Tangled Weeds

© Evy Johansen

Tangled Weeds

Su Sana E. P level-classic 10/16/2007 12:03:29 AM

Wow!! Evy, this is a beautiful image and a lovely dedication for Marcia!! Happy Birthday to you, Marcia!! #762746

Barbara Waldoch 10/16/2007 12:06:36 AM

Beautiful splash of colour, Ey! #4931864

Barbara Waldoch 10/16/2007 12:07:28 AM

Sorry, Evy! #4931867

David L. Luchowski 10/16/2007 12:07:41 AM

Fabulous ,Evy. This is a beauty. #4931868

Stefania Barbier level-classic 10/16/2007 12:12:34 AM

oh my Evy... gorgeous colors, and amazing effects! beautiful girl! #4931891

Barbara Mason level-classic 10/16/2007 12:19:04 AM

Wonderful colour Evy - looks like a beautiful painting #4931916

Ray Clarke level-classic 10/16/2007 1:22:42 AM

Stunning birthday dedication,I agree it looks like a painting too,gorgeous #4932023

Dr. Harmeet Singh level-classic 10/16/2007 1:46:47 AM

Very beautiful dedication #4932086

Paul Michko level-classic 10/16/2007 1:58:22 AM

Fantastic display and dedication, Evy. #4932115

Cindy Bendush level-classic 10/16/2007 2:41:00 AM

Stunning image Evy - perfect in every way! It belongs on a wall - hope we see it again! #4932179

Paul E. Earl 10/16/2007 3:40:11 AM

Beautiful, Evy!! #4932381

Jenny Bosmans 10/16/2007 3:56:53 AM

Love that splash of red, Evy...gorgeous capture and beautiful dedication! And Happy Birthday Marcia! :) #4932463

Glenn E. Urquhart 10/16/2007 4:09:35 AM

Brilliant color, Outstanding lighting and contrast, Effects applied, greatly enhance the beauty of the composition, Evy!!! Well Done! Cheers, Glenn. (Happy B-Day Marcie!!!) #4932521

Agnes Fegan level-classic 10/16/2007 4:34:39 AM

Beautiful image and effects Evy ! #4932686

Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 10/16/2007 4:38:04 AM

Love the effects!! Gorgeous, Evy! #4932704

Chua Wee Boo level-classic 10/16/2007 4:44:30 AM

COOL effects & beautiful dedication,Evy! #4932732

Ann Varley level-classic 10/16/2007 5:45:50 AM

This image is so beautiful! I know about buZZ, but what is "Orton's Technique" ... I'd love to try it myself. Cheers, Ann #4933030

Murry Grigsby 10/16/2007 6:20:23 AM

Love your effects and bright colors Evy! Lovely results!! #4933188

Jennifer L. Alder 10/16/2007 8:38:09 AM

Love the colors and effect--- a perfect dedication, Evy!
:) #4933965

Susan Heath 10/16/2007 10:28:43 AM

Incredible beauty! Well done! #4934259

Melissa G. Meiselman 10/16/2007 10:36:37 AM

Evy this is a gorgeous floral composition with eye-catching color and wonderful effects! #4934271

Marijana Fajgl level-classic 10/16/2007 11:35:57 AM

Great effects, colours and composition! Wonderful image, Evy! #4934448

Tarun Bose 10/16/2007 3:56:09 PM

Excellent art work. Lovely colours and a great composition. Well done Evy. #4935507

David Phalen level-classic 10/16/2007 5:54:24 PM

Love the color and effects! #4935929

Robert K. Bemus level-classic 10/16/2007 7:25:34 PM

Beautiful comp, colors, and effects, Evy! #4936245

Carol Teal 10/16/2007 10:52:59 PM

Beautiful color and lovely effects Evy! A great b'day dedication to Marcia. #4936839

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/16/2007 11:20:11 PM

Thank you so very much, everyone!! I truly appreciate!! #4936917

Barbara L. Richardson 10/17/2007 6:05:39 AM

Gorgeous colors and effects!!! #4938578

Heather Thorsen level-classic 10/17/2007 6:18:20 AM

This is such a beautiful dreamy summer scene Evy. #4938638

Sandra M. High 10/17/2007 11:06:50 AM

This is very pretty Love the gentle colors! Looks like a painting , Just beautiful! #4940066

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/18/2007 12:19:36 AM

Thanks a lot, Barbara, Heather and Sandra!! #4942440

Steven E. Ray 10/18/2007 1:37:57 AM

This turned out really well Evy. The overall composition is one endless texture. The buzz worked work for this photo as well. #4942621

Raymond Pauly level-classic 10/18/2007 11:12:43 AM

Wonderful floral with great effects, Evy! #4944779

Dan Holm level-classic 10/18/2007 2:40:49 PM

Wow! GORGEOUS, Evy!! #4945447

Louise Kumpf 10/18/2007 4:48:26 PM

Magical! #4945919

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/18/2007 11:27:44 PM

Thank you so very much Steven, Raymond, Dan and Louise!! #4947114

Debra R. Harder 10/22/2007 6:55:11 AM

GORGEOUS in every way, Evy! Love this! Deb #4960979

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 10/22/2007 5:16:39 PM

Absolutley gorgeous, Evy and a wonderful dedication !!! Fantastic lighting, colors and effects. #4963331

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/22/2007 7:30:57 PM

Thank you Debra and Marilyn!! I appreciate! #4963841

Bob D. Hall level-classic 10/23/2007 5:13:02 AM

Beautiful work, Evy!!! Congrats on your EFP!!! #4965805

Evy Johansen level-classic 10/24/2007 12:21:16 AM

Thank you so very much, Bob!! #4969995

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas level-classic 11/26/2007 3:51:07 PM

Congratulations for all your finalists Evy!,
Amalia #5127696

Renee Doyle level-classic 11/26/2007 4:13:53 PM

Congratulations once again Evy!!! #5128099

Colleen Farrell level-classic 11/26/2007 4:22:40 PM

Beautiful! Congrats again, Evy! #5128233

David Phalen level-classic 11/26/2007 5:29:54 PM

Congrats!! WTG! #5129354

Raymond Pauly level-classic 11/26/2007 6:00:01 PM

Congratulations on all your finalists, Evy! #5129815

Kristi A. Howson 11/26/2007 7:37:21 PM

Love this and the effects really bring out those colors so well Evy! Congratulations on your Finalist and best of luck in the next round! #5131385

Crystal L. Craig 11/26/2007 7:53:17 PM

Congratulations again Evy! Wonderful finalist :) #5131629

Dee Langevin level-classic 11/26/2007 8:02:20 PM

Wonderful DA work Evy! You really create magic with your camera and computer. Congratulations on a terrific Finalist! #5131759

Su Sana E. P level-classic 11/26/2007 8:06:37 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful Finalist, Evy!! #5131811

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/26/2007 8:14:42 PM

Thank you, everyone!! I truly appreciate!! #5131916

Mary K. Robison 11/26/2007 8:42:52 PM

Evy, you're blowing everyone else out of the water with all your marvelous DD creations!
CONGRATULATIONS on another outstanding finalist ~ best of luck to you with all your finalists in the next level up!

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/26/2007 9:12:58 PM

Thank you so much Mary! I truly appreciate your kind words!! #5132408

Virginia Leone level-classic 11/26/2007 9:18:45 PM

This one is lovely...colors are wonderful! Congrats! #5132444

Laurence Saliba level-classic 11/26/2007 9:22:23 PM

Congrats again Evy!!!!! #5132464

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 11/26/2007 9:26:58 PM

Congratulations again Evy!! The effects make this a work of art. I love the colors and details! #5132488

Karen Engelbreth 11/26/2007 9:27:43 PM

Til lykke igen igen, Evy :0)) #5132496

Debra R. Harder 11/26/2007 9:41:58 PM

When I first saw this, Evy, I fell in love with it! Big CONGRATS on this beautiful image! Deb #5132570

Stefania Barbier level-classic 11/26/2007 10:58:45 PM

HUGE CONGRATS EVY, beautiful!!!!!!!!! #5132816

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/26/2007 11:55:34 PM

Thank you Virginia, Laurence, Donna, Karen, Debra and Stefania!!! #5132882

Barbara Waldoch 11/27/2007 1:29:31 AM

Very well done, Evy! #5133102

Alan L. Borror 11/27/2007 2:25:10 AM

Congratulations again, Evy! #5133284

Sam Britt 11/27/2007 6:08:18 AM

Congratulations! #5134433

JO ANN CLEVELAND 11/27/2007 6:34:47 AM

congratulations Evy! What a winner you are! Multiple finalist! Go all the way Girl!

jo ann c. #5134685

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/27/2007 6:35:28 AM

Thank you so much Barbara, Alan, Sam and Jo Ann!! #5134692

Corinne M. Thompson 11/27/2007 7:58:40 AM

The effects used work nicely on this beautiful floral...Congrats on your Finalist Evy! #5135212

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 11/27/2007 9:49:46 AM

A delightful finalist, Evy! Congratulations, again! #5135927

Maria Zammit 11/27/2007 10:17:25 AM

Congratulation on your beauriful finalist Evy. Wish you luck on the next round. #5136084

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 11/27/2007 12:16:38 PM

Another beauty...congratulations Evy!!! #5136606

Cyn Valentine level-classic 11/27/2007 12:52:33 PM

Congratulations Evy!! #5136782

Anna Diederich level-classic 11/27/2007 2:50:11 PM

This is beautiful, Evy! Congratulations! #5137474

paola A. Jofre level-classic 11/27/2007 2:52:18 PM

ooh Wow Evy!! Beautiful, just beautiful!! I love the vibrant red, wonderful effects.
Congratulations!! #5137491

KV Day 11/27/2007 6:34:17 PM

Beautiful as always, congrats Evy #5138823

ronda chatelle level-classic 11/27/2007 7:02:30 PM

Straight into my FAVORITES! Absolutely stunning work Evy! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WINNING IMAGE!!!!! #5138947

Carla Metzler 11/27/2007 7:16:36 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner, Evy! #5139042

Judy V. Kennamer level-classic 11/27/2007 7:23:03 PM

Congrats on your beautiful WINNER Evy!!! WTG! #5139113

Donna J. Eaton 11/27/2007 7:25:50 PM

Many congrats on your win Evy!!!! #5139151

Colleen Farrell level-classic 11/27/2007 7:44:24 PM

Congratulations on your awesome WIN, Evy! #5139278

Sherry K. Adkins level-classic 11/27/2007 7:49:27 PM

Congrats, Evy!!! This is beautiful! #5139315

Laurence Saliba level-classic 11/27/2007 7:50:15 PM

A very BIG Congrats on your win Evy!!!!!! #5139321

Crystal L. Craig 11/27/2007 7:51:46 PM

Wahoo Evy! Congratulations on your win!!! #5139331

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 7:53:17 PM

BIG COngrats Evy!!! #5139343

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 11/27/2007 7:55:59 PM

A beautiful winning image Evy, I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations! #5139367

Maria Zammit 11/27/2007 8:06:41 PM

Congratulations Evy! #5139432

Pat Gamwell 11/27/2007 8:35:07 PM

WoooHooo! WTG, Evy! #5139538

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 11/27/2007 8:48:46 PM

Absolutely beautiful, Evy!!! Congratulations !!! #5139614

Mary K. Robison 11/27/2007 8:57:56 PM

So well deserved, Evy!
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you on your beautiful Win! #5139659

Su Sana E. P level-classic 11/27/2007 9:00:37 PM

Huge Congratulations and hugs for this outstanding Winner, Evy!! #5139676

Stefania Barbier level-classic 11/27/2007 9:05:45 PM


Darryl Wilkinson 11/27/2007 9:10:59 PM

This is really something special, Evy!! Congratulations on your win!! #5139726

Debra R. Harder 11/27/2007 9:16:24 PM

Big CONGRATS, Evy, on this fabulous win! Deb #5139752

Karen Engelbreth 11/27/2007 9:26:57 PM

Congratulations on your win, Evy!


Carol Teal 11/27/2007 9:45:47 PM

WTG Evy! Congrats on your winner!! I love the splashes of red among all that green! #5139897

Raymond Pauly level-classic 11/27/2007 10:06:09 PM

Congratulations, Evy! #5139990

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/27/2007 10:13:46 PM

Thank you, everyone!! I truly appreciate!!! #5140032

Mike D. Perez level-classic 11/27/2007 10:13:47 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful Winner, Evy! #5140033

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/27/2007 10:22:11 PM

Thank you very much, Mike!! #5140083

Esther Smith 11/27/2007 10:25:03 PM

Beautiful! Congratulations on your Winner Evy!! #5140103

Stanley J. Contrades 11/27/2007 10:37:37 PM

Big CONGRATULATIONS on your win and these gorgeous "weeds"!! Beautiful and greeting card perfect!
Stan #5140171

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/27/2007 10:53:07 PM

Thank you Esther and Stan! I appreciate!! #5140236

Jennifer L. Alder 11/27/2007 11:50:45 PM

A gorgeous WINNER
:)))))))))))))) #5140351

Esra Belgin 11/28/2007 1:03:06 AM

Congratulations on your win, Evy. Fantastic image. #5140529

Bill Wyatt 11/28/2007 2:45:48 AM

Congratulations Evy on your Winner! #5140762

Bob D. Hall level-classic 11/28/2007 3:56:01 AM

Congratulations on your win, Evy!!! #5140981

Bob D. Hall 11/28/2007 4:02:54 AM

Congratuations, Evy!!! #5141011

Anita Hogue 11/28/2007 4:26:10 AM

Gorgeous, Evy! Congratulations! #5141119

Revonda L. Gentry 11/28/2007 4:29:13 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner, Evy!! #5141137

Cindy Cone 11/28/2007 5:15:18 AM

Beautiful image, Evy! Congrats on a well-deserved win. #5141419

Murry Grigsby 11/28/2007 5:37:35 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful image and win Evy!! #5141563

Cyn Valentine level-classic 11/28/2007 5:38:23 AM

Congratulations Evy on this great winner!! #5141572

Wally Orlowsky 11/28/2007 5:45:41 AM

Congratulations on this artistic winner, Evy! #5141634

Susie Peek-Swint 11/28/2007 5:57:43 AM

A beautiful image Evy ~ many congrats on your win! #5141691

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 11/28/2007 6:06:06 AM

OY!!! Totally beautiful work, Evy. Big congratulations on your win here. #5141731

Mary Timman 11/28/2007 6:07:34 AM

Beautifully made! Conratulations! #5141738

Alison Krylowski 11/28/2007 6:34:43 AM

Congratulations on your well deserved winner, Evy! #5141890

Cheryl E. Molennor 11/28/2007 7:16:16 AM

Congratulations! #5142179

Heather Thorsen level-classic 11/28/2007 7:23:40 AM

Congratulations on a well deserving winner Evy. #5142232

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/28/2007 8:48:20 AM

Jennifer, Esra, Bill, Bob, Rebecca, Anita, Revonda, Cindy, Murry, Cyn, Wally, Susie, Kirsten, Mary, Alison, Cheryl and Heater! Thank you so very much!!! #5142682

Nadya Johnson 11/28/2007 9:04:52 AM

Gorgeous work here,Evy! Congratulations on your beauty of a winner!! #5142761

Mick Burkey level-classic 11/28/2007 9:51:49 AM

Great tones and use of the effects, Evy. Congratulations on your win! #5142929

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 11/28/2007 11:02:34 AM

What a delightful and well deserved honor, Evy! Huge congratulations on your Second Place win! #5143176

Tarun Bose 11/28/2007 11:09:08 AM

Big big congrats Evy for your excellent winner. Well done. #5143214

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 11/28/2007 11:44:36 AM

Beautiful Evy, congrats on your win! #5143331

David Phalen level-classic 11/28/2007 12:34:24 PM

Big Congrats on a well deserved Winner!! #5143473

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 11/28/2007 2:17:58 PM

Gorgeous image Evy, big congrats on your win! #5143894

Laurie Daily level-classic 11/28/2007 2:21:14 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner, Evy!!! #5143912

Virginia Leone level-classic 11/28/2007 4:30:23 PM

Bravo on your Win Evy!!! #5144387

Sam Britt level-classic 11/28/2007 8:38:11 PM

Big congratulations on this winner, Evie! #5145238

Nick Lagos level-classic 11/29/2007 2:31:34 AM

Big big congrats on your wonderful win Evy...most deserved.... #5145951

Hendrik Storme level-classic 11/29/2007 3:45:47 AM

Big congrats Evy!!! #5146144

Ujjwal Mukherjee level-classic 11/29/2007 4:02:48 AM

Many congratulations on your beautiful Winner,Evy! #5146199

Gail Sullivan level-classic 11/29/2007 8:09:56 AM

Evy...this is so gorgeous...big congrats! #5147278

Allan L. Whitehead 11/29/2007 10:03:25 AM

Congratulations Evy on your Winner "Tangled Weeds", its richly deserved, my dear friend - Allan #5147709

Patricia Ronan 11/29/2007 10:09:00 AM

Beautiful image! Congrats on your win Evy:) #5147742

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/29/2007 6:51:02 PM

Thank you so very much Nadya, Mick, Terry, Tarun, Deb, David, Claudia, Laurie, Virginia, Sam, Nick, Hendrik, Ujjwal, Gail, Allan and Patricia!!! #5149373

Sylvia Rossler 11/30/2007 1:13:29 PM

Big congrats on your wonderful winner Evy :o) #5152625

Evy Johansen level-classic 11/30/2007 11:52:58 PM

Thank you, Sylvia!! #5154449

Susan T. Evans 12/4/2007 6:30:18 PM

Congrats Evy on this awesome winner!!!! WTG!!!!! #5170121

Evy Johansen level-classic 12/4/2007 8:18:36 PM

Thank you very much, Susan!! #5170612

Angela Possemato 12/6/2007 5:32:49 PM

Very nice Evy! Congratulations! #5177044

Evy Johansen level-classic 12/6/2007 8:55:54 PM

Thank you so very much, Angela! I appreciate!! #5177543

Jean B. Hall 9/3/2008 1:15:09 AM

Glorious shot! Colors and effects are wonderful! #6404101

Evy Johansen level-classic 9/3/2008 1:32:35 AM

Thank you very much, Jean!! #6404128

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARCIA!! Have a wonderful day!!
F/5,6 - 1/400 sec. - ISO 100 - RAW.
Effect: Buzz + Orton's Technique

Uploaded on 10/16/2007 12:01:41 AM

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