So many men, so little time

© Dawn M. Schneider

So many men, so little time

Bill Knaps 4/3/2008 9:13:45 PM

Dawn this is so beautiful. Greatest colors and so clear. Great DOF also. Bill #892851

Dawn M. Schneider 4/3/2008 10:56:32 PM

thanks bill I liked it to!! #5741162

May K. Vokaty 4/4/2008 8:23:44 AM

This is wonderful Dawn! #5743322

Dawn M. Schneider 4/4/2008 10:09:16 AM

thank you May!! #5743842

Debra R. Harder 4/6/2008 7:37:08 AM

OMGOSH, Dawn! This is AWESOME!! Fabulous DOF, details, comp...a winner in my book! Deb #5751252

Dawn M. Schneider 4/6/2008 8:31:40 AM

thank you debra, your praise means alot #5751430

Judith MacArthur 4/7/2008 8:23:07 PM

This is delightful Dawn...great colors and sharpness...Seems like a good contest entry for this month's theme!


Dawn M. Schneider 4/7/2008 8:25:03 PM

thank you judith, thats what I was hoping!! I have a couple for the month already #5759192

Candice L. Carter 4/9/2008 9:22:01 PM

Brillant title and excellent capture Dawn! Job well done! #5768692

Dawn M. Schneider 4/13/2008 7:58:08 PM

thank you candice!! I love taking shots of the ducks and any birds on the river, they are fun and dont care that I am there!!! #5783907

Angela C. French 4/19/2008 5:58:31 PM

How great is that?!?!? Love this shot - so crisp and clear! CONGRATS! #5808838

Dawn M. Schneider 4/19/2008 11:00:24 PM

thank you angela for your wonderful comment and for stopping by my gallery!! #5809569

Deb Koskovich 5/4/2008 7:05:20 AM

Great clarity, color and reflection -- love the title too :) #5881519

Dawn M. Schneider 5/4/2008 8:02:08 AM

thank you deb, I had fun this day shooting the ducks on the river. thank you so much for the comments and praises. #5881871

anonymous 5/19/2008 10:54:10 AM

Congratulations Dawn on your awesome finalist! Looks like a WINNER to me! B- #5943153

Lisa J. Boulden 5/19/2008 10:58:40 AM

I love this, Dawn!
Glad to see it as a finalist!!!
~Lisa #5943228

Dawn M. Schneider 5/19/2008 12:07:35 PM

thank you barbara and lisa soooo much, it is my first finalist I am soo excited!!! thanks again. #5943984

Martha Jo Killebrew 5/19/2008 2:27:40 PM

Congratulations on being a Finalist. Great job. #5945429

Lowen Photography 5/19/2008 2:38:26 PM

Great shot! Really cool viewpoint, too. Congratulations!!! #5945468

May K. Vokaty 5/19/2008 3:45:48 PM

Congratulations Dawn! I'm thrilled for you! #5945926

anonymous 5/19/2008 3:59:52 PM

Hugh Congratulations Dawn on your win! You must be sooooo excited! I am very happy for you! B- #5946016

Dawn M. Schneider 5/19/2008 4:43:13 PM

thank you martha jo, thank you lowen I was right on the dock with the ducks all around me, thank you may, I love your image as well congrats again on the finalist!, thank you barbara I am excited, this is my first win. #5946447

Margaret R. Barry 5/19/2008 5:09:19 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner, Dawn! #5946731

Dawn M. Schneider 5/19/2008 5:12:23 PM

thank you so much margaret for your wonderful praises. #5946761

Sue Marshall 5/19/2008 5:41:54 PM

Big congrats to you Dawn on your wonderful win!! :-) #5946966

Alison Krylowski 5/19/2008 5:54:22 PM

Wow. Fantastic dof, colors and reflections! Congratulations! #5947044

Dawn M. Schneider 5/19/2008 6:30:35 PM

thank you sue and alison for such nice compliments!! It is always so awesome to get such nice praises from BP members!!! thanks #5947245

Sam Britt 5/19/2008 6:33:19 PM

Congratulations, terrific winner, Dawn! #5947270

Robert S. Grauer 5/19/2008 8:03:37 PM

Congratulations, great capture. #5947932

Tarun Bose 5/20/2008 3:57:11 AM

Big congrats Dawn for your excellent winner. #5949834

Cyn Valentine 5/20/2008 5:43:44 AM

Awesome winner Dawn..big congratulations! #5950426

Charlene Taylor 5/20/2008 5:45:39 AM

Hi Dawn,
Congratulations on this wonderful winning picture! #5950434

Patricia Seidler 5/20/2008 5:56:50 AM

Dawn, Congrats. So colorful. Great capture. Love the title too! #5950492

Dawn M. Schneider 5/20/2008 6:22:50 AM

samantha, robert, tarun, cyn charlene, patricia you all are so wonderful for taking the time to comment and visit my gallery!!! I really appreciate the fact you all took the time to help me celebrate my first win!!! thanks again. #5950643

Candice L. Carter 5/20/2008 7:10:46 AM

WHOOOHOOO! CONGRATS!!!! One for the Ladies Dawn! #5950846

Lisa J. Boulden 5/20/2008 7:13:32 AM

Wonderful Winner!!!
Love this!
Congrats, Dawn!
~♥~Lisa #5950870

Mary Spade 5/20/2008 8:01:51 AM

Congratulations, Dawn. You got one in there. wonderful image. #5951262

Elida Gutierrez 5/20/2008 8:05:39 AM

The Weed Trophy
A Special Trophy for
"The April Winners" #5951305

Dawn M. Schneider 5/20/2008 8:32:59 AM

Candice, lisa, mary and elida, it means so much that you all support me and can take the time to give praises!!! thank you again so much it means alot to me!! #5951425

Dawn M. Schneider 5/20/2008 8:40:31 AM

Congratulations, Dawn! I don't know how I missed this. What a perfect shot!!! #5951460

Dawn M. Schneider 5/20/2008 8:50:15 AM

thank you deborah very much for your congrats, its deeply appreciated. #5951503

Sharon 5/20/2008 10:27:49 AM

WOW!! Congratulations! This is beautiful! Well done! #5952001

Bill Knaps 5/20/2008 2:01:52 PM

Dawn I am so excited for you. Congrats. Bill #5952950

Eni Tutulaku 5/20/2008 2:13:29 PM

Dawn Im so happy about your winner ...congratulation #5953010

Laurie Daily 5/20/2008 2:23:32 PM

What a great shot, Dawn! Congrats on this wonderful winner! #5953068

Dawn M. Schneider 5/20/2008 2:48:21 PM

sharon, bil, eni and laurie, I am so pleased that you like this image and thank you very much for your praises!! #5953218

Randy L. Quast 5/20/2008 4:53:39 PM

Congrats Dawn great job I knew it was only time before you would win. #5953848

Deb Koskovich 5/20/2008 4:58:02 PM

Congrats on this super-fun winner, Dawn! #5953871

Aimee C. Eisaman 5/20/2008 6:46:59 PM

Fantastic Job Dawn....very happy for you! A huge congrats...what an honor huh? LOve the title BTW!!! #5954442

Dawn M. Schneider 5/21/2008 4:24:17 AM

Randy, Deb and Aimme thank you so much for the wonderful praises and support!! aimee, what is BTW? thanks again!! #5955910

Colette M. Metcalf 5/21/2008 4:49:57 AM

Congratulations!!! #5956056

Aimee C. Eisaman 5/21/2008 5:02:47 AM

Sorry...BTW means By The Way! LOL! #5956128

Dawn M. Schneider 5/21/2008 5:40:53 AM

colette thank you so much for your support!! aimee thank you for the info, im too old I dont know all the abreviations. thank you!! #5956296

Tammy L. Newcomb 5/21/2008 5:59:17 AM

Congrats on your win; I knew it would be when I seen this. Excellent Job #5956399

Dawn M. Schneider 5/21/2008 6:14:51 AM

thank you so much tammy for your belief in me, it means alot!! #5956525

Tammy L. Newcomb 5/21/2008 6:32:52 AM

You are very talented and I can't wait to see all the stuff you come up with next. #5956658

Irene Colling 5/21/2008 8:44:23 AM

Dawn this is absolutly wonderful. Love the title, color, composition and humorus subject matter. #5957224

Dawn M. Schneider 5/21/2008 11:06:22 AM

thank you again tammy!!!
Irene thank you for your support and praises!! #5957788

Dominick M. Dimacale 5/22/2008 5:12:30 AM

Congratulations Dawn on your Fabulous Win.

Dominick #5961327

Dawn M. Schneider 5/22/2008 6:17:53 AM

thank you so much doninick for such high praises and continued support. #5961711

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 5/22/2008 9:32:14 AM

BIG COngrats Dawn, Beautiful capture! #5962566

Dawn M. Schneider 5/22/2008 9:42:43 AM

thank you nancy your so funny!!! you made me smile today, thank you #5962608

Renata Gusciora 5/22/2008 11:38:38 AM

Fantastic capture Dawn!My Congratulations!!! #5963026

Dawn M. Schneider 5/22/2008 2:12:56 PM

Thank you so much Renata for your support and praise #5963549

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 5/22/2008 3:08:14 PM

Wonderful winner! Congratulations Dawn!!! #5963714

Dawn M. Schneider 5/22/2008 3:55:37 PM

thank you so much philippe for your congrats!!! thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my gallery!! #5963813

Amanda Cass 5/23/2008 1:34:23 AM

hehe love ducks congrats Dawn very much deserved and I love the title :) #5965201

Dawn M. Schneider 5/23/2008 5:46:11 AM

thank you amanda for taking the time to say congrats! im glad you liked it. #5966119

Christie R. Bielss 5/27/2008 10:43:25 AM

Great shot! Too cute! Congratulations on your well deserved win! #5984010

Dawn M. Schneider 5/27/2008 1:24:13 PM

thank you christie very much for your wonderful praise. #5984755

Steve Scott 5/28/2008 2:04:37 PM

Congratulations! This photo certainly deserved to win! Just beautiful! How can I get a print? #5989537

Dawn M. Schneider 5/28/2008 2:23:50 PM

your funny steve are you serious? #5989600

Bob Sticco 5/28/2008 3:27:05 PM

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn.....Awesome shot...Ducks have such a personality...and isn't it true that theres' always more men than women....:( #5989763

Steve Scott 5/29/2008 5:04:22 AM

Yes, I am serious! ;) My stepdaughter loves it and wants one! #5991943

Dawn M. Schneider 5/29/2008 10:19:52 AM

bob it is always so nice to hear from you!! thank you for stopping by and for the nice compliment!!!
steve, ok I will email you later and we can set it up! thanks for the ego boost!! ha ha #5993334

Stephanie F. Liverman 5/29/2008 7:10:15 PM

Loved the title and composition first, then got a better look at the shot. Very sharp, defined and the DOF is perfect. Much deserved WINNER - Congratulations! Steph #5995097

Dawn M. Schneider 5/29/2008 8:30:46 PM

thank you so much stephanie for your wonderful comments and praises!! #5995301

WENDY L. BENNETT 5/30/2008 8:04:32 AM

love, love, love it!!! #5997048

Bob Sticco 5/30/2008 10:20:57 AM

Dawn. . .Second place.....Wowza that is tremendous and well deserves!!!!! #5997545

Bob Sticco 5/30/2008 10:21:21 AM

Dawn. . .Second place.....Wowza that is tremendous and well deserved!!!!! #5997551

Dawn M. Schneider 5/30/2008 10:41:59 AM

wendy, thank you so much for LOVING IT!!:)
Bob, thank you for 2 comments and praises!!!! I especially like the Wowza!!! #5997667

Liz Kelso 6/4/2008 5:23:57 AM

THAT is an awesome shot. Congrats!!
I think I'm faving this!! #6016844

Dawn M. Schneider 6/4/2008 11:54:26 AM

thank you so much liz for your praises, it means alot!! #6018591

Vyctoria L. Poormon 6/4/2008 1:04:32 PM

This is a stunning capture Dawn! Congrats on the secnod place winner, it really deserved it xD #6018945

Dawn M. Schneider 6/4/2008 2:52:50 PM

your so kind vyctoria, thank you. #6019251

Karacan Salkuci (Kalacay) 6/12/2008 4:49:55 PM

Beautiful,lovely image. #6053705

Daniella Puente 6/16/2008 3:32:56 PM

Visiting the winners page, this is absolutely FANTASTIC Dawn, what a great capture ++++ #6067356

Dawn M. Schneider 6/16/2008 7:14:42 PM

kara, thank you so much for the nice words and for visiting my gallery.
daniella, thank you so much for such praises! #6068088

Natalia 6/25/2008 12:58:31 PM

That's great! :D #6106251

Dawn M. Schneider 6/25/2008 1:17:38 PM

kind of you to stop by my gallery natalia!! thank you so much. #6106325

Manuel Barrera 6/26/2008 2:43:14 AM

great title and image, very deserving of the yellow button #6108254

Dawn M. Schneider 6/26/2008 7:44:15 AM

thank you manuel for taking the time to visit my gallery! #6109494

Karen Kessler 7/15/2008 4:33:18 PM

Beautiful shot - like the depth of field. I ESPECIALLY like the caption! Congrats on winning with it, too! Karen #6184072

Dawn M. Schneider 7/15/2008 4:59:33 PM

thank you karen nice of you to stop by my gallery #6184171

Vitor Dias 7/16/2008 2:16:10 AM

Exceptional shot, Dawn . Congrats.............../rgs Vitor #6185520

Dawn M. Schneider 7/16/2008 7:06:11 AM

thank you very much vitor for visiting my gallery! #6186499

Chuck S. Frizzell 7/16/2008 11:05:21 AM

This is just a great shot Dawn, I love the ripple in the water below the ducks feet. The reflection, color, clarity, wonderful! #6187519

Dawn M. Schneider 7/16/2008 1:17:05 PM

wow thanks alot chuck for visiting my gallery and for such a nice comment #6187970

Patricia Ronan 7/16/2008 3:24:12 PM

Terrific image, love the title! Congrats on your win:) #6188452

Danielle M. Schamer 7/20/2008 11:01:11 AM

This is absolutly my favorite :) #6201564

Keith Bozeman 7/24/2008 11:13:06 AM

Great Shot! #6225996

Dawn M. Schneider 7/24/2008 11:16:59 AM

patricia thank you so much for your support
danielle what a nice thing to say, thank you so much!
keith thank you so very much for stopping by!!! #6226013

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 8/15/2008 9:10:46 AM

Congrats on your 7th on F&S!!! (Weirdo contest! :)) #6317130

Dawn M. Schneider 8/15/2008 9:39:49 AM

well you knew before me!! thanks, I entered dog, cat, bird and horse and this was the best, wow I suck!! thanks phillippe for your support of my work I appreciate it. did you enter any? #6317250

Janice Mezzacappa 8/24/2008 7:12:00 AM

Congrats Dawn this is stunning! #6358991

Ulysses A. Villamin 9/5/2008 12:55:42 PM

Gratz on this lovely winner, my friend!!! #6415922

Dawn M. Schneider 9/5/2008 1:59:50 PM

thank you so much janice and ulysses for your congrats. my only one I know many of the members have dozens, but I liked this one and was glad. thanks again :) #6416177

Erica Murphy 9/6/2008 11:21:51 AM

Great shot and CONGRATULATIONS Dawn!! What a great image! #6419753

Daniele Castellucchio 9/8/2008 1:59:51 PM

Congratulation!!!! This is simply Fantastic!

daniele #6429472

Dawn M. Schneider 9/9/2008 6:52:31 AM

thank you so much erica and daniele!! thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery as well!!! #6432758

Adam CD Caron 9/29/2008 3:31:02 PM

i know all that can be said about this can be but every time I look in you gallery this jumps out at me I love it #6529779

Usman M. Bajwa 10/20/2008 11:27:43 PM

This is lovely and delightful image. Your gallery is fantastic. I had a good time, Dawn.

UB. #6630221

Dawn M. Schneider 10/21/2008 5:10:23 AM

adam you are so kind, thank you for your continued support
usman thank you so much for visiting my gallery I hope to see you again! #6631671

David 11/24/2008 5:10:15 PM

Fantastic photo! Nice sharp focus on the main subject. Great colors too! Fantastic shot, Dawn! - David #6799479

Dawn M. Schneider 11/24/2008 6:20:07 PM

thank you my fellow Illinois photographer!!! #6799756

Jen R. 12/5/2008 10:34:29 AM

You have so many great pictures, but this one really stuck out to me and I'm definitely not the first one to say this, but it's fantastic! I love the 'odd one out' feel and the reflections of the ducks. #6855417

Dawn M. Schneider 12/5/2008 12:34:00 PM

thank you very much jen, I am looking forward to this years winter duck shots. #6855884

Ada Panich 12/10/2008 12:49:13 AM

Great photos in your gallery, but this capture is unique, a masterpiece! Love it! #6874065

Karen Carter 1/8/2009 12:17:41 PM

How on Earth?!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on this beautiful win!!! How do you make the colors and your subjecs stand out so wonderfully? #7001822

Lynne S. Fried 2/4/2009 7:59:42 AM

Hi Dawn
Love this shot and title - great job! #7125603

Mary A. Legler 2/27/2009 12:56:56 PM

Just was wandering around your gallery and found this. I know you probably have heard enough good things about it, but I could not help but add to it. Love everything about this! You have a beautiful gallery, by the way. #7223121

Dawn M. Schneider 2/28/2009 8:56:57 PM

sorry all I didnt know I had some discussions on this one.
ada, thankyou so much for the nice comments and for stopping by
karen, when the river starts to thaw, I go to the dam and basically get on the dock so I can get the natural reflection of the melting water on the ice. thank you so much
lynne thank you so much!
mary, thank you for stopping by and for going through my gallery. It makes me very happy that you appreciate my work!

Dawn M. Schneider 2/28/2009 8:56:57 PM

sorry all I didnt know I had some discussions on this one.
ada, thankyou so much for the nice comments and for stopping by
karen, when the river starts to thaw, I go to the dam and basically get on the dock so I can get the natural reflection of the melting water on the ice. thank you so much
lynne thank you so much!
mary, thank you for stopping by and for going through my gallery. It makes me very happy that you appreciate my work!

Christine Lobsinger 7/7/2009 10:08:45 PM

WOW DAWN - I was positive that I saw this image before and COMMENTED ... but I cant see it... I am so happy I went into your gallery tonight...
OUTSTANDING WORK...A++++++++++++++++++
Love it... into my favs now (I guess, better a bit late then
Your gallery is beautiful!

Mary A. Legler 7/7/2009 10:12:12 PM

I put this beauty in my favorites back when you first posted it! Congratulations!!! #7716395

Jodi Zimmer 2/6/2010 9:59:57 AM

Very the title. Your gallery is awesome Dawn. #8361179

Dawn M. Schneider 2/6/2010 10:13:05 AM

well I am not able to see all the last comments on this image, but thank you all very much. since this is my only win, its been a really long time since ive seen such glory here on bp, but thank you all for still likeing my work!! #8361209

Leslie McLain 2/7/2010 2:14:43 PM

Just saw this image, so belated congrats on this terrific winner. A great shot, Dawn. #8364020

Laura E. Swan 4/19/2010 7:39:58 PM

This is SO GOOD Dawn! It's no surprise at all that I am number 21 to chose this as a favorite!!! LOVE IT and your DOF/Clarity is AMAZING! Really perfection in my eyes and the title just tops it right off. It's a new BP FAV for me. Been a long while since I have said that on this club!


P.S. Thanks for the visit today! Good to see you again, too!!! :) #8552357

Janie S. Oliver 8/24/2010 7:41:46 PM

What a wonderful shot. Congrats on your win. #8859981

Dawn M. Schneider 8/24/2010 9:21:20 PM

wow its so fun to see this image is still getting comments!! I thought that ended along time ago. thank you ladies for appreciating my work!! #8860081

Laura E. Swan 9/17/2010 5:00:56 PM


I have always loved this one Dawn! -Laura #8913797

Amanda D. Austwick 9/17/2010 7:59:41 PM

WOW Dawn, what a FABULOUS Winner!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! #8914343

Irene Colling 2/17/2011 8:31:09 PM

Wonderful color, great composition, excellent photography and presentation Dawn. #9247404

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