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Dan Holm level-classic 11/1/2004 12:07:48 AM

Awesome abstract, Sanjay!! Very dramatic lines, angles, light and framing of these cool light fixtures! Excellent way to start the month! #184218

S J 11/1/2004 12:09:20 AM

Thank you very much, Dan! I'm alone here This time difference is causing the delay I guess. #882115

Donna Roberts 11/1/2004 12:44:30 AM

The colour and design is just outstanding Sanjay.
Fantastic submit!
Donna (from "downunder") #882125

Wayne Brasch 11/1/2004 12:55:39 AM

Pure "eye candy" Sanjay, love it, love it.....lots. #882129

Danilo Piccioni level-classic 11/1/2004 1:25:53 AM

Wow! #882141

Donald K. Cherry level-classic 11/1/2004 2:02:28 AM

Nice abstract and fantastic colors, Sanjay!! #882149

Bonnie C. Lackey 11/1/2004 2:32:35 AM

Love at first sight (which was yesterday!)... #882157

Allan L. Whitehead 11/1/2004 2:41:57 AM

Wonderful absract capture and presentation, Sanjay, I love the lines, the colors, and the over-all imagry. Very well done, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan #882160

Paul Michko 11/1/2004 2:50:43 AM

Simply Awesome, Sanjay. The lighting, the colors, all terrific. #882174

Kathleen Clemons 11/1/2004 3:11:00 AM

My new favorite Sanjay image! This is just awesome! #882209

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-classic 11/1/2004 3:12:45 AM

Awesome shot, Sanjay!!!! WOW! #882217

Cathy Gregor level-classic 11/1/2004 3:14:10 AM

Outstanding Sanjay!! Love the comp, lighting and color.
-cathy #882225

Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 11/1/2004 3:22:43 AM

Outstanding!!! #882251

Alan L. Borror 11/1/2004 3:28:14 AM

What a dynamic abstract, Sanjay!!! Great capture. #882267

cj patterson 11/1/2004 3:32:44 AM

Excellent Abstract Sanjay!!! Love it!! Very dynamic! #882282

Robert Goodman 11/1/2004 3:42:30 AM

Another great image Sanjay!!!!! #882322

Wally Orlowsky 11/1/2004 3:54:54 AM

Fabulous color and geometry, Sanjay. #882364

Cindy Paquette 11/1/2004 4:23:05 AM

Incredibly beautiful Sanjay!! Those colors are fabulous!! #882425

Beverley Lu Steeves 11/1/2004 4:31:33 AM

Wow! Excellent Sanjay!!! #882438

Rob Friedman 11/1/2004 4:40:00 AM

Wow--what great colors, lines and angles! Awesome work! #882455

Patricia A. Kuniega 11/1/2004 4:48:48 AM

Wowsa! Lines, shapes, colors, light, shadows... did you leave anything out?!? Bravo Sanjay on this terrific photo! You're not alone now... we're all here with mouths wide open! : ) #882478

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 11/1/2004 4:55:26 AM

Awesome shot Sanjay!! THe lines and color are really wonderful! #882498

Joy M. Holster 11/1/2004 4:58:45 AM

Awesome was the word I was going to use...see some others thought of it as well. Bet we'll see this one in the winner's circle. Incredible shot! #882504

Joy Brown 11/1/2004 5:04:04 AM

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, Sanjay - fantastic job!!! #882518

Paul C. Gazzanigo 11/1/2004 5:20:33 AM

Excellent, Sanjay! #882552

Wendy M. Amdahl level-classic 11/1/2004 6:49:01 AM

This is specatacular Sanjay! I just love those fabulous lines and colors. And even the lighting is incredible. Excellent capture! #882779

Robin L. Wehrman level-classic 11/1/2004 7:42:36 AM

WOW! This is outstanding and very cool Sanjay! Great lines. detail, lighting also colors. Very well done on this:-) #882932

Barbara Kehoe level-classic 11/1/2004 7:57:16 AM

What a beautiful eye catching sho #882998

Mellanie level-classic 11/1/2004 8:50:36 AM

Wonderful lighting and design, SJ! Great work! #883166

Michael Allen level-classic 11/1/2004 8:58:21 AM

I'm late to the party - everyone already said everything...

Just terrific - GIVE US MORE, Sanjay

Wonderful ...mike ;-] #883186

Kathryn (Love) Scheet level-classic 11/1/2004 9:57:35 AM

what wonderful lines and shadows - great shapes and vivid colors!
love it Sanjay! you present the most outstanding abstract visions! #883294

Karen Engelbreth level-classic 11/1/2004 11:06:09 AM

Wonderful abstract, Sanjay! #883423

Patricia Marroquin level-classic 11/1/2004 12:50:50 PM

Before I saw the name on this, I thought it was yours. You have such a distinctive graphic style, Sanjay. This is gorgeous! Another winner, I think. Congrats! #883580

Jane Summa level-classic 11/1/2004 1:43:05 PM

Kool, Patricia just said, I thought this was yours :-). Great image! #883656

Stephen Zacker level-classic 11/1/2004 2:41:13 PM

Another great abstract and lighting. I'm really enjoying these! #883717

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 11/1/2004 3:19:18 PM

Very interesting use of design. Excellent!! #883802

Leonard Pierce 11/1/2004 3:24:53 PM

Another fantastic graphic image Sanjay, great job!!! #883817

Carol Brill 11/1/2004 3:30:13 PM

Amazing capture of color, light and shadow play in this geometric delight, Sanjay! #883830

Cindy Cone 11/1/2004 3:42:43 PM

Wonderful image, Sanjay! Well done! #883859

GREG WALLS 11/1/2004 4:36:05 PM

Sanjay, it has all been said already, but this is terrific. Love it! #883971

Diane Addonizio level-classic 11/1/2004 5:38:21 PM

WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #884114

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 11/1/2004 5:55:26 PM

Fantastic graphic, Sanjay, it really catches the eye and holds your attention!

-Debby #884158

S J level-classic 11/1/2004 6:00:32 PM

Thank you, Dan, Donna, Wayne, Danilo, Donald, Bonnie, Allan, Paul, Kathleen, Carolyn, Cathy, Colette, Alan, Carol, Robert, Wally, Cindy, Beverly, Rob, Patricia, Claudia, Joy M. Holster, Joy E. Brown, Paul, Wendy, Robin, Barbara, Mellanie, Michael, Kathryn, Karen, Patricia, Jane, Stephen, Donna, Len, Carol, Cindy, Gregory and Diane! Thanks for all your great comments. #884170

S J level-classic 11/1/2004 6:02:41 PM

Oh! I missed your name, Debby! Very sorry about that. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, Debby! I truly appreciate that. #884177

Terry R. Hatfield level-classic 11/1/2004 6:43:18 PM

Superior Graphic Image Sanjay,The Colors Scream For Attention:-) #884276

S J level-classic 11/1/2004 6:45:45 PM

Thanks so much, Terry! #884278

William C. Raco level-classic 11/1/2004 6:46:40 PM

Wow, you have a great eye for design, abstract and graphic impact.
Excellent image, Sanjay!

bill #884279

S J level-classic 11/1/2004 6:48:47 PM

Thanks for your great encouraging comments, Bill! #884288

Stanley J. Contrades level-classic 11/1/2004 7:41:58 PM

Another superb abstract for your graphic design portfolio, Sanjay. A very colorful and dramatic image!!
Stan #884350

Anette Linnea Rasmussen level-classic 11/1/2004 8:20:13 PM

Wonderful shot Sanjay! love it!

Best wishes Linnea #884391

S J level-classic 11/1/2004 8:42:17 PM

Thanks very much, Stan and Linnea! I really appreciate your kind comments. #884405

Mary K. Robison level-classic 11/1/2004 11:02:34 PM

I LOVE IT, Sanjay! The diagonal graphics really make that lighting special!!
Everything else has been nicely covered, including the fact that this should definitely be a WINNER! #884491

S J level-classic 11/1/2004 11:57:27 PM

Thank you so much, Mary! I really appreciate your kind words! #884524

Kathleen K. Parker level-classic 11/2/2004 5:37:07 PM

Super cool photo, Sanjay!!!
kathleen #886620

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/2/2004 9:50:43 PM

Wonderful light, colors and composition, Sanjay! Really a cool image!! #887074

Diane Dupuis 11/3/2004 8:08:18 PM

Wow Sanjay! I love this! #889053

S J 11/3/2004 9:33:51 PM

Thank you, Kathleen, Evy and Diane! #889180

Dan Holm level-classic 12/15/2004 10:15:51 PM

CONGRATULATIONS yet again!! Another AWESOME finalist, Sanjay! Best of luck with this one! #974293

Danilo Piccioni level-classic 12/15/2004 10:48:23 PM

Congratulations again on this other fantastic and all the others! #974438

Patty Razonable 12/15/2004 11:07:33 PM

Wow!! Congratulations once again on another fine abstract!!! Good luck in the next round!! #974537

Jordi Delgado 12/16/2004 12:10:50 AM

Congrats for this finalist, Sanjay!! Good luck for the next round!!!

:-)) #974788

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 12/16/2004 8:12:54 AM

Excellent shot Sanjay!

Best wishes Linnea

Margot Petrowski 12/16/2004 9:06:48 AM

Sanjay, you are so talented. I love all your gorgeous abstracts. Congrats on all of them!!! #976770

cj patterson 12/16/2004 9:11:51 AM

congratulations sanjay!!! #976817

Alan L. Borror 12/16/2004 9:37:47 AM

Congratulations on an exceptional series for November, Sanjay! #977008

Colleen Braun 12/16/2004 12:05:06 PM

congratulations... #977665

William C. Raco level-classic 12/16/2004 1:05:20 PM

very well done, Sanjay!

bill #977950

Karen Engelbreth level-classic 12/16/2004 1:40:26 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!!! #978105

Stanley J. Contrades level-classic 12/16/2004 1:46:35 PM

Are you on a roll!! Keep those fingers exercised, Sanjay!! CONGRATULATIONS for the .... time?
Much Aloha,
Stan #978124

Kathleen N. Nelson 12/16/2004 1:48:01 PM

This is an outstanding image, Sanjay. The lines and colors are so beautiful. Congratulations. #978128

Leonard Pierce 12/16/2004 4:58:44 PM


Terry R. Hatfield 12/16/2004 5:13:55 PM

Congratulations Sanjay!! #979018

Carolina K. Smith level-classic 12/16/2004 6:25:30 PM

Gorgeous, Sanjay...Congrats! #979371

Donna J. Taff level-classic 12/16/2004 6:35:40 PM

Congrat's, Sanjay!!!!! #979411

Sharon Day level-classic 12/17/2004 12:49:22 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!!! All the luck next round! #981645

Carol Engstrom level-classic 12/17/2004 4:35:55 PM

And another one! Congrats! #982011

Kathleen N. Nelson 12/17/2004 4:58:38 PM

Congratulations again, Sanjay. I just knew this one had to be a big winner! #982057

Patricia A. Kuniega 12/17/2004 5:02:00 PM

Congratulations on this exceptional win, Sanjay! So well deserved and rightly honored! : ) #982076

William C. Raco level-classic 12/17/2004 5:03:18 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!
Great 1st prize win!

bill #982081

Darren K. Fisher level-classic 12/17/2004 5:10:42 PM

Way to go Sanjay. Congratulations. #982113

Terry R. Hatfield level-classic 12/17/2004 5:14:36 PM

Congratulations On Your First Place Win Sanjay:-) #982145

Mellanie level-classic 12/17/2004 5:18:29 PM

Congrats on this First Place Win, Sanjay!!! #982174

Carol Engstrom level-classic 12/17/2004 5:20:16 PM

Congrats on your win! #982191

Barbara Kehoe level-classic 12/17/2004 5:21:38 PM

Congratulations on 1st Place. It's beautiful. #982203

Kathleen Clemons 12/17/2004 5:23:36 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!! #982219

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 12/17/2004 5:31:48 PM

Great shot Sanjay!
Congrats on your first place win!

Best wishes
Linnea #982269

Judy S. Fung 12/17/2004 5:32:23 PM

Sanjay, congrats on your first place win! #982272

Cindy Paquette 12/17/2004 5:34:47 PM

Yay Sanjay! How wonderful for you! A big congrats on this wonderful abstract! #982291

Mary K. Robison 12/17/2004 5:41:16 PM

So glad to see this with a First Place plaque beside it, Sanjay! Still LOVE IT!

Tom Andersen 12/17/2004 5:46:04 PM

Congratulations on your First Place win, Sanjay! This is a very beautiful work of art! #982363

Joy Brown 12/17/2004 5:48:39 PM

Terrific winner, Sanjay - Big Congrats to you! #982378

Wally Orlowsky 12/17/2004 5:50:06 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful First Place winner, Sanjay. #982390

Dorothy Neumann 12/17/2004 5:51:55 PM

Absolutely great, Sanjay! Congratulations on your win!!! #982401

Dan Holm level-classic 12/17/2004 5:58:55 PM

Alright, Sanjay!!! Big CONGRATULATIONS on your exceptionally well deserved FIRST PLACE WIN!!!! #982468

Alan L. Borror 12/17/2004 6:05:55 PM

Congratulations on a great win with this super photo, Sanjay! #982506

Carolina K. Smith level-classic 12/17/2004 6:06:22 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!! So glad to see this a First Place winner. It is STELLAR!!! #982509

Diane Dupuis level-classic 12/17/2004 6:14:59 PM

Congrats Sanjay on another stunning shot and well deserved win! #982569

Eric Highfield level-classic 12/17/2004 6:16:04 PM

SANJAY!!!! Congratulaitons on your awesome FIRST PLACE win!!! #982576

Barbara L. Brands level-classic 12/17/2004 6:19:16 PM

Woo Hoo!!!! HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE HAPPY DANCE!!!! Congratulations on you well deserved win!!!! I am so proud of you!!! Barbie #982597

Allan L. Whitehead 12/17/2004 6:29:55 PM

Sanjay, congratulations on this wonderful win, its richly deserved, my dear friend - your good friend, Allan #982649

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 12/17/2004 6:30:06 PM

Such wonderful colors and shapes... BIG CONGRATS on your FIRST PLACE!!! #982650

Susan T. Evans 12/17/2004 6:35:28 PM


GREG WALLS 12/17/2004 6:44:38 PM

Congratulations Sanjay! #982724

Debra Booth 12/17/2004 6:46:06 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!! Awesome image!! #982730

Wendy Stevenson 12/17/2004 6:54:32 PM

Congratulations Sanjay on your FIRST PLACE win with this excellent abstract!! Wonderful colour! #982753

Sharon Day level-classic 12/17/2004 7:13:11 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic 1st place winner, Sanjay!!! WTG! #982818

Bonnie C. Lackey 12/17/2004 7:15:40 PM

Hooray, Sanjay!!! A masterpiece that I'm still in love with! #982823

Janet Detota 12/17/2004 7:19:01 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay!! #982838

Charlene Bayerle level-classic 12/17/2004 7:19:45 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Sanjay!!!! Well deserved!!! #982840

Donna J. Taff level-classic 12/17/2004 7:19:58 PM

Congratulation's, Sanjay on your first place win!!! #982841

Terry Cervi level-classic 12/17/2004 7:29:39 PM

What a wonderful abstract, Sanjay! Huge congrats! #982870

Robert Goodman 12/17/2004 7:50:33 PM

Congratulations Sanjay!!!!!! #982939

Paul C. Gazzanigo 12/17/2004 8:14:38 PM

Congratulations on this well-deserved win, Sanjay! #983003

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 12/17/2004 9:30:34 PM

Congratulations on your big win, to the master of patterns. Very well done Sanjay!!! #983145

Carol Brill 12/17/2004 9:31:13 PM

Sanjay, congratulations on your first-place finish! #983147

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 12/17/2004 9:32:42 PM

Hearty congrats on your first place win, Sanjay! #983150

Stanley J. Contrades level-classic 12/17/2004 9:39:44 PM

Super congratulations on your first place win, Sanjay!! Just great!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #983163

Ronald Balthazor level-classic 12/17/2004 9:48:48 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay. #983179

Evy Johansen level-classic 12/17/2004 10:28:16 PM

So well deserved, Sanjay! Many congratulations on your win! #983242

Dominique Declerck 12/17/2004 10:35:15 PM

***** CONGRATULATIONS, Sanjay!!!!!!!***** #983252

Gary H. Minish level-classic 12/17/2004 10:52:02 PM

Its not surprising to see that you had "designs" on First Place, Sanjay!! You have an amazing talent for visualizing the potential in everyday geometric patterns and just as importantly, you also have a unique ability to harness that potential and turn it into dynamic energy! An incredible image and a very well deserved 1st place. Congratulations!! #983291

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic 12/17/2004 11:25:09 PM

Big congrats, Sanjay! #983333

Danilo Piccioni level-classic 12/17/2004 11:42:39 PM

San, I am so happy for your Win! this shot is so colorful and the geometric shapes with their shadows really make it a winner!
Big C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-! #983357

Kathy Shogren level-classic 12/17/2004 11:45:13 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay on this well-deserved 1st place win! A dynamic image, nice work. #983363

Donna Roberts level-classic 12/18/2004 12:20:42 AM

CONGRATULATIONS SJ - well deserved. Fantastic news you got 1st place for this outstanding capture.
Excellent !!
Donna (from "downunder") #983383

Karen Engelbreth level-classic 12/18/2004 1:40:16 AM

BIG Congrats, Sanjay on this well-deserved 1st place win! #983466

Kelly Abernathy level-classic 12/18/2004 4:11:44 AM

Congratulations on your win Sanjay! -K #983639

Donna R. Moratelli 12/18/2004 4:38:01 AM

An EXCELLENT AND VERY,VERY WELL DESERVED 1'st place winner!! Congratulations; Sanjay. I love it!!! #983689

Barbara L. Brands 12/18/2004 4:42:26 AM

still liking this fabulous image!! But not surprising....your eye is perfect for subject and comp!!! thank you for your dedication!! I am totally honoured! :o)barbie #983695

Cathy Barrows 12/18/2004 5:13:04 AM

Congrats! A real winner...fabulous #983754

Patty Razonable 12/18/2004 5:38:08 AM

Congratulations on your First Place on this awesome image!!! #983850

Leanne M.E. Boyd 12/18/2004 5:42:12 AM

Excellent Sanjay, congratulations on your win!!!!!!!!!!!!! #983863

Dolores Neilson level-classic 12/18/2004 5:54:18 AM

Oh Sanjay...I missed this one the first time~!~ I love this!! What wonderful composition and color!! Congrats on a well deserved 1st place win!! #983937

Cathy Gregor 12/18/2004 6:08:30 AM

Congrats on your win, Sanjay!!
-cathy #984009

Amy N. Cappelli 12/18/2004 6:45:26 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful win! #984131

Colette M. Metcalf 12/18/2004 7:12:26 AM

Congratulations, Sanjay!!!!! #984222

Janet L. Skinner 12/18/2004 7:34:45 AM

A hearty congratulations, Sanjay!!! #984332

kathy wolfe 12/18/2004 7:35:29 AM

Congratulations Sanjay on this well deserved win!! #984337

Nobu Nagase 12/18/2004 7:38:22 AM

MANY CONGRATULATIONS on your big first place win, Sanjay!!!
Happy for you for the most and well deserved recognition!!! #984353

Wong Chek Poh 12/18/2004 8:48:59 AM

Congrats on your 1st place win. Great graphical abstract. Wong #984615

Donna W. Neal 12/18/2004 8:51:36 AM

WOW Sanjay I love this! I missed it the first time out.

Congratulation on your first place win with it!!! #984626

Patrick Campbell 12/18/2004 8:57:02 AM

Sanjay--congrats on your first place win! #984648

Alejandra Reyes 12/18/2004 12:30:45 PM

Congrats Sanjay!!!Wonderful!!!
Ale #985001

Monika Sapek level-classic 12/18/2004 1:13:26 PM

Many congratulations on your First Place Win, Sanjay!

Michael Allen 12/18/2004 4:26:21 PM

Sanjay, What a wonderfully deserved 1st place win. Just terrific.

Grand prize is a 'whisker' away.

Tremendous work. .. mike ;-] #985266

Kristi A. Howson 12/18/2004 6:34:41 PM

Congratulations Sanjay....great design sense with impact!!!!! #985421

Leonard Pierce 12/18/2004 6:56:01 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your very well deserved First Place win, Sanjay!!!! #985466

Patricia Marroquin 12/18/2004 10:59:16 PM

Mr. Abstract, you've done it again! Congrats on your big win! :-) #985765

Paul Michko 12/19/2004 3:35:48 AM

Congratulation, Sanjay. As I said before, Simply Awesome. #985936

Diane Addonizio level-classic 12/19/2004 5:00:37 PM

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #986889

Robert Mann level-classic 12/19/2004 10:13:20 PM

Many congrats on your first place win, Sanjay! Excellent colors and abstract! RoB #987143

Elisabeth A. Gay 12/20/2004 4:03:58 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay, wonderful abstract!!!!!!! #988558

Murry Grigsby 12/20/2004 6:02:47 PM

Congratulations on this terrific abstract image and 1st place win Sanjay! Wonderful design, light and colors!! A bit of an optical illusion as the depth seems to change as it is viewed :0) #988720

Jordi Delgado 12/20/2004 11:51:53 PM

WOW !!!!!!

First Place Winner!!!!


:-)) #989291

Cindy Cone 12/21/2004 6:24:32 PM

Hi Sanjay,
Many congrats on this well-deserved win! I've been without a computer so I'm way behind here.

S J 12/21/2004 9:59:44 PM

WOW! Finally my day came!!! THANKS A LOT, my dear friends! Thanks for all the inspirations, comments and support! Cheers from Sanjay #990929

Pu Chen 12/23/2004 3:32:20 PM

Congratulations, Sanjay! With all those wonderful abstracts of yours, surely would be your day at some point:) Happy holidays and best wishes for the coming years! #993948

Stephen Zacker 1/10/2005 7:13:16 PM

Super colors, shapes, and lighting!
Congratulations! #1026314

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