Morning Has Broken!

© Terry R. Hatfield

Morning Has Broken!

Diane Addonizio level-classic 9/28/2004 4:33:44 AM

This is spectacular, Terry! #173377

Paul Michko 9/28/2004 4:46:57 AM

This is so inspiring, Terry. Such a grand display. #809518

Janet Detota 9/28/2004 4:55:53 AM

Inspiring! Good Morning! :-) #809536

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 9/28/2004 5:02:38 AM

This is so beautiful, Terry, it could be an inspirational poster hung on corporate walls, a perfect capture of a wonderful scene!!!

-Debby #809554

Joy Brown 9/28/2004 5:06:45 AM

Terrific!!! #809562

Laura Berman 9/28/2004 5:37:42 AM

Absolutely marvelous Terry!! I imagine you must have done a little dance of joy to discover such a beautiful scene and then to have captured it so perfectly. Very well done! #809601

Colette M. Metcalf 9/28/2004 5:40:20 AM

Terrific, Terry!!! #809607

Cathy Gregor 9/28/2004 5:42:52 AM

Love that light shooting through Terry. Very nice capture!
-cathy #809615

Charlene Bayerle level-classic 9/28/2004 5:47:56 AM

Fabulous Terry!!!!! #809630

Colleen Braun level-classic 9/28/2004 5:52:47 AM

what a great way to start off the day, beautiful... #809644

Bonnie C. Lackey level-classic 9/28/2004 5:59:40 AM

Oh my! What a beauty, Terry! #809661

Gail Vitikacs level-classic 9/28/2004 6:24:50 AM

Wow Terry!!! This is stunning!!! Great composition and colors.... #809718

Kelly Abernathy 9/28/2004 6:27:25 AM

Oh wow! This is fantastic Terry! Gorgeous comp, color and light! Wonderful! -K #809722

Karma Wilson 9/28/2004 6:31:15 AM

Terry, it's gorgeous! If I can ever go to Hocking Hills you bet I will because every picture from there is breathtaking. This is outstanding!

Karma #809731

Tammy Nuxoll 9/28/2004 6:39:05 AM

Hi Terry, This is gorgeous!!! I hope U have a great day!!! #809753

Casey A. Hanson 9/28/2004 6:40:58 AM

BEAUTIFUL!! #809762

Mellanie 9/28/2004 7:20:44 AM

Outstanding, Terry! I just love the colors you have captured and those sun rays are magnificent! #809862

Wendy M. Amdahl level-classic 9/28/2004 7:27:24 AM

Fantabulous Terry! The light streaming in among the mossy rocks and water is just beautiful! #809876

Michael Wehrman level-classic 9/28/2004 8:44:04 AM

Great shot Terry #810009

Kelly McFadden level-classic 9/28/2004 8:52:18 AM

Great capture! I would even frame this to hang in my home. I love the rays coming through. They look almost striped they are coming through so strong. Just beautiful!! BRAVO! #810034

Dale Gast level-classic 9/28/2004 9:44:37 AM

Great shot, Terry!! Just so beautiful!!! #810090

Dan Holm level-classic 9/28/2004 10:04:22 AM

Beautiful shot, Terry! Love the color and that spray of sunlight! Excellent! #810139

Patricia Marroquin 9/28/2004 10:12:45 AM

Fabulous, Terry! Love those rays! :-) #810150

Brinn MacDougall 9/28/2004 10:39:35 AM

Mesmerizing image, of those, "I wish I was there" shots!! #810187

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 9/28/2004 11:29:53 AM

very lovely shot Terry #810239

Susan T. Evans 9/28/2004 3:04:01 PM

Wow, awesome shot Terry, love the rays! #810452

Murry Grigsby 9/28/2004 3:15:08 PM

Nice light and colors Terry! Well done!! #810461

Elena Rojco 9/28/2004 3:38:48 PM

Smart shot, Terry! I like it! #810494

Carol Brill 9/28/2004 5:21:39 PM

Spectacular image, Terry, you captured the colors and lighting brilliantly, and the composition and exposure are first-rate as well!! #810670

Mary K. Robison 9/28/2004 5:54:04 PM

Wish all the good words for this weren't already used, Terry!
You have outdone yourself here ~ and that ain't easy! Best of luck with this next month! #810748

Stephen Zacker 9/28/2004 5:57:16 PM

WOW! This is so great, Terry! #810755

Jennifer Rennison 9/28/2004 6:17:50 PM

Beautiful lighting, colors, composition! So peaceful, Fabulous image, Terry! #810803

Terry R. Hatfield 9/28/2004 7:32:51 PM

Thanks Everyone I Appreciate Your Comments On This Image And Im Glad You Liked It!! #810921

Darren K. Fisher level-classic 9/28/2004 8:16:32 PM

OH WOW Terry wonderful job at capturing the moment here. Your exposure is perfect. #810990

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 9/28/2004 11:01:37 PM

WOW! Lovely, Terry - excellent shot and well composed!

Best wishes

Terry R. Hatfield 9/29/2004 4:03:59 AM

Thanks Darren And Linnea!! #811392

Kathleen K. Parker level-classic 9/30/2004 3:37:57 PM

Gorgeous!!! #814524

Terry R. Hatfield level-classic 9/30/2004 7:19:54 PM

Hi Ms Kathleen Thanks For Stopping By:-) #814861

Stanley J. Contrades level-classic 10/1/2004 4:14:10 PM

This is so reminiscent of your image "Guiding Light", Terry and the lighting here is, IMHO, a little more dramatic!! Superbly done!!
Stan #816622

Terry R. Hatfield level-classic 10/1/2004 4:19:06 PM

Hi Stan Glad You Made The Comparison This Was Taken On The Same Day A Little Bit Latter And Then It Was Gone Forever! Thanks So Much For Stopping By:-) #816629

Jim Kinnunen level-classic 10/3/2004 7:15:53 AM

A truly inspiring image Teryy!! #819219

Terry R. Hatfield level-classic 10/3/2004 7:22:06 AM

Thanks For Stopping By Jim!! #819243

Larry Lawhead level-classic 10/8/2004 2:27:40 PM

Wonderful shot Terry!! The lighting is breathtaking, and I love that green rock!!!



Terry R. Hatfield level-classic 10/8/2004 3:47:28 PM

Thanks Larry! Im Glad You Enjoyed It:-) #830654

Sharon Day level-classic 10/14/2004 9:59:05 AM

Absolutely breathtaking, Terry!!! I love the BIG mossy rock! Wonderful capture!!! #841240

Wally Orlowsky 10/15/2004 3:42:16 PM

Congratulations and good luck on this finalist! #843780

Karen Talasco 10/15/2004 3:58:35 PM

Very pretty, Terry. Congrats and good luck in the finals. :) #843864

Susan T. Parady 10/15/2004 3:59:47 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist! #843873

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 10/15/2004 4:02:32 PM

Congratulations, Terry! #843888

Colleen Braun level-classic 10/15/2004 4:05:09 PM

congratulations #843899

Colleen Braun level-classic 10/15/2004 4:05:37 PM

congratulations #843901

Dan Holm level-classic 10/15/2004 4:30:46 PM

Congratulations on this well deserved finalist, Terry! Best of luck with this! #844083

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 10/15/2004 4:31:08 PM

Beautiful, Terry!
Congratulations and the best of luck!

Many regards
Linnea #844085

Kathleen R. Struckle 10/15/2004 4:49:52 PM

Congrats Terry!! #844232

Laura Berman 10/15/2004 4:55:39 PM

Yup, I knew this one would be going on to glory--and I expect it will go even further. Congrats and good luck in the next round! :-) #844288

Dale Gast 10/15/2004 4:57:47 PM

Congrats, Terry!!!!!!! #844304

Stanley J. Contrades 10/15/2004 5:00:40 PM

Great job, and CONGRATULATIONS!, Terry.
Stan #844336

Kathleen K. Parker level-classic 10/15/2004 5:09:24 PM

Congratulations, Terry!!!
kathleen #844404

Bonnie C. Lackey level-classic 10/15/2004 5:13:07 PM

Hey, Mr. Terry! Betcha' this goes on... #844439

Monika Sapek level-classic 10/15/2004 5:15:57 PM

Wonderful lighting! Many congratulations and good luck, Terry!

Cathy Barrows 10/15/2004 5:21:28 PM

Congrats!...beautiful...awesome sunrays #844520

Leonard Pierce 10/15/2004 5:22:51 PM

Congratulations Terry! #844532

Kathleen Clemons 10/15/2004 5:38:19 PM

Congratulations to you, Terry! #844710

Kelly Abernathy 10/15/2004 5:39:06 PM

Yay! Congratulations! -K #844721

Sharon Day 10/15/2004 5:41:45 PM

Congratulations, Terry!!! I loved this one! Good luck!!! #844754

Joy Brown 10/15/2004 5:44:26 PM

congrats on this beauty, Terry! #844788

Robert Goodman 10/15/2004 5:59:45 PM

Congratulations Terry,a very beautiful image!!!!! #844904

Casey A. Hanson 10/15/2004 6:02:58 PM

Yayyyy Terry! Congrats on this well deserved finalist! :0) #844926

Murry Grigsby 10/15/2004 6:06:54 PM

Congrats Terry! #844964

Donna J. Taff 10/15/2004 6:17:22 PM

Congratulation's, Terry!!!! #845067

Cathy Gregor 10/15/2004 6:40:22 PM

Congrats on your finalist, Terry! Good luck!
-cathy #845263

Debra Booth 10/15/2004 6:57:40 PM

Congratulations, Terry! Can't imagine how I missed this one. It's awesome! Good luck! #845350

Wendy M. Amdahl level-classic 10/15/2004 7:01:03 PM

Congratulations on this much deserved finalist Terry...beautiful work! #845383

Charlene Bayerle level-classic 10/15/2004 7:04:26 PM

Wonderful.....Big Congratulations Terry!!!! #845407

Carol Brill 10/15/2004 7:40:43 PM

Terry, congratulations and best of luck in the finals! #845708

Lucia De Giovanni 10/15/2004 7:49:09 PM

Congratulations Terry! So well deserved! #845769

Darren K. Fisher level-classic 10/15/2004 7:59:28 PM

No surprise here. Lovely image and well deserved. Best of luck next round. #845861

Mary K. Robison 10/15/2004 8:36:52 PM

I do hope to see this one much higher up!!! #846073

Jennifer Rennison 10/15/2004 9:15:41 PM

Congratulations, Terry! #846236

Karen Engelbreth 10/15/2004 9:36:17 PM

Congratulations, Terry!


bob cornelison 10/15/2004 10:25:55 PM

~:O) #846446

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/15/2004 10:35:25 PM

Many congratulations, Terry! Very beautiful! #846467

Patricia A. Kuniega 10/16/2004 12:02:46 AM

This is quite beautiful Terry! Congratulations on your finalist! #846665

Donna R. Moratelli 10/16/2004 2:16:29 AM

Congratulations; Thery! #846830

S J 10/16/2004 2:51:55 AM

Beautiful image, Terry! Congratulations on your finalist! #846919

Ed Heaton 10/16/2004 5:03:06 AM

Tremendous Terry,
Certainly a winner!!!

Congratulations... #847323

Heather L. Jacks 10/16/2004 5:22:43 AM

Congrats Terry! I love this one! #847366

Karma Wilson 10/16/2004 6:27:23 AM

Congrats Terry, I LOVE this shot. Good luck next round!

Karma #847530

Mette Vendelboe Allison level-classic 10/16/2004 6:44:40 AM

I love it too! Wow and congrats! #847626

Marie Fields level-classic 10/16/2004 6:56:25 AM

AWESOME image! Congratulations, Terry! #847682

Jim Kinnunen level-classic 10/16/2004 8:43:50 AM

Oh, I do love this one Terry!!! Congrats!!! #848247

Carolina K. Smith level-classic 10/16/2004 9:24:02 AM

Beautiful Light! Congratulations :) #848430

Sharon E. Lowe level-classic 10/16/2004 9:41:59 AM

Congrats Terry - beautiful!! #848506

Janet Detota level-classic 10/16/2004 1:27:25 PM

Congratulations again! #849243

Michael Khoury level-classic 10/16/2004 3:57:05 PM

big congrats Terry! :o) #849594

Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 10/17/2004 6:25:56 AM

CONGRATS Terry!!! #850497

Ellen Peach 10/17/2004 7:58:28 AM

A BIG congrats to you, Terry!!! #850714

Lisa Clark 10/17/2004 4:32:07 PM

Terry, I missed seeing this photo. It is really an incredible shot. Congratulations. #851509

Nobu Nagase 10/17/2004 8:10:01 PM

Many congratulations, Terry!!!
Best wishes... #851887

Gail Vitikacs level-classic 10/18/2004 6:17:01 AM

WOW! Congratulations Terry!! Well deserved! #852648

Janice Forrest 10/18/2004 7:18:08 AM

Great work. Congratulations! #852863

Sharon E. Lowe level-classic 10/18/2004 1:37:23 PM

Congrats on your win Terry - great shot!! #853631

Cathy Barrows 10/18/2004 1:47:42 PM

Congrats!...on both of your wins #853676

Mary K. Robison 10/18/2004 2:01:55 PM

So glad this beautiful image won!! #853757

Colette M. Metcalf 10/18/2004 2:05:27 PM

Congratulations to you Terry!!! #853783

Janet Detota 10/18/2004 2:06:36 PM

Congratulations, Mr. Hatfield!! #853795

Bonnie C. Lackey 10/18/2004 2:22:09 PM

Hey, Mr. Terry! Hooray for this and for Female Mallard! Here's to you!!! #853873

William C. Raco level-classic 10/18/2004 2:22:28 PM

Superb photo, Terry
Congratulations on the win!

bill #853876

Dan Holm level-classic 10/18/2004 2:31:01 PM

Congratulations, Terry!!!! Woohoo!!! #853914

Karen Engelbreth 10/18/2004 2:31:34 PM

Congrats On Your Win, Terry! #853918

Kathleen Clemons 10/18/2004 2:46:40 PM

Congrats to you, Terry! #854008

Amy N. Cappelli 10/18/2004 2:49:24 PM

Congratulations on a well deserved win! #854028

Murry Grigsby 10/18/2004 2:51:28 PM

Congratulations on your super image and BIG win Terry!! #854045

Carol Engstrom level-classic 10/18/2004 2:58:01 PM

Congrats Terry!!! #854096

Anette Linnea Rasmussen level-classic 10/18/2004 3:01:56 PM

Another great shot, Terry!
Congrats on your win!

Best wishes
Linnea #854121

Susan T. Parady level-classic 10/18/2004 3:03:06 PM

Congratulations, Terry! A well deserved win!!!

Sue #854128

Ed Heaton 10/18/2004 3:06:55 PM

Tremendous Image Terry!,
Congrats on this great winner!!! #854146

Michael Khoury 10/18/2004 3:09:24 PM

Congratulations Terry!! #854161

Paula Lechten 10/18/2004 3:14:17 PM

Congratulations Terry on this beautiful image. #854178

Cathy Gregor 10/18/2004 3:23:58 PM

Congratulaitons Terry!
-cathy #854236

Ellen Peach 10/18/2004 3:26:16 PM

Way to go, Terry...congratulations!!! #854247

Terry Cervi level-classic 10/18/2004 3:34:43 PM

This is just beautiful, Terry! I love those rays! Congrats! #854308

Sharon Day 10/18/2004 3:39:22 PM

Congratulations, Terry!!! This was a wonderful shot! I loved it! #854341

Robert Goodman 10/18/2004 3:39:43 PM

Congratulations Terry,Beautiful image!!!! #854345

Cindy Paquette 10/18/2004 3:49:22 PM

Beautiful Terry...BIG congrats on this one! #854394

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 10/18/2004 4:29:24 PM

Congratulations Terry on another fabulous win!! This one is on my list of all time favorites!

-Debby #854499

Patricia A. Kuniega level-classic 10/18/2004 4:39:13 PM

Congratulations on such an awe inspiring photo Terry! #854546

Donna J. Taff level-classic 10/18/2004 4:44:32 PM

Congratulation's Terry on this fantastic win; I loved it the first time I saw it; it is amazing!!!!!! #854568

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 10/18/2004 5:24:48 PM

Congratulations Terry on your win! #854698

Debra Booth level-classic 10/18/2004 5:30:05 PM

Congratulations, Terry, for your win with this fantastic image! So well deserved!! #854720

Donna L. Cuic level-classic 10/18/2004 5:46:01 PM

Beautiful. Congrats on your win.
Donna #854805

Carol Brill 10/18/2004 5:47:42 PM

Wow, what a treat to see this awesome image again, Terry, congratulations on your second-place win!! #854815

Dale Gast 10/18/2004 5:55:13 PM

Congratulations, Terry!!!! #854870

Monika Sapek level-classic 10/18/2004 5:55:33 PM

Once again, Terry, my hearty congratulations on your Second Place Win with this terrific image! The rays of light are awesome!

Jennifer Rennison 10/18/2004 6:00:39 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner, Terry! #854904

Mellanie 10/18/2004 6:05:01 PM

Congrats, Terry! This is beautiful! #854932

Stephen Zacker 10/18/2004 6:16:46 PM

Congratulations, Terry! #854984

Robin L. Wehrman 10/18/2004 6:18:06 PM

Congratulations Terry!!!!! #854990

Jim Kinnunen level-classic 10/18/2004 6:57:14 PM

Congratulations on an extremely fantasitic wining image, Terry!!!!! #855080

Janet S Weaver level-classic 10/18/2004 7:05:34 PM

Congratulations Terry! Awesome job!! #855109

Joy Brown 10/18/2004 7:14:23 PM

Congratulations on this awesome shot, Terry! #855161

S J 10/18/2004 7:17:36 PM

Congratulations on you Second Place Win with this beautiful image, Terry! #855173

Barbara Gordon 10/18/2004 8:21:42 PM

Breathtaking! Congrats - this deserves a win! #855276

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 10/18/2004 8:27:51 PM

This is so beautiful Terry! Great image, congratulations on your win!! #855300

Darren K. Fisher level-classic 10/18/2004 8:55:09 PM

I knew I would see this one here. Congrats on a wonderful win Terry. #855375

Wendy M. Amdahl level-classic 10/18/2004 8:59:24 PM

Such a stunner well deserved sir! Congratulations on this win! #855389

Brenda W. LaFleur level-classic 10/18/2004 10:10:25 PM

I missed this first time around, Terry. It's a beauty! Congrats on your well deserved win. And thanks for your kind comments on my images. Much appreciated! #855493

Stanley J. Contrades level-classic 10/18/2004 11:24:40 PM

And one more time, CONGRATULATIONS, Terry, on this stunning image!
Stan #855553

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/19/2004 1:06:47 AM

Many congratulations on you win, Terry! Well deserved! #855642

Leanne M.E. Boyd 10/19/2004 3:09:54 AM

Congratulations Terry! Wonderful image! #855738

Colleen Braun 10/19/2004 3:53:23 AM

congratulations on a fantastic image... #855824

Carolyn M. Fletcher level-classic 10/19/2004 4:32:34 AM

Mucho congrats!!! #855902

Lisa Clark level-classic 10/19/2004 4:46:43 AM

Yeah Yeah Yeah and Applause! I hoped this would win!!Congratulations Again!! #855956

Wally Orlowsky 10/19/2004 4:58:42 AM

Congratulations on this awesome winner, Terry. #855993

Judith G. Secco 10/19/2004 4:59:46 AM

Beautiful image, Terry! Congratulations.
Judy #855998

Heather L. Jacks 10/19/2004 5:09:53 AM

Way to go Terry! Very deserved! #856024

Dolores A. Alsip 10/19/2004 7:27:04 AM

My Dear Brother,

You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful photographs. This one reminds me of the sunshine of the love of God - with each ray comes a promise of tomorrow, basking in the light of His love. God has given you a unique talent to photograph the wonders of the world. I am so proud of you.

Love you,
Sissy Doll #856285

Dolores A. Alsip 10/19/2004 7:28:04 AM

My Dear Brother,

You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful photographs. This one reminds me of the sunshine of the love of God - with each ray comes a promise of tomorrow, basking in the light of His love. God has given you a unique talent to photograph the wonders of the world. I am so proud of you.

Love you,
Sissy Doll

P.S. Congratulations #856289

Robin L. Wehrman 10/19/2004 9:35:10 AM

Congratulations to you Terry on your magnificent win! Well deserved and I'm verry happy for you! Good job!! #856505

Angela K. Helvy 10/19/2004 9:40:20 AM

I knew this one would be a winner!Congratulations brother! What a beauty!
Love, Angie #856512

Cindy Cone 10/19/2004 5:13:44 PM

Congratulations, Terry, on a well-deserved win! #857370

Nobu Nagase 10/19/2004 5:48:16 PM

Hi Terry, I am sooo behind in commenting...
Fantastic win, Terry!!!
Many congratulations!!! #857409

Susana Matos 10/19/2004 9:19:04 PM

Congratulations! Outstanding!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #857848

Diane Addonizio level-classic 10/19/2004 9:32:15 PM

Wow, Terry!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

I have been away, sorry for the late congrats!! #857874

Kasia Elser 10/20/2004 4:45:02 AM

Wow! Great shot! Congrats! #858277

Kitty 10/20/2004 6:19:00 AM

Hey Brother
I love this picture! You deserved to win.. You're a winner as a brother too.
I love you
Kit #858496

Sandra Wehrman 10/20/2004 4:14:19 PM

congrats on your win and your finalist! this is a favorite of mine in your gallery! #859490

Michelle R. Kovach 10/21/2004 7:00:25 AM

Congratulations on your win Terry! Beautiful Image!
Have a great day!
Michelle #860594

Leonard Pierce 10/21/2004 5:54:00 PM

Congratulations on your Second Place win Terry!!! #861773

Kathleen N. Nelson 10/22/2004 2:17:01 AM

Congratulations, Terry. This is a wonderful photo. #862175

Dolores Neilson 10/22/2004 7:59:55 PM

"Morning has broken"...

It most certainly has!! And guess who was there capturing it with skill and deftness!! Well done and an e-hug to you for your accomplishment! #863829

Diane Dupuis 10/23/2004 7:58:01 PM

Congratulations on a fantastic capture and well deserved win! #865303

Patricia Marroquin 10/24/2004 8:04:36 PM

Fabulous! Congrats Terry! :-) #867281

Kathleen R. Struckle 10/28/2004 10:45:33 AM

Congrats on your win Terry!! Sorry for the lateness. I was out of town. #874983

Terry R. Hatfield 11/17/2004 6:09:41 PM

Thanks Everyone;-) #922152

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 6/2/2005 8:14:16 PM

WOW!!!!!!!! This is fantastic. No wonder it was a winner. You have an amazing gallery of pictures. I could comment on all of them but it would take way to long. I'll just tell you here how wonderful they all are. Keep up the good work. #1424659

Dolores A. Alsip 6/3/2005 6:06:55 AM

My Dear Brother,

What a wonderful rendition of God's majestic beauty. You have captured the moment. You are a special creation and so is your photography.

Love you,
Sissy Doll #1425859

Mohammad Morovvati 8/22/2014 12:55:35 AM

Beautiful photos and a dream #11113371

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This Was Taken At Hocking Hills Oh Early Morning Levels Adj And A Touch Of Sharpening!

Uploaded on 9/28/2004 4:29:33 AM

Made With

Camera: Nikon D1X Digital SLR Camera All Time Best Photo Contest Winner Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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