The Holdout

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The Holdout

Joy Brown 10/31/2004 5:16:54 AM

Great shot, Claudia! #183971

Cathy Gregor 10/31/2004 5:24:00 AM

Nice one Claudia!
-cathy #880521

Claudia Kuhn 10/31/2004 5:30:10 AM

Just wanted to tell you that your work has been superb lately Claudia! You're really on a roll... and inspiring! Great lines and composition in this one! Congrats on your PSD finalists too!

Patricia A. Kuniega

Thanks so much Pat, Joy and Cathy for commenting.


William C. Raco 10/31/2004 5:33:19 AM

Wow, this is so beautiful.
I love the lone leaf's color, it's star like shape, the way it sprouts from the branch, the bare twig behind and the complimentary background.
Such a splendid autumn image, Claudia

bill #880539

Eric Bancroft 10/31/2004 5:33:46 AM

Excellent composition and sue of color. Beautiful ! #880540

Donna J. Taff 10/31/2004 5:44:28 AM

Beautiful, Claudia!!!!! #880572

Carolyn M. Fletcher 10/31/2004 5:54:52 AM

Excellent! Pat is right! #880605

Kelly Abernathy 10/31/2004 6:04:56 AM

I agree with Pat too! Simply beautiful! -K #880637

S J 10/31/2004 6:08:26 AM

Terrific image, Claudia! I agree with everyone about that! #880652

Claudia Kuhn 10/31/2004 6:12:32 AM

Thanks so much Bill, Eric, Donna, Carolyn, K, and Sanjay for your kind words! #880671

Charlene Bayerle 10/31/2004 6:37:06 AM

This is beautiful Claudia....wonderful composition!!! #880804

Wendy M. Amdahl 10/31/2004 6:43:16 AM

Love this well done. And the perfect title as well! Super job Claudia! #880827

Murry Grigsby 10/31/2004 6:52:07 AM

Beautiful Claudia! To me it has an delicate oriental feel :0) #880875

Dolores Neilson 10/31/2004 7:44:41 AM

Exquisite, Claudia!! Perfect title too!! #881041

Claudia Kuhn 10/31/2004 7:51:06 AM

Thanks for your comments Charlene, Wendy, Murry and Dolores. #881059

Darren K. Fisher 10/31/2004 8:11:02 AM

Oh yea this is wonderfully done. Great detail and contrast in colors. Great eye and capture Claudia. #881137

Kathleen Clemons 10/31/2004 8:26:10 AM

This one really made me smile, Claudia. Excellent! #881178

Shirley L. Carpenter 10/31/2004 10:00:32 AM

Love the image, composition and title Claudia!!!! #881331

Stephen Zacker 10/31/2004 11:01:38 AM

Great eye. I love the simplicity. Just a super image!

Happy Halloween! #881443

Colleen Braun 10/31/2004 12:00:30 PM

beautiful... #881500

Claudia Kuhn 10/31/2004 12:02:09 PM

Thanks for your comments, Darren, Kathleen, Shirley, Stephen, and Colleen. #881503

Leonard Pierce 10/31/2004 6:14:07 PM

Excellent shot Claudia!!! #881871

Ellen Peach 10/31/2004 6:22:37 PM

Awesome work, it! #881879

Wally Orlowsky 11/15/2004 5:01:43 PM

Congratulations on this finalist, Claudia! #911935

Terry R. Hatfield 11/15/2004 5:09:35 PM

Congratulations On Your Finalist Claudia!! #911994

Ed Heaton 11/15/2004 5:17:06 PM

Hi Claudia,

Congratulations On Your Finalist #912069

Janet Detota 11/15/2004 5:25:27 PM

Fabulous capture! Love the BG! Congratulations, Claudia! #912185

Kathleen K. Parker 11/15/2004 5:25:44 PM

Congratulations on your finalist!!!
Kathleen #912190

Patricia A. Kuniega 11/15/2004 5:32:40 PM

Congratulations on your exquisite finalist Claudia! #912263

Ellen Peach 11/15/2004 5:36:06 PM

Congrats, Claudia! #912318

Wendy M. Amdahl 11/15/2004 5:37:53 PM

Congrats Claudia! :o) #912346

William C. Raco 11/15/2004 5:43:13 PM

I love this, Claudia!
Best wishes for this entry.
It's lovely

bill #912434

Cindy Paquette 11/15/2004 5:55:16 PM

Just lovely Claudia! Congratulations on this shot! #912639

Darren K. Fisher 11/15/2004 6:11:12 PM

No surprise here. Congratulations On Your Finalist. #912890

Jim Kinnunen 11/15/2004 6:12:28 PM

Congrats, Claudia on a great image!!! #912906

Kip T. Berger 11/15/2004 6:41:25 PM

Congratulations for your finalist entry Claudia! #913327

Kelly Abernathy 11/15/2004 6:42:18 PM

Well deserved! Congrats Claudia! -K #913340

Dale Ann Cubbage 11/15/2004 6:50:13 PM

Congrats on your finalist, Claudia!

da #913459

Wendy Stevenson 11/15/2004 7:01:23 PM

Congratulations Claudia on making the finals. Best wishes on the next round! #913604

Donna J. Taff 11/15/2004 7:01:54 PM

Congrat's, Claudia!!!! #913613

Claudia Kuhn 11/15/2004 7:04:42 PM

Thanks so much for your congrats, Wally, Terry, Ed, Janet, Kathleen, Patricia, Ellen, Wendy, Bill, Cindy, Darren, Jim, Kip, K, DaleAnn, Wendy, & Donna! #913640

Murry Grigsby 11/15/2004 7:19:15 PM

Congrats Claudia!! #913790

Stanley J. Contrades 11/15/2004 7:30:00 PM

Terrific!! CONGRATULATIONS, Claudia!!
Stan #913911

Carol Brill 11/15/2004 8:01:49 PM

Claudia, congratulations and best of luck on this wonderful image! #914224

Mary K. Robison 11/16/2004 12:39:49 AM

So simple and elegant, Claudia ~ Congratulations! #915103

Dominique Declerck 11/16/2004 12:57:51 AM

Wonderful composition, Claudia! congratulations!! #915123

Colleen Braun 11/16/2004 2:13:07 AM

Congratulations... #915250

Linda Murphy 11/16/2004 3:07:01 AM

Excellent work you are doing Claudia! Congrats! #915374

Kathleen Clemons 11/16/2004 3:57:46 AM

One of my favorites of the month, Claudia. Congratulations to you,! #915478

Claudia Kuhn 11/16/2004 4:06:13 AM

Thanks so much for your comments and congrats! #915518

Donna W. Neal 11/16/2004 4:32:59 AM

Congratulation and good luck with this wonderful image Claudia #915624

Kelly Heaton 11/16/2004 5:11:03 AM

Wonderful Claudia!Congratulations On Your Finalist! #915875

Karen Engelbreth 11/16/2004 5:15:59 AM

Congratulations and best of luck, Claudia! #915913

Marie Fields 11/16/2004 6:57:35 AM

Congratulations on this terrific finalist, Claudia!!! #916581

Paul C. Gazzanigo 11/16/2004 9:48:21 AM

Congratulations, Claudia! #917257

Colette M. Metcalf 11/16/2004 11:40:06 AM

Congratulations to you Claudia!!! #917479

Kenton L. Elliott 11/16/2004 12:07:10 PM

Congratulations, Claudia!! Excellent work and very well deserved!!! #917591

Stacey A. Bates 11/16/2004 1:00:42 PM

Congrats Claudia!! #917755

Claudia Kuhn 11/16/2004 2:08:03 PM

Thanks for your comments! #917974

Judith G. Secco 11/16/2004 2:51:04 PM

Congratulations, Claudia. Beautiful! #918078

Brenda W. LaFleur 11/16/2004 8:57:19 PM

Congrats, Claudia. Love this! #919102

Kasia Elser 11/17/2004 1:33:51 AM

Great shot! Congrats! #919421

Kathleen Clemons 11/17/2004 4:01:58 AM

I just love it when my favorite images win! Congrats on your win, Claudia! A great month for you! #919753

Wally Orlowsky 11/17/2004 4:05:29 AM

Congratulations on becoming a two-time winner, Claudia! #919770

Wally Orlowsky 11/17/2004 4:07:44 AM

Sorry, make that THREE-TIME WINNER! #919780

Cathy Gregor 11/17/2004 4:10:03 AM

Congratulaitons on your win (again) Claudia!
-cathy #919792

Claudia Kuhn 11/17/2004 4:40:47 AM

Thanks so much for your well wishes, this has been a surprising month! #919882

S J 11/17/2004 4:55:47 AM

Congratulation, Claudia!! A well deserved WIN!!!! #919934

Diane Addonizio 11/17/2004 5:28:27 AM

Congratulations, Claudia!! #920063

Donna J. Eaton 11/17/2004 5:29:55 AM

Another wonderful win Claudia! Excellent background that building made! Congratulations! #920069

Judith G. Secco 11/17/2004 5:38:55 AM

Love it!! Congratulations, Claudia!
Judy #920095

Darren K. Fisher 11/17/2004 5:39:29 AM

Congrats on the WIN Claudia. #920098

Patricia A. Kuniega 11/17/2004 5:53:30 AM

No surprise to me that you would clean house this month Claudia! Way to go! Congratulations on your wins! #920136

Rob Bishop 11/17/2004 9:17:34 AM

Yippeeeeee! Excellent. I'm happy to see this win for you, Claudia. I hope there weren't any of your favorites that got lost along the way in the semi-semi's.;)


Terry R. Hatfield 11/17/2004 9:56:59 AM

Congratulations On Your Win Again Claudia:-) #920811

Murry Grigsby 11/17/2004 11:01:08 AM

Congrats on your tri-vecta Claudia!!! #921009

bob cornelison 11/17/2004 11:48:18 AM

Very nice shot! Congrats!
~:O) #921100

Susana Matos 11/17/2004 11:49:59 AM

Congratulations, well deserved winner! It is simple and wonderful!!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #921106

Kathleen K. Parker 11/17/2004 11:59:46 AM

Congratulations!!!! Superb photo!!
kathleen #921148

Claudia Kuhn 11/17/2004 1:21:07 PM

Thanks so much for your comments! #921340

Allan L. Whitehead 11/17/2004 1:25:01 PM

Claudia, congratulations again on another marvelous win, it is also very richly deserved, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan #921351

Dale Gast 11/17/2004 1:59:31 PM

Congratulations, Claudia, on this wonderful win!!! #921436

Janice Forrest 11/17/2004 2:02:12 PM

Well done! A great image. Congratulations. #921451

Stanley J. Contrades 11/17/2004 2:05:50 PM

Well done on your double win, Claudia, and CONGRATULATIONS once again!
Stan #921467

Wendy M. Amdahl 11/17/2004 2:26:19 PM

Well apparently you held out for 2 big wins this month Claudia! Many congrats to you! :o) #921501

Dolores Neilson 11/17/2004 2:40:40 PM

3 -2nd place wins, Claudia!! Congrats times three!! #921533

Cindy Cone 11/17/2004 2:52:42 PM

Congrats on your great work and wins, Claudia! #921573

Robin L. Wehrman 11/17/2004 3:04:19 PM

Congratulations on your wins, Well deserved Claudia!!! #921623

Kelly Abernathy 11/17/2004 3:55:27 PM

Way to go again and again Claudia! :) Congrats on your wins! -K #921800

Wendy Stevenson 11/17/2004 5:22:15 PM

A big congrats to you Claudia on your win!!! Way to go!! #922024

Stephen Zacker 11/17/2004 6:38:05 PM

You did Good this month! :-) Very simple and striking image. Congratulations again! #922221

William C. Raco 11/17/2004 7:16:46 PM

This is one of my favorites of the entire month.
Very beautiful work, Claudia
Congratulations and best wishes.

bill #922312

Colette M. Metcalf 11/17/2004 7:25:38 PM

Congratulations on your win, Claudia!!! #922322

Wong Chek Poh 11/17/2004 9:27:25 PM

...and yet another, my warmest congrats, Claudia! You have developed the art of winning :) #922463

Patricia Marroquin 11/18/2004 1:27:05 AM

Simple and stunning, congrats, Claudia! :-) #922673

Claudia Kuhn 11/18/2004 4:00:14 AM

Thanks so much for all of your comments about this leaf image! #922861

Donna W. Neal 11/18/2004 5:54:01 AM

Congratulations Claudia #923301

Kristi A. Howson 11/18/2004 7:04:00 AM

I love the way you captured this Claudia. So beautiful. Congratulations on your win!!!!! #923522

Robin L. Wehrman 11/18/2004 2:16:46 PM

Congratulations on you wins Claudia! Well deserved!!!!!! #924113

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/18/2004 5:17:51 PM

Congratulations, Claudia on this gorgeous win!!! #924326

Sharon Day 11/18/2004 5:38:49 PM

Fantastic shot, Congratulations!!! #924385

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 11/23/2004 7:25:20 AM

Beautiful shot, Claudia. Japanese, delightful elegance.
Congrats on all your wins;-))
Best wishes Linnea #933447

Laura Clay-Ballard 10/18/2005 2:50:09 PM

perfection! #1966535

Mark Mirror 9/13/2007 1:40:15 PM

Simply and stright
I try to shot some Leaves of trees too,
but I'm still waiting for the best one - #4787014

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Taken with a building behind the tree, giving the tan background.

Uploaded on 10/31/2004 5:06:12 AM

Made With

Camera: Nikon D100 Digital SLR Camera Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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