after the next...This one almost makes me look forward to winter are amazing! #5855047

Daniella Puente level-classic 4/28/2008 6:43:50 PM

WOW Lisa...I just can say PERFECT!
This is a WINNER amazing photo +++++ #5855342

David Pratt level-classic 4/28/2008 7:52:01 PM

This is very beautiful Lisa! Very beautiful. I wish winter was still around, but the seasons must change.

Nice work!
Dave #5855649

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 4/30/2008 10:08:26 PM

Lisa, this is such a beautiful image! Lighting is really incredible! You made me realize that a snowy scene can be this beautiful. #5865358

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/1/2008 6:15:11 AM

Your comments really uplift my soul!
Thank you, Laurie, Daniella, David, and Alex for such kind words!!!
♥Blessings, Lisa #5867237

Toni Riggs level-classic 5/3/2008 12:56:59 AM

Gorgeous! #5876541

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 5/5/2008 1:51:03 PM

Captivating image, Lisa! #5887003

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/5/2008 4:47:56 PM

Thanks a bunch for your support, Toni and Terry!
Smiles, Lisa♥ #5887742

Laura E. Swan level-classic 5/14/2008 11:05:31 PM

Very surreal, Lisa. It belongs in a Hollywood movie of a fantasy world. I really love not only the effects but the effect it has on me. Love it! -Laura Swan #5924259

Eugenio Diaz level-classic 5/19/2008 8:20:18 AM

A real Winner!!! #5941968

Peter Appelbaum level-classic 5/19/2008 9:42:36 AM

Congrats Lisa. Good luck next round. Peter #5942315

Elida Gutierrez level-classic 5/19/2008 9:43:16 AM

Congratulations on your FINALIST!!!! #5942320

Jeana Clark level-classic 5/19/2008 9:48:53 AM

Way to go Lisa!!!
Congrats on this fantastic and beautiful finalist!!!

~J~ #5942373

Stefania Barbier level-classic 5/19/2008 10:29:04 AM

congrats on your finalist!!!!! #5942791

Cyn Valentine level-classic 5/19/2008 10:32:59 AM

Congratulations Lisa!! #5942859

Patricia Seidler level-classic 5/19/2008 10:41:26 AM

Congratulations Lisa. Hope its a winner! #5942967

Angie Sidles level-classic 5/19/2008 10:42:43 AM

LOVE THIS and I agree, its a WINNER! Congrats! #5942988

Patricia Seidler level-classic 5/19/2008 10:43:07 AM

Congratulations Lisa. Hope its a winner! #5942994

Elizabeth A. Marker level-classic 5/19/2008 10:57:21 AM

This is fantastic! Congratulations Lisa! #5943200

Teresa Norris level-classic 5/19/2008 10:58:30 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Lisa!!! #5943226

Janet McNeil level-classic 5/19/2008 11:09:59 AM

Congratulations and good luck!! #5943347

Lisa R. Buffington level-classic 5/19/2008 11:38:31 AM

Congrats!! I love this winter scene Lisa! It's perfect. #5943650

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 5/19/2008 11:46:07 AM

Yaay, you're on the way to winning again with this beauty, Lisa!! Congratulations on your Finalist!!! #5943736

Tammy Espino level-classic 5/19/2008 11:48:25 AM

Congrats! #5943770

Marina Moore level-classic 5/19/2008 12:13:12 PM

Congratulations Lisa on this BEAUTIFUL finalist!!! :)))) #5944054

Mitch Spence level-classic 5/19/2008 12:33:34 PM

Congrtulations, Lisa. It's a beauty. #5944341

Shannon D. Miller level-classic 5/19/2008 12:41:35 PM

What a beauty Lisa! CONGRATULATIONS! Shannon~ #5944436

Daniella Puente level-classic 5/19/2008 1:16:27 PM

Congrats on this fantastic finalist Lisa!!!! #5944849

Tiia Vissak level-classic 5/19/2008 1:53:32 PM

Congratulations! #5945186

adrifil level-classic 5/19/2008 2:31:23 PM

It's amazingly beautiful, so serene and peaceful.
Congratulations! #5945445

Stephanie Frey level-classic 5/19/2008 2:42:34 PM

Congrats on a well-deserved Finalist! It is beautiful! #5945484

Colleen Farrell level-classic 5/19/2008 3:36:36 PM

Congratulations on a VERY well-deserved finalist, Lisa! #5945864

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 5/19/2008 3:49:15 PM

Congratulations Lisa, I was betting on this one! #5945944

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 5/19/2008 4:03:10 PM

Beautiful winter scene, congrats on your 2nd pl. win! #5946036

anonymous 5/19/2008 4:11:28 PM

Congratulations Lisa on your Beautiful win! Well deserved! B- #5946105

Bill Knaps 5/19/2008 4:14:01 PM

Congrats on your Win Lisa. Well deserved. Bill #5946123

Michael G. Marshall 5/19/2008 4:17:38 PM

Congratulations on this magnificent Winner Lisa! Michael #5946155

Colleen Farrell level-classic 5/19/2008 4:17:38 PM

WTG, Lisa! Congrats on your WIN!! #5946156

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 5/19/2008 4:24:22 PM

Congratulations on your fantastic WIN, Lisa!!!!! :-) ♫ k #5946213

Debra R. Harder level-classic 5/19/2008 4:25:27 PM


Eugenio Diaz 5/19/2008 4:30:48 PM

Congratulations on your Beautiful Winner!
Well done!!! #5946283

Shawn Jennings level-classic 5/19/2008 4:35:55 PM

Beautiful image, Lisa! Congratulations on your win! #5946357

Peter Appelbaum level-classic 5/19/2008 5:01:16 PM

Congratulations again Lisa. Well deserved. Peter #5946670

Sue Marshall 5/19/2008 5:06:45 PM

Congratulations Lisa on your beautiful win!!! :-) #5946707

Teresa Norris 5/19/2008 5:07:21 PM

I knew it!!! Congratulations, Lisa! This is a wonderful winner! #5946710

David Phalen level-classic 5/19/2008 5:15:48 PM

BIG Congrats on this beautiful Winner!! #5946784

Robert Goodman level-classic 5/19/2008 5:20:58 PM

A big congratulations,Lisa!!!!! #5946810

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 5/19/2008 5:22:24 PM

Congratulations on this brilliant Winner, Lisa! #5946820

Steve M. Harrington 5/19/2008 5:41:58 PM

Way to go, Lisa! Richly deserved winner. :)
Steve #5946967

Sam Britt 5/19/2008 5:54:29 PM

Congratulations, terrific winner, Lisa. #5947045

Michelle L. Frick level-classic 5/19/2008 6:04:59 PM

Congratulations Lisa!! #5947091

Mary K. Robison level-classic 5/19/2008 6:10:54 PM

A huge CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved wins, Lisa! WTG, Lady! #5947126

Charlene Taylor 5/19/2008 6:31:06 PM

Congratulations Lisa on winning with this postcard perfect scene! It is a wonderful picture. #5947251

Jose Luis Castro Ponciano 5/19/2008 6:50:16 PM

Congratulations Lisa !!! what a great picture, is amazing, greetings from Guatemala. #5947390

Angie Sidles level-classic 5/19/2008 6:53:41 PM

Yep, a winner indeed! Congrats Lisa! #5947413

Mike D. Perez level-classic 5/19/2008 7:11:11 PM

Congratulations on a great win, Lisa! #5947521

paola A. Jofre level-classic 5/19/2008 7:11:46 PM

Wonderful winter scene Lisa, you capture it beautifully!!!
Congratulations, well deserved!!! :) #5947526

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/19/2008 7:15:38 PM

Like... lickety-split.... we went from finalists to winners!
Knew something was up when I found my inbox brimming with 171 e-mails!
What a fabulous surprise!!!
Thank you all for such fabulous support and uplifting words of encouragement. EACH message means SO MUCH!!!
Smiles, Lisa♥
PS: Congratulations to ALL the finalists and winners this month!!!


Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-classic 5/19/2008 7:22:23 PM

So well deserved, a beautiful image Lisa!!! I'm very happy for your win!! Congratulations!! #5947625

Laura E. Swan level-classic 5/19/2008 7:23:36 PM

Gosh. Sounds like a dream. 171 e-mails of congratulations! They are so well deserved as well. You're an amazing artist. How very exciting for you! -Laura Swan #5947636

Laura L. Gonzales level-classic 5/19/2008 7:24:13 PM

GONGRATULATIONS Lisa, on your fantastic Win!!!!!! Laura #5947642

Jessica Jenney level-classic 5/19/2008 7:31:18 PM

Congratulations, Lisa on your beautiful win! #5947700

Kathy L. Clark 5/19/2008 8:23:36 PM

Congrats Lisa on your lovely winner. #5948082

Lynne Morris level-classic 5/19/2008 9:42:56 PM

Huge Congratulations on this beautiful winner Lisa. #5948526

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 5/19/2008 9:44:11 PM

Lisa I love this and am so happy to see it win. CONGRATULATIONS on your second place win!! #5948531

jennifer B. short level-classic 5/19/2008 9:44:44 PM

Congratulations on BOTH of your wins Lisa. A huge month for you with five finalist and two wins. Way TO Go!!! #5948532

Sylvia Rossler level-classic 5/19/2008 9:50:03 PM

Big Big congrats on your awesome winner Lisa :O) #5948562

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 5/19/2008 9:51:19 PM

Congratulations on your big win again, Lisa!! I really love this landscape. You've done a terrific job!! #5948571

Dr. Harmeet Singh level-classic 5/19/2008 10:07:50 PM

Congratulations on your Beautiful Winner!

Kristi A. Howson level-classic 5/19/2008 11:14:27 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful Win LIsa. Like a painting that belongs on the wall! #5948884

Stefania Barbier level-classic 5/20/2008 12:10:18 AM


Carol Teal level-classic 5/20/2008 12:24:50 AM

Just beautiful Lisa!!! Congrats on your win!! #5949131

Jill Odice level-classic 5/20/2008 12:46:04 AM

Another incredible image! Those BP judges did good this time around :-) #5949211

Holly J. Jackson level-classic 5/20/2008 12:52:04 AM

WOW WOW WOW!! LOL!! 2 in one month! That's incredible!! WTG GIRL!! ; ) #5949251

Tarun Bose level-classic 5/20/2008 3:28:42 AM

Big congrats Lisa, for your second place winner. #5949646

Laurie Daily level-classic 5/20/2008 3:51:13 AM

I have always loved this one, Lisa...a huge congrats to you on this wonderful winner! #5949793

Hendrik Storme level-classic 5/20/2008 4:31:14 AM

Big congrats Lisa!!!!!!!!! #5949995

Jeanine M. Bailey level-classic 5/20/2008 5:10:32 AM

Congrats Lisa!! This is an amazing shot!! I live South of Buffalo in Chautauqua County...can you believe we had snow yesterday morning!!!! #5950240

Nick Lagos level-classic 5/20/2008 6:27:16 AM

Congratulations on winning Double Gold today Lisa...very well deserved... #5950666

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/20/2008 6:39:15 AM

What a great feeling!
Thank you all for your sweet support!
Smiles, Lisa ♥♥♥ #5950712

Patricia Ronan level-classic 5/20/2008 6:43:53 AM

Gorgeous Lisa!! congrats on your win:) #5950735

Susan Fox level-classic 5/20/2008 7:12:15 AM

Congratulations on your winner Lisa :-)

Elida Gutierrez level-classic 5/20/2008 7:37:54 AM

The Weed Trophy
A Special Trophy for
"The March Winners" #5951023

Rolando Rosito level-classic 5/20/2008 7:40:26 AM

Congratulations Lisa! beatiful shot. #5951045

Kimi A. Phillips level-classic 5/20/2008 8:35:46 AM

BIG CONGRATS on a WONDERFUL month!!!:) #5951437

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 5/20/2008 10:03:59 AM

Congratulations, Lisa! A gorgeous win! #5951864

Eivor Kuchta level-classic 5/20/2008 11:48:00 AM

Congratulations on your winner, Lisa! #5952396

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/20/2008 11:57:49 AM

Thank you!!!
♥Lisa #5952434

Bill Knaps level-classic 5/20/2008 1:43:57 PM

Congrats onj the win Lisa. Bill #5952845

Karen Slagle level-classic 5/20/2008 3:23:04 PM

Congratulations, Lisa, on this magnificent, winning image. I think it's gorgeous... #5953396

Deb Koskovich 5/20/2008 3:25:55 PM

Lisa, congrats on all your STUNNINGLY gorgeous winners! You have such a talent! #5953409

Donna R. Wageman 5/20/2008 7:07:20 PM

Congratulations Lisa !!!!!! #5954505

Sheryl A. Hudson level-classic 5/20/2008 9:01:56 PM

Absolutly beautiful Lisa!!! Congratulations!!! #5954893

Cindy Bendush level-classic 5/20/2008 10:19:39 PM

This is a really beautiful work of art Lisa! Congrats on you win!!! #5955085

Evy Johansen level-classic 5/20/2008 11:42:22 PM

Big congratulation on this very beautiful win, Lisa!! #5955235

Stephen Zacker 5/21/2008 3:34:31 AM

Stunning indeed.. Congratulations #5955670

Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 5/21/2008 4:08:29 AM

Congratulations on your WIN!!!! #5955841

Bill Houghton level-classic 5/21/2008 5:24:21 AM

I really love this capture Lisa. Great shot. Bill #5956213

Dianna Hauf 5/21/2008 6:30:12 AM

Oh Lisa! SOOOO Happy for you!!! Such an incredible image! Loved it and so glad to see this as a well deserving WINNER!!! Congratulations!!! #5956634

Mary Timman 5/21/2008 6:54:30 AM

Now this is one beautiful winner! Well deserved. I love it! Congratulations! #5956745

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/21/2008 7:26:51 AM

~•~• ~ ♥ ~ •~•~
I really appreciate EACH of your wonderfully uplifting comments!
Thank you!!!
~♥~Lisa #5956906

Garth D. Beatty level-classic 5/21/2008 3:31:49 PM

Very Nice!


Kathleen Rinker level-classic 5/21/2008 4:11:00 PM

Huge congrats on you win Lisa! #5958690

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 5/21/2008 4:28:51 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this spectacular WINNER,Lisa!!! #5958766

Jill Flynn level-classic 5/21/2008 8:42:19 PM

Takes my breath away ... so, so beautiful and atmospheric. Congratulations on your win Lisa!!!! #5959826

Stephanie Frey 5/21/2008 8:45:56 PM

Congrats on your winner Lisa! #5959843

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 5/22/2008 3:28:07 AM

Congratulations Lisa on your Fabulous Win.

Dominick #5960765

Jeff Robinson level-classic 5/22/2008 3:49:30 AM

Congrats Lisa on this Outstanding Winning image!! Jeff #5960848

Mitzie Loland level-classic 5/22/2008 5:42:10 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner - great work Lisa!! #5961509

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/22/2008 6:09:52 AM

Thank you for such wonderful words!
I really appreciate EACH comment, so very much!
Blessings, Lisa♥ #5961681

Holly Shao level-classic 5/22/2008 7:10:17 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful Win, Lisa!! Very beautiful image!

Holly #5961959

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-classic 5/22/2008 7:45:39 AM

HUGE CONGRATS on ALL your wins LISA!!!
WTG girl! #5962113

Cheryl E. Molennor level-classic 5/22/2008 2:04:29 PM

Beautiful!! Congratulations!!! #5963505

Michael Umbreit level-classic 5/22/2008 5:23:11 PM

Lisa - Congratulations on your win!! - Mike #5964064

Samantha L. Dean level-classic 5/23/2008 6:20:31 AM

So beautiful!! Congratulations Lisa on a well deserved win!! #5966389

Rajeev 270293 Kashyap level-classic 5/23/2008 12:15:15 PM

A Huge Congratulations Lisa on your win!

Rgds Rajeev #5967544

Datha Y. Thompson level-classic 5/23/2008 7:25:35 PM

Congratulations Lisa!! GORGEOUS Winner!! WTG :0) #5969050

M. S. White level-classic 5/23/2008 8:17:08 PM

Mmmm gorgeous. This looks like a Christmas card! Congrats on the 2nd place for this one too! #5969261

Linda Blair level-classic 5/24/2008 3:16:47 PM

Just gorgeous...congratulations on your win!!!!!! ☺ #5972547

Ujjwal Mukherjee level-classic 5/24/2008 9:11:07 PM

BIG congratulations on your beautiful Winner!! #5973475

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/24/2008 9:16:23 PM

You're ALL so kind!!!
Thank you for such uplifting words!
Many blessings, Lisa ♥ #5973487

Bill Houghton level-classic 5/25/2008 3:53:25 AM

Lisa, this is such a beautiful photo. Just an awesome job. Congratulations. Have a great week. Bill

Check out my new website at:

Bill Houghton Photography

Cassie L. Woodlee 5/25/2008 6:08:05 AM

BEAUTIFUL and CONGRATS Lisa!!!!!!!!!!! #5974493

Lois J. Adomite level-classic 5/27/2008 12:22:16 PM

beautifu. Congratulations on your winning entry. #5984548

Ellen Hodges level-classic 5/30/2008 5:02:45 AM

This is a beauty, Lisa!! #5996372

Vicki L. Filippin level-classic 5/30/2008 5:23:28 AM

SUPER congrats on this wonderful, peaceful image, Lisa!
WTG, my friend.
:-) #5996430

Penny L. VanAtta level-classic 5/30/2008 12:11:53 PM

Lisa this is gorgeous. You can almost feel the cold. #5997915

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 5/31/2008 5:34:25 AM

Thank you, Bill, Cassie, Lois, Ellen, Vicki, and Penny, for your wonderful comments. Each one means so much!
Smiles, Lisa♥ #6000523

Chuck S. Frizzell level-classic 6/1/2008 2:12:24 PM

Fantastic shot, well done. #6005490

Debbie E. Payne 6/5/2008 10:10:16 AM

So serene and beautiful. Congratulations on this one, Lisa. Whether it be landscape or animals, your photography is amazing! #6022385

Emile Abbott level-classic 6/7/2008 12:39:39 PM

Congratulation on this one Lisa well done. #6030963

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 6/7/2008 8:55:50 PM

Many thanks, Chuck, Debbie, and Emile!
~♥~Lisa #6032174

Yves Rubin level-classic 6/11/2008 4:58:04 PM

A gorgeous, luminous shot!!! #6049145

Susan M. Smith level-classic 6/17/2008 8:58:04 AM

Post card perfect Lisa! Congrats on your outstanding win :) #6070548

Adrian Klein level-classic 6/18/2008 5:21:42 AM

Beautifully simple image. Definitely can see why this one is a winner. Great work you have in your gallery! #6073488

Cornι Arts level-classic 6/27/2008 9:52:13 AM

This one is stunning Lisa. Congrats!! #6113763

Mick Burkey level-classic 7/20/2008 5:25:22 PM

This is my kind of art!! Absolutely stunning work, Lisa, and well-deserving of the award. Congratulations. Simply beautiful! #6202600

Gena L. Talbot level-classic 8/20/2008 11:13:37 PM

L*O*V*E THIS IMAGE SOOOOO MUCH! Beautiful in every way! I really miss winter now! :) #6340219

Carol Engstrom level-classic 1/25/2009 10:31:36 PM

I love this shot, Lisa. Congrats on this and all your other wins. Seeing your gallery is a really enjoyable experience. #7087106

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 1/25/2009 11:18:06 PM

Thank you so much!
Blessings, lisa♥ #7087257

Shawn Jennings level-classic 3/5/2009 9:24:59 AM

Fantastic, Lisa! Congrats on your win too! #7247123

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 3/5/2009 1:09:51 PM

Shawn, I really appreciate your kind words.
Smiles, Lisa♥ #7247745

Joanna Madloch 4/18/2009 2:39:24 PM

Lisa, you have an absolutely stunning gallery. I love especially the winter photos. #7417709

Lori Carlson 4/19/2009 7:42:13 AM

I really enjoy winter photos, especially since I don't seem to take very many of them. Not that I don't have the opp by living in SD! ha!
Even w/ a neutral sky, somehow this image is vibrant! Love it, Lisa! Big congrats! :0) #7419475

Christine Lobsinger level-classic 5/30/2010 8:43:59 PM

Truly SPECTACULAR Lisa!!!! MY GOD!!!!
COngraTs again, a lovely WINNER!!!!

Smiling With You,
CHRISTINE #8653963

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Beaver Island State Park
Grand Island, NY
March 28, 2008

An early morning capture, after a midnight snowfall coated the landscape.

Exif: F Number: 13, Exposure Bias Value: -1.00, ExposureTime: 10/900 seconds, Flash: did not fire., ISO: 100, White balance: Auto white balance, FocalLength: 18.00 mm, Model: NIKON D80

Uploaded on 4/20/2008 7:06:17 AM

Made With

Camera: Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera

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