Shades of Autumn

© Colleen Farrell

Shades of Autumn

aaaaa bbbbb 11/20/2007 10:39:20 AM

Love the warm colors. Very nice lighting and composition. The filter you added is a nice effect and works well with this. #791411

Colleen Farrell 11/20/2007 10:47:40 AM

Jim Huffield
BetterPhoto Member

Very nicely done, Colleen. Jim

11/20/2007 10:38:39 AM #5102564

Jessica Jenney 11/20/2007 11:06:48 AM

Gorgeous autumn shades, composition and effects, Colleen! #5102638

Lynne Morris 11/20/2007 12:34:44 PM

This is a beautiful image Colleen, wonderful colours and effects! #5102844

Leslie McLain 11/20/2007 1:29:46 PM

Beautiful still life and great effects. #5103057

Heather L. Haderly 11/20/2007 1:33:36 PM

Beautiful Colleen!!! #5103076

Colleen Farrell 11/20/2007 2:15:04 PM

Thanks for the great comments, Vicki, Jim, Jessica, Lynne, Leslie and Heather--much appreciated! #5103244

Sam Britt 11/20/2007 2:19:26 PM

Beautiful still life, great effects, Colleen. #5103268

Jeff Robinson 11/20/2007 3:11:43 PM

This is Excellent Colleen! Jeff #5103514

anonymous 11/20/2007 4:11:12 PM

Beautiful still life Colleen with wonderful effects! Well done! B- #5103704

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/20/2007 7:31:03 PM

Colleen, love the tones in this beautiful still life, wonderfull effects also! #5104510

Colleen Farrell 11/20/2007 10:25:01 PM

Thanks so much, Sam, Jeff, Barb and Peaches! #5104982

Stefania Barbier 11/20/2007 10:31:08 PM

Colleen I truly hope to see this one again.... it's gorgeous! #5105002

Su Sana E. P 11/20/2007 11:17:15 PM

Exquisite floral work as usual, Colleen!! Your signature softness and lighting has created another unique image and I love it. #5105074

Carol Sawyer 11/21/2007 3:27:28 AM

Beautiful still life image, wonderful tones and lighting, Colleen! #5105460

Nadine A. Lewis 11/21/2007 5:02:21 AM

WOW!!!! What a GORGEOUS still-life, Colleen!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! <>< #5105947

Kathleen Rinker 11/21/2007 6:58:43 AM

Colleen this is absolutely breathtaking!! #5106411

Brenda c. McFarland 11/21/2007 9:23:05 AM

This is so Pretty Colleen! I just love the soft glow and the golden hews! Very Well done my friend! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! We will be in Sacramento and Auburn for the Weekend. #5106924

cheryl m. phillips 11/21/2007 11:09:59 AM

This is beautiful Colleen!
~cheryl #5107326

Patrick Rouzes 11/21/2007 7:04:00 PM

Fantastic lighitng, colors, detail, & effects here!!! Phenomenal work on this, Colleen!!! #5108680

Joannie Bertucci 11/21/2007 7:24:19 PM

Beautiful, delicate, warm, inviting and much more! #5108739

Jennifer L. Alder 11/22/2007 4:36:33 AM

STUNNING--A fav for me, Colleen
:) #5109639

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/22/2007 8:19:30 AM

Beautiful and excellent still life, Colleen!
Happy Thanksgiving!
-Debby #5110379

Holly Shao 11/22/2007 1:55:40 PM

So beautiful, Colleen!! Love the design, colors, and glow!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Holly #5110920

Nikki McDonald 11/23/2007 7:21:39 AM

Love the warm tones and lighting here, Colleen. Lovely still life. #5112974

Arlene Krassner 11/23/2007 7:44:58 AM

Awesome #5113071

Colleen Farrell 11/23/2007 9:45:16 AM

Thanks so much for the great comments, Stefania, SuSana, Carol, Nadine, Kathleen, Brenda, Cheryl, Patrick, Joannie, Jennifer, Debby, Holly, Nikki and Arlene! #5113470

Raymond Pauly 11/23/2007 9:50:08 AM

How beautiful, Colleen! The floral arrangement is just lovely and so are the warm golden tones here! #5113487

Colleen Farrell 11/23/2007 10:17:55 AM

Thanks very much, Raymond--I appreciate it! #5113584

Cindy Bendush 11/25/2007 1:53:44 AM

Gorgeous still life Colleen - the color and effects are lovely and well suited to the image!!! #5119899

Carol Teal 11/25/2007 11:31:32 PM

Another fabulous image Colleen! I can't think of much else to say that has not already been said! This is just gorgeous, and I have to add this one to my favs too! #5123909

Laurie Daily 11/26/2007 3:49:37 AM

A gorgeous still, Colleen...beautifully soft and delicate, love the warm golden tones. #5124351

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 11/26/2007 4:42:04 PM

So artistic and beautiful Colleen, I love what you did here! #5128554

Colleen Farrell 11/26/2007 6:25:24 PM

Thanks very much, Cindy, Carol, Laurie and Donna! #5130327

Vikram Jamwal 11/27/2007 8:10:09 AM

This is soooooo beautiful Colleen that I could not help putting extra oooo that "so" :-).

Putting it as my favorite....

Sparking-ly beautiful it is!!! #5135278

Colleen Farrell 11/27/2007 8:11:27 AM

Thank you soooo much, Vikram! :D #5135291

Dianna Hauf 12/3/2007 4:58:51 PM

OH! Gorgeous colors, gorgeous still life! Fabulous use of effects and the lighing is perfect! #5165143

Colleen Farrell 12/3/2007 8:14:05 PM

Thank you so much, Dianna! #5165769

Daniella Puente 12/4/2007 6:03:26 AM

I missed this one but glad I find it :o) is so beautiful!!! Tones and glow texture and light are FANTASTIC Colleen...hope to see it again :o) #5167435

Colleen Farrell 12/4/2007 8:51:50 AM

Thank you, Daniella--I appreciate it! #5168030

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 12/19/2007 2:13:45 PM

Congratulations! This is a beauty! #5228358

Laurie Daily 12/19/2007 3:01:09 PM

Oh YES! Beautiful Colleen! Congrats on this favorite finalist! #5228796

Margaret R. Barry 12/19/2007 3:02:55 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Colleen! #5228817

Cary Rogers 12/19/2007 3:08:25 PM

Congratulations, Colleen!!! Great mellow colors, lighting, and textures! #5228859

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 12/19/2007 3:08:30 PM

Big congrats on your beautiful finalist Colleen! Best of luck in the next round! #5228861

Raymond Pauly 12/19/2007 3:18:04 PM

I love this one, Colleen! Big congratulations again, my friend! #5228937

Jessica Jenney 12/19/2007 3:52:11 PM

Congratulations, Colleen! What a beauty! #5229281

Daniella Puente 12/19/2007 3:59:40 PM

Glad to see this again Colleen!!!! #5229341

Nikki McDonald 12/19/2007 4:28:55 PM

Such a lovely composition and very artful effects, Colleen. Congratulations on the finalist and best of luck in the next round. #5229688

Jennifer L. Alder 12/19/2007 4:33:28 PM

AWESOME finalist-- you know it is a fav of mine
CONGRATS and good luck, Colleen
:) #5229737

Barbara Waldoch 12/19/2007 5:12:36 PM

Congratulations on this spectacular finalist, Colleen! #5230069

Colleen Farrell 12/19/2007 5:55:38 PM

Thanks so much, everybody--I appreciate it! #5230486

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/19/2007 5:59:01 PM

Congrats again, Colleen, and best wishes for the next round!
Debby #5230512

anonymous 12/19/2007 6:20:23 PM

Congratulations Colleen on your fabulous finalist! B- #5230669

Su Sana E. P 12/19/2007 6:34:29 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful Finalist, Colleen!! Another favorite of mine. #5230804

Tamera S. Phillips 12/19/2007 6:57:01 PM

Congratulations on this well deserved Colleen! Good luck in the next round. #5230974

Jennifer L. Alder 12/19/2007 7:20:20 PM

CONGRATS #5231137

Su Sana E. P 12/19/2007 7:26:06 PM

Huge Congratulations on this beautiful Winner, Colleen!! #5231175

Sam Britt 12/19/2007 7:36:10 PM

Congratulations, beautiful winner, Colleen! #5231276

anonymous 12/19/2007 7:36:52 PM

Congratulations Colleen on your Beautiful second place win! B- #5231285

Michelle L. Frick 12/19/2007 7:47:59 PM

Gorgeous winner! Congratulation Colleen! #5231381

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 12/19/2007 7:48:28 PM

BIG Congrats Colleen on your BEAUTIFUL WIN! #5231382

Leslie McLain 12/19/2007 7:48:43 PM

Congratulations on a very beautiful second place win. #5231384

Nikki McDonald 12/19/2007 7:59:10 PM

What a beautiful winner, Colleen, truly worthy of being printed on canvas, framed, and offered in a high-end home decorating shop. I just love this. Congratulations. #5231456

Lisa J. Boulden 12/19/2007 8:08:26 PM

--Lisa #5231522

Mike D. Perez 12/19/2007 8:14:39 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful Winner, Colleen! #5231573

Joan Powell 12/19/2007 8:20:49 PM

Congrats on this beautiful image !! #5231621

Cheryl E. Molennor 12/19/2007 8:39:25 PM

Love it! Congratulations! #5231837

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 12/19/2007 8:39:35 PM

Congratulations on your second place win, very cool Colleen!!! #5231839

Kay E. Mahoney 12/19/2007 9:02:08 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful second place winner, Colleen. #5232040

Stefania Barbier 12/19/2007 9:48:05 PM


Evy Johansen 12/19/2007 9:59:13 PM

BIG congratulations on your beautiful win, Colleen!! #5232380

Cindy Bendush 12/19/2007 10:09:20 PM

Congratulations on this GORGEOUS winner Colleen!!! WTG girl!!! :-) #5232430

Sylvia Rossler 12/19/2007 10:16:56 PM

WTG !!!!!
Big Big congrats on your win Colleen :o)It' a beauty !!! #5232461

Carol Teal 12/19/2007 11:03:15 PM

Wow Colleen! Before I could even say congrats on your finalist, here you have a gold winner!! So a huge congrats to you for this beautiful image!! #5232631

Barbara Waldoch 12/19/2007 11:29:00 PM

Congratulations Colleen on this wonderful win! #5232722

Mary K. Robison 12/20/2007 12:41:00 AM

What a glowing beauty this image has, Colleen ~
CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved win! #5232858

Kathleen Rinker 12/20/2007 3:02:43 AM

Congrats Colleen on this beautiful winner!!!! #5233209

Laurie Daily 12/20/2007 4:33:37 AM

A beautiful winner, Colleen. Congratulations! This has always been one of my favorites! #5233654

Patricia A. Stalter 12/20/2007 5:51:54 AM

What can I say that hasn't been said?
Wow... in a big way and Happy Holidays! #5233987

Kara L. Hendricks 12/20/2007 6:10:49 AM

Congratulations on this gorgeous WINNER Colleen!!! #5234146

Colleen Farrell 12/20/2007 7:54:18 AM

Thanks so much, everybody--I really appreciate it! :D

Esther Smith 12/20/2007 8:58:58 AM

So beautiful!! Congratulations on your well deserved WINNER Colleen!!! #5234789

Susan Fox 12/20/2007 9:25:12 AM

Congratulations Colleen! #5234882

Nadya Johnson 12/20/2007 9:33:05 AM

Very beautiful! Congratulations on your gorgeous winner, Colleen! #5234923

Terry L. Ellis 12/20/2007 10:38:03 AM

Congratulations on your very artistic Second Place win, Colleen! #5235189

Dianna Hauf 12/20/2007 11:01:58 AM

Yippee!!!! HUGE hug! Well deserved and a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS Colleen!!! ☺☺☺ #5235304

Donna R. Wageman 12/20/2007 1:30:54 PM

HOW PERFECTLY, PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL Colleen. Such a gift you have, so enjoy your images. God Bless! #5235743

Colleen Farrell 12/20/2007 4:53:23 PM

Thanks so much, everybody, I appreciate it! :D #5236412

Kathleen K. Parker 12/20/2007 8:26:47 PM

What a lovely photo!! Congrats on your wonderful win, Colleen!
kk #5237214

Vladan D. Djordjevic 12/20/2007 8:30:16 PM

Colleen, this is a fantastic photo!!! Congratulations! Vladan #5237233

Robert Baer 12/21/2007 6:23:19 AM

congrats on the wonderful photo and creative use of effects!! #5238868

eileen bedford 12/21/2007 9:22:29 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner Colleen, SO WELL DONE... #5239642

Colleen Farrell 12/21/2007 9:26:22 AM

Thanks very much, Kathleen, Vladan, Justin and Eileen! #5239660

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/22/2007 4:26:23 AM

Hearty congrats on your win, Colleen! #5242202

Colleen Farrell 12/22/2007 8:55:08 AM

Thank you, Debby! #5243262

Heather Thorsen 12/30/2007 10:30:00 AM

Congratulations on your winner Colleen. #5268484

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/2/2008 9:23:06 AM

Very Beautiful and elegant! Have a question? Did you place this in Flowers? Thanks! #5281950

Colleen Farrell 1/2/2008 9:58:30 AM

Thanks so much, Heather and Shelly!

Shelly, yes! :) #5282086

Angela Possemato 1/2/2008 4:09:04 PM

Thsi is very pretty Colleen, and unique. Congratulations! #5283371

Karen Bacon 1/12/2008 10:46:14 AM

A beautiful work of art Colleen!A big congratulations to you! #5329510

RC Fritz 1/19/2008 5:19:56 AM

Beautiful creation, Colleen! Congratulations on your WIN!! #5362022

Colleen Farrell 1/21/2008 3:12:13 PM

Thanks so much, Angela, Karen and RC! #5373454

Shelly A. Van Camp 9/29/2009 6:09:40 AM

I LOVE THIS! #7993916

Colleen Farrell 10/3/2009 4:28:38 PM

Thanks, Shelly! #8005620

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