Reflecting Layers

© Kimi A. Phillips

Reflecting Layers

Debra K. Thomas 3/5/2008 6:49:42 AM

OUTSTANDING!............. #870060

Kimi A. Phillips 3/5/2008 7:57:35 AM

Thank you so much, Debra! #5595744

Colleen Farrell 3/5/2008 9:29:55 AM

Fabulous DD work, Kimi! I wish I could have just 1/4 of your creativity! #5596166

Stan Kwasniowski 3/5/2008 9:34:43 AM

Kim, this is different as photography should be #5596191

Kimi A. Phillips 3/5/2008 9:46:57 AM

Thank you, Colleen, your too kind. I believe you are LOADED with creativity!
Hello Stan! I really appreciate your comment very much. Thank you. #5596250

Jennifer L. Alder 3/5/2008 10:58:09 AM

COOL! I like the 3D feel to this Kimi! Great colors and light as well
:) #5596527

Tiia Vissak 3/5/2008 11:10:59 AM

well done! #5596582

Kimi A. Phillips 3/5/2008 11:12:31 AM

Thanks so much, Jen and Tiia! #5596589

Tamara K. Walker 3/5/2008 11:25:34 AM

Super cool! #5596650

Kimi A. Phillips 3/5/2008 11:33:34 AM

Hey there, Tamara! Thanks a bunch! #5596682

Mary Timman 3/5/2008 11:40:46 AM

Love that sky and the colors and effects are awesome.
Sorry haven't wrote, will get back to you later today ad will try to tell you about my effects. #5596706

Lisa J. Boulden 3/5/2008 11:45:42 AM

WOW! #5596730

Danielle Fuller 3/5/2008 12:16:57 PM

WOW!!! looks like you put a lot of work into this! Great work Kimi!!!! #5596858

Erika Haight 3/5/2008 12:41:25 PM

Outstanding effects again KIMI!! Love this! erika #5596956

Kimi A. Phillips 3/5/2008 12:46:21 PM

Thank you so much, Mary, Lisa, Danielle and Erika! I really appreciate you! Mary, thank you so much for the info! Take care! #5596987

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 3/5/2008 2:49:53 PM

FANTASTIC creation Kimi, fantastic effects, colors!!! #5597432

Shannon D. Miller 3/5/2008 2:55:12 PM

WOW!! This is so COOL Kimi! What an awesome effect, amazing colors, and clarity and detail! EXCELLENT work girl! Love it! Shannon~ #5597439

Deb Koskovich 3/5/2008 3:23:23 PM

And creative, you are! This is great, Kimi! #5597547

Bill Wyatt 3/5/2008 5:17:29 PM

WOW very creative and beautiful!! Excellent work! #5597959

Sam Britt 3/5/2008 5:31:35 PM

Cool effects, very creative, Kimi. #5598005

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 3/5/2008 8:08:33 PM

Gorgeous, amazing and FANTASTIC, Kimi!!!!! ♫ k #5598690

Elizabeth A. Marker 3/5/2008 9:25:03 PM

Wonderfully creative!!!! Love it!! #5598878

frank w. degenhardt 3/6/2008 5:25:06 AM

Kimi- Good morning my friend. I have to laugh at your statement. For most like me we would think we had a beauty but that creative side of you saying ummmmmmmm lets make it rock.
I love the abstract look. The colors are so rich and vibrant. The lines and shaped created outstanding. Clarity and lighting perfect.
Have a most lovely day, take care of yourself, be safe out there.

Kimi A. Phillips 3/6/2008 6:12:28 AM


Tammy Espino 3/6/2008 6:27:56 AM

Can I repeat what Frank said, please, please :) Your photo's rock! #5601017

Kimi A. Phillips 3/6/2008 7:34:05 AM

Thanks a bunch, girl! YOU ROCK! #5601282

Silvana Stanzer 3/7/2008 11:21:13 AM

Wow this is just plain amazing! Very artisitc! #5607575

Kimi A. Phillips 3/10/2008 6:20:40 AM

Thank you, Silvana. I appreciate you stopping in to comment! #5620534

Steve M. Harrington 3/11/2008 6:30:27 PM

This image is really cool, Kimi. If you add a title like Superego that no one understands, it will be worth a lot of money and someone will explain the title for you. :) I am serious about that. In any case, I like it.
Steve #5629576

Sandra R. Alvey 3/11/2008 7:58:43 PM

Awesome Kimi! Outstanding effects that make a hohum image Spectacular!! Great job hon! #5629923

Kimi A. Phillips 3/12/2008 6:22:58 AM

Thank you, Steve and Sandra! "Superego" huh? Hmmmm...I'll think on that! #5632142

Stephen Zacker 3/12/2008 9:57:53 AM

Great work and thought provoking image #5633021

Mitch Spence 3/12/2008 11:19:45 AM

A most unusual, arresting, soaring image, Kimi. Nice work! #5633296

Kimi A. Phillips 3/12/2008 12:34:00 PM

Thank you, Stephen and Mitch! #5633534

Sheryl A. Hudson 3/23/2008 1:47:46 PM

Outstanding PS work Kimi!!! So creative too!!! #5684412

Kimi A. Phillips 3/24/2008 5:34:34 AM

Thank you, Sheryl! #5687131

Kaye Burazin 3/26/2008 11:33:12 AM

if this were a book, it would be a real page turner. Pun intended. Love the effect. #5701640

Kimi A. Phillips 3/28/2008 6:39:52 AM

Hi Kaye! Thank you bunches! #5709985

Kimi A. Phillips 4/18/2008 12:50:26 PM


I'll call this image "Transforming the Mundane into Magic"! Powerful composition and special effects. It could easily qualify to be the signature graphics for the next SciFi movie!

Steve #5804540

Kimi A. Phillips 4/18/2008 1:37:29 PM

Thanks a million, Steve! :) #5804742

Kimi A. Phillips 5/6/2008 6:14:26 AM

Resubmitting into a different catagory! No need to comment! Have a great day! :) #5890454

Jennifer L. Taranto 5/6/2008 7:25:33 AM

Oh, WOW!! This looks like it took a lot of work - & it was def. worth it!! Stunning effects girl!! #5890706

Jessica Jenney 5/6/2008 8:00:24 AM

WOW! So beautiful and dramatic, Kimi! Love the color, effects and POV! #5890808

Kimi A. Phillips 5/6/2008 8:10:20 AM

Thank you! :) #5890834

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 5/6/2008 2:48:35 PM

SUPERBLY OUTSTANDING, Kimi!!!!!! Your effects are just awesome!!!!! ♫ k #5892035

Cassie L. Woodlee 5/6/2008 3:10:52 PM

WOW A W E S O M E Kimi!!!!!!!!!!!!! #5892142

Judy A. Lawhon 5/6/2008 4:41:51 PM

Amazing work, have a fantastic gallery!! #5892445

Jeana Clark 5/6/2008 5:47:01 PM

this is fantastic work!!!
Outstanding tones and effects!!!

~J~ #5892634

Claudia Kuhn 5/6/2008 6:11:59 PM

Wonderful work Kimi! #5892706

David Pratt 5/6/2008 7:09:31 PM

Oh Yeah! THis is great Kimi! Just amazing work! #5892924

Rajeev 270293 Kashyap 5/7/2008 5:58:43 AM

Outstanding PS work Kimi~! #5894733

Kimi A. Phillips 5/7/2008 6:32:05 AM

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!:) #5894856

Colleen Farrell 5/7/2008 10:09:40 AM

Wow, this is sensational, Kimi! What an improvement on the usual reflections in windows image. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! #5895699

Kimi A. Phillips 5/7/2008 10:12:51 AM

Thank you, Colleen!:) #5895704

Crystal L. Craig 5/7/2008 10:46:48 AM

Holy Cow Kimi ... this is absolutely stunning work! I love these types of images that you've been creating lately. So futuristic and complex ... LOVE it! #5895814

Kimi A. Phillips 5/7/2008 11:26:58 AM

Thanks, Crystal! Having fun playing in the DD! #5895929

Kaye Burazin 5/7/2008 12:30:54 PM

A real page stopper. #5896126

Kimi A. Phillips 5/8/2008 7:54:47 AM

Thank you, Kaye! #5899890

Jennifer A. Lambert 5/12/2008 6:58:28 AM

LOVE Love L O V E This !!!

Blessings, Jenny n Bama #5912678

Kimi A. Phillips 5/12/2008 7:02:13 AM

Hey there, Jenny! Thanks so much!:) #5912692

Patricia A. Stalter 5/19/2008 12:37:54 PM

I sure see a winner here! This is truly wonderful you creative thing you... #5944389

Kimi A. Phillips 5/20/2008 7:57:00 AM

Thanks a million, Pat!:) #5951208

Dianna Hauf 5/23/2008 12:21:15 PM

Absolutely the most incredible creative abstract I have seen in a while KIMI! LOVE this!!! Super cool elements!!! I too see a winnner! #5967567

Joan Powell 5/26/2008 7:32:25 PM

Outstanding work of art ! #5981096

Kimi A. Phillips 5/27/2008 5:15:14 AM

Thank you so much, Dianna and Joan! Appreciate you!!!:) #5982650

Tammy Espino 6/19/2008 8:53:01 AM

Congrats on your finalist Kimi! You are so DDR talented!! :) #6078284

Kimi A. Phillips 6/19/2008 8:54:53 AM

Thank you!!!:) So excited!!!:) #6078299

David Pratt 6/19/2008 9:22:08 AM

COngrats Times 2 Kimi! Well done! #6078607

Mitch Spence 6/19/2008 9:29:58 AM

Congratulations to you, Kimi! #6078696

Kimi A. Phillips 6/19/2008 9:42:44 AM

THANK YOU!!!!:) #6078850

Jennifer L. Alder 6/19/2008 9:52:41 AM

Such a fun creation! Big congrats, Kimi :) #6079003

Jessica Jenney 6/19/2008 10:10:08 AM

Congratulations, Kimi on your beautiful finalist! #6079210

Mary Timman 6/19/2008 10:14:46 AM

Fantastic image. Congratulations! #6079264

Christian Rosito 6/19/2008 10:19:10 AM

Congratulations! Great finalist!! #6079328

Kimi A. Phillips 6/19/2008 10:35:04 AM

Thank you!!!:) #6079518

Jim Baines 6/19/2008 10:46:57 AM

Congratulations on yet another superb FINALIST, Kimi!! #6079660

Kimi A. Phillips 6/19/2008 11:12:25 AM

Thank ya, Jim!:) #6079903

Dianna Hauf 6/19/2008 11:38:23 AM

Happy day Kimi!!! Congratulations ONCE again!!! #6080144

Elida Gutierrez 6/19/2008 11:44:14 AM

Congratulations for your Finalist!!! #6080194

M.Christine Duncan 6/19/2008 11:45:29 AM

Ahhhh, great lines, fabulous idea! Wow, very finalist worthy m'dear! Congrats! #6080201

Kimi A. Phillips 6/19/2008 12:11:27 PM

THANK YOU!!:) #6080363

Joan E. Hoffman 6/19/2008 12:34:58 PM

What an AWESOME use of a curl (thats what it is isn't it? CONGRATS # 3!! WOW!! #6080494

Bojan Bencic 6/19/2008 1:42:49 PM

Congratulations, Kimi! #6080775

Angie Sidles 6/19/2008 2:38:40 PM

WOW, you are on a roll Kimi! Congrats again! #6080960

Sam Britt 6/19/2008 3:43:40 PM

Congratulations, Kimi! #6081209

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 6/19/2008 6:08:38 PM

BIG Congrats on your finalist!
Best of Luck in the next round! #6081886

James Quantz Jr. 6/19/2008 8:19:05 PM

Hey Kimi, this just goes to show how those "creative" moods can pay off! Best, JQ #6082474

Michelle Alton 6/20/2008 2:54:59 AM

Wonderful finalist, Kimi!

Congratulations! #6083458

Kimi A. Phillips 6/20/2008 5:38:51 AM

THANK YOU!!!:) #6084045

Angie Sidles 6/20/2008 12:33:33 PM

CONGRATS Kimi on this gorgeous winner! #6085793

Jennifer L. Alder 6/20/2008 12:43:02 PM

Cool winning image, Kimi! Big congrats :) #6085868

Tiia Vissak 6/20/2008 12:49:55 PM

Congratulations! #6085953

Dianna Hauf 6/20/2008 1:00:21 PM

Sensational KIMI!!!! Although your anole should have won too! ;) CONGRATULATIONS hon!!! Have a fabulous weekend! HUGS!!!! #6086056

Alex T. Mizuno 6/20/2008 1:04:15 PM

This is really a mesmerizing work! Love the effect. Congratulations on your win Kimi!! #6086095

Kimi A. Phillips 6/20/2008 1:11:01 PM

THANK YOU!!! I'm off to have a FAB weekend now!!!!:) #6086157

Stefania Barbier 6/20/2008 1:23:49 PM


Steve M. Harrington 6/20/2008 1:32:17 PM

Richly deserved! Good on you, Kimi! :)
Steve #6086277

Sue Marshall 6/20/2008 1:39:43 PM

Big congrats on your win Kimi!!! :-) #6086322

Michael Umbreit 6/20/2008 1:56:55 PM

Kimi - Congratulations on your win!! - Mike #6086427

Bojan Bencic 6/20/2008 2:59:54 PM

Congratulations, Kimi! Well done! #6086686

Joannie Bertucci 6/20/2008 3:25:55 PM

Congratulations Kimi on a gorgeous win! See, all that waiting was worth it! :-) #6086798

Karen Slagle 6/20/2008 3:33:45 PM

All that creativity and extra work really paid off, Kimi. This is a most excellent winning creation...Big congrats. #6086834

Jessica Jenney 6/20/2008 3:44:48 PM

Congratulations, Kimi on your terrific win! #6086866

Susan Fox 6/20/2008 4:12:36 PM

Congratulations on your win Kimi!!!! #6086925

Sam Britt 6/20/2008 4:51:12 PM

Congratulations on this winner, Kimi! #6087063

Claudia Kuhn 6/20/2008 5:02:53 PM

Terrific work, congratulations! #6087134

Vladan D. Djordjevic 6/20/2008 6:41:01 PM

Congratulations on your fantastic winner, Kim! #6087453

MELODIE C. ROBERTS 6/20/2008 7:14:28 PM

Wooo Hoooo KiMi!!
Congratulations You Goof ;0) #6087555

Elida Gutierrez 6/20/2008 8:07:08 PM

The Golden Cup
A Special Trophy for
"The May Winners" #6087805

Lisa J. Boulden 6/20/2008 9:26:11 PM

WTG, Kimi!!!
Huge congrats to you!!!
~♥~Lisa #6088050

M.Christine Duncan 6/20/2008 9:45:06 PM

Kimi... YAAAAAYYYY!!!! This is very exciting. Great image and once again congratulations on your win :-) #6088074

Ulysses A. Villamin 6/20/2008 10:24:00 PM

Gratz, Kimi!!! #6088149

Renata Gusciora 6/21/2008 2:53:02 AM

Kimi,big congratulations on this fantastic work!Great winner!!!:-) #6088657

Michelle Alton 6/21/2008 2:58:41 AM

Magnificent winner, Kimi! So happy to see this gorgeous image here!
Michelle #6088678

Les Rhoades 6/21/2008 3:35:37 AM

Congratulations on your winning photo!

Colette M. Metcalf 6/21/2008 3:38:55 AM

WTG Kimi! Congratulations to you!!!! #6088779

Sherry McClead 6/21/2008 6:30:16 AM

Warm and Rich! WOW congrats on the win... you should be proud! Happy for you.

Sherrybear :} #6089500

Bill Knaps 6/21/2008 7:30:02 AM

Congrats on your well deserved win Kimi. Bill #6089791

Colleen Farrell 6/21/2008 11:22:59 AM

Wooohooo, I remember this one! Big congratulations on a most well-deserved WIN, Kimi!! #6090522

Jeff Robinson 6/21/2008 1:56:59 PM

Fantastic work Kimi; congrats on your 2nd Place Win! Jeff #6090843

Tammy Espino 6/21/2008 3:09:39 PM

Congrats on this very creative win girl!!!! :) #6090994

Rajeev 270293 Kashyap 6/21/2008 8:21:36 PM

Huge Congratulations on your winning photo Kimi! Well done!

Rgds Rajeev #6091648

Daniella Puente 6/22/2008 10:19:03 AM

BIG congrats Kimi, the special effects and very creative edition on this one is really cool! EXCELLENT winner!!!! #6093313

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 6/22/2008 1:19:26 PM

This is a wonderful image, Kimi!!!!! Congratulation on your win!!!!! ♫ k #6093741

Vitor Dias 6/23/2008 4:17:40 AM

_______ SPLENDID_____ Congts Kimi #6095899

Kimi A. Phillips 6/23/2008 5:34:31 AM

THANK YOU so very much for all the kind words and constant support! Ya'll ROCK!!!:) #6096219

Shannon D. Miller 6/23/2008 5:37:07 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on your very much deserved win girl! I LOVE IT! Shannon~ #6096237

Shannon D. Miller 6/24/2008 7:49:56 PM

Hi Kimi,

I commented back on 4/18 and saw some great promise in this image. And then I saw Christine's recent call for congratulations... Well deserved award. Great work and honor.

Steve #6103210

Kimi A. Phillips 6/25/2008 5:52:36 AM

Thank you so much, Shannon and Steve! #6104742

Ellen Powell 6/25/2008 1:30:51 PM

Really slow on the uptake, Kimi, but...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You deserve FIST PLACE on this!!! It is beautiful- sharp, great composition- beautiful light- great colors- everything!!!! #6106351

Kimi A. Phillips 6/27/2008 7:11:28 AM

Thank you, Ellen! I appreciate it very much!:) #6113237

Dominick M. Dimacale 7/5/2008 6:24:38 PM

Congratulations Kimi on your Win.

Dominick #6143771

Kimi A. Phillips 7/25/2008 10:06:04 AM

Thank you!:) #6229845

Jennifer A. Lambert 12/30/2008 2:24:19 PM

CONGRATS Kimi !! Sorry I am SOOO LATE ! I Told U I LOVED this one...hehehhe !
Happy NEW YEAR ! Jenny N Bama #6958496

Ellen Powell 12/30/2008 7:31:16 PM

Kimi! I am so late, too- but congratulations! I'm not surprised- this is an amazing image!

By the way, I found a website that will print, take the payment, and mail the prints to customers. I just got started there. It's a new place- lots of very nice artwork of all kinds for sale there, including photographic prints. Check it out.

I visited the SSS website yesterday and see that the club is kaput. :( #6959593

Kimi A. Phillips 12/31/2008 5:48:12 AM

Thank you, Jenny! Happy New Year to you too!:)
Thanks for the info Ellen! I'll definately check it out. Yeh, the SSS club is over. I have a feeling, though, that when things slow down again we'll do a shootout again!:) #6961339

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 3/28/2009 12:24:16 AM

Fabulous... #7342740

Kimi A. Phillips 3/30/2009 7:16:34 AM

Thank you!:) #7352154

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Re-submitting, different catagory! This started as an image of the cloud reflections on a bank building. It was pretty, but boring for me as I was in a "creative" mood! Used Gimp and CS3 for the effects.

Exif: F Number: 13, Exposure Bias Value: 0.00, ExposureTime: 1/200 seconds, Flash: fired, auto mode, red-eye reduction mode, ISO: 400, White balance: Auto white balance, FocalLength: 18.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi

Uploaded on 3/5/2008 6:48:48 AM

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