Winter Bouquet

© Colleen Farrell

Winter Bouquet

Lisa R. Buffington level-deluxe 2/6/2008 3:04:45 PM

Beautiful floral! #848542

maria Warren 2/6/2008 3:05:15 PM

wow this is so gorgeous #5454692

Dr. Harmeet Singh 2/6/2008 3:07:23 PM

Wow.this is awesome.Great work,Colleen. #5454698

Dianna Murphy 2/6/2008 3:12:28 PM

Awesome! Great color, lighting and comp! #5454709

Susana Ms Heide 2/6/2008 3:31:34 PM

The vintage tones here are simply GORGEOUS!!! Love it Colleen!! #5454784

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/6/2008 4:03:01 PM

Thanks so much, Lisa, Maria, Harmeet, Dianna and Susana! :D #5454859

Danielle Fuller 2/6/2008 4:05:14 PM

Awesome shot!!! #5454868

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 2/6/2008 4:12:20 PM

Gorgeous! I really like this version, Colleen! #5454899

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/6/2008 6:28:09 PM

Thanks so much, Danielle and Jessica! #5455336

aaaaa bbbbb 2/6/2008 6:43:57 PM

Almost has an antique look to it. Nicely done with good detail and lighting. I like the background. #5455382

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 2/6/2008 6:52:44 PM

Magnificent, Colleen!!!!! Love the tone set by this awesome image!!!!! ♫ k #5455415

Colette M. Metcalf 2/6/2008 7:15:01 PM

Gorgeous!!!! #5455498

Judi Morrissey 2/6/2008 7:50:21 PM

I'm trying to find another word of praise that hasn't already been about STUNNING! #5455648

Tamara K. Walker level-deluxe 2/6/2008 8:26:49 PM

Very beautiful, gorgeous color and light. #5455779

Bill Knaps 2/6/2008 11:12:15 PM

A very beautiful shot Colleen. Bill #5456151

Pat Gamwell 2/6/2008 11:24:32 PM

Beautifully the nostalgic appearance and rich color tones, Colleen! #5456189

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 2/6/2008 11:48:18 PM

Colleen I just love these images of yours with terra tones and textures and romantic mood... one day I'll try them out... :-) SPECTACULAR! #5456258

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-deluxe 2/7/2008 3:32:12 AM

WOW, the lighitng and tones are FANTASTIC Colleen, sooooooooooo beautiful!!! #5456807

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/7/2008 9:08:39 AM

Thanks so much, everybody--I really appreciate the encouragement! :D #5458780

Elida Gutierrez 2/7/2008 9:37:30 AM

It just need a wall in the back.

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/7/2008 9:53:18 AM

Thank you, Elida! #5459031

Susan Weisensel 2/7/2008 11:01:49 AM

Very beautiful Colleen. #5459343

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/7/2008 12:55:43 PM

Thanks very much, Susan. :) #5459796

Nikki McDonald level-deluxe 2/7/2008 2:13:43 PM

Well I don't remember seeing this before, Colleen, so I think I will comment :) Lovely composition and effects that work so well together to give this a natural and old-fashioned feel that is elegant at the same time. Good luck on the resub. #5460062

Patrick Rouzes level-deluxe 2/7/2008 2:38:08 PM

Exceptional lighting, colors, detail, background & clarity here, Colleen!!! Outstanding work on this, my friend!!! #5460139

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/7/2008 3:08:36 PM

Thanks for the great comments and encouragement, Nikki and Patrick! #5460288

Jennifer L. Alder 2/7/2008 4:50:12 PM

GORGEOUS in every way! #5460727

Sam Britt 2/7/2008 6:18:25 PM

Beautiful, Colleen. Great compositon, lighting & background. #5461089

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/7/2008 7:36:10 PM

Thank you, Jennifer and Sam! #5461540

Carol Teal 2/8/2008 12:19:40 AM

I had to comment again because I think this is so beautiful Colleen! I hope it gets noticed this time around because it is so gorgeous! I love the vintage look here! #5462237

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/8/2008 8:40:09 AM

Thanks so much for the great comments, Carol! The previous one got an EFP on 2nd submission, so I hope this one will get one ... and more! :) #5464422

Phil Stith 2/8/2008 2:53:01 PM

Impeccable...beautiful!!! #5465837

Ashley Froehlich 2/8/2008 8:05:10 PM

Very pretty Floral image!!! :) #5466880

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/9/2008 9:22:03 AM

Thanks very much, Phil and Ashley! #5469051

Bill Wyatt 2/9/2008 10:41:02 PM

A beautiful still life gorgeous colors and lighting.
Thanks for the wonderful comments. There is something sad about a single discarded rose. It makes me wonder and ponder. #5471577

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/10/2008 9:38:58 AM

Thank you, Bill! :D #5473667

Mitch Spence level-deluxe 2/10/2008 12:08:59 PM

Well, comment I will though, Colleen. It's just lovely, you know. #5474293

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/10/2008 3:57:54 PM

Thanks very much, Mitch! I hope the judges like it. :D #5474972

Corinne M. Thompson 2/10/2008 10:37:43 PM

Beautiful! #5476313

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/11/2008 8:51:44 AM

Thank you, Corinne! #5478417

Mike D. Perez level-deluxe 2/11/2008 9:56:12 AM

Beautiful lighting, clarity and colors, Colleen! #5478759

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/11/2008 9:50:08 PM

Thank you, Mike! #5481668

Theresa M. VanderStaay 2/13/2008 4:19:53 PM

Just beautiful....Amazing capture...Tessa #5491146

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/13/2008 6:57:47 PM

Thank you, Tessa! #5491762

Joanne Kramer level-deluxe 2/15/2008 4:03:08 PM lovely. #5500125

Heather Thorsen level-deluxe 2/17/2008 7:56:32 AM

This is so beautiful.
Really old-fashioned looking! #5506495

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/17/2008 11:05:12 AM

Thank you, Djoanne and Heather! #5507412

Robert Baer 2/23/2008 12:44:35 PM

you rule colleen when it comes to creating beatiful floral compositions. keep on creating; your images are wonderful!! #5540439

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 2/23/2008 7:35:29 PM

Thanks so much, Justin--I appreciate it! :D #5541829

Elida Gutierrez 3/22/2008 9:58:49 AM

A Big Congrats in your Finalist!!! #5677149

Nikki McDonald level-deluxe 3/22/2008 10:45:30 AM

Congratulations, Colleen. Way to keep the faith on an excellent image. Best of luck in the next round. #5677378

Teresa Norris 3/22/2008 10:47:56 AM

SO beautiful, Colleen! The colors and details are wonderful...and a big congratulations on this finalist!!! #5677392

Su Sana E. P level-deluxe 3/22/2008 11:18:28 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful Finalist, Colleen!!!! #5677583

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas level-deluxe 3/22/2008 11:27:57 AM

Big congratulations Colleen!,
Amalia #5677633

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/22/2008 11:28:59 AM

Thanks very much, everybody! #5677635

Mitch Spence level-deluxe 3/22/2008 11:38:06 AM

So very nice to see this among the finalists, Colleen. Congratulations. #5677686

William C. Raco level-deluxe 3/22/2008 12:33:32 PM

Wonderful work, Colleen
Congratulations! #5678024

Sylvia Rossler 3/22/2008 1:47:53 PM

A big congrats on this gorgeous finalist Colleen :o) #5678528

Lisa J. Boulden level-deluxe 3/22/2008 2:14:42 PM

Wow, Colleen!
Is this ever beautiful!!!
Congrats on this wonderful finalist!!!

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/22/2008 2:17:45 PM

Thanks, Mitch, Bill, Sylvia and Lisa! #5678775

Jeana Clark level-deluxe 3/22/2008 2:28:18 PM


~J~ #5678856

Leslie McLain level-deluxe 3/22/2008 3:00:26 PM

Congrats on your beautiful finalist. #5679007

Lynne Morris 3/22/2008 3:06:12 PM

Huge congratulations on this beautiful finalist Colleen! #5679035

Terry L. Ellis level-deluxe 3/22/2008 3:48:29 PM

A classically beautiful finalist, Colleen! Congratulations, again! #5679291

Barbara Waldoch 3/22/2008 4:03:27 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Colleen! #5679409

Bill Wyatt 3/22/2008 4:04:35 PM

Congratulations on your gorgeous finalist Colleen! #5679418

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 3/22/2008 4:56:48 PM

Congratulations, Colleen on this gorgeous finalist! #5679710

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 3/22/2008 5:12:47 PM

I love this image Colleen!! Congratulations on your finalist!! #5679772

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 3/22/2008 6:24:02 PM

Gorgeous image, Colleen!

Congratulations on your finalist!
Debby #5680169

Sam Britt level-deluxe 3/22/2008 6:50:55 PM

Congratulations again, Colleen! #5680302

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/22/2008 6:52:13 PM

Thanks so much, everybody, I appreciate it! #5680313

Susan Fox 3/22/2008 7:54:49 PM

Did I not comment on this one? How could I miss it???

Wonderful image Colleen!

Congrats :-) #5680632

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/22/2008 8:40:04 PM

Thank you, Susan! You probably commented on its previous incarnation. :) #5680751

Christian Rosito level-deluxe 3/23/2008 12:44:58 AM

Great finalist Colleen, Congratulations! #5681319

Colette M. Metcalf 3/23/2008 4:05:27 AM

Congratulations!!!! #5681660

Arlene Krassner 3/23/2008 5:46:08 AM

Colleen this is lovely. Congratulations #5682131

Robert Baer 3/23/2008 7:13:37 AM

congrats on this wonderful image!! #5682674

Holly Shao 3/23/2008 8:04:19 AM

Congratulations on this very beautiful Finalist, Colleen!!

Holly #5682848

Cheryl E. Molennor 3/23/2008 8:32:57 AM

Congratulations on this great finalist! #5683002

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/23/2008 8:54:55 AM

Thanks so much, everybody! #5683152

Ruth Robbins level-deluxe 3/23/2008 10:05:13 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist. #5683451

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe 3/23/2008 1:16:12 PM

Congrats Colleen on your Excellent Finalist!! Jeff #5684217

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 3/23/2008 1:40:56 PM

Colleen I have always loved this.... stunning and huge congrats for the finalist!!!! #5684367

Laurie Daily level-deluxe 3/23/2008 1:49:08 PM

YaY!!!Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Colleen! #5684423

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/23/2008 8:19:57 PM

Thank you, Ruth, Jeff, Stefania and Laurie! :D #5685628

Dianna Murphy 3/23/2008 8:58:10 PM

Yeah, Congratulations #5685750

Cora Miller level-deluxe 3/23/2008 11:07:51 PM

Simple yet sophisticated and extremely lovely, Colleen. Congratulations on your finalist. #5685918

Cyn Valentine level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:57:15 AM

Congratulations Colleen!! #5687536

Lois Adomite level-deluxe 3/24/2008 8:21:32 AM

Colleen, cogratulations on your finalist entry, beautiful. Lois #5688017

Gail Vitikacs level-deluxe 3/24/2008 8:23:07 AM

Elegant and beautiful...congrats! #5688024

Daniella Puente 3/24/2008 9:46:01 AM

Perfect......congrats on this AMAZING finalist (a winner to me)!!! :) #5688504

Marina Moore 3/24/2008 11:46:58 AM

Congratulations Colleen!!!! This is soooo beautiful! :) #5689299

Susan Weisensel 3/24/2008 12:24:44 PM

This is so beautiful Colleen, I'm so glad it is a finalist. Congrats. #5689520

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 3/24/2008 4:09:40 PM

Big Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL finalist Colleen, best of luck in the next round!!! #5690663

Margaret R. Barry 3/24/2008 6:08:08 PM

Congratulations on your fantastic win, Colleen! #5691246

Holly Shao 3/24/2008 6:10:14 PM

Congratulations on your win, Colleen!!!

Holly #5691276

Teresa Norris 3/24/2008 6:12:37 PM

Colleen, congratulations on this awesome winner!! #5691303

Susan Fox 3/24/2008 6:18:38 PM

Congratulations Colleen!!!!!!!! #5691390

Nikki McDonald level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:19:17 PM

Oh, Colleen, how nice to see a win on this lovely image. Congratulations. #5691399

Su Sana E. P level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:19:30 PM

Huge Congratulations on this well deserving Winner, Colleen!! #5691403

William C. Raco level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:21:35 PM

Congratulations, Colleen!
Beautiful win #5691425

Bill Wyatt 3/24/2008 6:27:27 PM

Gorgeous image Congratulations my friend!! #5691491

Patrick Rouzes level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:30:30 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this incredible WINNER,COLLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #5691518

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:32:04 PM

Congrats, Colleen on this gorgeous win! #5691533

Kara L. Hendricks level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:47:13 PM

This is just one of MANY winners coming your way Colleen.... Congratulations girl!! #5691647

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/24/2008 6:47:59 PM

Yippee! I'm so pleased--I didn't know it won, but saw a lot of comments on it. Thanks so much for the congrats, everybody! :D #5691652

anonymous 3/24/2008 6:55:01 PM

Huge Congratulations Colleen on your Beautiful win! B- #5691728

Sam Britt 3/24/2008 7:14:53 PM

Congratulations on this winner, Colleen! #5691918

Cyn Valentine level-deluxe 3/24/2008 7:16:21 PM

COngratulations Colleen..beautiful win!! #5691932

Leslie McLain level-deluxe 3/24/2008 7:27:12 PM

Congrats on a beautiful winner. #5692003

Corinne M. Thompson 3/24/2008 7:34:26 PM

So happy to see gold under the fabulous image, congrats! #5692048

Christopher Budny level-deluxe 3/24/2008 7:44:14 PM

This is beautiful, Colleen; congratulations on your win! #5692110

Nadya Johnson level-deluxe 3/24/2008 7:44:22 PM

This is so exquisite! Congratulations on your gorgeous winner, Colleen! #5692112

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 3/24/2008 7:50:03 PM

So very beautiful Colleen!!! Congratulations!!!! #5692158

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 3/24/2008 8:01:31 PM

So well deserved Colleen!!! Yes, it's gorgeous!! A huge congratulations on your win!!!! #5692245

Sherry K. Adkins level-deluxe 3/24/2008 8:03:18 PM

Congrats Colleen on your awesome winner! I added this to my favorites. #5692257

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 3/24/2008 8:04:18 PM

Congratulations on this stunning winner, Colleen!!!

Debby #5692259

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/24/2008 8:31:00 PM

Thank you so much, everybody--I really appreciate your kind words! :D #5692407

Joan Powell 3/24/2008 8:48:58 PM

Congrats on your beautiful win !!! #5692479

Ruth Robbins level-deluxe 3/24/2008 9:07:02 PM

Yay! Congratulations Colleen. #5692557

Cindy Bendush level-deluxe 3/24/2008 9:19:57 PM

WTG Colleen!!!!! Congratulations on this *MOST BEAUTIFUL* winner!!! :-) #5692645

Elida Gutierrez 3/24/2008 9:23:30 PM


A Special Star
For all the Winners.

Laurence Saliba level-deluxe 3/24/2008 10:26:35 PM

Fantastic, congratulations on your win, Colleen!!!! #5692938

Evy Johansen level-deluxe 3/24/2008 10:27:59 PM

Big congratulations on your wonderful win, Colleen!! #5692943

Sylvia Rossler 3/24/2008 10:47:04 PM

A big congrats on your win Colleen :O) #5693015

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 3/25/2008 12:12:01 AM

HUGE congrats for your gorgeous win Colleen!!! #5693121

Carla Metzler level-deluxe 3/25/2008 2:50:23 AM

Congratulations on your win, Colleen! This is so beautiful! #5693524

Katarina Mansson 3/25/2008 3:59:10 AM

BIG congratulations on this beautiful win Colleen! #5693809

Debbie Hartley level-deluxe 3/25/2008 4:31:51 AM

Congratulations on your stunning winner Colleen! #5693992

Arlene Krassner level-deluxe 3/25/2008 5:14:27 AM

Applause for this lovely winner Colleen. #5694226

Wally Orlowsky 3/25/2008 5:59:26 AM

Congratulations on this artistic winner, Colleen!!! #5694439

Terry L. Ellis level-deluxe 3/25/2008 6:21:07 AM

Congratulations, Colleen! An excellent Second Place win! #5694543

Susan M. Smith 3/25/2008 6:36:09 AM

Colleen, so glad to see this one get a Gold! It is so lovely, your work on it is fabulous! Congratulations on your Win! #5694619

Linda Blair 3/25/2008 6:57:45 AM

Beautiful...congrats on your win!!!!! ☺ #5694746

Cheryl E. Molennor 3/25/2008 6:59:51 AM

Congratulations! #5694763

Susan Weisensel 3/25/2008 7:03:32 AM

WTG, congrats on you winner Colleen.
I do love this one so much. #5694792

Kimi A. Phillips 3/25/2008 8:21:20 AM

YIPPPEEEE!!!! Way to go, my friend! #5695137

Robert Baer 3/25/2008 8:22:37 AM

WTG. congrats for this beautiful winner! #5695145

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/25/2008 9:38:41 AM

Thanks so much, everybody--I appreciate it! #5695538

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe 3/25/2008 10:22:30 AM

Outstanding - Congrats Colleen on your Very Well Deserved Win! Jeff #5695780

Tarun Bose level-deluxe 3/25/2008 10:46:44 AM

Big congrats Collen for your second prize winner. #5695924

Joannie Bertucci level-deluxe 3/25/2008 10:55:29 AM

The only thing that surprises me about this image is that it did not get first place!
Stunning work Colleen, congratulations! #5695980

Nadine A. Lewis level-deluxe 3/25/2008 1:22:44 PM

GORGEOUS floral image, Colleen...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! <>< #5696694

Cassie L. Woodlee 3/25/2008 4:48:02 PM

Congratulations on this GORGEOUS winner Colleen!!!!!!!!!! #5697663

Lois Adomite level-deluxe 3/25/2008 7:04:28 PM

Colleen, congratulations on your winner. Lois #5698323

Robert R. Goodman level-deluxe 3/25/2008 7:40:31 PM

Congratulations,Colleen!!!!! #5698550

Dr. Harmeet Singh level-deluxe 3/25/2008 10:51:00 PM

Heartiest congratulations on this winner,Colleen.I am happy. #5699158

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-deluxe 3/25/2008 11:02:41 PM

WTG girl on this FANTASTIC BEAUTIFUL win!!! you go girl!!!
So happy for you!!! #5699194

Raymond Pauly level-deluxe 3/26/2008 1:42:40 AM

Big congratulations, Colleen! Beautiful winner! #5699500

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/26/2008 9:14:03 AM

Thanks so much, everybody, I really appreciate your great comments! #5701121

Lee Canham 3/26/2008 2:20:51 PM

A late CONGRATULATIONS on your superb-ness..This is truly Beautiful..A favourite for me..

I love it...and who couldn't...without melting.
Well done Colleen...You definately deserved a win for what you have here.
Best Wishes from me.


Mike D. Perez level-deluxe 3/26/2008 5:45:33 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful Winner, Colleen! #5702959

Jennifer L. Alder level-deluxe 3/26/2008 8:09:45 PM

Glad you resubmitted! WTF, Colleen... a gorgeous winner! Congrats :) #5703499

Jane M level-deluxe 3/27/2008 4:47:47 AM

Beautiful classic element to this stil life. Just lovely. Well done for the win! #5704749

Dominick M. Dimacale level-deluxe 3/27/2008 4:53:49 AM

Congratulations Colleen on your Win.

Dominick #5704772

Datha Y. Thompson level-deluxe 3/27/2008 7:16:35 AM

Congratulations!!!! GORGEOUS Colleen!!! WTG :0) #5705510

Colette M. Metcalf level-deluxe 3/27/2008 12:42:36 PM

Congratulations to you on your WIN, Colleen!!! #5706611

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/27/2008 6:12:39 PM

Thanks so very much, Lee, Mike, Jennifer, Jane, Dominick, Datha and Colette! :D #5707697

William F. Clair 3/28/2008 1:04:21 PM

Over the TOP!!! Have this printed and display with pride!!! Your gallery is awesome!!! #5711416

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 3/29/2008 3:42:40 PM

Thank you so much, William--I really appreciate your encouragement! :D #5715644

Jean B. Hall 7/13/2009 8:04:02 PM

Lovely colors, shapes, and composition! #7736380

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 7/13/2009 8:09:39 PM

Thanks very much, Jean! #7736394

Heather Thorsen level-deluxe 4/13/2010 1:22:49 AM

I have just seen this one, sorry I missed it. Congratulations on you well deserved win Colleen.
Heather #8530527

Colleen Farrell level-deluxe 4/13/2010 9:31:21 AM

Thank you, Heather! #8531821

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