Meet Fred

Heather Thorsen Student 1/27/2008 6:15:15 AM

He is gorgeous Linda.
I wonder if he will turn into a prince if one kissed him! #839916

Bill Knaps 1/27/2008 6:22:33 AM

Linda if a frog can be beautiful this is he or she. Great shot. Bill #5402530

Nikki McDonald 1/27/2008 6:32:22 AM

LOL. I just posted a frog as my entry for today, Linda--nowhere hear the clarity and detail of yours. I love his reflection. #5402576

Ken Smith 1/27/2008 6:42:00 AM

Where's Wilma?? Excellent clarity and the reflection is perfect! Beautiful! #5402635

Mike Perez 1/27/2008 7:04:35 AM

Cool character, Linda! Great clarity. #5402741

Judy V. Kennamer 1/27/2008 7:07:06 AM

Hi Fred!! You are certainly a cutie!! Great job Linda! #5402754

Tiia Vissak 1/27/2008 7:12:54 AM

great colors, clarity & reflections! #5402796

Cyn D Valentine 1/27/2008 7:13:49 AM

Amazing clarity Linda...the detail is terrific!! Great comp..very well done! #5402802

William C. Raco 1/27/2008 8:05:28 AM

Wow, the detail, clarity, color and DoF are outstanding.
Excellent, Linda! #5403094

Ray & Audrey Clarke 1/27/2008 8:17:13 AM

Fantastic Linda, perfect reflection #5403161

Carolyn M. Fletcher 1/27/2008 8:22:39 AM

Kiss me Fred! I need a prince this morning! And you're cute, too! #5403192

Mike Clime 1/27/2008 8:41:53 AM

Super picture, Linda! The detail is really good, and I like the reflection! #5403259

Cathy Barrows 1/27/2008 8:48:58 AM

so this is who jack can play with...cute shot of fred #5403287

Nadya Johnson 1/27/2008 9:01:18 AM

This is an outstanding capture, Linda! Great clarity and composition. Fred is quite the handsome fellow! LOL #5403341

Joseph N. DiGilio 1/27/2008 9:39:10 AM

It looks as though you were either in the water with o'le Fred or on the bank lying on your belly to get this POV and and detail. The color, composition, reflection and DOF all combine to make this a terrific image, Linda. RIVIT!
Well which was it, in the water or lying down? #5403494

JO ANN CLEVELAND 1/27/2008 10:30:56 AM


jo ann c. #5403675

Debra R. Harder 1/27/2008 11:04:38 AM

Verrrrry EXCELLENT, Linda! This is definitely a WINNER! Deb #5403785

David Phalen 1/27/2008 11:19:32 AM

Nice to meet you Fred. You have excellent color, details and reflection! #5403825

Peter Appelbaum 1/27/2008 11:26:48 AM

Fabulous detail, color and reflection Linda. Hi Fred. Peter #5403856

Mary Timman 1/27/2008 11:48:09 AM

He's so cute Linda. Wonderful capture with a great reflection, clarity and color. Well made! #5403941

Tamera Phillips 1/27/2008 11:59:23 AM

Fred is adorable! I love the reflection. #5403978

Aimee S. McMaster 1/27/2008 12:22:46 PM

....adorable....great clarity and detail Linda...Aimee #5404048

Stephen Zacker 1/27/2008 12:25:42 PM

Great detail and reflection. Did you kiss Fred? :-) #5404055

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 1/27/2008 1:32:03 PM

LOL Linda, Fantatsic capture of Fred!
Super color, clarity, reflection and comp!
I tried all summer to get frogs in my pond, but they were in the water faster than I could capture them lol!
Still going to be one of my challengs for this summer. #5404236

Claudia Kuhn 1/27/2008 1:47:47 PM

TErrific portrait of Fred in his home environment! #5404301

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 1/27/2008 6:39:47 PM

Hello, Fred!!!!! You are quite a handsome fellow... either that, or Linda did a FANTASTIC job of making you handsome!!!!!!!!! :-) ♫ k #5405301

Sandra R. Alvey 1/27/2008 7:37:06 PM

Fred is quite handsome...

Gorgeous detail especially in his eyes, and I love the colors and POV! Awesome capture Linda! #5405491

Kay E. Mahoney 1/27/2008 7:39:18 PM

Beautiful. He is adorable. #5405503

Amy Jackson 1/27/2008 8:25:39 PM

Wonderful capture, Linda!!! #5405659

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/27/2008 8:38:10 PM

LOL Fred! Great capture! Love the lily pads and the reflection! #5405694

Stefania Barbier 1/27/2008 10:24:12 PM

this title is fine, but I am not kissing that prince ok???? gorgeous capture! #5405879

Nina Shields 1/28/2008 5:56:04 AM

Fred is a very fotogenic frog! :) Great use of lighting on one of my favorite subjects, miss seeing these guys; terrific work, Linda! #5407391

Shawn Jennings 1/28/2008 7:19:48 AM

Great detail and color on this, Linda! #5407868

Melissa Gurdus 1/28/2008 8:39:04 AM

Outstanding detail, color and lighting in this terrific capture, Linda!! #5408170

Dennis Flanagan 1/28/2008 10:57:46 AM

did you mean eat Fred? #5408752

Renee Doyle 1/28/2008 3:34:41 PM

He looks like he's got the makings of a prince this one!!! Great capture Linda - love the reflection! #5409835

Alison Krylowski 1/28/2008 7:26:50 PM

Amazing color and clarity, Linda! Hello Fred! #5410728

Eugenio Diaz 1/28/2008 7:42:28 PM

Great colors and AWESOME light!!!!Beautiful image!!! #5410825

Kathy Reeves 1/29/2008 3:08:27 AM

Fred is a winner in my book!! Outstanding! I love frog photos!!! #5411828

Nikki McDonald 1/31/2008 7:46:55 PM

Congratulations on the EP, Linda. I love this frog portrait. #5425861

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 2/22/2008 2:44:59 PM

BIG Congrats on your beautiful finalist!!! #5533075

Aimee S. McMaster 2/22/2008 2:45:09 PM

...congratulations on your wonderful finalist Linda....Aimee #5533076

Nikki McDonald 2/22/2008 3:14:48 PM

Hey, Linda, what is this? Four? or five? Happy to say I'm losing count!! Congratulations on this finalist--you know I love him. #5533393

Ellen Hodges 2/22/2008 3:28:30 PM

Congrats, Linda!! #5533583

Shawn Jennings 2/22/2008 3:39:43 PM

WTG Linda! Congratulations on your finalist! #5533759

Peter Appelbaum 2/22/2008 3:45:35 PM

Congratulations Linda. Well deserved. Peter #5533844

Carla Metzler 2/22/2008 4:12:53 PM

Congratulations, Linda! :) #5534149

Ron Roberts 2/22/2008 4:19:57 PM


Sharon Day 2/22/2008 4:43:17 PM

Awesome closeup< Linda!!! Congratulations and good luck next round! #5534374

JO ANN CLEVELAND 2/22/2008 4:54:31 PM

Congrats on all 5 of your finalists Linda ... fantastic

jo ann c. #5534451

Linda D. Lester 2/22/2008 5:23:25 PM

Thank you everyone!!!!! #5534632

Cathy Barrows 2/22/2008 5:36:36 PM

Congrats on your finalist...hey fred #5534743

Stephanie Frey 2/22/2008 5:51:43 PM

Congrats on your finalist! #5534913

Cassie L. Woodlee 2/22/2008 6:01:53 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this wondeful finalist, Linda!!!!!!!! #5534992

Kay E. Mahoney 2/22/2008 7:08:28 PM

Linda, Congratulations on your wonderful finalist. #5535493

SaMi Martin 2/22/2008 7:10:12 PM

Congratulations Linda on this awesome finalist! #5535511

Ken Smith 2/22/2008 7:22:27 PM

You're the official frog photographer for BP. Very vivid. Congrats!! #5535627

Evy Johansen 2/22/2008 7:34:10 PM

BIG congratulations on your outstanding finalist, Linda!! #5535732

Judy V. Kennamer 2/22/2008 7:37:06 PM

Congratulations Linda and Fred!!! You look marvelous!!!! #5535756

Sharon K. King 2/22/2008 8:02:53 PM

Terrific image Linda! Congrats! #5536044

Patrick Rouzes 2/22/2008 8:02:54 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing finalist, Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #5536045

Victoria de Martigny 2/22/2008 9:13:07 PM

Congrats Linda, Fred is quite the handsome frog! Love the reflection and the expression on his face. #5536455

Jeana Clark 2/22/2008 9:17:33 PM

Congratulations Linda!!!
Fantastic finalist..WELL DESERVED!!!

~J~ #5536474

Laurence Saliba 2/22/2008 10:01:44 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Linda!!! #5536624

Debra R. Harder 2/22/2008 10:02:26 PM

BIG CONGRATS, Linda, on this well-deserved finalist! Deb #5536627

Stefania Barbier 2/22/2008 11:56:02 PM

spectacular finalist congrats!!! #5536922

Renee Doyle 2/23/2008 12:20:47 AM

Congrats on another wonderful finalist Linda!!! Will he turn into that prince now???

Su Sana E. P 2/23/2008 2:47:05 AM

Congratulations on this lovely Finalist, Linda!! #5537329

Kathy Reeves 2/23/2008 5:41:05 AM

One of my favorites ---congratulations!!! #5538014

Mike Clime 2/23/2008 6:02:45 AM

Congrats, Linda! #5538142

Jim Huffield 2/23/2008 6:54:57 AM

Wonderful finalist, Linda. #5538427

Susan Fox 2/23/2008 7:59:44 AM

Congratulations on your finalist Linda! #5538857

Danielle Fuller 2/23/2008 8:11:58 AM

Wonderful Linda!!!!! Good luck in the next round!!! #5538938

Alan L. Borror 2/23/2008 10:09:09 AM

Congratulations on another excellent finalist, Linda! #5539686

Marsha S. Smith 2/23/2008 10:55:31 AM

Linda and her fantastic frogs! This one is a doozy! Congrats. #5539939

Teresa Moore 2/23/2008 11:03:41 AM

Added to my's right up there with beautiful sunsets, to me! #5539979

Igor Krynski 2/23/2008 11:47:47 AM

He coud be Prince Charming. Nice frog. Congrats, Linda! #5540186

Sandra R. Alvey 2/23/2008 12:23:42 PM

I'm so pleased they picked your froggie Linda! You know I love frogs! Good luck in the next round hon! #5540336

RC Fritz 2/23/2008 1:14:17 PM

Congratuations, Linda! Well deserved Finalist! #5540551

Eugenio Diaz 2/23/2008 3:06:45 PM

Congratulations in your finalist!!!this one is a real Winner!!! #5540924

Elida Gutierrez 2/23/2008 5:12:46 PM

Congratulations!!!! #5541297

Mary K. Robison 2/23/2008 5:33:06 PM

Congratulations to you and handsome Fred, Linda!
Best of luck to you in the next round! #5541362

Donna LaMattino Pagakis 2/23/2008 6:18:13 PM

Congratulations Linda on a great finalist. Amazing details! #5541514

Nick Lagos 2/23/2008 7:28:36 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Linda....good luck #5541799

Lisa J. Boulden 2/23/2008 7:30:26 PM

What a fabulous finalist, Linda!
Love the title, too!
--Lisa #5541808

Datha Y. Thompson 2/23/2008 9:35:55 PM

Congratulations Linda!!! WTG :0) #5542204

Jeff W. Robinson 2/24/2008 6:22:15 AM

Fred is looking good! Congrats Linda on your Finalist! Jeff #5543336

Emile Abbott 2/24/2008 12:33:54 PM

Congrats to Fred for being in front of Linda's camera. #5544974

Gail Vitikacs 2/24/2008 4:52:31 PM

Terrific image! You had a super month!!! Way to go! #5546011

Walter Graziano 2/25/2008 4:37:27 AM

Congratulations Linda!!! Nice image! #5548136

Mary Timman 2/26/2008 6:15:59 AM

Congratulations Linda. Beautiful little prince and have you kissed him yet?????? ~lol~ #5554109

Linda Blair 2/27/2008 3:19:41 PM

Congratulations!!!!! ☺ #5563376

Laurie Daily 2/28/2008 12:31:50 PM

He is a beauty, Linda! Congratulations on your wonderful finalist!


Nikki McDonald 6/19/2009 12:59:51 PM

Hi Fred! You are just about as cute as frogs come :) Congratulations on your finalist and good luck in the next round, Linda. #7648846

Tammy Scott 6/19/2009 1:08:10 PM

Fred is toooo cute! Congratulations! #7648924

Peter Appelbaum 6/19/2009 2:37:05 PM

Congrats again Linda. Peter #7649589

Stefania Barbier 6/19/2009 3:57:06 PM

:-)))))))))))))))) #7650358

Renee Doyle 6/19/2009 4:01:47 PM

He is a cutie!! Congrats Linda!! #7650399

Jeana Clark 6/19/2009 5:16:40 PM

AweSome Shot!!!
Congratulations on
this fabulous finalist!!!!
Best of luck in the next round!!!!

~J~ #7651088

Cheryl E. Molennor 6/19/2009 5:52:49 PM


Dianna Murphy 6/19/2009 7:51:56 PM

Congratulations on your fine entry/finalist. #7652434

Mukesh Srivastava 6/19/2009 9:22:03 PM

Huge congrats on your all finalists,Linda!!!! #7652931

Donna LaMattino Pagakis 6/19/2009 9:36:42 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Linda, awesome! #7653037

Courtenay Vanderbilt 6/20/2009 3:38:16 AM

Big Congrats, Linda!!! ;-) #7654259

Graeme Chow 6/20/2009 6:01:43 AM

Awesome detail. Congratulations Linda! #7654995

Sam Britt 6/20/2009 6:37:54 AM

Congratulations again, Linda! #7655162

Mary Beth Aiello 6/20/2009 2:49:35 PM

Another congrats, Linda, on another outstanding finalist. #7657991

Lisa J. Boulden 6/20/2009 3:41:47 PM

The title makes me laugh!
Great capture, Linda1
Congratz on your finalist!
~lisa #7658318

Debra R. Harder 6/20/2009 4:27:14 PM

WOW! Great image! Congratulations again, Linda! Deb #7658482

Leland N. Saunders 6/20/2009 4:48:47 PM

Nice job, Linda ... Congratulations ... !!

Lee #7658580

Ken Smith 6/20/2009 8:47:35 PM

Nice choice on the resubmit, Linda. Congrats to you again! #7659164

Lynne Morris 6/20/2009 10:26:33 PM

Huge Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Linda. #7659387

Usman M. Bajwa 6/20/2009 11:04:43 PM

Super shot, Linda. CONGRATS on the Finalist Award!!

Usman. #7659490

JO ANN CLEVELAND 6/22/2009 7:32:13 AM

Congratulations on your finalist

Very well deserved...

jo ann c. #7664432

Linda Blair 6/24/2009 6:25:26 AM

Fantastic finalist....congratulations!!!!!!! #7673288

Kristi A. Howson 6/24/2009 12:39:36 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful Finalist Linda. Fantastic detail! #7674468

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